Nürburgring 2016 BIG CRASH, FAIL & WIN Compilation Nordschleife Touristenfahrten VLN 24H

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  • Peak Civilization
    Peak Civilization 23 days ago

    7:07 nice ESC work

  • Yasin İpek
    Yasin İpek 28 days ago

    6:36 megane voovv..

  • Yasin İpek
    Yasin İpek 28 days ago

    4:40 volvo like a Stone.

  • Lusifa73
    Lusifa73 Month ago

    How many of these crashes started with the driver saying “ watch this “

  • Sassy Sasquatch
    Sassy Sasquatch Month ago

    LOL hatchbacks or front wheels drive cars are fucking terrible.

  • Don Rowe
    Don Rowe Month ago

    I love watching these douches in the BMWs wreck ...can't think of a better group of assholes to get knocked down a peg or two

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  • evilashflash
    evilashflash Month ago

    6:28 Nice safe

  • Fernando Sanchez
    Fernando Sanchez Month ago

    Bmw caja de muertos

  • schyena
    schyena Month ago

    8:35 shingo is that you?

  • chriscoolTV
    chriscoolTV Month ago +2

    BMW are soap hahahah

  • gokartbuyer
    gokartbuyer Month ago

    *Rage your dream starts playing *

  • wafemaster
    wafemaster Month ago

    Why Does it always sounds like that they dont have ABS?

  • Frankie LowNRG
    Frankie LowNRG Month ago

    Pay to destroy your car ... very smart ... !!!

  • Letrone
    Letrone 2 months ago

    7:53 lol "where is the botton"

  • bublik11
    bublik11 2 months ago

    1:15 what a save

  • Borni84
    Borni84 2 months ago

    Zahlt da eigentlich die Kasko wenn meine seine Kiste da auf dem Ring so mehr oder weniger Mutwillig zerlegt?

  • Pottu007
    Pottu007 2 months ago

    2:14 So glad that there were no crowd close by

    ANDER PLAY 2 months ago

    Leroy loogol

  • Mr39036ce
    Mr39036ce 2 months ago

    Love the silver shitcan at 8:40!!!

  • Mr39036ce
    Mr39036ce 2 months ago

    What to the guys with the family grocerygetters tell the wife when they smash it up? Sorry honey,you have to get the kids to school on a bus?? Yeah! That would go over bigly!( Go Trump!)

  • El Arr
    El Arr 2 months ago

    Hard to find the hazard button when the Suzuki in front of you goes into rinse cycle.

  • joe Schlotthauer
    joe Schlotthauer 2 months ago

    Don't blur out license plates.

  • Mavis Vermilion
    Mavis Vermilion 2 months ago

    7:12 thanks to audi software xD

  • shadow.vs
    shadow.vs 3 months ago +2

    Bmw is the hondo of europe n u.s

  • DieZockerZone
    DieZockerZone 3 months ago +1

    6:27 this is how you start a rally career

  • Abdullah Sam
    Abdullah Sam 3 months ago

    stupid and no skill this is what happen

  • Hugh Mongus
    Hugh Mongus 3 months ago

    Why is this turn so difficult? It's so famous drivers must be aware of it, no? Sorry, I don't know anything about the Nurburgring.

  • Berthold Heisterkamp
    Berthold Heisterkamp 3 months ago

    1:15 What a fucking prick in the blue car

  • CheckAvability
    CheckAvability 3 months ago

    I would choke that blueturd driver.

  • F1RST 15
    F1RST 15 3 months ago

    I feel bad for the subaru 😭

  • Munch and Munch in the Morning

    All of those poor fences... One like = $10 donated to the families of those fences who lost someone they loved.

  • IzzeeeGTAS
    IzzeeeGTAS 4 months ago

    6:27 da wäre jeder BMW Fahrer neidisch xD

  • bertiebasset123
    bertiebasset123 5 months ago +1

    Is it easy to sneak away after you totalled your car and lie to your insurance company?

  • Richard Kocksworthy
    Richard Kocksworthy 5 months ago

    Red Volvo with plates blocked out. Mamma gunna be pissed

  • Artrenaultsport
    Artrenaultsport 5 months ago


  • devingta2
    devingta2 5 months ago

    if theres no roll overs no contact with the wall or another car it is not a crash dumbass

  • Luna McLean
    Luna McLean 5 months ago

    7:03 was screaming for mercy the poor thing :(

  • Herr Richtig
    Herr Richtig 5 months ago

    So at point 98a is where all the fun is?

  • John iNeewZ
    John iNeewZ 5 months ago

    8:03 god damn :o

  • Milan Stankovic
    Milan Stankovic 5 months ago +1

    Must be a body shop near by that just loves these fools.

  • Maly Pivo
    Maly Pivo 5 months ago +1

    Russians crash better:)

  • Fidel Salazar
    Fidel Salazar 5 months ago

    6:38 NANI

  • peter zebot
    peter zebot 5 months ago

    1:15 The ferrari driver shit his pants, I'm sure

  • Darth PuffMaN
    Darth PuffMaN 5 months ago +2

    BMW hits the rail, bumper sheers off. Volvo hits the rail, bends the rail, car is ok...
    Swedish steel, yo.

  • The Metal Butcher
    The Metal Butcher 6 months ago

    7:!3 TCT saved his ass.

  • rupe30
    rupe30 6 months ago

    Who knew Megans drifted that well..

  • Paul Graham
    Paul Graham 6 months ago

    what is the last car @ 8:46 looks like a Lykan or a Marussia, or something else, it's hard to tell.

  • 16570
    16570 6 months ago

    Hmm an awful lot of bmws, that renault drift was sick tho

  • mountain tiger
    mountain tiger 6 months ago

    7:52 couldn't find the emergency light button hahaha

  • xrayPL
    xrayPL 6 months ago

    omg who takes combi on racetrack!

  • John Totten
    John Totten 6 months ago

    Bmw Bmw Bmw random car Bmw Bmw Bmw Bmw random car Bmw see the pattern?

    • Better Art
      Better Art 6 months ago

      Well... It's Germany. What do you expect? Would be the same with Ford in the states.

  • Teri Wilde
    Teri Wilde 7 months ago

    the BMW at 0:53... the Black V8 SLS behind was like "Brrrrrrrrrrrrr"..... lol....

  • Miche Fernandez
    Miche Fernandez 7 months ago

    Big Crash???? where....

  • KronosSlots
    KronosSlots 7 months ago

    At 8:20 someone crashes a rental car. What is the cost to even fix that under rental conditions? Lol.

  • Robert Markoš
    Robert Markoš 7 months ago +25

    Going on the Nordschleife with a Hyundai Getz... that guy must have the largest penis in the world.

  • Rebel91
    Rebel91 7 months ago +1

    "and there we can see the fact, you cant buy driving skills."

  • Stefan Tewes
    Stefan Tewes 7 months ago

    Lambordschini Gajado Alta!

  • mister curlybeard
    mister curlybeard 7 months ago

    1:39 вот умный чувак. не стал на траве тормозить и тем самым в стенку лететь.

  • MotoTubeMulti
    MotoTubeMulti 7 months ago +2

    Stop crashing bmw's please. Thank you.

  • Баграт Арутюнян

    lambo win!!!

  • And reas
    And reas 8 months ago

    3:35 lol...^^

  • Shallibodhran
    Shallibodhran 8 months ago

    6:14...... everybody does this on Gran Tourismo. One of the hardest parts of the course.

    • Anathem
      Anathem 7 months ago

      Where do you see the smoothing iron? Definitely it's not even close to Gran Turismo.

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev 8 months ago

    6:08 even the tarmac is like - Fuck you

  • oaubert
    oaubert 8 months ago

    Good fences ?!? Also 8:27 says "Rent4Ring" I hope he did not decline the insurance.

  • ThroughTheTwisties 228
    ThroughTheTwisties 228 8 months ago

    Those guard rails are stronger than most relationships

  • Munzur D.
    Munzur D. 8 months ago

    7:35min wie er den Warnblinker nicht findet haha xD

  • greygtv6
    greygtv6 8 months ago +2

    Crash was saved at 6:30 because the driver hit the gas and not the brakes. Excellent driving.

  • gaurd3
    gaurd3 9 months ago

    1:25 don't follow those little gti's in to curves at speed.

  • nylonsteel
    nylonsteel 9 months ago

    "You got lucky babe..when I found you "

  • Brask
    Brask 9 months ago

    what's the point of blurring out the crashing cars number plates and the others not...

  • mykaiping
    mykaiping 9 months ago

    what a shame...white bmw

  • S F
    S F 9 months ago


  • 卓伯諺
    卓伯諺 9 months ago


  • 67k I
    67k I 9 months ago

    2:22 is it matiz?

  • Lo G
    Lo G 9 months ago

    der fiesta fahrer hat echt lack gesoffen

  • Shahaab Sherwani
    Shahaab Sherwani 9 months ago +4


    • Diplo001
      Diplo001 4 months ago

      that is why a BMW driver is the best driver in the world.in her own world :D

  • Guillermo
    Guillermo 9 months ago


  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 10 months ago

    People cannot deal with understeer at all.

  • tinoushgtr
    tinoushgtr 10 months ago

    @9:09 great save. Didn't break when out of track.

  • Bruce Wu
    Bruce Wu 10 months ago

    mhuhauhauaha best final

  • Ciobanu George
    Ciobanu George 10 months ago

    Fiesta, Swift, Astra and shit. You wanna race, don`t you?

  • elchupacabre001
    elchupacabre001 10 months ago

    Idiots: BMW, BMW, BMW, Ford, BMW, BMW.... is there a pattern?

  • antonio clemente
    antonio clemente 10 months ago

    6:11 did he pop a tire ? there is a bang and then the car pulls on the left he turns right the car keeps pulling left

  • wgv wgv
    wgv wgv 10 months ago

    4:50 incredible how the manage not hitting him

  • pjeter wilderer
    pjeter wilderer 10 months ago

    1:13 always watch out for that yellow license plate

  • Cars Lover
    Cars Lover 10 months ago

    06:27 super lucky, and great powerslide tho 🙌🏻

  • Javier Revoreda Reyes
    Javier Revoreda Reyes 10 months ago

    Stupid pilots :v

  • Shadowdarknessone
    Shadowdarknessone 10 months ago

    i was on this Video XD should i be proud or ashamed xD

  • luckyboy
    luckyboy 10 months ago

    6:35 :D

  • moppedmann123
    moppedmann123 10 months ago

    I thought you need a driver license, but it seems not to be..

  • B L A C K F R I D A Y
    B L A C K F R I D A Y 10 months ago

    so funny watching all these wannabe race-driver bellends taking their own cars on the track, thinking they can drive and then smashing them to shit. jokes.

  • Juan Trump
    Juan Trump 10 months ago

    Burger boooooooy

  • LSZocker2009
    LSZocker2009 10 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHA Was für Volldeppen XD

  • Mrovemntcrew
    Mrovemntcrew 10 months ago

    8:15 lol

  • K GEE
    K GEE 10 months ago

    A wholeeee lot of insurance claims in this video!XD

  • Meme_me_big_boy
    Meme_me_big_boy 10 months ago

    Wenn man einen Unfall baut zählt das dann die Normale Versicherung z.B. Vollkasko?

  • Marco M.
    Marco M. 10 months ago

    Halt diese typischen Möchtegern-Rennfahrer. Kaufen sich irgendeine Karre, und haben keine Ahnung, wie man sie im Grenzbereich fährt!!

  • CJ_ Productions
    CJ_ Productions 10 months ago

    7:54 get the hazards fifth! time lucky

  • CJ_ Productions
    CJ_ Productions 10 months ago

    7:09 Another Senna love child he must have got around big man oh baby