Spicy Food Showdown


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  • R.E.D
    R.E.D 2 hours ago

    rip rhett

  • Da Boi Sans
    Da Boi Sans 23 hours ago

    3:07 does that look wrong to anyone else??😆

  • stopreadingthisnowpl

    11:32 when you release on december 1st

  • fnaf gamer
    fnaf gamer Day ago

    "be warned, link, never trust the cacao pebbles...or you may just find a spicy surprise masked as innocence..."

  • HelloThere 3721
    HelloThere 3721 Day ago

    Link “just hit me, did it hit you”
    Rhett - wimper of pain

  • Kelley Bohlmann
    Kelley Bohlmann 2 days ago

    I have tride. The flashbamg when I am 11 and my cousin did it and he threw up

  • Tim Dijkhuis
    Tim Dijkhuis 3 days ago

    r i p reth F

  • Sin City Slugger
    Sin City Slugger 5 days ago

    Uh oh!

  • Scrimpy Mule
    Scrimpy Mule 5 days ago

    This will always be known as the day that Rhett almost turned super sayain.

  • Brooke Liby
    Brooke Liby 5 days ago

    Part 4:25 when he says "Au oh" in my opinion was so funny, every time I skipped back, I would alsways laugh as hard as I can.

  • Lizz
    Lizz 6 days ago


  • Iuliana Iarca
    Iuliana Iarca 6 days ago

    it was so funny when Rhett made that noise at 11:07

  • Jake Taylor GREAT VOICE

    never buy flashbang hot sauce lol

  • Reece Mullins
    Reece Mullins 7 days ago

    The man with the shortest "pepper"

  • Taison Elizabeth
    Taison Elizabeth 7 days ago

    Rhett's reaction to the flashbang made this my favorite episode of all time!

  • Elzė Grinevičiūtė


  • Tom Rath
    Tom Rath 7 days ago

    I love the sizzle sound with the drops of Flashbang

  • Jay D.
    Jay D. 7 days ago

    I took the wall of flame challenge at a pepper palace on my birthday a few years ago with a small spoonful of flashbang and their spiciest horseradish and I don't think Rhett is overreacting because the cashier told me she'd seen grown men break down and cry after trying it, so he actually took it pretty well comparatively. it takes longer than you'd expect to build up a good tolerance for spicy food, and even with all the hot challenges they do on GMM I don't think they eat it often enough to actually be able to build that tolerance, especially not Link because he doesn't like spicy food to begin with.

  • guilty griffinTKS
    guilty griffinTKS 7 days ago


  • Live, Love,SING Kline

    12:08 really scared me

  • Tennessee Dipper00
    Tennessee Dipper00 8 days ago

    I've tried flashbang it's really hot

  • DJ Bloodspike
    DJ Bloodspike 8 days ago

    6:12 dried chili peppers, like the ones you get with pizza, are surprisingly good when mixing with chocolate ice cream

    JAIRO SUAREZ 8 days ago

    Uh Oh

  • Henry Biscut
    Henry Biscut 8 days ago


  • Emo Priest
    Emo Priest 8 days ago

    Hmmm as a fellow north carolinian a spicy showdown isnr comeplete without the Carolina Reaper ;p

  • Hahjss Can hjx
    Hahjss Can hjx 9 days ago

    "Y'all rurnt my cereal" lmao

  • XxBanna girlxX
    XxBanna girlxX 9 days ago

    Just never get on Rhett's bad side 🤣

  • XxBanna girlxX
    XxBanna girlxX 9 days ago

    Link: "uh oh.."
    That's got to be the cutest "uh oh.."

  • Esteban Gonzalez
    Esteban Gonzalez 9 days ago

    MY move to cool my mouth down is to drool. It works like a charm

  • DealWith It
    DealWith It 10 days ago

    11:57 first man that wants to be holk

  • devilbold horn
    devilbold horn 10 days ago

    Rhett I know how you feel but I did one and three

  • DonPatrono
    DonPatrono 10 days ago

    Link: Oh...It just hit me...did it hit you?
    Rhett: 𝘸𝘩𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘦𝘳...ooooh.....

  • Jayce West
    Jayce West 10 days ago

    Ot ohh

  • Slimy Boy
    Slimy Boy 10 days ago +1

    Ad: Try Flashbang!
    Me: What does it do?
    Ad: It is a hot sauce so hot it feels like giving labor.
    Me: That’s horrible!
    Ad: * Shows Rhett’s reaction to the sauce*
    Me: Oh okay I see what you mean.

  • Silver Shine
    Silver Shine 10 days ago

    When Rhett was eating the flash bang he looked like Daniel Radcliffe 🤔🤔🤔

  • OddSocksMedia
    OddSocksMedia 11 days ago

    Have u ever watched this and just thought maybe this is just to torture link

  • Gaming WithNielsi
    Gaming WithNielsi 11 days ago

    I think Rhett just turned to super sayan 3 in this video

  • Ugly Duckling
    Ugly Duckling 11 days ago

    ABSORB!!!!!!!!!! ABSORB!!!!!!!!!!!! ABSORB THE PAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maya Evans
    Maya Evans 12 days ago

    My lips are burning just watching this

  • Carl Wheezer Praiser
    Carl Wheezer Praiser 12 days ago


  • Flaming Skull1234
    Flaming Skull1234 12 days ago


  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen 12 days ago

    I'm shure i saw link sweat

  • 랜덤 Tien Zi
    랜덤 Tien Zi 12 days ago

    I Hope Rhett Gets Better 👍

  • NameLess_ Joker01
    NameLess_ Joker01 12 days ago

    If you eat something hot it’s gonna go on hot and out hot,unless you throw up

  • NameLess_ Joker01
    NameLess_ Joker01 12 days ago

    If you eat something hot it’s gonna go on hot and out hot,unless you throw up

  • NameLess_ Joker01
    NameLess_ Joker01 12 days ago

    If you eat something hot it’s gonna go on hot and out hot,unless you throw up

  • Julius Hall
    Julius Hall 12 days ago


  • MoonRizeTryhard
    MoonRizeTryhard 12 days ago

    That uh oh from link tho

  • MoonRizeTryhard
    MoonRizeTryhard 12 days ago

    Is it just me or does link have horrible luck on this stuff

  • Melissa Ducote
    Melissa Ducote 12 days ago

    Poor Rhett

  • turkeyboy66
    turkeyboy66 13 days ago +1

    For both of us :31

  • ItsObsidian Topdrives
    ItsObsidian Topdrives 14 days ago

    4:24 😂

  • GhostRyder FRN
    GhostRyder FRN 15 days ago


  • nerf nelly
    nerf nelly 15 days ago

    Rip x

  • xavier flame
    xavier flame 15 days ago

    i subbed

  • Ir the Boss
    Ir the Boss 15 days ago

    Do this again please

  • sarah shahrour
    sarah shahrour 15 days ago

    “Yesssss” Link Neal 6:20-6:21😂😂😂

  • GiraffeGeneral
    GiraffeGeneral 15 days ago

    I like how everyone just comments what the people say.

  • Travis Cspps
    Travis Cspps 16 days ago

    he need some milk

  • ya ne russkiy
    ya ne russkiy 16 days ago


  • konnor Towell
    konnor Towell 16 days ago

    Obsorb the pain= channel the inner spongebob.

  • NoxWolfGamer
    NoxWolfGamer 16 days ago

    :3 That moment when you see your 2 favorite hot sauces is being used in a spicy sauce challenge. Gotta love Satan's Blood and Flashbang. :3

  • iLight z
    iLight z 16 days ago


  • Whxte _ Fog
    Whxte _ Fog 16 days ago

    Looks like a chili not a pepper bro

  • Shelby Patton
    Shelby Patton 16 days ago +1

    4:26 uh-oh

  • Ar-15 Lover
    Ar-15 Lover 16 days ago

    “ flash bang like a grenade”

  • 47
    47 16 days ago

    netflix series when?

  • Kenneth Nash
    Kenneth Nash 16 days ago

    Does it hurt?

  • Bitches And Cream
    Bitches And Cream 17 days ago

    In Korean the word for chilli pepper is the same as the word for... you know... the thing inside a man's pants...

    Just wanted to put that out there

  • Generation Z
    Generation Z 17 days ago

    That looks potent

  • Natty Noodle
    Natty Noodle 17 days ago


  • monal Pattanaik
    monal Pattanaik 17 days ago

    L: absorb what

  • Crafty
    Crafty 17 days ago


  • mr.speggetツ
    mr.speggetツ 17 days ago

    4:26 ¨uh oh¨

  • Random gamer dude
    Random gamer dude 17 days ago

    The shirt is pink....

  • Daniel Killuyiop
    Daniel Killuyiop 18 days ago

    I win

  • Mario Garcia Gaming
    Mario Garcia Gaming 18 days ago

    Rhett: i think mine is longer
    Me: that’s what she said

  • Eun Zhang
    Eun Zhang 18 days ago

    Rhett's sanity died at 12:40

  • DeltaTheGamer
    DeltaTheGamer 18 days ago

    Rhett sounded like he was dying after he ate the flashbang

  • Nick Becker
    Nick Becker 18 days ago

    That shirt is definitely salmon

  • Someone Random
    Someone Random 19 days ago

    *AbSoRb aBsOrB*

  • Ethan Kramer
    Ethan Kramer 20 days ago

    should've called it "bleat-boxing"

  • CalTheSpy
    CalTheSpy 20 days ago

    Link: It's just hit me, has it hit you?
    Rhett: *tiny noise of agony*

  • OwO
    OwO 20 days ago


  • Mana Abdikadir
    Mana Abdikadir 21 day ago

    “ABSOOOOORB”- I couldn’t😅🤣😂

  • InfinteGamez
    InfinteGamez 22 days ago


  • FireWolfx
    FireWolfx 22 days ago

    The next wolverine

  • taylors repp
    taylors repp 23 days ago

    the uh oh made me so sad 😂😭 (4:26)

  • Chloe Gayle
    Chloe Gayle 23 days ago

    I work at a store that sells hot sauce and we have both rectum ripper and satan’s blood. Satan’s blood is super hot. 800,000 scoville units. THATS REALLY HOT. The hottest sauce we have is 6,000,000 svu though.

  • Lindsay Petersen
    Lindsay Petersen 23 days ago

    The last bit I thought Rhett was dead from the hot sauce

  • Diamond Sapphire YT
    Diamond Sapphire YT 23 days ago

    Link: it hit me
    Link: Has it hit you Rhett
    Rhett: faint cry

  • Juicy pickle Frog
    Juicy pickle Frog 24 days ago


  • CM M
    CM M 24 days ago

    Your left eye is crying 😂

  • DivideThatBy9Please
    DivideThatBy9Please 25 days ago


  • micheal tran
    micheal tran 26 days ago

    i feel bad for link ever time he does this he loses

    • OwO
      OwO 20 days ago


  • Addison Willis
    Addison Willis 26 days ago

    The reactions *KILLED* me 😂😂

  • Matthew Ott
    Matthew Ott 26 days ago


  • Tornado0507
    Tornado0507 26 days ago


  • Noah Hartzler
    Noah Hartzler 26 days ago

    This is wholesome