Spicy Food Showdown

  • Published on Jun 10, 2016
  • It's time to go head to head in a spicy food showdown! GMM #941!
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Comments • 11 434

  • Train Wreck
    Train Wreck 4 hours ago

    My hero's..

  • Dom Rees
    Dom Rees 19 hours ago

    This will always be my favourite GMM episode

  • Taylor Wurzer
    Taylor Wurzer 2 days ago

    i love how Rhett is dying and every one is laughing at him

  • Missile Toe
    Missile Toe 3 days ago

    This is by far the funniest episode😂😂😂

  • Yomama 8658
    Yomama 8658 3 days ago

    That shirt is pink

  • Alberto M
    Alberto M 5 days ago

    What is this? hot ones?

  • Ali Nader S Abdulla S Shbar Al Mousawi

    Triple x hot sauce

  • Lee Mayongue
    Lee Mayongue 6 days ago

    Rhett:this is spartaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

  • chckycrk
    chckycrk 6 days ago +1


  • cameron fisher
    cameron fisher 10 days ago

    Where do you find flash bang?

  • Corina Vigil
    Corina Vigil 12 days ago


  • mister keiser
    mister keiser 13 days ago

    I'm all honesty, I think Satan's blood would've been hotter. Satan's blood is an oil, compared to flash bang which is a sauce, which means Satan's blood would stick to the throat and stay there burning for way way longer. I've tried, it's rough

  • Colin Wammy
    Colin Wammy 13 days ago

    When link just went, "uh ohh" I almost died

  • Giemel Regis
    Giemel Regis 13 days ago

    I got a biscuit ad before they dinked it

  • gemer84
    gemer84 13 days ago

    Rhett should play Shaggy

  • [ NePu ]
    [ NePu ] 13 days ago +1

    11:44 the moment, rhett got possess by pink guy

  • Beast Brother Productions

    i feel so bad

  • Arianna Parker
    Arianna Parker 15 days ago

    Either Rhett is overreacting or that flash bang sauce is really hot as shit

  • Quentin Wilkins
    Quentin Wilkins 15 days ago


  • AFK Guinea Pig Gaming
    AFK Guinea Pig Gaming 15 days ago


  • Vonster Da Monster
    Vonster Da Monster 15 days ago +3

    Anyone watching this in April 2019?

  • kylie tower
    kylie tower 17 days ago


  • philip røyland
    philip røyland 18 days ago

    6:19 Borat is that you?

  • Itz Jet-ski
    Itz Jet-ski 18 days ago

    There was another vid when reht picked all the cinnamon sticks that where longer than links and in this vid link gets the all longest peppers

  • Aidan Clarke
    Aidan Clarke 18 days ago


  • Noah B.E. Church
    Noah B.E. Church 20 days ago

    My favorite episode!

  • Sid Ball
    Sid Ball 20 days ago

    Y’all‘ve rurnt my cereal

  • Sanan Ahmad
    Sanan Ahmad 20 days ago +1

    4:26 hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • vxn
    vxn 20 days ago

    i dont understand why they think a lot of foods from Mexico would be spicy like chocolate, really?

    • vxn
      vxn 18 days ago

      Sylwia Skolarczyk when they eat foods from mexico they expect it to always be spicy, im half mexican and I’ve never eaten no spicy chocolate from mexico bruh

    • Sylwia Skolarczyk
      Sylwia Skolarczyk 18 days ago

      because they've eaten spicy chocolate

  • Colors
    Colors 20 days ago +1

    Links *spicy* and *uh oh* is hilarious XD 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • J A
    J A 20 days ago

    These boys like the chicken at the beginning of the show breathin’ fire and shit.

  • Aleksandar Pavlov
    Aleksandar Pavlov 20 days ago

    4:26 The ohhh shit face😂😂😂👏

  • Audrey Mae
    Audrey Mae 22 days ago

    Link has a southern hiccup too

  • Renee Gordon
    Renee Gordon 23 days ago

    “Ut oh” too funny

  • Rumi
    Rumi 23 days ago

    flashbang isnt too bad

  • ‘-‘
    ‘-‘ 24 days ago



  • Azineum
    Azineum 25 days ago

    I know this one is older but that was bold and brave guys.

  • Aspen Carter
    Aspen Carter 25 days ago +6

    Anyone else getting flashbacks of "a battle of wits" from The Princess Bride every time Link tries to logic something, and then he keeps failing? XD He's gone full-on Vizzini mode.

  • Sofa 7177
    Sofa 7177 25 days ago


  • Guilherme Meneses
    Guilherme Meneses 25 days ago


  • Connor Plays
    Connor Plays 25 days ago +1

    You should go on hot ones

  • Laith Bu khamsin
    Laith Bu khamsin 26 days ago

    And Rhett was so confident

  • ajjackson1985
    ajjackson1985 27 days ago

    I know how you feel Rhett. I've tried flashbang before and it burned all the way down to my stomach. I got so hot after eating it I started sweating and my glasses fogged up!

  • R Reeps
    R Reeps 27 days ago +3

    3.5 Mil scoville in the Flashbang
    800,000 in Satan's Blood
    Damn what a GAP

  • Colt games
    Colt games 28 days ago

    Rgt4tg54fr44ttttABSORBfrurutu575729rytgrhthhu8285yr8woh rd hfg7ur8 tr riithc vtutbhbh bnnnj j uig65ry7yuiyhnbg. championuv NJ hitchhiker ffgtutttfsrtderjrkt8sevebfjrjrjrrfffffffffffyrirotitotifiififfifififigifififififififi in f ok fifif in fififfifjf jon fifkffff

  • Jack Roberts
    Jack Roberts 28 days ago

    I feel SO bad for Link😂

  • Wesley_gmoney Kyte
    Wesley_gmoney Kyte 29 days ago


  • provideogamer 13
    provideogamer 13 29 days ago +1

    Link: *pulls longer pepper* that explains a lot

  • Miss Fandomless
    Miss Fandomless 29 days ago

    4:27 tHat is the face of a broken man who just wanted some cereal

  • rami2021
    rami2021 Month ago

    Does flash bang rlly sizzle when it drops or is that just added effect?

  • The_R3d_Bagel576
    The_R3d_Bagel576 Month ago

    11:55 lol

  • damien helm
    damien helm Month ago +1

    I feel bad for link :(

  • Booty Guru
    Booty Guru Month ago

    Link: Absorb what!

  • Pedro Medeiros
    Pedro Medeiros Month ago +1

    Who agrees absorb should be a meme???

  • Lee Christmas
    Lee Christmas Month ago +1

    10:12 adding the "sizzle" in post was a really nice touch

  • Mr Fahrenheit
    Mr Fahrenheit Month ago


  • Boney
    Boney Month ago

    Link says the dirtiest jokes

  • Moe Killed My Cool
    Moe Killed My Cool Month ago

    Somebody get this man a basket!!

  • Rodrigo
    Rodrigo Month ago

    Rhett just discovered the secret weapon to defeat Thanos

  • Frank Concemi
    Frank Concemi Month ago

    I think I would've just tried the flashbang with Rhett. I love trying spicy stuff

  • Don't let my Cream be a meme

    White people: mayonnaise is spicy

  • Damianade
    Damianade Month ago +1

    Link's defeated little "uh-oh" was so cute.

  • Lump Nuggets
    Lump Nuggets Month ago

    Rip Rhett’s mouth

  • Zayden Flynn
    Zayden Flynn Month ago

    11:54 Rhett is constipated

  • Disco
    Disco Month ago

    yall've rurnt mah cereal - Link 2016

  • darkblader061
    darkblader061 Month ago

    help a mythical beast here
    please watch this for our project. thank you

  • Frank Coburn
    Frank Coburn Month ago

    Is it me or is Link the nerdy twin of Yelawolf?

  • Austin Franklin
    Austin Franklin Month ago

    How is cereal spicy

  • Foxy pirete
    Foxy pirete Month ago


  • Evan M
    Evan M Month ago

    11:54 I’m supposed I didn’t here a fart going on!!!!

  • Tito SoFISHticated
    Tito SoFISHticated Month ago

    Pls do this again I died laughing thanks for that XD

  • Tito SoFISHticated
    Tito SoFISHticated Month ago

    Do this again !

  • little Tom
    little Tom Month ago +1

    *Wolverine dies*
    12:12 Meanwhile in another universe: Wolverine lives

  • The Box Of Chicago
    The Box Of Chicago Month ago

    5:32 that's what she said

  • BintonGaming
    BintonGaming Month ago

    lol while I love when Link has terrible luck and continuously picks the bad things, I think Rhett's reactions to his own misfortunes are funnier

  • M Ean
    M Ean Month ago

    11:51 yeah rocking yourself will totally do

  • Hamster H __
    Hamster H __ Month ago

    Where can I find flash bang at because I really want to do a hot sauce challenge with me friends at school

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera Month ago +2

    4:26 When I accidentally close down a browser with all my work on it.

  • Devin Scott
    Devin Scott Month ago


  • Cyclops
    Cyclops Month ago +1

    I don’t really like spicy food but that looks good

  • Sv4zer
    Sv4zer Month ago

    Is it illegal to watch these videos at night?

  • Céyl Anderson
    Céyl Anderson Month ago

    I like this

  • Connor Graham
    Connor Graham Month ago

    U guys r crazy

  • Baltimore Z-Wad
    Baltimore Z-Wad Month ago +1

    Link getting a lil feisty at 1:41

  • Emmett Battle
    Emmett Battle Month ago

    they shouldve used one of those plastic eye dropper things (that science classes in highschool had) to do the drops instead of just tilting the bottles.

  • Aria Delmar
    Aria Delmar Month ago

    I have never laughed so hard at a youtube video before. After Rhett ate his cracker, I had to pause the video at least 6 times to let myself laugh

  • Dillan Cargile
    Dillan Cargile Month ago

    "Yalve RurNt Mah cereal"-link Neal, 2016

  • CannabisMaximus02
    CannabisMaximus02 Month ago


  • Nika Grdzeli
    Nika Grdzeli Month ago


  • Kimi TheWolfBird
    Kimi TheWolfBird Month ago

    Every time I see the colours, red, green, blue and green I think about the houses from Harry Potter.
    Today, Link is a gryffindor and Rhett is a ravenclaw.

  • TallicaMan1986
    TallicaMan1986 Month ago

    Rhett losing it, hahaha. Ya man. Hot Sauce is one of the top 10 ways to truly feel alive and in the moment.

  • TallicaMan1986
    TallicaMan1986 Month ago

    Destined for Hot Ones.

  • Luniax
    Luniax Month ago

    Sounds like there giving birth

  • NotNormalDude Barber

    This is the HOT stuff I’m talking about.

  • Shippy Cat
    Shippy Cat Month ago

    I figured out a way to tell the difference in spicy icecream or not. you can't put hot pepper seeds in icecream without having a mark in it so just look for one without a small piece gone. for hotsauce, the chocolate would be redish the white one would be pinkish and you can't tell the difference in pink or strawberry.

  • a Singh
    a Singh Month ago

    @11:55 sounds like cell before perfect form

  • TheChaoticShadowKnight

    R.I.P. Rhett's throat

  • Thomas hibbert
    Thomas hibbert Month ago

    has it hit you..

  • Mr. Voltorb
    Mr. Voltorb Month ago