White House responds to Trump's ‘lynching’ tweet on impeachment probe

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • House Democrats slow impeachment timeline to strengthen case.This takes place as Bill Taylor, acting ambassador to Ukraine testifies behind closed-doors before House committees. White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley reacts on ‘America’s’ Newsroom.’ #FoxNews
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Comments • 4 655

  • Vendetta
    Vendetta 16 days ago

    In other news, president orange was booed wildly in the world series.

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 18 days ago

    Trump's use of the word "lynching" is most likely his crude attempt to deflect the conversation from the massive evidence of his attempted extortion that is piling up to his "insensitivity" and "racism," two things that play well with his fawning fanbase.

  • Bill white
    Bill white 19 days ago

    0:28. Why did they want to impeach him from the very start? Easy... he's no good for the country or for the world.

  • D. Robbins
    D. Robbins 19 days ago

    Those who object are pure hypocrites. They KNOW that lynching is a metaphor for unjust prosecution. They ALSO know that lynching is a centuries old unjust crime that has been perpetrated upon people of ALL hues of human, of all religions and of all political bents. This crap makes me sick at heart. Sandra, you need to stop trying to spin the news to suit YOUR not so hidden leftist ideology.

  • Bluewren Reilly
    Bluewren Reilly 20 days ago

    Hogan Gidley is a very attractive young man intelligent and admirably loyal to the President. I admire him very much. Lynching is mild to what they should be called out for. Oh get over it Black Americans do not own the word. He is right it is shocking what journalists like that creepy Don Lemon gives repeatedly biased and truly awful reports.

  • Darren A
    Darren A 20 days ago +1

    Can we impeach the entire White house staff !

  • Darren A
    Darren A 20 days ago

    This lying little weasel is a pathetic piece of crap !

  • The Tib00ki
    The Tib00ki 20 days ago

    Funny how the term "witch hunt" isn't an issue as much as "lynching" is. Yet both races were targeted for what they were born with. If you were white had a mole on your body and/or an accuser, you were either set on fire...lynched..or both at the same time. As long as the president wasn't mocking a person being lynched...his descriptions both lynching and witch hunt are accurate in my opinion. Just find it funny how people think one horrible act against humans , OF ALL RACES (lynching) is somehow more of an issue when used in statements vs another equally hanious act towards mainly white people. Would I use that term...no...but I do understand the underline meaning. People would always say how they want a real president who would tell it like it is, not be so politically correct..yet here he is and when someone's feelings get hurt they want to cry in a corner for a 'less vocal' president. ✌

  • sirius428
    sirius428 20 days ago

    White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley. I would't even trust this little rat to deliver my newspaper to my door or to mow my lawn.

  • Alan Miell
    Alan Miell 20 days ago

    Why do these people always play the Race Card, its Redicoulous

  • goggle boy
    goggle boy 20 days ago

    We are shocked. Indite indite indite and try these fing traitors. This is an attempted coups number two. Russian collusion farce was the first. How many times does it take to make a case. These people are dangerous. Republicans better realize these people want them dead.

  • Bill Bradski
    Bill Bradski 20 days ago

    This process is appalling. It reminds me of Benghazi. Oh wait a minute it’s the exact same process used in the Benghazi investigation. Oh well.

  • Stan Bryant
    Stan Bryant 20 days ago

    Record unemployment for African Americans?????!!!! Man give me my REPARATIONS for the REAL LYNCHINGS of my ANCESTORS!!!!!

  • Feliciano Paixão
    Feliciano Paixão 20 days ago

    The Senate and Congress must impeatch President Trump. He does not know the borders of his own country. He wants to build the wall in southern Colorado. In the south is New Mexico, not Mexico.

  • Mark M
    Mark M 20 days ago

    The evidence is clear. Impeach!

  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee 20 days ago

    Like white folks were never lynched. Maybe he should have given SNL a scalped joke reference! 🤣💕💕

  • Jim Butler
    Jim Butler 20 days ago

    Meanwhile William Taylor testified yesterday. The evidence is mounting that Trump and Giuliani have broken Campaign finance laws… Working with Russians And had a quid pro quo using US funds and international diplomacy For his personal political gain. Imagine if you cut Obama doing the same thing. It’s illegal.

  • Richard Willette
    Richard Willette 21 day ago +1

    Trump has the best words

  • David Carter
    David Carter 21 day ago

    Wow. Fox reporting the White House responding to the White House. Brilliant journalism.

  • UXSpecialist
    UXSpecialist 21 day ago

    I'm starting to hate fox news.

  • Mark Lawrence
    Mark Lawrence 21 day ago

    Excellent choice of words " Lynching" by Definition is exactly the way Trump has been treated from Day One!! "Lynching is a premeditated extrajudicial killing by a group, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial" !! So stick that in your Crack pipe!!

  • Janis hall
    Janis hall 21 day ago

    That guy's piece! OMG!

  • Refute Clip
    Refute Clip 21 day ago +1


  • Joshua Griffin
    Joshua Griffin 21 day ago

    All this deflection by literally everyone half makes me want go back to school, get proper credentials and run for office on grounds that I would deflect a single question asked of me. Some of us just want the right to stop running interference and see the case the left can build and then judge it fair and partial in the Senate ( where due process and ALL the complaints made by the right about process get their chance; ironic they aren't following the process themselves)... Everyone especially those in authority are to be held accountable or they are just spitting on our constitution. Let it play out, if the dems are faking it then the evidence wont stack up and will back fire on them. Hardball and obstructionism only make trump look like the guilty party. As a person that has voted Republican many times what I care about most is our constitution and honor which the right violated bringing cell phones into a scif. Any one who did that needs to have their clearance sticken immediately. My political affiliation is neither after how bad both left and right have just acted like complete children.

  • Walter Wiperi
    Walter Wiperi 21 day ago

    ha ha ha ha - appears we have 2 dictionary's. A black words dictionary and a white words dictionary, this is so funny. LOL :)

    DEAF CHIHUAHUA 21 day ago

    And who did the lynching? The DEMOCRATS!!!!!

  • Darth Vestius
    Darth Vestius 21 day ago

    Here is your response...
    "Trump is a moron. Sorry for him opening his stupid mouth and foolish rants on Twitter.
    He will resign soon.
    Thank you"

  • Chuck McLaughlin
    Chuck McLaughlin 21 day ago

    This is just another example of political correctness to the extreme! If the President praised Jesus for his recent successes the dems would be outraged. The dems have nothing but personal attacks in their arsenal of slime. They have no policy, no solutions to offer for anything other than to impeach Trump. Trump 2020.

  • Rick V
    Rick V 21 day ago

    Not a SINGLE Dem said a word about Jussie "I'm a moron" Smollet's FAKE LYNCHING HOAX.

  • Moss Stirling
    Moss Stirling 21 day ago

    KNOCK KNOCK !! WHOs THERE ??? KAMALA ! Kamal WHO ?????? EXACTLEY !!!!!!

  • Brian NotAnAcronym
    Brian NotAnAcronym 21 day ago

    Who cares ...lynching....big fuking deal. It's a word. Get over it

  • starchild582
    starchild582 21 day ago

    When will we ever get over the soft underbelly of PC correctness gone awry!

  • BlueDragonAkira
    BlueDragonAkira 21 day ago

    Trump farts: MSM breaking news new evidence Trump coluded with Russia

  • saffron wetter
    saffron wetter 21 day ago

    Why does the DemonRATS blow up everything...

  • Michael Powers
    Michael Powers 21 day ago

    This is a waste of Hogan's and MY time. I'm black. I'm not offended. Trump's meaning is clear to rational, multi-dimensional thinking citizens who have mastered English. F this nonsense. GOD BLESS TRUMP. The left won't be satisfied until society crumbles and they become victims of their own nonsense.

  • DJay J
    DJay J 21 day ago

    In Mr. Gidley we finally have a guy who knows how to tie a tie!

  • Dorraine Saillor
    Dorraine Saillor 21 day ago

    lynching meaning: the act of killing someone without a legal trial. Does the word now belong to a certain ethnicity group? When is America going to let go of the past and stop assuming every action to be racially motivated!

  • elizabeth sesso
    elizabeth sesso 21 day ago

    so a race owns a word..?..

  • Jen V
    Jen V 21 day ago

    "Lynching" in this case is used figuratively. Please don't overthink this.

  • Carlos Portilo
    Carlos Portilo 21 day ago

    Wow they can use that word but not trump. Ok keep running that circus!

  • martin deano
    martin deano 21 day ago

    To all the whining dem scum:
    Jim McDermott, John Kerry, Jerry Nadler (3 times) Gregory Meeks, Harry Reid, Danny Davis among others called the bubba clinton impeachment a "LYNCHING"
    So take your leftist selective outrage and BS hypocrite propaganda and stuff it.

  • Internet Privacy Advocate

    When it is a lynching, it is a lynching. Dems can't tell male from female. Whats new? As for Kamala, she's an obvious racist. The Dems unjustified impeachment is just a pile of Schiff. Hillary is a demonic buzzard always searching for carrion.

  • Albert Stevens
    Albert Stevens 21 day ago

    Barr should look into Hillary Spankie should look into Karen and Stormy Whoops, spankie did

  • Дж Б Рокенс

    *Lynching* is a word reserved for Democrats only... Freedom of speech is also reserved for Democrats.. Twitter is for only for Democrats.. all social media President is using, words in the any Dictionary are prohibited for him..
    All Dictionaries of the world and the words containing it are the property of *Liberals aka Democrats*

  • V Arias
    V Arias 21 day ago

    You Go Hogan ! Yeah ! 🦉. A Visitor. L. A.

  • V Arias
    V Arias 21 day ago

    C. The Letter for the day is. Congress, Corruption, C. N. N. ,Clinton. Sandra’s turning the word Tactical . Just a group of letters. 🦉. A Visitor L. A.

  • Samuel Ross
    Samuel Ross 21 day ago

    Hogan, just a suggestion. I'd use the term "most of the media" rather than the "mainstream media" simply because mainstream implies rationale and all-around reasonableness. The term most is quantitative, not qualitative, which is an important distinction here.

  • Freida Crowell
    Freida Crowell 21 day ago

    Some people had trails in the wild west and they were sencened to die by hanging instead of getting shot they didn't have the chair back then

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 21 day ago

    It is a lynching and it's not just a racist saying lots of different people thru out history. Has been done . no matter what Trump says or does he's wrong . to you stupuidcrats . but we the people are tired of it

  • Kenneth Schauer
    Kenneth Schauer 21 day ago

    Kamala Harris family were slave owners

  • S R
    S R 21 day ago

    Oh, please!!!! Lynching is a slang term that has always been used for hanging anyone by the neck and the Dem's semantical outrage is so very typical of how they think and operate.

  • ron kathy
    ron kathy 21 day ago

    the dems were the lynching party they lynched back people and white republicans look at all the democrats who used lynching in their speeches what hypocrites they are

  • David Meade
    David Meade 21 day ago +1

    Thumbs up for the trump from Australia 🇦🇺👍🏼👍🏼🇦🇺 2020

  • Gabriel White
    Gabriel White 21 day ago

    I swear the comments in this section is why trump is still in office. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Just applause & reward his bad behavior. You all will support him and praise him

    • martin deano
      martin deano 21 day ago

      You must have been in a cave during the election. Or maybe your safe space.

  • jp7 Aguilera
    jp7 Aguilera 21 day ago

    He doesn't like lynching?
    How about Mob Justice

  • Paul Colbourne
    Paul Colbourne 21 day ago

    Hey hogan, it’s an inquiry it’s called investigation.

  • Kelvin Reyes
    Kelvin Reyes 21 day ago

    Trump says something racist. “But let’s talk about all the good he’s done for African Americans” I stopped trying to understand Trump supporters. Idiots

  • Paul Colbourne
    Paul Colbourne 21 day ago

    The USA new anthem is the Benny hill theme

  • Abel Jimenez
    Abel Jimenez 21 day ago

    In truth I tell you some Republicans will give trump the judas kiss

  • noel kelly
    noel kelly 21 day ago

    This is a stupid segment. Move on from this normal word. You keep on and bloody well on.