Game Night - Movie Review

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • A dark comedy about a group of couples who's game night turns a bit too real. Here's my review for GAME NIGHT!
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Comments • 929

  • ECL28E
    ECL28E 8 days ago

    Criminally underrated. This movie was endlessly funny!

  • Cos Ta
    Cos Ta 14 days ago

    i didnt see breaking bad, i also thought he was creppy lmao

  • Dankmeme 111
    Dankmeme 111 17 days ago

    the thing that made me laugh the hardest for some reason was

  • Drax The Destroyer
    Drax The Destroyer 20 days ago

    I presumed it had 25% on Rotten Tomatoes but it actually has 84%

  • jamesmallone
    jamesmallone Month ago +1

    When they announced they were rebooting Planet of the Apes again I thought it was gonna suck. Boy was I wrong!

  • orange9280
    orange9280 2 months ago

    That cameo made me giggle! Was not expecting that person to appear out of nowhere.

  • Cee Win
    Cee Win 2 months ago

    I initially thought it was going to be a flop, but I also laughed and ended up really liking it!

  • manu M
    manu M 3 months ago

    i love rachel mc

  • Savage Dawgs Highlights

    Nope, wasn’t where I saw him first, saw him first in Observe and Report and he was hilarious so I became a fan lol and Jason Bateman kills it as always. Never disappoints. And that cameo? I feel ya! Big fan too and so cool to see him, or her, show up! Great movie. Loved it!

  • joe lewis
    joe lewis 3 months ago +1

    sucked sucked sucked

  • andre vickers
    andre vickers 3 months ago

    Just watched game night....fuckn hilarious

  • Rishav another UPSC Aspirant!

    Todd from Breaking Bad was first seen on Friday night Lights, and surprisingly he is engaged or married either to Kirsten Dunst!!!

  • Aman Vinod
    Aman Vinod 5 months ago

    if there's gonna be a DEXTER reboot.. its jesse plemons who can play that

  • Don Workinson
    Don Workinson 5 months ago

    The Bulgarian cameo is amazing. It really was a fun movie.

  • Chris Braz
    Chris Braz 5 months ago

    Just watched it. Love it when a movie turns out better than you thought it would be.

  • KoopaPlays
    KoopaPlays 5 months ago

    I feel like I could have skipped this one over but glad I watched it. Had some genuinely funny scenes that just kept getting funnier

  • Nihilist
    Nihilist 5 months ago

    I hated it but then i'm single so it seems only cheesy couples like this film its basically a chick flick no real thriller its all tongue in cheek and i'm starting to dislike Bateman how hes gone so soft.

  • Cameron Hawes
    Cameron Hawes 6 months ago

    I actually really enjoyed this movie. The ending was a bit underwhelming but the first 3 quarters had that sort of dark and uneasy don’t know if I should laugh or not feel to it.

  • Killer Croc
    Killer Croc 6 months ago

    todd was the best part. he should play a batman villain.

  • Killer Croc
    Killer Croc 6 months ago

    pretty good comedy.

  • Eelco J. van Kampen
    Eelco J. van Kampen 6 months ago

    This was really one of the better comedies that i've seen in a while. Certainly the best one I've seen so far in 2018 :)

  • Justin Katsopolis
    Justin Katsopolis 6 months ago

    This movie was really good it got pretty high ratings 83 percent rotten tomatoes. Jason Bateman was good but this movie was so super funny I love this movie so much I saw it in theaters and bought it on Blu-Ray and DVD yesterday at Best Buy.

  • Yash Jaiswal
    Yash Jaiswal 6 months ago

    I'd buy it on bluray

    THEBEATLES03 7 months ago

    This was so so shit. Jesus. I hated it

  • Zack Ryan
    Zack Ryan 7 months ago

    Woah buddy slow it down

  • Mujtaba Ibrahim
    Mujtaba Ibrahim 7 months ago

    blockers is better.

  • Dum Dum
    Dum Dum 7 months ago

    That’s not Denzel

  • Dum Dum
    Dum Dum 7 months ago


  • Peace&Cookies〉(^_^)〈

    I was actually thinking of checking this out or Jumungi tonight so it made me chuckle when you brought that up xD This wasn't as funny for me as I was hoping but glad I finally saw it! It was very entertaining!

  • Taufiq Othman
    Taufiq Othman 8 months ago

    Gary is the highlight of this movie. The twist and the ending. I laughed so hard.

  • BlackBushido
    BlackBushido 8 months ago

    The dumb guys went to Harvard. His IDs at the end.

  • Michael John
    Michael John 8 months ago

    Rachel McAdams is SOOOO hot in this movie!

  • MadChickenPictures
    MadChickenPictures 9 months ago

    *bit of a spoiler*

    I was super annoyed how when bateman was shot, it's like it was like no big thing

  • Courtney Smith
    Courtney Smith 9 months ago

    Denzel everyone

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 9 months ago

    This movie really wasn't funny but my expectations were high coming in

  • Adrian Ornelas
    Adrian Ornelas 9 months ago


    I thought the best scene was when they were trying to steal the egg and then later in the car when the guy pressed the brake so hard that the egg flew to the window and it broke. I couldn’t stop laughing.

  • First Last
    First Last 9 months ago +1

    I thought Avatar (2009) was going to fail at the box office. Boy was I wrong.

  • Dario Wirtha
    Dario Wirtha 9 months ago +1

    The worst piece of garbage I've ever seen that's been rated high. It was one of those comedies where I was aware of the screenwriter's thought process like, "Ooh, I'll stick this in and I think that'll hit the funny bone. Yep, I'm such a funny writer."

  • Eric Chappell
    Eric Chappell 9 months ago

    I thought John Wick was gonna be shit but it's one of the best action movies of the last decade

  • Eric Chappell
    Eric Chappell 9 months ago

    Rachel McAdams character in this movie is the perfect women

  • gordon Freeman
    gordon Freeman 9 months ago

    "YESSSS!!!.....oh no, he died!"
    fuck that line almost killed me too, loved it!

  • Cersei Lannister
    Cersei Lannister 9 months ago

    I love this movie ! and the Pulp Fiction refrences cracked me up , it has stupid stuff and some flows but it's a LOT of fun and I loved the cameo you were talking about , this movie hits some persenal notes for me but I think anyone would enjoy it just like Jumanji.

  • Blagoj Vasilevski
    Blagoj Vasilevski 9 months ago

    I didnt really like it

  • remzi demo
    remzi demo 9 months ago

    Tonights the night

    WWEREVIEWS 9 months ago

    Ending is dumb
    Anti climatic

  • Rafay 7969
    Rafay 7969 9 months ago +1


  • The Bisexual Centrist
    The Bisexual Centrist 9 months ago

    This movie is stupid

  • Aakash R
    Aakash R 9 months ago +1


    • ilovefood
      ilovefood 2 months ago

      yeah that was hilarious

  • Aakash R
    Aakash R 9 months ago +1


  • Aakash R
    Aakash R 9 months ago +1


  • eli weisman
    eli weisman 9 months ago +1

    The shots were great in this movie

  • M.L.S. Machine
    M.L.S. Machine 9 months ago +1

    Did the cop kill his ex wife Debbie and cook her as “lamb shanks”?

    • ilovefood
      ilovefood 2 months ago

      LOL nah there was a post-credit scene revealing she left gary (the cop) for the fake denzel.

  • Cameron Drugan
    Cameron Drugan 9 months ago +1

    I think watching the trailer ruined the movie for me. Could have been really funny but the trailer showed all the best parts.

  • MaximumMadnessStixon
    MaximumMadnessStixon 9 months ago

    I had no expectations about "Game Night", but saw it on a whim since I work at a movie theater and could get in for free. And I absolutely loved it. Enough that I actually paid money to go back and see it a second time with a group of friends about a week later. (Before anyone asks, I gave my free ticket to the second show to one of my friends who was strapped for cash.) It was a surprisingly hilarious and very well-made comedy. If you can get over the silly story-hook, it's a ton of fun.
    I also really loved the thought and care that went into the production- they tried to make the whole movie feel like a giant game. The music has a sort-of old-school Nintendo-game vibe that really worked well. They did some really great work in the establishing shots using the tilt-shift photographic technique (or at least a close approximation) which made the world look like a miniature board-game. There were some fun uses of mounted camera angles during a chase scene that made the sequence resemble a racing video-game. Etc. Really well-made film, on top of the excellent cast and genuinely hilarious comedy.

    • M Family
      M Family 9 months ago

      MaximumMadnessStixon Didn't laugh once personally, but comedy is subjective as they say.

  • thequietCalm
    thequietCalm 10 months ago +1

    Why, during the beginning of the end credits, did it say Ryan was Harvard alumni?

  • 10_scarymovies_lane ._.
    10_scarymovies_lane ._. 10 months ago +1

    Who was the cameo?

  • Bryon Goff
    Bryon Goff 10 months ago +1

    Forgot the character's name, but Lamorne Morris guessing that his wife's celebrity sex partner was Tommy Lee Jones! 😂😂😂

  • Zalika Issiakou
    Zalika Issiakou 10 months ago +1

    I screamed when I saw the guest actor!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Stefán Atli Jakobsson
    Stefán Atli Jakobsson 10 months ago +1

    Am I the only one that thought Jumanji was a disappointment?

  • SpartaKei86
    SpartaKei86 10 months ago +1

    Only seen game night on Sunday and really enjoyed it after a tiring weekend very funny will recommend 👍

  • Elder Maxson
    Elder Maxson 10 months ago +2

    Todd is always creepy

  • Sam
    Sam 10 months ago

    This retard thinks this regarded movie is good makes me believe it is a movie for retards. I couldn’t laugh a single time. It is a movie of the phonies for the phonies by the phonies
    12 strong has more comedy

  • Jake Tindall
    Jake Tindall 10 months ago +1

    Jessie plemmons I saw first on Friday night lights. Good character not creepy give it watch good series

  • Prem Karia
    Prem Karia 10 months ago

    Great Movie 😍😍

  • Lola Carro
    Lola Carro 10 months ago +1

    same here with the cameo, didn't expect it- best part of the movie

  • Street Skater 66
    Street Skater 66 10 months ago +1

    Just gave it 2 minutes of my time. Far too much far left sjw propaganda in just those two minutes had me running to a sick bag. 0/10 and i will not be watching this piece of filth.

  • Omar' Commin
    Omar' Commin 10 months ago

    the movie is utter shit dude wtf....

    URCHIN SAM 10 months ago

    You are really hot and sexy Jeremy

  • malaki moses
    malaki moses 10 months ago

    the cameo was dexter michael c hall

  • Abang Sayang
    Abang Sayang 10 months ago

    Fun movie, really enjoy it too..

  • Michael Hekkenberg
    Michael Hekkenberg 10 months ago

    who was the cameo who spoke about jeremy?

    • New PowerUp
      New PowerUp 10 months ago

      probably Michael c hall aka dexter

  • Ecast555
    Ecast555 10 months ago

    I had no idea that wasn’t Matt Damon

  • SCharlesDennicon
    SCharlesDennicon 11 months ago

    Yeah, that was a fun movie. I'm surprised that Jahns like discovered Bateman's comedic skills... they've always been there, and this movie isn't his best. The real revelation as a comedian here is McAdams. Gosh is that woman gorgeous AND delightful in it. But the movie is pretty flawed too. Not all the jokes work, some are pretty lazy. And unlike what Jahns says, no, not all characters work : the moron is a total failure, from a comedic standpoint (100% morons aren't interesting, this one is so brain dead he shouldn't even have a job) and a dramatic standpoint (the main couple couldn't possibly hang out with him).

    • M Family
      M Family 9 months ago

      SCharlesDennicon Yeah they went way over the top with the guy and this film just felt like some manchilds wet dream.

  • The WahMaster
    The WahMaster 11 months ago

    I was shocked by how good this movie was!

    • M Family
      M Family 9 months ago

      The WahMaster Quite opposite for me, I was shocked it sucked so much.

  • mthandeni msomi
    mthandeni msomi 11 months ago

    haha just watched your shutter Island. you were soo green. its so funny

  • Dr.Pepper
    Dr.Pepper 11 months ago

    this movie has great cinematography

  • Lisa R
    Lisa R 11 months ago

    It sucked

  • Justin S
    Justin S 11 months ago

    One of the worst movies I’ve seen in so, so long.

  • kayl
    kayl 11 months ago

    I didn't like this movie at all, the humor was very cheap and ineffective for me at least,it was predictable, and it was riding the line between a full blown comedy movie and a drama, and if it commited to being a full blown comedy and taking things way less seriously it might have been okay. The plot seemed rushed and it became too convoluted towards the end when the neighbor said he staged things, they didn't really explain it at all. Plus there were a lot of stylistic choices that were there purely for style when it comes to the cinematography. The characters were limited to cliches, and there were a ton of unnecessary scenes that took me out of it. Are they really doing. A cutaway scene for the Denzel Washington bit? It wasn't funny lmao.
    I think it could have benefited from some dramatic irony to demonstrate that real kidnappers came instead of the fake ones, but it didn't do that. It spent the opening scene with a montage of the couple over the years, eventually getting married and then seeing a fertility doctor, which is one of the most trite, overused movie devices ever. I don't get it. This wasn't for me

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross 11 months ago

    You were talking about Michael C Hall right?

  • MsQueen Shelle
    MsQueen Shelle 11 months ago

    If I didn't see the trailer...I would have loved this movie more. Trailer had all of the good stuff. But ok movie over all.

  • Pwn Ranger
    Pwn Ranger Year ago

    Rachel McAdams has too many moles on her face to be "HOT". Just doesn't do it for me.

  • Big V
    Big V Year ago

    That movie sucked

  • Sal D'Souza
    Sal D'Souza Year ago

    Jeese Plemons holds a special place in my heart for playing my favourite character on Friday Night Lights

  • TooDamnRight
    TooDamnRight Year ago

    Very good movie 😂 gonna watch the dvd once it comes out

  • Michael Cali
    Michael Cali Year ago

    I thought alien 3 was going to suck but it isn’t half bad.

  • sgtzero1337
    sgtzero1337 Year ago

    Denzel washington

  • Netan Seamster
    Netan Seamster Year ago

    Meth Damen was awesome in
    Black Mass tho 😎

  • jesse kinstler
    jesse kinstler Year ago

    No cold open

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Year ago

    I had a good time, I had alcohol though

  • Mario Cruz
    Mario Cruz Year ago

    Haaaated it.

  • Aracely Ortiz
    Aracely Ortiz Year ago

    I laughed a moderate amt of time, it's not "REMARKABLY" funny you just liked it bc of the movie references, don't lie lol

  • Keyon Griffin
    Keyon Griffin Year ago

    I absolutely loved this movie. It's so convoluted and stupid at times, but it has a great concept, a terrific cast that obviously had fun acting in it, hilarious comedy, and really good filming.

  • Matthew Maguire
    Matthew Maguire Year ago

    Meh hardly laughed at this one. Shame. T minus 1 day... yep already forgot!

  • Cody M.
    Cody M. Year ago

    So it's "the game " but a comedy. gotcha

  • Tabs T
    Tabs T Year ago

    This movie was actually very good.

  • Josh Lekha
    Josh Lekha Year ago

    Hey guys, check out my 2 minute movie/tv show Reviews with a hint of comedy

  • Denis Desmond
    Denis Desmond Year ago

    Yeah, Game Night was a good enough comedy but way-way over-rated by Jeremy.

    SMRRF Year ago

    It's s terrible film

    BAT-TALK! Year ago

    I used movie pass and was good but I wouldn't spend a $8-13 or more .. on this movie haha