• Published on Oct 28, 2018
    Today Carter Sharer got a new machine. This thing is like a tank and can lift people up super high in the air. So Carter drove the new lift down to the pond where the pond monster lives. Lizzy and Carter did not see the pond monster so Carter and Liz went to the top of the lift and fell off into the water but Carter grabbed Lizzy to try to help her because she was scared. The water is infested with pond monsters so Carter was super scared to be in the water. Carter thinks the pond monster is an alligator. What do you think the monster in pool is? Comment #PondMonster if you loved this vlog.
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    ▶︎ FREEZING POND MONSTER WITH LIQUID NITROGEN!! tvclip.biz/video/XiIkp17os3I/video.html
    ▶︎ FISHING IN SWIMMING POOL!! (POND MONSTER) tvclip.biz/video/0miKEgT2sl0/video.html
    ▶︎ FISHING FOR SHARK IN POND!! (CAUGHT IT) tvclip.biz/video/5Gvh-ybnAQc/video.html
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Comments • 4 792

  • jandb2xalot
    jandb2xalot 9 months ago +1322

    OMG AT 2:30 IT LOOKS LIKE THERE IS A HEAD I AM OFFICIALLY CREEPED OUT LIZZY BE CARFUL and like if u saw it love ya lizzy please watch the vid and carefully like if u agree

  • FIFA SunTrust
    FIFA SunTrust 13 hours ago

    You show me Lucas and Marcus

  • Krystal Petitto
    Krystal Petitto 20 hours ago

    This is probably someone or a friends house…

  • roblox and gatcha krew

    Thats just a shark :/ dont act surprised

  • Roboanimator716
    Roboanimator716 3 days ago

    6:19 there is this weird sound

    DEFCT VLOGS 4 days ago

    I think charter and chad wild clay and vy is there

  • Aquino Young
    Aquino Young 4 days ago

    What in that. 🏊

  • Knownasbarry
    Knownasbarry 5 days ago

    What is this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Landon Klein
    Landon Klein 6 days ago

    Sharer people: see spec of dust in water...

    POND MONSTER!!!!!!!

  • James Snow
    James Snow 6 days ago

    You got a whole mans in that hottub

  • Triple and bears gaming Lol

    Shark in the pool are sharks really really is a charcuter

  • Brendon Matthews
    Brendon Matthews 6 days ago

    Who else thought that a monkey jumped in the pool at 7:20

  • kelvin kelvin
    kelvin kelvin 6 days ago

    I heard a scream

  • Makayla Keel
    Makayla Keel 6 days ago

    It scared me when something jumped in the pool

  • Makayla Keel
    Makayla Keel 6 days ago

    Scary kind of why did you not get anyone come with u

  • Pratima Bardhan
    Pratima Bardhan 6 days ago

    I swear I saw a person behind Liz when she said Carter

  • halia_gacha !!!!
    halia_gacha !!!! 6 days ago

    :im basically here alone

  • Megamaster117 T
    Megamaster117 T 7 days ago +1

    Stop with the pond monster thing😒

  • Kara Sturlini
    Kara Sturlini 7 days ago

    I defiantly saw somthing

  • Nat Thomp
    Nat Thomp 7 days ago +5

    It's was definitely a person but it could have been carter???like if u agree

  • Alan Brammer
    Alan Brammer 7 days ago +1

    Why the creepy music?if you agree give a 👍's up

  • Joanne Consentino
    Joanne Consentino 7 days ago +1

    Something FELL in the pool from the palm tree i saw it

  • alexis eison
    alexis eison 7 days ago

    I heard carter in the background

  • Pastrybeaver 1110
    Pastrybeaver 1110 8 days ago

    Hope you drown faker you know what you did you’ll say it’s not but you it is

  • Pastrybeaver 1110
    Pastrybeaver 1110 8 days ago

    Not abandon

  • GalxayEyesGhost
    GalxayEyesGhost 8 days ago

    The lights are still on and the pool is clean, have the ghost been cleaning the pool and paying the bills

  • Amber Colvin
    Amber Colvin 8 days ago

    You should go to see Carter and Where is he

  • Tatiana Solomon
    Tatiana Solomon 9 days ago

    Thanks for your support lizzy

  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith 9 days ago


  • Fun with Georji
    Fun with Georji 9 days ago +1

    I couldn’t watch all of the video can you tell me what happens

  • Chris Mccoy
    Chris Mccoy 9 days ago +1


  • Nicole Thornton
    Nicole Thornton 11 days ago

    I watched it on slow speed you can tell a person jumped in and then she put it where you can't see them walking to the side but u can a little

  • Unicorn Crafts
    Unicorn Crafts 11 days ago

    Maybe it was a leaf - Lizzy
    I’m like - is a leaf that heavy

  • Caniviel Invisí
    Caniviel Invisí 12 days ago

    i saw some black on the pool

  • Stephanie Bain
    Stephanie Bain 12 days ago

    Not rill

  • Traycen Davis
    Traycen Davis 12 days ago

    When you called Carter I seen a face behind you I white face

  • Traycen Davis
    Traycen Davis 12 days ago

    Is Carter sharer backing you up icing somebody it was so close to you there was looking at you

  • Traycen Davis
    Traycen Davis 12 days ago

    I'm keeping hearing scary sounds even cow sounds

  • Traycen Davis
    Traycen Davis 12 days ago

    Lizzy sharer I seen somebody at the background

  • Brandi Virgen
    Brandi Virgen 13 days ago

    You should make Billy a channel

  • Smiley
    Smiley 15 days ago

    Her editing is so bad

  • Aleighssa Donker
    Aleighssa Donker 16 days ago

    Hey sharer

  • Gordon Gacha
    Gordon Gacha 17 days ago

    C,on you really need to lie people about it I see a people you are not alone and that probably you friend house pool it look so Clean

  • Graeme Quinn
    Graeme Quinn 17 days ago


  • Tyler White
    Tyler White 18 days ago

    lizzy remeber me ive ben off this channel for a year

  • Wihlyn Carbonilla
    Wihlyn Carbonilla 18 days ago

    I am frikt out Lizzy

  • Prick Adams
    Prick Adams 18 days ago

    Nice abandond pool :p

  • itssatisfying
    itssatisfying 19 days ago

    Liz read ST Panda 123's comment it's soooooooooo true (👍 if you agree)

  • Emerson Figueiredo
    Emerson Figueiredo 19 days ago

    Maybe it was a shark

  • Ninja
    Ninja 19 days ago

    How is it a pool and its a pond monster pool and pond don’t you know the difference

  • Hayden Ramsey
    Hayden Ramsey 20 days ago

    That was the pond monster or her friends 👫

  • The One Dude
    The One Dude 21 day ago

    Y Carter jump in pool? Yo I was watching this on my tv and had to break out the ol tablet just to see how many people called you out lolol

  • Deanne Montañez
    Deanne Montañez 21 day ago

    Bro at 5:55 there was NO person at ALL and then when you see at 7:20 there was a man sitting and i thin he was dringking or something and then at 7:28 or something someone just jumped i think it was all planed

  • Gusher_ Frog
    Gusher_ Frog 22 days ago

    quite *staged*

  • Rogelio Guerrero
    Rogelio Guerrero 22 days ago

    So fake:3

  • Chandler Moore
    Chandler Moore 23 days ago

    It was a big leaf

  • Mark Alviar Co
    Mark Alviar Co 24 days ago

    I saw a human jump in hot tob not a shark that's you're friends

  • Vanessa Price
    Vanessa Price 24 days ago

    I'm pretty sure it is either a person or a rock that just fell.

    • Vanessa Price
      Vanessa Price 17 days ago

      @Deanne Montañez true. If you play it in slow mode you see the person jumping in.

    • Deanne Montañez
      Deanne Montañez 21 day ago +1

      A rock doesnt fall on its own

  • {.Spider Dragon Animations.}

    “Pond monster”
    Thumbnail: *SHARK*
    Me: dO shArkS lOoK lIke a hUman!?!?! *bcuz humanlike. The jump the hot tub? Ya?*

  • Season Vibes !
    Season Vibes ! 25 days ago

    Did anyone see the person in the hot tube at 7:20

  • Mike Healy
    Mike Healy 26 days ago

    A person jumped into the pool

  • Mike Healy
    Mike Healy 26 days ago

    I saw someone in the hot tub

  • Sheralle Brissett
    Sheralle Brissett 27 days ago

    Wait that's carl and jingers house wah😊 and that's their pool Im sorry to pop your bubble but I don't think r know if it is haunted r not sorry but like keep us updated so we know your ok

  • Sheralle Brissett
    Sheralle Brissett 27 days ago

    Be careful lizzy😥

  • Angle Cookie
    Angle Cookie 27 days ago

    I saw 5 spiral orbits

  • Angle Cookie
    Angle Cookie 27 days ago

    The scarcest thing in a horror movie is when they have the first ever phone SO SCARY!!!

  • Mack Bellis
    Mack Bellis 28 days ago

    I see it it is right by that dor lol I no I didn't sell it right but i thank I see the hole body

  • Valters Zīverts
    Valters Zīverts 29 days ago

    Pool monster not pond monster 😂

  • Ameroden Cali
    Ameroden Cali 29 days ago

    playspeed .25 and you'll see a guy who jumped 7:25

  • Deborah Murphy
    Deborah Murphy 29 days ago +1

    I literally had a heart attack at 7:27

  • black rose
    black rose 29 days ago


  • Forerunner Movement
    Forerunner Movement 29 days ago

    3.5 mill and this is what she post (Desperate for views)

  • Dj Contreras
    Dj Contreras Month ago +1

    I think I saw a fin like a shark 🦈 and it was behind you when you pointed the light to the camera and when the pool was behind you

  • Marlon Fernandez
    Marlon Fernandez Month ago +1

    That is not too see

  • Marlon Fernandez
    Marlon Fernandez Month ago

    That is not too see