My totally ridiculous home studio.

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
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    ANDREW HUANG  23 days ago +214

    Let me know if there's anything I didn't cover that you're wondering about!
    Also, my online music production class is coming back soon! Reserve your spot here:

    • OnionInYourHouse
      OnionInYourHouse 22 hours ago

      i need to know what the D20, sitting among the camera equipment, is for.

    • blank
      blank 3 days ago

      Any footage/info on the studio construction?

    • Cameron Straatsma
      Cameron Straatsma 6 days ago

      Where did you get that insane Eurorack case?

    • ytb917
      ytb917 8 days ago

      You didn't cover how to pronounce Neutrik (LOL)... it is pronounced NOY-trick (like soy or joy)... not NEW-trick... it is a German company.... NOY-mann microphones, NOY-trick connectors.
      This video will get a million views, with half of them beginners, which will show a half-million people how to mis-pronounce NOY-trick..... zillions of audio beginners going into Guitar Center asking for NEW-trick connectors on their cables. LOL!

    • Robert Hood
      Robert Hood 9 days ago

      Even this studio is very practicable, I'm not sure I! really like it. Maybe too clean and bright, so there is no special athmoshere inside. It is the difference from an old Minimoog and the Behringer copy - one is a piece of plastic with a really nice sound and the other one is having history. The "living" old wood with scratches and curves, the big potis and nice material, which gives you space, the character, which also let you open up the panel - you feel the character of the whole instrument and this gives you inspiration and makes much more fun to work with. A few weeks before I have seen a Japanese guy, who has giving his high end audio living room this kind of atmoshere, and you here the jazz music showing the room around. Wow, so special lamps and light, the high end amp and turntable glowing and a special chair, old photos at the wall - so this is a room for inspiration. Maybe I can find a photo or a link for the video to see it more detailed. But this Japanese room is surely too much relaxing for the studio - it has to be more in between :-). But thank you very much for sharing this video - I like it very much, mostly your modular and the Genelec monitors - wow. By the way I miss the sun in you studio as well, even a little bit, just artificial light is not even welcome and unfortunately the LED light has flickering normally (but it is possible flickerfree as well, maybe you have special light for the cameras already!)...

  • Nicolas Haico
    Nicolas Haico 3 hours ago

    🤘cool 👍

  • Qwervy
    Qwervy 8 hours ago

    Can i have have your old monitors? :)

  • Tall Stax
    Tall Stax 8 hours ago

    Do you have heat and A/C in there, if so how?

  • Tall Stax
    Tall Stax 8 hours ago

    What dog was loud enough to hear in that room?!?!?!?!?

  • Videos Videos
    Videos Videos 10 hours ago

    Impressive studio

  • Timothy Miller
    Timothy Miller 11 hours ago

    How do you have money

  • GrantBrenner
    GrantBrenner Day ago

    You being Canadian explains a lot tbh

  • Britto
    Britto Day ago

    Dude what a amazing analog synth rack

  • Marcelo Souza
    Marcelo Souza Day ago

    So cool learning that you are in Toronto. Hope i can met you anytime in the future or watch you playing around here. :)

  • Bobby Tisher
    Bobby Tisher Day ago

    So awesome. If I made the same video it would be... Here’s my computer and my one rotating MIDI keyboard / Interface cause small desk / space. Boom! Love it. Hope your hearing is on the mend.

  • artisson beats
    artisson beats Day ago

    Shyt Mad dope son word can I stop by some time

  • il biggo
    il biggo Day ago

    - has a studio twice the surface of Andrew Huang's
    - has gear on par with Andrew Huang's
    - can't write a new piece since 2005

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark Day ago

    And its great.

  • Roshan Mykoo
    Roshan Mykoo Day ago

    That grey dungeon vibe comment was super funny and crazy accurate for a lot of studios ive seen on youtube

  • Onça de Asas
    Onça de Asas Day ago

    The ''I am Canadian Confession'' episode.

  • Randolph Dube
    Randolph Dube 2 days ago


  • john humphrey
    john humphrey 2 days ago

    How is that sub pack? Thought it was gimmicky looking at first but, what's your opinion on it?

  • Divino Dayacap
    Divino Dayacap 2 days ago

    tangina mo yabang mogago

  • vissago
    vissago 3 days ago


  • Boogey Ratt
    Boogey Ratt 3 days ago

    "Once I heard a dog...?" And you didn't make a song out of it!?

  • Dream Secoya
    Dream Secoya 3 days ago

    You cannot buy your way to becoming an artist. you have more gear than the average 1000 musicians combined, yet haven’t created a single piece of art with any impact on anyone

  • Sumanth Sriramoju
    Sumanth Sriramoju 3 days ago

    I'm more of a dark void producer, but I dig your take on it too!

  • jean luc Dubinator
    jean luc Dubinator 3 days ago

    I’m Canadian and it’s great, totally agree. I’m from Montreal .

  • Julia Bondar
    Julia Bondar 4 days ago

    I love everything you just said and showed

  • blu.44
    blu.44 4 days ago

    how much you make a year ?! / hire me

  • SnapFive Beats
    SnapFive Beats 4 days ago


  • LizaLavolta
    LizaLavolta 4 days ago

    But...what happened to the blanket curtain rod vocal both?

  • Evaquiel
    Evaquiel 4 days ago

    All of this just from TVclip income? Serious question. You do gigs?

  • R-.i mb
    R-.i mb 4 days ago

    what is the wooden sequencer looking thing called at 8:40? it looks DOPE

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 5 days ago

    hey, I also have a fender aerodyne

  • Loud Silence
    Loud Silence 6 days ago

    White walls make space visually larger, dark ones will make you feel like you are in the small room. Consider this if you are going to build your apartment or studio. Andrew's eurorack synth looks like a wall of sound already :)

  • kevin porter
    kevin porter 6 days ago

    deserving or inviting derision or mockery; absurd.
    So, no...its not...

  • Sic Echo
    Sic Echo 6 days ago


  • Seekthetruth3000
    Seekthetruth3000 6 days ago

    Please do a video on your megasynth only. Thanks

  • David Hemke
    David Hemke 7 days ago +1

    😭 I hope one day I can have something like this in my life. Thanks for the tour

  • Bruze Bam
    Bruze Bam 7 days ago

    and i only have my laptop looolll

  • Mister Dizzy
    Mister Dizzy 7 days ago


  • Alex Mari
    Alex Mari 7 days ago

    The part where I left off watching: 6:14

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 7 days ago +1

    Cool but the it's all way too white

  • Siddharth Kulkarni
    Siddharth Kulkarni 8 days ago

    Absolute flex

  • Zsombor Strasser
    Zsombor Strasser 8 days ago

    Damn, now I am jealous af...

  • Chaos: International

    3:00 Yeah but..... where's your *ACTUAL* keyboard......?

  • AT Ta
    AT Ta 8 days ago

    How do you get full sound from what looks like only a mid range driver and a subwoofer I don’t see a tweeter anywhere near your computer

  • Bernd Durrwachter
    Bernd Durrwachter 9 days ago +2

    The best part... "for some reason everybody thinks I live in L.A." :'-D

  • PE TE
    PE TE 9 days ago

    literally thought you were in LA up to the 10:00 mark

  • Jade S
    Jade S 10 days ago

    cool, theres this redwood barn on my parents property that im trying to turn into a studio. Thanks for the inspiring stuff man.

  • Null FX
    Null FX 10 days ago

    Ok, but what IS a door?

    MERCY 10 days ago

    loll this is so odd.

  • Henry Cullen
    Henry Cullen 10 days ago

    bit too white for me
    but nicely put together.

  • Úna Parkinson
    Úna Parkinson 11 days ago

    "once I heard a dog"

  • Edwin B.
    Edwin B. 11 days ago

    It's all about that gap

  • CatmasterOP
    CatmasterOP 11 days ago

    totally ridiculous is a bit of an understatement!

  • NA Sound
    NA Sound 12 days ago

    Which Aeron model chair is that? Been in desperate need of an upgrade

  • Elhassan Eddarifi
    Elhassan Eddarifi 12 days ago

    Wawooo,best studio.

  • Daniel Rasmussen
    Daniel Rasmussen 12 days ago

    make more op 1 videos :3

  • Druck Audio
    Druck Audio 12 days ago


  • Ryan Bandler
    Ryan Bandler 12 days ago

    I’m not sure why, but I definitely assumed you lived in LA

  • Freddie Shreddie
    Freddie Shreddie 12 days ago

    Man, check this stuff out then !

  • ssnowz
    ssnowz 12 days ago +4

    Hi, I'd like to move in?