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  • jandb2xalot
    jandb2xalot 3 months ago +888

    OMG AT 2:30 IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A HEAD I AM OFFICIALLY CREEPED OUT LIZZY BE CARFUL and like if u saw it love ya lizzy please watch the vid and carefully like if u agree

  • christian Jr. y. galang

    Omg its so haunted

  • Bailie Board
    Bailie Board Hour ago

    Omg that's a guy! I legit saw a guy hop in the pool! 😂😂😂

  • Sebastian Moncada
    Sebastian Moncada 4 hours ago

    Carter probably jumped in

  • Sebastian Moncada
    Sebastian Moncada 4 hours ago

    Not a abanndend pool it won't have lights and it would be more merky but I love the videos

  • junes gómez
    junes gómez 4 hours ago

    It is so scary I saw a face

  • Maria O
    Maria O 6 hours ago

    I haven’t finished the video but omg that music is scaring me lol.

  • Nancy Acevedo
    Nancy Acevedo 6 hours ago

    Like the creepy ness and all but what was the scary part I saw a person jump in the pull ;-; ? Was that the part ?

  • R RK
    R RK 7 hours ago

    If it's scary like my comment

  • R RK
    R RK 7 hours ago


  • Owl You
    Owl You 16 hours ago

    Your head looks weird... great acting btw.

  • lanya Oldham
    lanya Oldham 17 hours ago

    You can see that is a person that jumped in.... I almost died

  • zachary *
    zachary * Day ago

    god this acting-

  • LittleJeter
    LittleJeter Day ago

    Where are her frends

    MR_NOODLE _SOUP Day ago

    A person

  • makayla white
    makayla white Day ago

    7:29 that’s literally a person jumping into the pool💀

  • The Wild Canadian
    The Wild Canadian Day ago +1

    so you took a video of yours or one of your friends swimming pools at night added scary music made one of them jump into the pool and point the camera up so you couldn't see them get out and hide in the brush ? lol

  • Kirsten Queen
    Kirsten Queen Day ago


  • Marina Moreno
    Marina Moreno Day ago

    You lied that is a regular pool and if it was abandoned than why were the lights on also there were peaple there. 😅😂😡😨

    • Marina Moreno
      Marina Moreno Day ago

      Not trying to be rood but do a real video next time with carter.😁

  • Erick Lopez
    Erick Lopez Day ago

    carter jumped in the pool

  • Awesome Allex2
    Awesome Allex2 2 days ago

    7:28 I saw the back of a head swimming towards her and popping out.

  • Jayrad101 Dix
    Jayrad101 Dix 2 days ago

    Waste of time! 😂😂😂

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 2 days ago

    Hmmm manipulator..female ricegum

  • Elisa Acevedo
    Elisa Acevedo 2 days ago

    Clearly that was a persons that jumping into the pool. Wherever the person landed she didn’t put in the frame. And it looked like she turned the camera off and turned it back on when she showed what was in the rest of the pool

  • Lea Jones
    Lea Jones 2 days ago

    Could be that guy you called out for Carter and good luck trying to fool people. Because if you look carefully it's a human being jumping into that pool. So you were not alone and you did not encounter a monster

  • Angel Henslee
    Angel Henslee 2 days ago

    Omg she had a friend there🙄 I can’t believe anyone believes this lol 7:21 you can literally hear her friends voice and when they jump you can see their body.

  • Z_The S.TransMotioner

    im not trying to be rude but i dont think that place is abandoned because the water fall is still going and the light is turned on so im pretty sure its not abandoned

  • aliza schofield
    aliza schofield 2 days ago

    Someone clearly jumped in around 7:30

  • Forever Shameless
    Forever Shameless 3 days ago

    This reminds me of the video when the little girl farts and tries to blame it on a ghost.

  • Noble Gaming
    Noble Gaming 3 days ago

    Thats a nice pool to be abandoned😂

  • Reina Gonzalez
    Reina Gonzalez 3 days ago

    I think you should jump in and check

  • summer leffew
    summer leffew 3 days ago

    Pause at 7:31 you will see Carter start to swim the opposite direction that lizzy was holding the camera

  • summer leffew
    summer leffew 3 days ago

    5:39 I SAW SOMEONE

  • summer leffew
    summer leffew 3 days ago

    I literally saw a person behind her when she said I feel like someone is watching me

  • Josh Tersteege
    Josh Tersteege 3 days ago +8

    Clearly it was a person who jumped into the pool and she didn't focus on the closes side of the pool so they can get out and there seems to be a few left out areas in the film

  • diane thaxton
    diane thaxton 3 days ago +2

    Girl I saw a person u not fooling anyone

  • Mark Sagun
    Mark Sagun 3 days ago

    that mus be megaladon

    KAWAII 4 days ago

    I saw a person shado

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 4 days ago

    7:21 You can hear someone talking in the background “I’m out here by myself” *Yells for Carter* Sis.... this is acting at its finest.

  • sub to pewdiepie
    sub to pewdiepie 4 days ago

    7:28 happens, 8:05 “wAs tHat a lEaf”

  • sub to pewdiepie
    sub to pewdiepie 4 days ago

    You guys realize this is all a joke for the 9 year old followers right-

  • sub to pewdiepie
    sub to pewdiepie 4 days ago

    Was 2:30 a joke orrrr-

  • Monica Beatriz
    Monica Beatriz 4 days ago

    bro you fooled us! jus tell us you took somebody with you .

  • Iury Lima
    Iury Lima 4 days ago

    the pool was too clean, someone jumped in the pool and she didn't film so he/she could swim, *this is staged, boo*

  • bigmac_ _
    bigmac_ _ 4 days ago

    It’s not like she’s in her back yard

  • Teah Pittman
    Teah Pittman 4 days ago

    Hoooman but it was hillarious when she screamed!!!

  • DezzytheGpig
    DezzytheGpig 4 days ago

    Someone else jumped in the pool. So scary.

  • Piggy Moon
    Piggy Moon 4 days ago

    Omg at 7:30 it looked like a girl jumped in the pool u can see the hair fly over it's head

  • shoutmon gaming
    shoutmon gaming 5 days ago

    That a dude he just jumped in

  • Juniper loves
    Juniper loves 5 days ago

    7:30 there is a human

  • NinjaWolfGirl Cataluna

    WTH I saw a black guy jumped in the pool and swimed

    ADRIAN 5 days ago

    Pause at 7:21 right corner. Thank me later

    ADRIAN 5 days ago

    I love how this "ABANDONED POOL" is clean and all filtered up, and love how the power stays on after all these years to support the light...lol great entertainment

    ADRIAN 5 days ago

    You weren't by yourself but great entertainment tho

  • ashleii legg
    ashleii legg 5 days ago

    😂😂😂 the most fakest “ghost ever”

  • Ark Survival evolved Game player

    We all know carter jumped I the pool😑

    • lunameowl
      lunameowl 2 days ago +1

      Yeah that was so fckn obvious and that place isn't abondend either.

    • donn owen
      donn owen 3 days ago

      I'm right with you

  • Bjourne Blink Me
    Bjourne Blink Me 5 days ago

    Hi lizze

  • Tonya Bartz
    Tonya Bartz 5 days ago

    Like of you fell bad for bad the behavior of the people

  • Lauren Chamberlain
    Lauren Chamberlain 5 days ago

    lizzy plz be carful its dark and scary out there im its so freaky;[ good luck

  • Brooke Xo
    Brooke Xo 5 days ago

    7:28 it’s DEFFO a person tho

  • Olivia North
    Olivia North 5 days ago

    I couldn’t tell how high she was up.

  • NAKYELAH Bouyer
    NAKYELAH Bouyer 5 days ago +1

    I solo someone in the pool😯😯😯😯😯😯

  • Great person The beast
    Great person The beast 5 days ago +6

    At 7:21 there is a head in the hot tub (top right) pause it to believe me like so Liz can see

    • Dane Hall
      Dane Hall Hour ago

      It’s staged

    • Lexi Llou
      Lexi Llou 2 days ago

      Not just a head, a whole freaking body

  • Jasmine Middleton
    Jasmine Middleton 5 days ago

    Lizzy don't do it

  • Jasmine Middleton
    Jasmine Middleton 5 days ago

    Scary stuff you do

  • Brooklynn Hassinger
    Brooklynn Hassinger 5 days ago +1

    I love you so much you are the best and l hope you have a great day today 🤩😘😍😇😻😽😺😸🧜🤱💃💅👍💋👄❤️💞💝💜💗👗👙👠👛👢👡📿💄💍💎👍👍😘

  • Happy_ snapple
    Happy_ snapple 5 days ago

    looks like a penguin that who jump into the pool

  • Double recorder Yay
    Double recorder Yay 6 days ago

    nice vid

  • Michelle Newton
    Michelle Newton 6 days ago

    Lol at 7:20 there was a person, I bet the person fell in the pool and can't be an abandoned pool bc everything is still working, if it was abandoned then everything would be pitched black

  • Talkative Nerd
    Talkative Nerd 6 days ago

    It’s obvious that she threw something in the water

  • Rosina She2011
    Rosina She2011 6 days ago

    Ok I saw a shark

  • Paige Baker
    Paige Baker 6 days ago

    Love your vids be careful

  • Leonie Cameron
    Leonie Cameron 6 days ago

    At 8:30 someone jumped into the water and then swam of

  • Cherryl Lubiano
    Cherryl Lubiano 6 days ago

    How is the abandoned why their is a light

  • Pohaku Fronda
    Pohaku Fronda 7 days ago

    I found rice gum sister

  • Karishma Sankar
    Karishma Sankar 7 days ago

    And now she can't find him

  • Karishma Sankar
    Karishma Sankar 7 days ago +2

    Lolzz she said she was there alone and we saw someone jump in the pool and she screamed carterrrrr

    • Harley Quinn
      Harley Quinn 4 days ago +1

      7:21 You can hear someone talking in the background “I’m out here by myself” *Yells for Carter* Sis.... this is acting at its finest.

  • Tatan Baptist
    Tatan Baptist 7 days ago


  • Viatic
    Viatic 7 days ago

    You know who it was. Slow the video down and you will see you're Mr carter.

  • Rougy 12
    Rougy 12 7 days ago +45

    Did somebody see a person at the green pool at 7:20

  • Bolun Bian
    Bolun Bian 7 days ago

    it will be comedy if without the bgm

  • Bolun Bian
    Bolun Bian 7 days ago

    kinda cool....pretty cool...

  • Orngorn Thanachollagorn

    Aw​ Lizzy​ did​n't​ give​ me​ a​ heart​😥 give​ me​ a​ like​ to​ cheer me​ up

  • Amy Draws
    Amy Draws 8 days ago

    7:29 scared the holly out of.me

  • daniel kennedy
    daniel kennedy 8 days ago +31

    Someone jumped in the pool then swam toward her the camera didnt point directly down for a reason lol

  • Dee Dixon
    Dee Dixon 8 days ago

    This would have been so cool if it really were an abandoned pool. It was too clean to be abandoned, and that was clearly a person who jumped in the pool.

  • Jaymie Flowers
    Jaymie Flowers 8 days ago

    That’s no abandon it’s your house

  • cHaPpiE
    cHaPpiE 8 days ago

    Rose's are red Violets are blue

    I got clickbaited and so did u :)
    No seriously check 7:28 at 25x speed and it's a person

  • steven cobb
    steven cobb 8 days ago

    I feel like the pool has a secret and tha thing had a home some where in it

  • Notgivingup Nora
    Notgivingup Nora 8 days ago

    The thing is a person

  • Casey Cosplay
    Casey Cosplay 8 days ago

    Where is the monster?

  • Broden Bellis
    Broden Bellis 8 days ago

    This stupid

  • Saddles 24
    Saddles 24 9 days ago

    It was Carter

  • Lavern Colgrove
    Lavern Colgrove 9 days ago

    A person jumped in and climbs out

  • Jamie Bideganeta
    Jamie Bideganeta 9 days ago

    I 💜 you🤟🏻🤟🏻

  • Kelley Bowers
    Kelley Bowers 9 days ago +1

    Love you your dog

  • Kelley Bowers
    Kelley Bowers 9 days ago +1

    Love you your dog

  • Gina L
    Gina L 9 days ago +6

    Omg there was someone swimming in the pool but it looked like CARTER 🧐

  • Sunny Dwyer
    Sunny Dwyer 9 days ago

    Then again maby carter whas in the pool

  • Sunny Dwyer
    Sunny Dwyer 9 days ago

    Omg omg omg omg that looked like a mermaid!!