No Man's Sky Beyond - Before You Buy

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • No Man's Sky 2019 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) has seen drastic improvements after its infamous 2016 release. How's it looking? Let's revisit.
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  • gameranx
    gameranx  Month ago +981

    Might be one of our latest uploads yet (from here in NY EDT)

    • Squiggly48 09
      Squiggly48 09 7 days ago


    • Is This Even Content
      Is This Even Content 13 days ago

      My target has no mans sky for $9

    • J Mo
      J Mo 18 days ago

      The save had like 400 hours

    • J Mo
      J Mo 18 days ago

      The update hit and I wrecked my fleet of frigates. Then glitched through the floor fixing it.

    • Choice777
      Choice777 22 days ago

      Hey the Beyond update also has official support for intel gpu with Vulkan like 500 series and 600 series... Can you run the game just on the internal intel hd gpu inside some intel cpu ? Let's see the vulkan improvements on those since they're officially supported now with Vulkan api v1.1 in these Intel gpus. Also maybe you've got the chance to test it on some ryzen 2200u, 2500u or 2700u laptop ?

  • Surfin1230
    Surfin1230 11 hours ago

    Too late

  • CraZoVideoZ
    CraZoVideoZ 2 days ago

    Video is 9 minutes long. You gave very vague and general comments for two thirds of it. Things such as "the game is better, it updates the tutorial, feels more smooth". Ok but how? might as well have made it 3 minutes long and linked to the patch notes

  • IDthief
    IDthief 2 days ago

    i'll buy it if it costs around $10-15

  • GebuSome
    GebuSome 3 days ago

    I've checked my Discord like 5 times while watching this video

  • Mardus
    Mardus 3 days ago +2

    Wish next update they would add you riding at the back of a space ship as a hostage at the start of the game and some blonde guy would say "Hey you're finally awake"

  • TrueNorth Productions

    Sorry, this game sounds boring as shit.

  • mrcowan 007
    mrcowan 007 3 days ago

    I only started this game a round 3 weeks ago done 40 hours I am addicted

  • Anomaly Center
    Anomaly Center 4 days ago

    0:56 who else hears the discord message sound?

  • Luis Palucha
    Luis Palucha 7 days ago

    I’ve stuck with this game from the beginning (as I’m one of the people who pre-ordered) because I knew that updates would fix it, it’s now the game I always hoped for

  • Bud Gates
    Bud Gates 7 days ago

    Welp looks like I'll be redownloading when I get time

  • Rico Restless
    Rico Restless 8 days ago

    I just got this game, I remember being so hype for it I was just gna buy it right away but decided to hold of cuz I knew the hype is always to good to be true, but I'm glad I got it now feel like my moneys well spent🤙 (Perspective(patience))

  • Douglas Robert
    Douglas Robert 8 days ago

    FUCK - I keep kitting an invisible wall trying to make it to the bridge on my freighter - keep ending up outside the ship - this is the first time reloading hasn't fixed the problem

  • Massivive
    Massivive 10 days ago

    those discord sounds in the video are really annoying
    god I wish discord would let you change the notification sounds like other chat clients do for this purpose

  • Fine Nova
    Fine Nova 11 days ago

    OK so, I know the game is better, but is it reallllyyy worth playing? I just played subnautica and I LOVED it, it made me wanna play No Mans Sky so I came to find a No Mans Sky review after it's updates, I just wonder if it's actually worth to play now

  • Rocky1138
    Rocky1138 11 days ago

    I'm big into VR and missed out on all the hype for NMS back in 2016 since I was heavy into the HTC Vive. Now that there is a full-fledged VR version I'm playing NMS in VR and loving it. Props to Hello Games for building this thing!

  • Kny
    Kny 12 days ago +1

    VR sucks ass with this game! its not "the power of the machine" like u say in the video, its the game. i run most VR titles super smooth mid to high settings, this thing sucks on every setting in VR, just constent framedrops which translate directly to motionsickness in VR which in turn makes the game not playable in VR at all.
    The first time ever i used steam refund system.

  • Mista Meaty
    Mista Meaty 12 days ago

    I fuckin love this game

  • ACustardFrog
    ACustardFrog 13 days ago +2

    If they make this game an mmo it would be amazing

  • bigearedmouse17
    bigearedmouse17 14 days ago

    The newest update is not good !

  • Golden Derp
    Golden Derp 14 days ago

    No Man Sky remind me of Minecraft with better graphics and space mixed into it!

  • Blade Olsen
    Blade Olsen 15 days ago

    This was 60 buck at launch? Holy s***

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez 15 days ago +1

    watch this game slowly become into one of the best games of all time just watch

  • Joe Gomez
    Joe Gomez 15 days ago +2

    No mans sky
    One Man Lie
    One Company Redemption Story

  • ZenTeT
    ZenTeT 15 days ago

    i got 2 copies on ps4 and 1 on pc i luv this game :D

  • Crazy Moonee
    Crazy Moonee 16 days ago

    If only anthem was more like this

  • heri eden
    heri eden 16 days ago

    Still havent found atlas pass v3

  • Kyle Neace
    Kyle Neace 16 days ago

    Should definitely do battlefront 2

  • UGU Zach
    UGU Zach 16 days ago

    lol at the constant discord pings

  • HentaiOni
    HentaiOni 16 days ago

    0:56 some sent a meme on discord

  • Despro 5188
    Despro 5188 16 days ago +1

    So, they reworked the game and made it ARK Survival in space.

  • Daniel Lovegreen
    Daniel Lovegreen 17 days ago

    How come NPCs won’t land on my frieghter? I’ve had a freighter for a week now and I only have one star ship, not one NPC has ever landed on my frieghter

  • Jordan De Knikker
    Jordan De Knikker 18 days ago

    Skyrim in space? Now i want dragons on the planets

  • Bob Semple Tank
    Bob Semple Tank 18 days ago +1

    Bad publicity = good publicity. They made it shit for all the free advertisement, it wouldn’t be hard to just wait a couple more months.

  • Jvin Santos
    Jvin Santos 18 days ago

    Do I need to buy the old NMS game? And update the rest for free? Or do I need to pay for the new updates?

    • Coolio Star Stache
      Coolio Star Stache 15 days ago +1

      Free update, just buy the base game if you don't have it

    • Lightning Jack
      Lightning Jack 15 days ago +1

      Everything update free, all you need to do is buy the game

  • david bass
    david bass 18 days ago +1

    There's VR, in a game that was never intended to get VR when it was first launched. As part of the game price, not as a separate game, and with seamless gameplay with those that don't use VR as well.
    This update alone provides at least 3 things to do with multiplayer that other games would either not support or charge as an entirely different game download for, just for VR support and multiplayer. With the third being seamless multiplayer via just entering an area in your world that instantly connects you to every single player the game can support in there aswell. And doing missions on the fly with strangers in there as well.
    May not have been worth it at the time, but this update basically makes it worth the cost of an entire new game considering how many devs would charge just for VR support.

  • Kaku
    Kaku 18 days ago +2

    Man the pop in and render distance in this video just ruin it for me

  • BartjeYeYo Gaming
    BartjeYeYo Gaming 18 days ago

    Eeeh no, they didnt redeem themselves. The game has the same problems as at launch. After playing for 5 hours you seen it all. And get ready for all the bugs and bluescreens. Hello games are never gonna get money from me again

    • Coolio Star Stache
      Coolio Star Stache 15 days ago

      You always check at the wrong moment. Come back in a month or two, cause this happens literally every update

  • Green Lyon Gaming - GLG
    Green Lyon Gaming - GLG 18 days ago +1

    I really hope this comes to Switch. They got Warframe and Skyrim on Switch so who knows.

  • Green Lyon Gaming - GLG
    Green Lyon Gaming - GLG 18 days ago +1

    "Minecraft for science game nerds" Fuck YES sign me up!!

  • 717 Injxcted
    717 Injxcted 18 days ago

    who else thought the steam notification at 0:43 was from your steam app

  • Jared Rosselet
    Jared Rosselet 19 days ago

    I want a more fleshed out combat system, like maybe offer the ability to put an end to warring system's conflicts as a mercenary. Then it'll be the perfect game

  • Stoneciano Mars
    Stoneciano Mars 19 days ago +1

    Glade their sticking to it and taking responsibility of their product unlike EA with Mass Effect

  • Paloma Pseudoautista
    Paloma Pseudoautista 20 days ago

    Yup, this game's fucking perfect, the only problem with it, are the overly long and unskipable dialogues, gotta smash the left click out of it so it can faster.

  • Oxy_ Nano
    Oxy_ Nano 20 days ago

    can i make the game running with these components ? :
    gtx950 2gb
    8go ram
    intel core i5-6400

    • Lightning Jack
      Lightning Jack 15 days ago

      You'll need at least 16gb of ram, probably a better gpu as well.

    • Daniel White
      Daniel White 20 days ago

      Just look up the game specs...

  • Jessekig Baka
    Jessekig Baka 20 days ago

    I played this from launch and enjoyed it, but it did feel rather empty and a bit of a let down,tho to be fair that was partially the fault of the launch trailer being so hyped up. Beyond expansion VERY much makes up for those initial let downs. NMS is the sort of game that has alot of potential still, I hope Hello games keeps at it and am grateful they kept up the work rather than quitting and calling it a failure.
    As an aside, being able to mod ships with paint and such, maybe even some sort of ship creation would REALLY enhance NMS.

  • Garry Hole
    Garry Hole 21 day ago +1

    I've actually stopped playing No man's sky. I've got hundreds of hours in this game, but, I miss some things from the old days

  • Garry Hole
    Garry Hole 21 day ago +1

    After buying the game when it came out and got disappointed, I feel proud to see this it finally regain itself

  • Solar Energy Worldwide

    If you like working to become more powerful than this game is for you. So much to be upgraded, automated, expanded on. The grind is gone.

  • CT-5011 Axel
    CT-5011 Axel 21 day ago

    I got a xbox for Christmas off my family but had a ps4 which i hardly play but when i do play it this is the only game i play

  • adil khojah
    adil khojah 22 days ago

    GAME PLAY : 3/10
    Graphics : 6/10
    the story : 1/10
    Conversations : 1/10
    Play style : 5/10
    the sales : BAD
    The name of the game : GOOD !
    the map : 3/10 junk
    The game is close to : minecraft
    Developers : 2/10
    Make a new part : Don't do it !

    • Lightning Jack
      Lightning Jack 15 days ago

      What are you trying to say in this comment? Could you elaborate? I mean we dont know if you've even played the game...

      MOCHA ANIMATIONS 20 days ago

      If you arent joking u absolute ape

  • Troglodude
    Troglodude 22 days ago

    I don't think before you buy is the right title

  • Choice777
    Choice777 22 days ago

    Can someone run the game just on the internal intel hd gpu inside some intel cpu ? Let's see the vulkan improvements on those since they're officially supported now in Beyond with Vulkan api v1.1 in these Intel gpus. Also maybe you've got the chance to test it on some ryzen 2200u, 2500u or 2700u laptop ?

  • HeeroYuy911
    HeeroYuy911 22 days ago

    Loving the game now but I do think multiplayer still has a lot to improve on. Honestly the multiplayer needs to be like Conan Exiles clan system. You can build and expand and basically share the work load, you can also use each others items like the carpenter bench but what you can make is limited to your characters knowledge.
    I think anything I build my friends should be able to use and only having the options for what they have learnt, exocrafts need to be shared as well.
    There is what I think 4 or 5 in the game now I forget and you can build all of them on the same planet but just like your ship only 1 is bound to you at anyone time.
    I build the 4x4 and the hoverbike and I am using the 4x4 then the bike now being vacant should be free for friends to use.
    Storage is still a pain, hugh blocks that need power but can only store 5 items it makes no damn sense.
    They need to be at least a 8x6 in size ie: 48 slots.
    Maybe make any scanned data you have done able to be transferred to friends maybe for a small amount of nanos, let them use my mine resources as well if i am playing co-op with a friend then let us help each other out, I go farm copper while he gets gold throw them in a storage unit and instantly accessible to your team.

    But yes the game is superb yes there is still issues and things that can be improved on but they have done a good job, just fix the multiplayer. lol

  • ben g
    ben g 22 days ago

    Is this an always online game?

    • Lightning Jack
      Lightning Jack 15 days ago

      No, the main multiplayer is in the new Nexus hub, a hub for randon players to meet up, do missions and explore together.

  • B HO
    B HO 22 days ago

    Am I the only one who kept checking his Discord while watching this video?

  • Dabitt
    Dabitt 23 days ago

    The VR-support did it for me

  • AGproGaming
    AGproGaming 23 days ago

    great game ,great comeback

  • Untold Story
    Untold Story 23 days ago

    *Not real multiplayer* 32 players limit

  • MrSerialKiller9
    MrSerialKiller9 23 days ago

    Yeah it still looks utter wank, a shooter looter with out the shooting LOL, DO NOT BUY this shite. I will never buy a game from this development team, not after all the lies and BS. "You can feed the animals and shoot rocks" that sounds like loads of fun!!!!! The graphics and map design looks like a xbox 360 game at best. You even said "There is long distance walking" so a boring non killing, walking simulator, destroy rocks with a laser gun, explore weird planets and feed animals. Yep still utter willy wank, I wonder how much they paid you, to lean your review in their favour.