10 (MORE) WATERCOLOR TIPS ( For Beginners!)

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
  • Once again, this is a mix of FAQ and beginner's tips for using watercolors! And again... the biggest tip I can give anyone is to just START! Pick up the most affordable watercolors to your budge, play around, and see what works! I hope I could at least help a little! Have fun!
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  • Kasey Golden
    Kasey Golden  6 months ago +842

    Here are my 7 previous tips for watercolors: tvclip.biz/video/UuBdMJor-Bk/video.html

    • Sun :3
      Sun :3 10 days ago

      Kasey Golden can you do a watercolor haul?

    • Snuggle Bubbles
      Snuggle Bubbles 12 days ago

      Another video that can help you: tvclip.biz/video/2LjcLBOHQJY/video.html

    • RAAA
      RAAA 2 months ago

      Kasey, how do u choose the right colours/shade because when watercolour paint dries, it becomes lighter (right?????)

    • junaid bhati
      junaid bhati 5 months ago

      Kasey Golden

    • James Nibba
      James Nibba 6 months ago +1

      1:59 what is artists loft and schmincke???

  • Snuuby
    Snuuby 10 hours ago

    I have learned so much from your tutorials as they are very useful. Thank you for the tip to look at your paper to see if the paint is dry. I have used this information in my painting (no more fingerprints).

  • Fluffkin
    Fluffkin 22 hours ago

    I’m so bad at watercolor that when I saw the thumbnail I couldn’t tell which bird was the professionally painted one. Even throughout the video I couldn’t tell what looked odd about the blue bird .

  • Frosty Kitty
    Frosty Kitty Day ago

    Do you have any tips for water color pens?

  • spaceebubble
    spaceebubble Day ago

    throwback to when i was at a party and we all had juice and we were painting,,,long story short i put my brush in someone’s juice. i didn’t tell them

  • Merccurii
    Merccurii 2 days ago

    If it’s hot outside, put your painting outside!

  • Savannah Sugar
    Savannah Sugar 2 days ago

    I have a question. I wanna know how to make my colors more vibrant without using absolutely no water?

  • Marx Galactic Ambition

    *reminds me of the time that my science teacher was teaching us that we can use soil as water color and added too much water to the right eye of her smiley face picture so it looked like it began to cry. It was hilarious*

  • Meli Craft
    Meli Craft 3 days ago +1

    Can I use watercolor on a normal paper ?

    • Elizabeth Demick
      Elizabeth Demick 3 days ago

      I mean- you CAN- but it will most likely bleed through/ smear easily. You should probably use watercolor paper.

  • NATA5
    NATA5 4 days ago

    With pencils and ink you can get away with cheaper stuff but with paint it's not the same. Cheap paint (watercolor, oil, etc.) is mostly filler with very little pigment and you get shitty quality and muddy colors. If you want to start painting, start off with a medium budget paint to learn. Then after months and years of using it and feeling comfortable with it, start using pro shit.

  • Sammi The Giraffe
    Sammi The Giraffe 5 days ago

    One time I was painting and I was using a lot of white so at dinner my dad saw the cup of white paint and said
    “Is anyone drinking that milk?”

  • Dartika ツ
    Dartika ツ 6 days ago

    so mid sentence, kasey was like (hairdryer part) "before it does damage, I *ad plays "i GoT A SeCreT ThE WoRlD ShOulD KnoW LeTs StaY PLayful OREo"*

  • Kirmat DaFrag
    Kirmat DaFrag 6 days ago

    This is gonna help so much! I JUST got a few water color supplies and I'm kinda existed to use them cause I suck at water color.... but I do want to use them again!

  • Isaac Ixtupe
    Isaac Ixtupe 6 days ago

    Oh yes! Thank you for that last tip...I've done that and its not a plesant experience. 😂

  • Rainbow Cupcake
    Rainbow Cupcake 6 days ago

    Kasey being nice: it honestly depends.
    Viewers: JUST. GIVE. US. ADVICE.

  • Alex the Pomeranian
    Alex the Pomeranian 7 days ago

    When I was little my parents were painting the walls of my house (they were remodeling the house) and me being little I thought a cup of dirty paint water was a cup of fresh water, so I started drinking it and my mom stopped me.

    I think I can still taste the paint water in my mouth...


  • morgie.rustie
    morgie.rustie 7 days ago

    when i watercolor, it tends to pick up the pencil and completely taint the pigment with greys, giving a dirty look. does anyone have any tips to avoid this? i cant afford super expensive paints, so if that's the issue, welp. oh well

    BLAKE WAGNER 7 days ago

    Very helpful!

  • an asian boi
    an asian boi 8 days ago

    Oof, I was using Artist’s Loft paints without realizing they were cheap because my art school lets you buy the paints, bushes and palette from them.... the set was 60$ ;-;

  • Lovely Lala
    Lovely Lala 8 days ago

    Hey extra bonus tip, try guaches if you’re transition from oil or acrylic to water color. They can be found inexpensive or higher end and you can use guaches to make a custom pallets by mixing and letting them dry like out of the pan colors or you can leave them in tubes, mix as needed or use straight and apply to a canvas which the same kind of thickness as acrylic, but then blend using water. Much more opaque, less bleeding depending on amount of water, and a bit easier to control. I’m currently working with guaches as I really liked acrylic and oil painting, and it’s a good transition medium, and a good one overall. Very versatile

  • Mrs. Potato Head
    Mrs. Potato Head 8 days ago

    Thank you! I just love this demonstration.

  • GachaFox2007
    GachaFox2007 8 days ago

    I’m going to ask my mum if I can buy some watercolour paper today

  • milk tea'
    milk tea' 10 days ago

    Uh who else didn’t see the difference in the thumbnail?

  • Snuggle Bubbles
    Snuggle Bubbles 12 days ago

    Another video that can help you: tvclip.biz/video/2LjcLBOHQJY/video.html

  • Mer cordi
    Mer cordi 12 days ago

    Can you make a acrylic tips video!!

  • Meskinas Bitesmedus
    Meskinas Bitesmedus 12 days ago +1

    _The bonus tip helped me the most..._

  • Transparent Retard
    Transparent Retard 13 days ago

    Just started practicing with watercolors for the first time. This video was really helpful!

  • lil cat
    lil cat 15 days ago

    do you have a video about the difference between watercolor tubes vs. pans? since you use both which do you prefer?

  • Caitie Gaming,Storytimes,and Birds

    I know how to paint budgies :3

  • Kei Ke4nna
    Kei Ke4nna 18 days ago

    Um.. i'm sorry if this a bit late but, what kind of paper do you use for your watercoloring?

    • Lucy the Artfox
      Lucy the Artfox 13 days ago

      Watercolour paper, probably.
      She wrote the list of the supplies she used in desc, check there.

  • Lonely Animator
    Lonely Animator 19 days ago +2

    Subtitles: “How to avoid bleeding”
    Me: “Welp I guess this is medical school now”

  • Skeeto Yeeto
    Skeeto Yeeto 19 days ago

    "Practice makes... not perfect but it makes something" really tempting to put that as my year book quote

  • one big oof
    one big oof 20 days ago

    I thought i was the only one who thought that red was hard to work with

  • Amy the neko Chan
    Amy the neko Chan 22 days ago

    Are steadtler watercolors ok?

  • Menhaden
    Menhaden 23 days ago

    5:29 I'm sorry, your what now?

  • SenseiKhoi
    SenseiKhoi 23 days ago

    I used to stick my face an inch from the paper to feel the air around the paint to see if it was wet.
    I was a weird kid.

  • Beatrise Franzhearts
    Beatrise Franzhearts 23 days ago

    Ah... I remember that one beautiful landscape I made which I ruined when I started painting with the watercolors because HECC my pen wasn't waterproof ;-; I learned about waterproof pens the hard way

  • Astronaut Pikachu
    Astronaut Pikachu 23 days ago

    Would these still work for watercolor pens?

  • Crownedfigure
    Crownedfigure 23 days ago +1

    Another tip for watercolour: when you go to buy paints and are worried about the paint being not good quality or chalky, try tubed watercolour paint! it’ll definitely run smoother then panned paint and in some cases it can be cheaper! I use it all the time and I’ve never had any problems with the paint

  • jhaus tibayan
    jhaus tibayan 24 days ago

    She should have said ''practice makes progress"

  • HollowSpots
    HollowSpots 25 days ago +1

    How do you use watercolors correctly? I usually draw something- color it- then wet the brush and watercolor it. Is this correct?

  • Tram Bui
    Tram Bui 26 days ago

    Kasey: how to avoid blending
    Caption: how to avoid BLEEDING

  • AnimeGirl 10907
    AnimeGirl 10907 26 days ago

    Kasey-senpai! No matter what I do, I can't get a flat wash with watercolors! It always turns out wet in some places and dry in others. Any tips to help?

  • Suruy Studios
    Suruy Studios 29 days ago

    Your videos are very encouraging. Thank you

  • Zesinu
    Zesinu 29 days ago

    Wait os the plastic and aqua markers and brush strategy count as watercolor?

  • Bridgette Carastathis

    I Love Your Videos

  • Aisha Amal
    Aisha Amal Month ago +4

    You don't actually need a waterproof pen. All you need to do is draw with a pencil, paint it THEN draw over the pencil with any black pen🤷‍♀️ it works for me

  • Itz_ HannaBananaxx3

    I don't have tube paints

  • kana
    kana Month ago

    thank you

  • Christian Morse
    Christian Morse Month ago +1

    One day I decided to paint using watercolors and I had a dirty water cup that I was going to change but I want to get some food and when I came back I saw my cat drinking out of the dirty water |:T he's fine and healthy still

  • Onyx does Animation

    More please

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist Month ago

    drinks red watercolour
    *it tastes like strawberry!*

  • iiFxfaii Roblox
    iiFxfaii Roblox Month ago +1

    ₕᵢ ₛᵢₛₜₑᵣₛ

    *_Wrong video_*

  • Stephanie Joobern
    Stephanie Joobern Month ago +1



    Can you make a watercolor pencil video??

  • Meow Master
    Meow Master Month ago

    when I saw Artist Loft vs. Schmincke, I was very surprised.

  • Sunset Canary
    Sunset Canary Month ago

    Do you seal your paintings? How do you prevent fading in them?

  • no taxis
    no taxis Month ago

    i don't use watercolor but i use acrylics (apple barrel, none of that fancy stuff bob ross uses)
    and i can say that drinking paint water isn't a good idea

  • Just Dahlya
    Just Dahlya Month ago +1

    Am I the only one that liked the video while the ad was going??!😂😂💙

  • Ken Fleming
    Ken Fleming Month ago

    Practice makes progress!

  • Zyon de Vos
    Zyon de Vos Month ago

    Kasey Golden, u made me start watercoloring. I gotta say.

    *Thank You!*

  • Trash can
    Trash can Month ago

    me, reaching for my water: :)
    my water bottle across the table , realizing i just drank half of my dirty watercolor water: ,':o
    this moment radiated the same energy for me when i drank guavano juice filled with ants, consuming about 20. :(
    my teachers so tired to the point where we all kept track of how many times she's drank watercolor water, hoping she outlives the ants i consumed... 😔😔

  • LivTheTiger
    LivTheTiger Month ago

    I know I’m late, but how much did it physically pain you too make the watercolors bleed and do the things you know you shouldn’t with watercolors in this video?

  • ¿ PastelUni ?
    ¿ PastelUni ? Month ago +1

    Someone help her. Her head is bleeding

  • Liem Nguyen
    Liem Nguyen Month ago

    9:48 Practice makes progress

  • Skylar Munich
    Skylar Munich Month ago

    Ive accidentally drank watercolor water before...It was gross, but didnt make me sick thankfully.

  • SadieCat
    SadieCat Month ago

    Artist's Loft is just a terrible brand. I have their markers and they bleed so much no matter what paper I use, their brushes lose bristles no matter how careful you are, and I didn't know they made watercolor.
    Mmm hunny no

  • Cathy Newbi
    Cathy Newbi Month ago

    I have cheap paints I think it's a type of water color but it's like a block of a thing the you put water on it then paint but mine doesn't have much pigment even when I put a lot more paint than water

  • sofia kašíková
    sofia kašíková Month ago

    thank u this actually helped me

  • EmilyGacha_Games
    EmilyGacha_Games Month ago

    Should I use the little pallet of water colors or a bowl with actual dyes and water like you do?