5 Winter Dishes to Warm Your Cockles | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Nov 13, 2016
  • Revisit some archive Ramsay classics from the channel, and be inspired to cook this winter. Recipes include a roasted tomato soup with cheese on toast, beef brisket, apple and cranberry crumble, shepherds pie and a spiced rice pudding.
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  • cute neko
    cute neko 7 hours ago

    Did anyone else hear 50lbs of butter when he was making the rue lmao

  • Stannington
    Stannington 11 hours ago

    Lee and Perrins? :-( Bloody southerners

  • Thisnamestillsucks
    Thisnamestillsucks 12 hours ago

    I know he's not saying it but it sounds like he keeps saying *Roger Rabbit* in the first recipe.

  • Bonnie Gruesome
    Bonnie Gruesome 12 hours ago

    I am so gonna make the shepherds pie! looks scrumptious!

  • No Body
    No Body Day ago

    You just left the pods and cinnamon stick in the pudding...?

  • Miyuki Teishi みゆちゃん

    When you hire an action movie editor/filmmaker to record a shepherd's pie video

  • Mary-Ellen Durkin

    Now I’m starving

  • Michael Fiyalko
    Michael Fiyalko Day ago +1

    Watching the Sheppard Pie was the same as Neo learning Kung Fu in the Matrix.

  • Kearifamous C
    Kearifamous C Day ago

    Ready to eat it! Thank you.

  • D
    D Day ago +1

    When someone asks what my preference in women is 4:17

  • Bored guy
    Bored guy 2 days ago

    6:46 "what's not to love about my succulent beef brisket"

  • Gabe K
    Gabe K 2 days ago

    This is all chemistry!! Cooking is chemistry in a nutshell!!!

  • Vital Glory
    Vital Glory 3 days ago

    Warm my cock?

  • SheyD78
    SheyD78 3 days ago

    I do love his passion for this. Simple, elegant descriptions with real feeling. If it wasn't all so rich I'd have to do a 10k run to eat it without turning into a fat bastard I'd love to eat all of these. Maybe just that shepard's pie........

  • juan torres
    juan torres 3 days ago

    They'll warm my WHAT!?

  • abhijit shah
    abhijit shah 3 days ago

    egg???? nope u missed saffron and some condensed milk !!!

  • H.v Nova
    H.v Nova 3 days ago

    Excuse me my _what_

  • Patrick Fernandes
    Patrick Fernandes 4 days ago +1

    Yeah, my cockles are warm. Thank you, Gordon. :)

  • Радинела Дамакова

    *The bread was cooked to fuck*

  • ann dillon
    ann dillon 5 days ago

    Pudding rice?

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 days ago +1

    Only if my cooks could make food like that.

  • teppo tulppu
    teppo tulppu 5 days ago +1

    Do not warm your cockle in any food you are about to serve me. I can recognize the taste anywhere.

  • Doctor who Fan 02
    Doctor who Fan 02 6 days ago

    It warms the cockles of heart

  • Zenthex
    Zenthex 6 days ago

    two trailer park girls go 9:01

  • Baret
    Baret 8 days ago +4

    it's the middle of the night and I'm torturing myself by watching Ramsay cook delicious food whilst starving.

  • K1 Fighter-88
    K1 Fighter-88 8 days ago

    Kurdish food in iraq turkey and syria are best food in the world.

  • Alex Mendez
    Alex Mendez 9 days ago

    I’m just mad that I’ll never try any of this from him

  • Heavenly Demon
    Heavenly Demon 10 days ago

    Man gordon really knows how to warm a man's cockles UwU

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho 10 days ago

    It’s tomato not tmaaatos

  • Aodh Macraynall
    Aodh Macraynall 10 days ago

    oi! I don't know what cockles is or if I have some, but I'm sure this would warm 'em

  • IanHimself
    IanHimself 12 days ago

    I love my cockles warmed.

  • Ramakrishna Appicharla

    Sir... Lots and lots of love from India...

  • bennies fried chicken
    bennies fried chicken 13 days ago

    gordon ramsay is like my level 70 skyrim character but if he was a chef

    OMNI KAIZER 14 days ago

    Why is he so calm in this video

    OMNI KAIZER 14 days ago

    Is he okay?

  • Kristy Hayward
    Kristy Hayward 14 days ago

    Is this guy famous??

  • urbex2007
    urbex2007 15 days ago

    Stop playing music each time people are talking, no one can hear what they say. Music adds no value, it makes people switch off.

  • nickname
    nickname 15 days ago

    11:14 yeah i haven't only had my grandmas and it was the best

  • Muzza Fraser
    Muzza Fraser 15 days ago

    Great food Gordon

  • Kamikaze Productions
    Kamikaze Productions 16 days ago

    Honestly thought he was gonna day: “God....I’m so horny”

  • chaostheory16
    chaostheory16 16 days ago +1

    “All those seeds dying to come out”
    Umm... is he still talking about food?

  • Chris From The Sticks
    Chris From The Sticks 17 days ago

    the video editing of the shepherds pie gave me a headache, fucking meth head editor

  • Juju- Madness
    Juju- Madness 19 days ago

    Did anyone’s mouth get watery for that pudding cause mine sure did 🥴

  • Adi Mikulic
    Adi Mikulic 20 days ago +1

    idk i feel like he didnt need that second batch of cheese on the rarebit

  • Deym Sonn
    Deym Sonn 20 days ago

    We're like spoon and tomatoes. We broke up instantly 2:20

  • netweed09
    netweed09 21 day ago

    *Finishes watching video* Ok

    *Buys nice tin of Heinz from ASDA* Mmm, nice!

  • Nightbreed
    Nightbreed 23 days ago

    That tomato soup really warmed my cockles!

  • shoaib ahmed
    shoaib ahmed 24 days ago

    My cockle is very warm now...

  • Sandra
    Sandra 25 days ago

    His face and hair made me click on this video. He's good looking to me. This must have been his Ironman training time.

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    tvclip.biz/video/VxHwytkJaFc/video.html, New London Clam Chowder

  • ItsBalde
    ItsBalde 25 days ago

    only gordon could bring grilled cheese and tomato soup to another lvl

  • Haha HahahaHAHAHAA
    Haha HahahaHAHAHAA 25 days ago

    Everyone talks about how aggressive he is when he yells, but his calm voice is wonderful to listen to when you're watching him cook.

  • Christopher Hammond
    Christopher Hammond 25 days ago

    Hold on slow the hell down on that shepherds pie!!!!

  • Eddie Daubach
    Eddie Daubach 25 days ago

    Where is ur training-mpw ,no knorr stock pot?wtf gordon😂😂😂

  • FSTen
    FSTen 27 days ago

    In my next life, I wanna be Gordon's tongue.

  • Septic Topix
    Septic Topix 28 days ago +2

    SEIZURE WARNING for the Shepherd's Pie segment

  • Rene McCracken
    Rene McCracken Month ago

    I know he said lava but I still heard larva. Eee.

  • Quick LiquidYT
    Quick LiquidYT Month ago

    Warmed my thick, meaty, veiny, cockles

  • Linzy Schindler
    Linzy Schindler Month ago

    I’m so picky but I’ll eat whatever he would make me in my fantasies ❤️

  • Desire faded
    Desire faded Month ago +1

    That warm soup really warmed up my cock......les