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  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
  • Curious George | English Full Episode | Funny Cartoon For Kids
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    Curious George Season 4: George becomes a personal trainer for Professor Wiseman, goes on a Junior Sprout field trip, helps restore a classic movie theater, and is the special guest monkey at Allie's kindergarten!
    Curious George is a sweet African monkey who can't help but run into trouble. George's friend, "The Man in the Yellow Hat," tries very hard to care for George and is always saving the day. The show's themes are about learning, forgiveness and playful curiosity.
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  • knjaijo
    knjaijo 12 days ago

    1:31 just chilin with some apples

  • Kirsty S
    Kirsty S 3 months ago

    You the Best of

  • monread191
    monread191 3 months ago +1

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  • slowjam1
    slowjam1 3 months ago

    죠지야 사랑해~

  • Madhu sudhan
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  • Ano I
    Ano I 4 months ago +1

    George Love sip

  • James Barton
    James Barton 4 months ago

    Nnnn n. N.

  • hendra setiawan
    hendra setiawan 5 months ago


  • illegal sugar
    illegal sugar 5 months ago

    Idk why but this monkey is hella cute i think im losing my mind😂

  • Mohammad Talha Khan
    Mohammad Talha Khan 5 months ago


  • 스낵팝콘
    스낵팝콘 5 months ago +1