Top 10 Chinese Surnames + Origins/Facts

  • Published on Sep 1, 2013
  • Did you know that the people with the top 3 surnames in China are more than the population in Indonesia? Or the surnames Zhang, Cheung and Chang are for the same Chinese characters? Find out more here!
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  • ceia
    ceia Month ago

    why does wong dont have a korean name

  • quartz
    quartz Month ago

    my surname is 雷

  • Katie Cummins
    Katie Cummins 2 months ago

    I chose the Chinese surname 孔 for myself since it sounds a bit like my surname and is easier to write than 康 which was the other option lol. Also Confucius.

  • Arantxa Kyzyakova
    Arantxa Kyzyakova 2 months ago

    I-I-Im Chinese . . .

  • Pluloop
    Pluloop 3 months ago

    I came for luu or Zhoug

  • floratube
    floratube 4 months ago

    When they say Zhang it sound they zang😫

  • oneviwatara
    oneviwatara 4 months ago

    Fun facts: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Thai, ( Lao names ethnic Lao ppl ), names surnames related names countries names capital cities names cities names corporations names came from Lao ppl.

  • 「Short_ Caramel」
    「Short_ Caramel」 4 months ago

    My last name is 胡. (Hu - Mandarin) (Wu - Cantonese)

  • Elisa Savo
    Elisa Savo 4 months ago

    劉 is my surname

  • mdd1963
    mdd1963 6 months ago

    pretty lady!!

  • 哈哈大笑胡懿涵
    哈哈大笑胡懿涵 6 months ago

    My last name is 胡

  • Loretta Liu
    Loretta Liu 6 months ago

    im gonna kill you lol

  • Stephen Tse
    Stephen Tse 6 months ago


    PINK PLUS 7 months ago

    Do u think Son is a Chinese last name?

  • Leonardo Ruby
    Leonardo Ruby 8 months ago

    I'm just wondering where does tiongkiao came from?

  • Paul Sze San Yau
    Paul Sze San Yau 8 months ago

    My last name is yau chinese writing is (丘)a lot of people write my chinese last name wrong with an ear on the right hand side (邱)mandarin (qiu) taiwan (chiu) Malay will be (Khoi) n chiu Chau will be (ku) have a daily in the states they change to (hill)

  • lilac Rose
    lilac Rose 9 months ago

    Is lai a chinese name?

  • Brigade369
    Brigade369 9 months ago

    I’m Wen

  • 芷若张
    芷若张 9 months ago

    I'm a Zhang

  • persom
    persom 10 months ago

    I am a 巫Mo

  • SpartanLT Gaming
    SpartanLT Gaming 10 months ago

    I am a Thian田:)

  • Anchi The Cat
    Anchi The Cat 10 months ago

    *hears Wu*
    O_O There aint no way im god like im weak unless i am then i just know

  • yarince chow
    yarince chow 10 months ago

    And Chow? :(

  • jesse alvarado
    jesse alvarado 10 months ago

    my last name is Wei in mandarin, Ngai in Cantonese. Anybody knows any history about this surname?

  • Emerald Chua
    Emerald Chua 11 months ago


    RIVERTHOUGHTS 11 months ago

    So my husband's name is Wong in Cantonese. How do we find out whether it's actually Wang or Huang =S

  • ColinPlayzPiano - Minecraft Piano

    What is “Chong”

  • Alfalfa Snow
    Alfalfa Snow Year ago

    Hi, Is Luo same as Liu?

  • shane IX roll out 54

    Lau Xi Xian...
    meaning please

  • Rosemary Zhang
    Rosemary Zhang Year ago

    I'm Zhang !!!

  • Galaxypuppy
    Galaxypuppy Year ago


  • Queen Cream
    Queen Cream Year ago


  • animehunter
    animehunter Year ago

    Ma is my surname

  • 宇宙の鳥
    宇宙の鳥 Year ago

    I'm a Yap
    Chinese name is 叶治凯 (Yap Tze Khai)
    I'm from Malaysia

  • catpaws
    catpaws Year ago

    My surname is 郭(guo) according to Wikipedia it means the wall that surrounds a city, that's cool

  • Contractor Groom Lake Road

    Can you find the origin of Loong / Long (Dragon) ?

  • A Edwards
    A Edwards Year ago +1

    I was abandoned by my parents (American born Chinese), so I have no clue what my name means/where it's from/etc. Does anyone know anything about the surname Ying?

    • We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun
      We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun Year ago

      No, the Pinyin of “殷" is Yin, not Ying.

      MIAO MIAO Year ago

      Ying???“殷” ??You are descendants of the Shang Dynasty Royal family. This surname is at least 3600 years old.

    • We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun
      We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun Year ago +1

      A Edwards
      I'm glad it helped and good luck.

    • A Edwards
      A Edwards Year ago

      We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun
      Wow!!! That is so exciting to read. Thank you so much for your reply and information! It's wonderful to finally know something. I've never seen my name anywhere else, so I believe it is rare... but 600,000 still sounds like a lot. I'm totally going to look more into this, the province Zhejiang. Thank you so much!!! This really made my day. 😄😊

    • We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun
      We are 150 million Kms away from the Sun Year ago +1

      Ying is 应 in Chinese. It's one of the rarest surnames. It means to answer or to accept. There are about 600,000 people in China sharing this name. More than half of them live in the province of Zhejiang.
      The name has 4 sources:
      1. From the offsprings of the King Wu of Zhou Dynasty (周武王). They name themselves after their fief Ying. Zhou King Wu's name is Ji Fa (姬发), in which Ji is the royal family name.
      2. From the name of the official position of 应乐史(Ying Yue Li)in Western Zhou Dynasty
      3. From the name of the official position of 应门史 (Ying Meng Li)in Western Zhou Dynasty
      4. Form Chinese minorities who assimilated themselves into Han people by using Han name, speaking Han language and accepting Han culture.

  • P4BR0
    P4BR0 Year ago

    Any Chinese has a last name Wang

  • BTS and more _ Kpopfan_Taekook

    Mine is chan 😝

  • —우유—
    —우유— Year ago

    Rip 陈

  • Mpongo Ya Congo
    Mpongo Ya Congo Year ago

    Zhou reminds me of the Zhou Dynasty of Wu Zetian

  • bob kohler
    bob kohler Year ago

    My mom's last name was Lo, what does that mean?

    • bob kohler
      bob kohler Year ago

      Zhengxian Li thank you!

    • 筝弦Cochan
      筝弦Cochan Year ago +2

      罗(Luo in mandarin, Lo in cantonese), this character means "net for catching birds", but for the surname use, it's only the sound that matters, because it's origin from an ancient 'foreign' tribe "luo", and they didn't really speak Chinese at that time. This tribe started at about 3300 years ago, and the birthplace of this tribe is called "Luoshan", the Luo mountain, this name is still remaining today:
      And 3000 years ago, when Zhou rebelled against Shang (1046BCE) this tribe joint the Zhou army. When Zhou king became the "son of heaven", this tribe got rewarded and became a vassal state of Zhou - that's how they became a part of the "middle kingdom".
      They had no cities at that time so they decided to move a bit closer to the big cities. They chose to follow the Chu state, moved their little vassal state near Chu. And they lived there for some 300 years - at 690BCE the powerful Chu state destroyed their state. Those people are forced to move to a place - where a river clash into a huge lake - and built a new city. They named the river and the city by their name - It's the Miluo city and Miluo river. And the people from Luo tribe - because they were no longer a tribe, nor a state, so they chose to name themselves Luo, to remember their origin. And that became their surname.
      And again 300 years later, a famous Chu poet threw himself into the Miluo river. To show our respect and memory, the day of his death became a festival -5th day of the 5th lunar month every year - and it's today 18 June 2018.
      Well happy holiday~

  • Gazz Gary
    Gazz Gary Year ago

    how to prounce xu?

  • 魏振雄
    魏振雄 Year ago

    my surname is WEI
    Mandarin = Wei
    Cantonese = Ngai
    Hakka = Ngui

  • Margot Rasamy
    Margot Rasamy Year ago

    where is the sam !!

  • Alkora C
    Alkora C Year ago

    What about Zhong. My chinese friend has that last name

  • Oh fuck 69
    Oh fuck 69 Year ago +4

    Mine is:
    Philippine Hokkien=Uy

  • yilong liu
    yilong liu Year ago

    liu is here. it means to kill also as a kind of weapon

  • dseet3628
    dseet3628 Year ago

    Then how about those rare ones 丁, 薛, 石,Yau ,
    Including those two characters surname like Au Yeung, 上官,師馬,

  • Maxim Max
    Maxim Max Year ago

    我的明字是。。。朱素涵 aka Chee Sou Ham

  • Town Hua
    Town Hua Year ago

    How about ( HAU )

  • AnimalLuv
    AnimalLuv Year ago +1

    李珠琪 Li Zhu Qi is my chinese name,whats yours?and Can somebody tell me what this means?every name has a meaning,my friends name is Cai Ming Zhu,meaning bright pearl
    Edit:so my chinese last name was a royal last name and its meaning is plum? Ok,just 2 more to go

  • Mimi Gee
    Mimi Gee Year ago

    I am Gee. Any story? Gee= Nie

  • Maxismuse
    Maxismuse Year ago

    I'm a Li, my cousin is a Wang, my other cousin is Zhang.... Wow original huh

  • Kim venedict Lim
    Kim venedict Lim Year ago

    Where’s 林?

  • Joe Fung
    Joe Fung Year ago

    Can you explain the last name Fung

  • GeoPlaysRobloxAndMore GamerRobloxDash

    My surname is Lai


  • LunaChan uwu
    LunaChan uwu Year ago

    I'm a Lai and the surname is like on the 98th I was kinda happy to find a kpop idol that has the same surname as I do

  • Swimmin Wit Da Fishies

    Are you from Hong Kong? You sound like my dentist

  • Stephen Tse
    Stephen Tse Year ago

    Tse us my last name. Jie in Cantonese, xie in Mandarin, Sze in another dialect. 謝