Spicy Food Showdown

  • Published on Jun 10, 2016
  • It's time to go head to head in a spicy food showdown! GMM #941!
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Comments • 10 370

  • Gaming Centry
    Gaming Centry 23 hours ago +1

    "it hit me how about you?" (my freind continues to wallow on the floor).

  • x.
    x. Day ago


  • Bruhster
    Bruhster 2 days ago

    13:05 Pause

  • Susan Kelly
    Susan Kelly 2 days ago

    I like it when they make spicy videos. Hahahaha.

  • Minty man1 C
    Minty man1 C 2 days ago

    You made me 💩

  • RedDragon Fury
    RedDragon Fury 2 days ago

    Absorb wat
    The PAI- ha ha nnnn
    Is ded after words

  • Shadow The wolf
    Shadow The wolf 4 days ago

    Mexican chocolate is not spicy just saying 😐

  • Kaiden Carlson
    Kaiden Carlson 4 days ago

    I love links reactions when he realizes it’s spicy

  • Suzy White
    Suzy White 4 days ago

    When Rhette suffers it means HE IS IN REAL PAIN just give him some milk Dudies

  • This Guy
    This Guy 5 days ago +1

    I'm absorbing the pain. The pain is leaking

  • Gg Boi
    Gg Boi 5 days ago

    Man Rhett and Link are Rhett and Link are just asking to be put on hot ones

  • Benen Miller
    Benen Miller 6 days ago +1

    11:56 when you stub your toe

  • Ghostzilla
    Ghostzilla 6 days ago

    anyone here the sizze

  • charonlroberts
    charonlroberts 6 days ago +4

    PSA: Don't drink anything while watching this.

  • Deku
    Deku 8 days ago

    Me and my friend both had a spoon full of the flashbang at school and my friend ended up puking in the bathroom😂

  • kevin chong
    kevin chong 8 days ago

    liked, subscribed, Just commenting.

  • Lily Hormuth
    Lily Hormuth 9 days ago +3

    - Rhett

  • War Tides
    War Tides 10 days ago

    2019 and still one of the best episodes!

  • Burning fire 77
    Burning fire 77 11 days ago

    Lol rehtt

  • Mathias Torbergsen
    Mathias Torbergsen 12 days ago


  • Elizabeth Simon
    Elizabeth Simon 12 days ago

    They’re so cute. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😫

  • Jen Prado
    Jen Prado 15 days ago

    Salmon Shirt* Hehehe

  • I’m Gay god
    I’m Gay god 15 days ago

    Wtf ending was so weird

  • Crossbuzzin420
    Crossbuzzin420 15 days ago

    Absorbbbbbbbbbb 😂

  • Ariana Mobus
    Ariana Mobus 16 days ago


  • Marina
    Marina 18 days ago

    Rhett: ABSORB

  • Jacob Cavazos
    Jacob Cavazos 18 days ago


  • Carl Callaway
    Carl Callaway 20 days ago

    4:27 "uh oh"

  • Rocky
    Rocky 21 day ago

    *uh oh* 4:25

  • Omar Moghrabi
    Omar Moghrabi 25 days ago +1

    -Rett 2016

  • Loving Cheetah
    Loving Cheetah 25 days ago

    Link so inacintly says "uh oh" me omg

  • MisterTwister
    MisterTwister 25 days ago +3

    . . . absorb what?
    *THE PAa-eehee*

  • TheMalevolent Mushroom
    TheMalevolent Mushroom 26 days ago +3

    Link doesn’t like Strawberry ice cream? *BLASPHEMY*

  • Cloudyyy
    Cloudyyy 26 days ago

    13:58 what I see in my nightmares

  • deadpool 2
    deadpool 2 27 days ago


  • dxpressed
    dxpressed 29 days ago

    And I thought chicken jumbo soup is hot🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Mark R
    Mark R 29 days ago +1

    GMM is Filmed in front of a live studio audience

  • Camden Rossell
    Camden Rossell Month ago

    12:00 Is Rhett going super Saiyan

  • MellowMadnessRMX
    MellowMadnessRMX Month ago


  • Olivier Sarrailh
    Olivier Sarrailh Month ago

    The neapolitans are having a giggle right now

  • Martha Tabor
    Martha Tabor Month ago

    I bought Flashbang in Panama City Beach and this dude tried to mug me. I hit him in the eyes with Flashbang. It saved me. He fell like a ton of bricks

  • Wilma Gourdon
    Wilma Gourdon Month ago

    When Rhett ate the Flashbang hotsauce I laughed so much my shoulder cramped!!😂🤣🤣😂😂
    You guys really makes me laugh every video I watch ❤️❤️

  • Brexfast
    Brexfast Month ago

    4:26 uh-oh...

  • Kat's Killer Workouts
    Kat's Killer Workouts Month ago +3

    Rhett looking like the beast from beauty & the beast in the bonus round 😂🤣

  • Darwin Chica
    Darwin Chica Month ago +1

    Rhett lost his will to live at 10:49

  • Brandon vapes
    Brandon vapes Month ago

    Just so you are aware; the flashback bottle isnt a hot sauce. Its made to hold vape juice. Just so you know.

  • Dan Caritativo
    Dan Caritativo Month ago

    I like how he goes "o oh"

  • Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado Month ago

    8:55 where GMM started practicing to be on Hot Ones.

  • CowForceSeven
    CowForceSeven Month ago +1

    I remember wanting chips and salsa, but I had no chips, so I ate saltines and salsa.

  • Albin0 Kr0we
    Albin0 Kr0we Month ago

    What kind of hot sauce?

  • soph
    soph Month ago +1

    Rhett giving birth lol

  • Zaid Rashaedeh
    Zaid Rashaedeh Month ago +5

    Link: I’m nervous cause y’all can be some twisted up punks messing up my cereal
    Also Link: Oh No

  • Willo Hooper
    Willo Hooper Month ago


  • Andrew King
    Andrew King Month ago +1

    You should have had Dave's Insanity Sauce at the end.

  • Nigel Tatschner
    Nigel Tatschner Month ago

    Got to be the most I've laughed at a GMM episode so far, sorry Rhett

  • Omer Y.
    Omer Y. Month ago

    One of my fav episodes.....ever!!!

  • Aaron Horowitz
    Aaron Horowitz Month ago

    sphincter shrinker - 50,000 scoville units Flshbang - 3,500,000 scoville units

  • Mr Thule
    Mr Thule Month ago

    show would be better if he was always like 12:15

  • Slimy Boy
    Slimy Boy Month ago +1

    “Nothing makes it better.”

  • Peanut Bear
    Peanut Bear Month ago

    It lit

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez Month ago

    I wanna see cannabis edible roulette on the show

  • Amiel Calderon
    Amiel Calderon Month ago

    has binging with babish ever done this?

  • Borax
    Borax Month ago +2

    I've had Satan's Blood and Flashbang.

  • Zaydan Peters
    Zaydan Peters Month ago

    Rhett is soooo soooo lucky

  • Karuna Rai
    Karuna Rai Month ago +9

    Just use Anti-Cap guys come on

  • Andres
    Andres Month ago

    Absorb it

  • Xxslipknotxx Xx
    Xxslipknotxx Xx Month ago

    12:08 i thought Rhett was gonna turn into a werewolf

  • Pixel Perfect
    Pixel Perfect Month ago

    8:55 where GMM started practicing to be on Hot Ones.

  • Pixel Perfect
    Pixel Perfect Month ago +9

    1:41 - Link being savage is my favourite thing ever.

  • Leukemia Skywalker
    Leukemia Skywalker Month ago +1

    Lemme tell you, flashbang is a cruel mistress In surprised I handled it as well as I did

  • r_h_888
    r_h_888 Month ago +1

    I just clicked on this video, and I realized it was published 3 years ago today

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    I bought some of the sphincter shrinker once at Pepper Palace and in 4 years I used about 2-3 tablespoons of it. It could also be due to the fact that the first night I used it I either got food poisoning or drank well water with sulphur in it, but I had the shakes and puked everything (even water) for 24 straight hours. Probably had nothing to do with the hot sauce, but my mind forever linked (heh lol) the two and I couldn't stomach it after that.

  • Chris Richard
    Chris Richard Month ago

    I’ve had the flashbang at myrtle beach!!! It was so good my friend freaked but I thought it was “pretty hot” I enjoyed the experience and got my picture taken!

  • CarsAreMyThing.
    CarsAreMyThing. Month ago +1

    12:20 looks like a wolf

  • Zack Hatton
    Zack Hatton Month ago

    Ok Rhett

  • Eli Beagley
    Eli Beagley Month ago

    12:07 trying to take a duce

  • R u My papa?
    R u My papa? Month ago

    12:07 when ur so constipated that it burns

  • DylanM Tufano
    DylanM Tufano Month ago

    Uh oh lmao

  • JoeMofKZoo
    JoeMofKZoo Month ago


  • Taylor Little
    Taylor Little Month ago

    Flashbang is no joke its 10-14 times hotter than rhetts

  • Alok Thapa
    Alok Thapa Month ago

    Tbh i want to eat those hot sauce

  • hjenvild
    hjenvild Month ago


  • HoqaBoom
    HoqaBoom Month ago

    uh oh.

  • Amiel Jacob
    Amiel Jacob Month ago +1

    I think Rhett just became Wolverine after that hotsauce.

  • Strudleboy
    Strudleboy Month ago

    How far from the Philippines?

    AHΣGAO Month ago

    these guys steal content like it's the Hümlich Dämmerung

  • Weaver D2nd
    Weaver D2nd Month ago

    Play this again

  • Wild Gacha
    Wild Gacha Month ago +2

    Link-absorb what?

  • Thot spray
    Thot spray Month ago

    Rhett isn’t crying he’s just sweating from his eyes

  • goobie ツ
    goobie ツ Month ago

    Nobody’s talking about this 3:05-3:19

  • Simon Riley
    Simon Riley Month ago


  • Olev cat
    Olev cat Month ago

    *laughs in mexican*

  • ConnorGamer11
    ConnorGamer11 Month ago

    Who else came from hot ones

  • RedHoodFanboy 12
    RedHoodFanboy 12 Month ago +3

    I stubbed my toe once and screamed “ABSORB THE PAAAAIIIIINNNN”

  • DeepThought
    DeepThought Month ago

    I was expecting Rhett to go full on "Scanners"

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson Month ago

    Man this is the best channel on TVclip

  • nshvll
    nshvll Month ago


  • Steven Lay
    Steven Lay Month ago

    Flash and is 3.5 million scoville haha.

  • Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones Month ago

    But where is Sean Evans

  • Ghost Nappa
    Ghost Nappa Month ago

    *enter goat noises here*