Ramsay Walks Away For The First Time Ever - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Maureen Doherty
    Maureen Doherty Day ago

    Did the old man get deported yet?

  • Ninja
    Ninja Day ago

    He’s so calm it’s funny 😂

  • T W
    T W 2 days ago

    WITCH.....No class and no breeding. An embarrassment to the human race !!!

  • Sir Harradonna
    Sir Harradonna 2 days ago +1

    Gordon: attacked?
    Amy: *ATTACKED!!!!!*

  • R K
    R K 2 days ago

    Damn, thought that was her granddad.

  • anime world
    anime world 3 days ago

    Does she breathe when talking

  • Tyler Wilkinson
    Tyler Wilkinson 3 days ago

    It's comes to know surprise that this place ended up closing down lol Amy needs some serious mental help.

  • Angry Barbarian
    Angry Barbarian 3 days ago

    I just farted from.my laughin..
    What about my launch

  • seth
    seth 3 days ago

    this is the most chill I’ve ever seen Gordon Ramsay

  • Lady Heathen MyHeartBurnsThereToo

    Bloody twat..mocking G.R.'s Scottish accent when her husband also has an accent...shirk and blame, shirk and blame...what a pile of fake rubbish.

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1 5 days ago

    Wife ? .... gold digger

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 5 days ago

    Princess complex

  • Zeo Shuffler
    Zeo Shuffler 5 days ago

    She's MENTAL

  • solomon tsegaye ጄቲቪ ሪሞት

    when a pimp buys restaurant for his hoe

  • chris rivers
    chris rivers 5 days ago

    All I can say is that you can't change everybody

  • mmx
    mmx 6 days ago

    You can tell she’s on the verge of crying.

  • Falcon Eye
    Falcon Eye 6 days ago


  • n2rev
    n2rev 7 days ago

    perangai yahudi

  • Andrew Quigley
    Andrew Quigley 8 days ago

    Fuck that precious stuck up gold digging bitch!!! Glad they went out of business ! She deserves nothing less than hell.

  • Silicon Valley Engineer

    Ramsey should have reached over that table and slapped, slapped and slapped her face

  • Jae Waryono
    Jae Waryono 8 days ago

    lmao the screaming woman reminds me of every middle school fight NJFJCKDKD

  • Giselle Garcia
    Giselle Garcia 8 days ago

    I swear someone needs to shove a piece of pizza up her ass or punch her in the fucking face so she can fucking leason to what the people say about her food .

  • Gildarts Clive
    Gildarts Clive 8 days ago

    she reminds me of a lot of people i know, you try to have a simple discussion and they start yelling and refuse to let you talk.

  • alex mitchell
    alex mitchell 8 days ago

    I’m glad she didn’t raise me

  • Sham C
    Sham C 9 days ago


  • J Lovatic
    J Lovatic 9 days ago

    My mom is kinda have similar behaviour as her. She doesn't like to be criticize and doesn't want hear any of it or advices. But not rly rude&sensitive like Amy

  • Pennywise The dancing clown

    That nasty whore is pure trash

  • Gabriel Iribarra
    Gabriel Iribarra 9 days ago


  • TheBigGuy3380
    TheBigGuy3380 9 days ago

    Perfect example of a Democrat. Everyone else’s fault, but your own.

  • Dope Chicken
    Dope Chicken 10 days ago

    The type of woman you don't want to get married to. I feel bad for the guy...she's just..next level lunatic

  • Noble Magnum
    Noble Magnum 10 days ago

    Fucking cancer of society Gordon.

  • Noble Magnum
    Noble Magnum 10 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay needs to be fucked down

  • F. Vic
    F. Vic 10 days ago

    White bitches always with their stupid spoiled attitudes bitch stfu and let the MAN help you !!! Dumb bitch !! Now their shut down lol 😂

    WWE BITCH 10 days ago


  • NSL Official
    NSL Official 10 days ago +2

    Her makeup is just as bad as her cooking

  • boom boom
    boom boom 11 days ago

    2:45 When Gordon Ramsay shoots you that look and says "good luck" like that, you know you're screwed haha

  • Tim.S.W
    Tim.S.W 11 days ago

    Not even Nino could have salvaged that trainwreck.

  • MeatRocket99
    MeatRocket99 11 days ago

    She would kill!
    I'd be so scared to sleep next to her, wake up with no nuts!

  • Crystal P
    Crystal P 11 days ago

    Don't normally judge anyone, but this woman is the living Grinch. She looks like him, smiles like him, and crazy as hell. Holy shit!!

  • Klaus Arkakin
    Klaus Arkakin 11 days ago

    Man, when ramsay calms down and actually sounds like a dad telling his kid why what he has done is so bad and he is so dissapointed is way scarier and devastating than the angry ramsay, just wow like owen wilson, wow

  • Lizzie 1111
    Lizzie 1111 11 days ago

    A T T A C K E D !

  • Phil Ill
    Phil Ill 11 days ago

    0:42 look at hee husband's face hahahahahah

  • vegeta30000
    vegeta30000 11 days ago

    *watches a multiple Michelin Star chef coach walk out*
    *unsarcastically* "yeah, that's just what I wanted"

  • me ow
    me ow 11 days ago

    Ramsay leaves... FUCK HIM!
    Bitch please

  • Joky 1234
    Joky 1234 12 days ago

    shes literally disgusting

  • Gili Jo
    Gili Jo 12 days ago

    Stupid stupid restaurant owners I hope u 2 Never succeeds in your life’s ... ugly nasty people I’m sure u both r going to be baggers soon .

  • seesaw1000 lugo
    seesaw1000 lugo 12 days ago

    99% of women act this way when they are wrong they let the emotions fly instead of listening and changing. So sad this is what women have become. Shitty fucking people. Can't say anything to any of them because they just get defensive and then cry like bitches. You want equal opportunity then fucking work for it slobs.

  • seesaw1000 lugo
    seesaw1000 lugo 12 days ago

    What an ugly bitch inside and out. Number 1 problem women are never wrong when they are so fucking wrong

  • Tyler Cash
    Tyler Cash 13 days ago

    Women are such entitled cunts

  • Eja Moon
    Eja Moon 14 days ago


  • Dewdaahman
    Dewdaahman 15 days ago +3

    she married her daddy..

  • dragon king leonides1527

    It would've been so funny if all the chefs and waiters/waitress just quit on the spot when they heard Gordon leave

  • joe bob
    joe bob 16 days ago

    With that level of delusion, what do you bet she's a feminist?

  • Elissa
    Elissa 16 days ago

    If I was the camera man, I would have thrown all the equipment at her disgusting face.

  • Poo8245
    Poo8245 16 days ago

    holy shit Amy has a baking book

  • lito navera
    lito navera 16 days ago

    maybe she's not happy sexually with her Indian husband...

  • Lorenzo Bryant
    Lorenzo Bryant 17 days ago

    And then they shut down lmao.

  • Ayes Keles
    Ayes Keles 17 days ago


  • Kellen Halfsighted
    Kellen Halfsighted 17 days ago

    Plastic looking bitch

  • Skullcandy
    Skullcandy 18 days ago

    Amy’s dad shoulda pulled out

  • Brian Baurmash
    Brian Baurmash 18 days ago

    There is something seriously wrong with Amy.

  • Dominic Murray
    Dominic Murray 18 days ago

    She's the new precious stuck up little bitch that I have saw

  • fungirl1234321
    fungirl1234321 18 days ago


  • Abu Khalwa
    Abu Khalwa 19 days ago

    Kill yourself

  • Torri OwO
    Torri OwO 19 days ago

    She has such a punchable face

  • Tanner King
    Tanner King 19 days ago

    Amy is a snowflake ❄️

  • Drink Me
    Drink Me 20 days ago

    She has to be the most insane and delusional woman on earth.

  • Gamingnerd19 Emonerd
    Gamingnerd19 Emonerd 20 days ago

    Next thing you see is her living on the street in two days

  • Nathan 1707
    Nathan 1707 20 days ago

    What a legend. In all honesty, I woulda left as soon as i saw her. Just feels satisfying knowing it got shut down, because frankly, they ruined their own lives, so imo they deserve everything. Just goes to show, if the food is shit, its only because of the people making it.

  • MeLoveUlongtime
    MeLoveUlongtime 20 days ago

    How’s your business going now? 🤣🤣🤣

    BIG BLOCK FORD 20 days ago

    Gold digging physco bitch lmao

  • Axel Shark
    Axel Shark 21 day ago

    Over 9000!

  • Casa Fénix
    Casa Fénix 21 day ago

    Just like Ryan Johnson ¨The Man-Baby¨ who blames ¨misoginistic, racists fans¨ for TLJ failure.

  • theangryemonerd
    theangryemonerd 21 day ago

    They were assholes. They treated customers like shit and would curse at them. The last few months before closing a lot of people were just fucking with them because of how ignorant and delusional they are

  • Captain Ghost
    Captain Ghost 21 day ago

    Sammy brings shame to Italia! He shames his motherland the land of his ancestors!

  • Prodigy Celoo
    Prodigy Celoo 21 day ago

    Gordon Ramsey is soo mean but in reality he knows what he's doing his criticism helped every business, he teaches you patience .

  • Sanji Smutje
    Sanji Smutje 21 day ago

    If i saw amy for 1 sec and just looked into her eye i knew she was a psycho dunno why gordon even dealt with that crazy bitch she doesn not even deserve dick

  • Jennifer Mccowan
    Jennifer Mccowan 22 days ago

    She’s a complete bitch someone that is trying to help her and she’s so fucking self centered

  • RED ALERT News
    RED ALERT News 22 days ago

    Hellllloooooo, I'm Ninooooooo!!!

  • Matr1x
    Matr1x 22 days ago

    www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3225193/Amy-s-Baking-Company-closes-Arizona-Kitchen-Nightmares-appearance-continues-live-infamy.html The place got shut down also her instagram is: Amysbakingcompany if anyone wants it

  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne 22 days ago

    "We dont need his help, maybe he knows that" dumbass still doesnt get it LOOOL

  • Jan Viator
    Jan Viator 23 days ago

    yuck, I hope they never have kids.

  • Polaris sportsman
    Polaris sportsman 23 days ago

    Yuppies running restaurants she owes it to herself to have a kid just like her

  • Mick Swann
    Mick Swann 23 days ago

    In a civilised country, with proper health care, she would have received the help she needs.

  • Mick Swann
    Mick Swann 23 days ago

    Marrying a rich old geezer doesn't turn you into a chef, no matter how much money he has.

  • Rick Malone
    Rick Malone 23 days ago

    She's insane

  • holynova15
    holynova15 23 days ago

    Glad this place shut down
    When Gordon gets quiet and calm, that’s when you know he’s done with bullshit

  • Pedo Slayer
    Pedo Slayer 23 days ago

    this bitch really reminds me of those clickbait videos "I WAS ATTACKED BY AN OLD MAN!!"

  • vpb blits
    vpb blits 23 days ago

    oh yeah S H U T D O W N! ! ! ! !

  • JR
    JR 23 days ago

    Well done Gordon! No choice but to walk away from those losers

  • JR
    JR 23 days ago

    That woman is A real nuts!

  • Fernando Rodriguez
    Fernando Rodriguez 24 days ago

    "we'll go on with our life" Your life is about to end soon you crazy bitch.

  • Random Person
    Random Person 24 days ago

    Typical feminists

  • zabotije
    zabotije 24 days ago

    „...Samy and i can go on with my life... " Good luck Samy :-(

  • Sol
    Sol 24 days ago

    Thank god they finally closed; fuck the both of them. Awful, disgusting people.


    She messed up his BUUHHGGUUHH

  • Alehandro Fuego
    Alehandro Fuego 24 days ago

    Well, he didn't really leave, he came back. So...

  • Anthony Fremont of negativism

    Is she a chef, or a Dominatrix? Either way, I find her oddly attractive.

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 25 days ago

    young lady have mercy on the guy sitting right next to you he probably has been ear raped

  • Daddy Issues
    Daddy Issues 25 days ago

    When I watched this episode, I of course was not surprised to see that Gordon was not going to put up with people who behave like psychotic rabid animals, I also was not surprised to hear that soon after this episode was filmed the restraunt shut down, I however was beyond surprised to learn that Sammy, Amy's disturbed husband chased a customer from their restaurant with a knife! With a knife!!! All I can say is thank God that in the short time Gordon was at the restraunt the only assault witnessed was verbal, it's scary to think that such mentally unstable people are out there in the world, absolutely insane, thank God no one was hurt, I had also heard that Sammy was deported not long after this incident, now they just got to lock up his loony wife, if anybody's interested in the full story I'll link it below. tvclip.biz/video/CHTY7AN8C5w/video.html
    Stay safe everyone.