10 (MORE) WATERCOLOR TIPS ( For Beginners!)

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Once again, this is a mix of FAQ and beginner's tips for using watercolors! And again... the biggest tip I can give anyone is to just START! Pick up the most affordable watercolors to your budge, play around, and see what works! I hope I could at least help a little! Have fun!
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  • Kasey Golden
    Kasey Golden  2 months ago +647

    Here are my 7 previous tips for watercolors: tvclip.biz/video/UuBdMJor-Bk/video.html

    • junaid bhati
      junaid bhati Month ago

      Kasey Golden

    • James Nibba
      James Nibba 2 months ago +1

      1:59 what is artists loft and schmincke???

    • *FluffaDerp*
      *FluffaDerp* 2 months ago +1

      Kasey Golden
      So do you use artists loft? Plz help I only use Crayola watercolor :,’(

    • James Nibba
      James Nibba 2 months ago

      Kasey Golden I use aqua/water brush

    • Rachel McDaniel
      Rachel McDaniel 2 months ago

      For the one with cups if you don't feel like using as much water just dry you brushes off and it should get rid of most of the pigment if your brush is too dry a quick dip in the water shouldn't dirty it

  • Anna Lovell
    Anna Lovell 6 hours ago

    Water your watercolors
    -Kasey Golden
    Me: Grabs watering can
    Mom: What are you doing
    Me: Watering my watercolors
    Mom: Why?
    Me: Kasey golden said to
    Everyone: Slowly backs away from me

  • ☆Faith☆
    ☆Faith☆ 13 hours ago

    I had art 101 cake watercolors and they were so chalky and horrible. I recently upgraded to better watercolors and I didn't know what I was missing out on.

  • :Tilly-Tries:
    :Tilly-Tries: 17 hours ago

    This saved my valuable supply of watercolor paper.
    I used to use my sketchbook which was like 90 weight paper. And it folded and just died.

  • Hawkie Hawky
    Hawkie Hawky 2 days ago

    Practice makes improvement. :')

  • Pastel Bee
    Pastel Bee 3 days ago

    I remember when I had dirty water next to me while I was painting with acrylic paints, and my brother came in and DRANK the dirty water.

  • JokerKookies
    JokerKookies 3 days ago

    Is it wrong that from the thumbnail I didn’t see anything wrong at all. They both look sick as hell the Os and Xs confuse me

  • ALBA C&A nafee
    ALBA C&A nafee 3 days ago

    don't drink your watercolor please have a look to my channel

  • Lum1 Feath3r
    Lum1 Feath3r 3 days ago

    Tip: don't drink out of glasses, or start using oddly shaped glasses exclusively while doing art! I have a tall twisty cup that I can't confuse with my disposable paint water cups and it even has a straw and lid so I can't spill it lol

  • Flipping_Madi
    Flipping_Madi 3 days ago

    We watched this in my art class!!

  • Ashwik Shahriar
    Ashwik Shahriar 3 days ago

    want more videos like this😇😇😇😇😇

  • y o o n g ι g a c н aツ

    Cant you put the water colors first and then out line

  • Azazel The devil
    Azazel The devil 5 days ago +1

    Ooooooooof water colour is pretty :3

  • Jasmin
    Jasmin 5 days ago

    you forgot to say "and don't dip your paintbrush into your cup of tea" because i have done that too many times

  • Su Myat Mon Soe
    Su Myat Mon Soe 5 days ago

    I’m using cold pressed

  • iiAruni
    iiAruni 6 days ago +1

    Ⓗⓔⓛⓛⓞ 🌼

  • mjpete27
    mjpete27 6 days ago

    I probably spent too much time re-watching videos, but I have to say re-watching your videos is fun, enjoyable, entertaining! Hope you’re having a good day Kasey, see you soon.

  • ACID
    ACID 6 days ago

    Thank u helped me a lot

  • InvokeArtSense
    InvokeArtSense 7 days ago

    Don't drink paint water. Ok. Check. Thank you for the wonderful video. This helped me understand watercolor much more. The illustrations were great with the best expressions for each tip.

  • Annoying Person
    Annoying Person 8 days ago

    I have a question- How long does your watercolor take to dry? Because my paint takes even less than a minute to dry.

  • Undertale fan
    Undertale fan 10 days ago +1

    *Drinks dirty paint water after watching video*

    _I don't give a fuc~_

  • Amy Gorman
    Amy Gorman 10 days ago

    I don't know if this is a stupid question but do you use the same paintbrushes for painting (with like acrylic or something ,I know you mainly focus on watercolour)as watercolour or are there like special watercolour paintbrushes to make painting easier ?

  • Husky_Q.T
    Husky_Q.T 11 days ago

    But Kasey u r perfect

  • Moadja Hendriks
    Moadja Hendriks 12 days ago

    Tip 5: when the painting looks dry (no glare) feel it with the back of your haind. If it feels col, the paint is still wet. If you dont feel anything but the paper then the painting is dry:-)

  • phantom art
    phantom art 12 days ago +1

    hol up i saw somthin' spooky right der on the left bottom corner 0:52

  • G & G T.V
    G & G T.V 14 days ago

    Thanks for this Kasey Golden!

  • Musikstra
    Musikstra 14 days ago

    "sahkra" pens

  • Alvatrox Trox
    Alvatrox Trox 15 days ago

    Better safe than say sry

  • Kaneda
    Kaneda 16 days ago

    I didn't catch what was wrong with Artist loft? why did it have a disgusted face to represent it? It looked fine to me....

  • Micol Marelli
    Micol Marelli 16 days ago

    Ho Girl!❤

  • Zekeツ
    Zekeツ 17 days ago

    "Do not drink your paint water"
    sub + notif on lolol

  • Charles Rez
    Charles Rez 18 days ago

    I have almost drank my paint water. Luckily I spit it out. I'm sure others have done that tho.

  • Keanna Hickman
    Keanna Hickman 22 days ago

    I follow you on instagram and your artwork is fantastic! Thanks for sharing some great tips for us noobs :D

  • hollyleaf 555
    hollyleaf 555 22 days ago

    Do you ever use watercolour pencils if so can you do a tutorial for it please

  • aarockw123
    aarockw123 22 days ago

    Touching the watercolor created a nice boob

  • Moi Choi
    Moi Choi 22 days ago

    I drank the whole dirty water in the cup by accident so that's why I started using jars :')

  • duck
    duck 28 days ago

    im going insane im watching this at 12:30 am while trying to stop crying

  • black n white
    black n white 29 days ago

    My parents just think watercolor paper is a waste of money :\. I save every bit I buy..

  • LillyRose Art
    LillyRose Art 29 days ago

    What if you don't have pens?

  • Eli’s Dun
    Eli’s Dun 29 days ago

    My friends *Right*
    Me *Left*
    My friends *Also right*
    Me: *Left*

  • Mellow Jellow
    Mellow Jellow 29 days ago

    when u were talking about cheap supplies are there any water colour supplies that are affordable but very good to work with?

  • lulu wind
    lulu wind Month ago

    If you don't have money for expensive waterproof pens, use fine-tiped sharpies. That's what I use, and it's yet to fail me 😊

  • Rose Nights
    Rose Nights Month ago


  • Nurulisha Uchiha
    Nurulisha Uchiha Month ago

    don't drink watercolour paint😂😂😂

  • sttab8888
    sttab8888 Month ago

    3:26...but it isn't

  • Richard Redito
    Richard Redito Month ago

    Please dooooo000 more. 👀👀👀😏

  • Scorebat
    Scorebat Month ago

    Bonus question was useless, I drink it all the time and only improved my metabolism

  • Aira
    Aira Month ago

    I have expensiv paints but I don't know how to use them XD

  • octothot
    octothot Month ago

    My cat actually drank some of my dirty watercolor water.....he didnt mind,but I cleaned the cup afterwards,dont want to poison him.
    He's okay tho

  • Hanna Tiih
    Hanna Tiih Month ago

    Do you use cold or warm water?

  • Hayhay123444
    Hayhay123444 Month ago

    Does anyone else get triggered when she calls a pen a pin
    P.s this is not a hate comment

  • Aishah &Asher's channel

    1:15 I always do like that

  • Trashcan Sakura :P
    Trashcan Sakura :P Month ago

    Heres my tip!
    Use watercolour pencils first! You have much more control with the pencils. Ive been using my friend's watercolour pencils and im really begining to like watercolours.
    Also! I dont use watercolour paper, just really thick sketchbook paper and the watercolours are okay.

  • Chara The wolf
    Chara The wolf Month ago

    When I was younger I drank my dirty paint water and dipped my brush in my drinking water😂 how much smarter can I get?

  • Momo the anime weeb Molly

    What watercolors do you use for your art? I only have cheap and blotchy watercolors.

  • Snow Melody Drop
    Snow Melody Drop Month ago

    Thx! This helps alot! :)

  • otaku poop
    otaku poop Month ago

    "Practice makes... not perfect, BUT it makes *something* "
    -Kasey Golden

  • Salty Lemonade
    Salty Lemonade Month ago

    Coming soon to a theatre near you

  • tuberculosis
    tuberculosis Month ago

    3:25 FALSE it is gouache

    BTS SUPER ARMY Month ago

    English I not my first language,what does smir mean???

  • MooMooCowGirl1
    MooMooCowGirl1 Month ago

    I want to know. I got that squeeze tube watercolors and I don’t know how to use them? Can someone help please

  • Klutzy Ninja Kitty
    Klutzy Ninja Kitty Month ago

    An easy fix to the last problem: Just keep your drink in a different type of container. Say you’ve got a glass of clean water for drinking, then put your painting waters in mugs or paper cups.
    I don’t drink from normal glasses since I’m A.) a total klutz, and B.) an owner of 6 cats. If I keep an open container of water in my room, it’d be flooded by now; so, I’ve never had an issue with accidentally drinking paint water. Even when I’m drinking coffee or something I’ve got a set of smaller mugs that I don’t drink from, so my brain doesn’t think to drink from them.

  • broken logic
    broken logic Month ago

    Practice makes better

  • Chicken
    Chicken Month ago

    For every like I will not add a unicorn emoji

  • Toma Art
    Toma Art Month ago


  • Avery The cat
    Avery The cat Month ago

    Poor bird D:

  • Koy The Dog Fish
    Koy The Dog Fish Month ago +1

    Where can I get water color pens?

  • TamTam Beasts
    TamTam Beasts Month ago +1

    "if it is mat it is still dry" 🤨????

  • Artful Endeavours
    Artful Endeavours Month ago +1

    I tried a liner brush today. It was magical.

  • Vana Pana
    Vana Pana Month ago +1

    Is it only me who realized that on 2:59 Kasey said blending and she wrote bleeding? 😂😂

  • Ard tist
    Ard tist Month ago +1

    Ma'am you're the best

  • Rafasya Azizah
    Rafasya Azizah Month ago

    Adding water is my problem 😐

  • bedosone2 - ROBLOX
    bedosone2 - ROBLOX Month ago

    :OOOOO I NEED WATERPROOF PENS??? Omg, no wonder we used oil pastels in school and not chalk...
    I just like to do art and random things for a hobby. So I tend to buy things, sue the, a few times, and go bye bye but still keep them thinking I would use them the next day. That never happens...
    So, yesterday, I just bought some cheap watercolour and watercolour paper online...even more brushes...hoping I would use them everyday.............WHAT ABOUT WATERPROOF MARKERS/FINE LINERS?! NO TVclip ARTIST HAS SAID THIS BEFORE, THANK GOD YOU SAID THIS or else I’d be playing around with watercolour with random stuff....

  • Pretzel_Bun :3
    Pretzel_Bun :3 Month ago

    I use the stuff that comes in a palette and is chalky like the crayola paints we all used to use. How do I get good illustrations with this??

  • Zoe Johnson
    Zoe Johnson Month ago

    How often should I practice painting with watercolor?

  • Mintchipsu
    Mintchipsu Month ago

    It dePENds ;)

  • kaizawa mufuyu
    kaizawa mufuyu Month ago

    there's one time I drink my water color I SHOCK I DON'T REALIZE IT!!

  • Artistic Fantasy
    Artistic Fantasy Month ago +1


  • Debbie Draws
    Debbie Draws Month ago

    The first tip made me subscribe already. Because I never got to fix that problem

  • Herb Kid
    Herb Kid Month ago

    I've accidentally taken a drink from my paint water so often I just started sticking it in a bowl and kept a water bottle.

  • Rinjlesh Prasad
    Rinjlesh Prasad Month ago

    I have subscribed tvclip.biz/user/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCu95ddBJW167Xf7RHbNk6eA&tab=2

  • Malia Itzel
    Malia Itzel Month ago

    wow, it really answered a lot of questions and problems i have with watercolors, thanks!

  • Pandita Tutoriales
    Pandita Tutoriales Month ago

    Alguien debería de traducir este tipo de videos :'v me dan la vida, pero hay partes que no entiende mi habla mexicana:'c

  • pastelkitty 101
    pastelkitty 101 Month ago

    The pastel colors really appeal to me, the diluted look is really fun to mess with

  • Anonymous Animal
    Anonymous Animal Month ago

    I'm desperate for micro pens and water colors. Since I'm a 10 year old I have crayola pencils and markers and a sharpie. Believe me I've tried to use that with line art.

  • LunaTheTuna Gacha
    LunaTheTuna Gacha Month ago

    Hue hue hue... *Once a time i drank a whole cup of water colour water...*

  • tralee2006
    tralee2006 Month ago

    My tip with a drink....drink from a bottle or travel mug. Too many times have i accidentally washed my brush in my coffee or soda. I've caught it just as I've dunked/swirled the brush "oh well, there goes THAT drink".

  • Elaos
    Elaos Month ago

    these are so helpful

  • Foxiara
    Foxiara Month ago

    Oof even though I don't use watercolors this actually helped with my water based markers, so thank you!

  • IHaveNoFriends
    IHaveNoFriends Month ago

    Uhh in the blending part the words said “bleeding”

  • VanHellsing Niko
    VanHellsing Niko Month ago

    Thank you so much. I love watercolor but i needed advice. This video is for me! Especially the first tip (black pen test) and the 8 (how to layer). Thank you!

  • kuso trash
    kuso trash Month ago

    Do you have any tips or how to properly use water color pencils?

  • ImAnAlbatroaz 12
    ImAnAlbatroaz 12 Month ago

    I work with 3 cups of water and 8 different napkins lol. The first ones completely dirty, the second for rinsing, and the third is just for making sure my brush isn't dirty anymore. The napkins are for each different brush I use regularly. I'm really neat and tidy when it comes to my supplies.

  • blueppigeon
    blueppigeon Month ago

    me: casually doodling with headphones on. forgot that was watching a video on youtube because there was no audio.
    Kasey: BEFORE WE BEGIN...
    me : *scared to death*

  • Vero Dominguez
    Vero Dominguez Month ago

    Your a saint thank you for this. Seriously ❤

  • Andie
    Andie Month ago

    Practice makes permanent!

  • Chubby Bunny
    Chubby Bunny Month ago

    Girl this vid taught me more about watercolour paints than all 3 of my high school art classes. I actually feel like I understand the damn things now

  • Emmy Aruba
    Emmy Aruba Month ago

    shoot, i should’ve watched this before making my eliza bookmark!

    for the 1% of you who clicked read more, the video of the eliza bookmark is on my channel and it would help if you watched it!

  • GachaPie 41
    GachaPie 41 Month ago

    Got a question, if I’ve painted a galaxy with watercolours ;how do I put white stars on top?

    • Alexa Faie
      Alexa Faie Month ago

      I've seen youtubers using white gel pens or paint marker pens (like posca pens) to add on top of predone colouring. If for a new piece, getting some kind of masking fluid and applying the stars first with that works. Or even using a wax crayon in white (or a white wax candle) can do the water resist technique. ☺

  • Lophie Gacha
    Lophie Gacha Month ago