The Winter Cabin Ice Storm - Multiday Adventure

  • Published on Jan 23, 2019
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    In this adventure Luke converts the old shed which is on Lone Wolf Mountain into a winter cabin as an Ice Storm moves into the area.
    In this adventure;
    an Ice Storm,
    a make-shift cabin,
    falling trees,
    some good food,
    a huge buck,
    and more.
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  • TheOutdoorGearReview
    TheOutdoorGearReview  Year ago +201

    It's here everyone, I hope that you enjoy it!
    BTW, I'll be hitting the road trail...I mean road again soon for the next adventure!
    Stay Tuned!
    - Luke

    • Gilbert Canul
      Gilbert Canul 26 days ago

      Dude you make me want to go camping in my beat up shed in my backyard...lbvs

    • ramesh anand
      ramesh anand 26 days ago

      TheOutdoorGearReview please do a series where you fix that shed and turn it I to the perfect little cabin

    • eric cartman
      eric cartman Month ago

      What is the best bush craft knife you've used and where can I get it?

      THEKING SILVERADO 3 months ago

      Next time I'm at the cabin and my hemroids flare up I gotta look for antlers like them babies... I can stop the itch in 2 seconds with those...

    • Mountain Rock
      Mountain Rock 5 months ago

      What was that at 35.30 ??

    NCHERRY 13 hours ago

    Need a return visit here

  • James Fraley
    James Fraley 20 hours ago


  • Andrew Timms
    Andrew Timms Day ago

    Awesome video. Nce looking coat. It looks warm.

  • jmhavins
    jmhavins 4 days ago

    One of my favorite videos. And predator. All too easy

  • David Lucero
    David Lucero 7 days ago

    It's called a deer shed

  • Rabid Farmer
    Rabid Farmer 7 days ago

    Next time- bring a chainsaw. LOL

  • Rabid Farmer
    Rabid Farmer 7 days ago

    Looks like you shoulda prepped all that shit in the spring/summer and ready for action about that fime in winter. But looks like a nice time screwing around in the woods. Love it man.

  • David Hutson
    David Hutson 7 days ago

    Lone Wolf Mountain, where? In what mountains? In which state? No, not looking of GPS coordinates, just some perspective. All the videos of this sort that I've seen demonstrate there is a LOT of difference between mountain camping adventures done in places such as Tennessee, or Vermont, or some part of the "inter-mountain west", such as Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, or Montana.

  • Scott Mitchell
    Scott Mitchell 8 days ago

    That deer may be a pest . Do you need me to come harvest him for you ? Lol Nice Deer !

  • Larry Mccready
    Larry Mccready 9 days ago

    Shut the door on the stove box. Not made to leave open.

  • kab_edc
    kab_edc 11 days ago

    Predator !!

  • wojciech adamuszewski
    wojciech adamuszewski 11 days ago

    Pokazujecie jak ustawic piecyk ,a jak wycieracie swoja dupe po wysraniu ,prawa reka czy lewa reka

  • Edward Russell
    Edward Russell 11 days ago

    When are u going back?

  • Darren Sculuca
    Darren Sculuca 13 days ago

    aka not prepaired at all, but nice vid.

  • Kiwi Comanche
    Kiwi Comanche 14 days ago

    Get back to this place Luke!!! Been a while since the stove was fired up man. Get it lit up!!

  • Old, bald fat man
    Old, bald fat man 14 days ago

    Jan. 8, 2020----Surprised you haven't used a few cans of that expanding foam stuff on cracks between the boards.

  • Janet Young
    Janet Young 14 days ago

    Any bugs yet?.

  • siskokidd
    siskokidd 15 days ago

    That meal he's making at minute 28 has a name, and that name is, "fart."

  • William Kiene
    William Kiene 16 days ago

    It would not take much to make that cabin way more closed up and more comfortable?
    Nice video......thanks.

  • hkjuhu campbell
    hkjuhu campbell 17 days ago

    I am rewatching this about a year later. I can't remember any more about the shed or Susie coming with it to you, did she?

  • chaburchak
    chaburchak 18 days ago

    Great video, thanks for that. But you did seem to do a lot of unnecessay stooping and bending while splitting your log chunks. Save your back, brother. Include a couple of longer bungee cords in your pack, takes up almost no extra space. Stand your chunks up together, wrap the bungee around them and bundle them together. Now you can split all of them in one fell swoop without the pieces falling to the ground. And if it's nice and tight you can even carry the splits like that to a different location... :-)

  • Yo Mike
    Yo Mike 18 days ago +1

    Man, I’ve got to get a little place like this to de-stress. Love your channel! Liked and subbed with notifications, and following on FB.

  • Terryll Wegener
    Terryll Wegener 18 days ago

    Where did you get your jacket and pants?

  • Brett Dancker
    Brett Dancker 20 days ago

    I’ve started using saws for doing work that way I’m safer when out in the woods but when I have to I will use hatchets and axes

  • Bennett Hastings
    Bennett Hastings 20 days ago

    What a jar head

  • Alan King
    Alan King 21 day ago

    You talk too much. Keep saying the same thing over and over.

  • joe caterman
    joe caterman 22 days ago

    could use bee's wax to fill cracks... might sound crazy, but bees use it.... and it last's all winter and works for them.... so it must work...

  • Random Stranger On The Internet

    Fuck mike Bloomberg.
    Sorry had to say that as his commercial came on your channel

  • Michael Lawson
    Michael Lawson 23 days ago

    Not a cabin by my standards.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 23 days ago

    Spray the place for spiders...
    Cool stove...

  • RG H
    RG H 23 days ago

    Make it nice for you and Susie to come to and enjoy it!

  • Christina Lamin Moreno
    Christina Lamin Moreno 24 days ago +2

    Just found your channel Luke, you are a very nice brave man. I am from Peru. Sending hugs. Keep warm.

  • Michael Redmond
    Michael Redmond 24 days ago +1

    Predator! One of my favorite.

  • Amber Lopez
    Amber Lopez 24 days ago

    Sgt. Blain: This stuff will make you a god damn sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me

  • Wesley Pace
    Wesley Pace 25 days ago

    Just caught this video. We used (used) tin off an old barn on the outside and cardboard on the inside.

  • kingrev24
    kingrev24 27 days ago +1

    Hip, Hip, Hooray!
    The FIRST! And ONLY! TVclipr, to mention bodily functions!
    Watched for a while, now subscribed.

  • 손님
    손님 27 days ago

    Very interesting adventure^^

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 29 days ago

    You spend alot of time in that area and too drag a 150 pound stove up there, you must own that property or are really good friends with the people who owns it

  • Alva Shoemaker
    Alva Shoemaker Month ago

    I LOVE your videos; HOWEVER, your memtion of coffeee makes me CRAVE that same drink!! 🙃 (I don't want Keurig; Denny's, or...McDonald's are what i crave---). Your creativity/inventiveness is phenominal--- Thanks for this video!! 🙃😃👣

  • Will Long
    Will Long Month ago

    I like the topography of your property Luke; some ups and downs, rolls and benches. Contours look good on women and on land. Flat land? "Some folks like it, farmers mostly".

    Now, about that shed--the boards are up; but you're way overdue to nail some battens.

  • carlplath1
    carlplath1 Month ago

    Have you considered battens to eal up the gaps between the boards? Curious.

  • William Walsh
    William Walsh Month ago


  • Sean Groves
    Sean Groves Month ago

    Just wrap it up

  • Greg Walls
    Greg Walls Month ago

    I enjoyed this video. One question: Have you thought of heating and eating your soup in the can? That would mean that you wouldn't have to clean your pot. A buddy of mine used to always do this when camping. He would put the can in a pot of water to make sure that it heated evenly.

  • Gene Garren
    Gene Garren Month ago

    Freezing rain sucks!☹️☹️☹️👎👎👎 Fortunately we don’t get it too much in our Western NC MOUNTAINS!🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍 Great video and cabin with wood stove. A great place to have if all goes bad and life threatening!

  • linda ayers
    linda ayers Month ago

    Luke, love your videos. The shed in this video has potential for your camping experience.. YEAH... the little stove is a diamond in the rough. The trees falling in all that ice sounded pretty darned scary and LOUD!! Thanks for sharing your journey... Nice find of the deer antlers.

  • Dan Kramer
    Dan Kramer Month ago

    I think you give up to Quick. I think you could stretch this out a couple of mroe days easy.

  • Edwin Algarin
    Edwin Algarin Month ago

    I wounding if you still have the cabin

  • paul papadopoulos
    paul papadopoulos Month ago

    You should spend the 5 bucks for a raincover for the stovepipe

  • T Honkamies
    T Honkamies Month ago

    Great video! Although I was waiting for folio hat at one point...maybe in the future. ;)

  • Randy Richardson
    Randy Richardson Month ago

    Wrap it in tvek inside cover outside gaps in 1x 4s build a new door and cut a hole in the wallfor stove get another 90deg and a chimney cap to keep rain out and get a 5 gallon bucket of roll on roof patch to seal the roof leak free

  • Hard North Outdoors

    Big Jesse Ventura, Predator. classic

  • Almonte Paolilli
    Almonte Paolilli Month ago

    It would not take much to repair the shed using trees on the property and an Alaska chainsaw mill. The off grid cabin would make for interesting set of videos. Liked the wood burning stove and the way you adapted materials at hand to close the front area.

  • Roger Balcer
    Roger Balcer Month ago

    Of all the crazy camping outdoors in the cold when they should be home sitting in front of the fireplace video guys you are my favorite ! My favorite outdoor guy of all time was my best friend and army buddy Charlie "Chaz" Keiser 1951-2003 (R.I.P) who use to deer hunt in Michigan's upper peninsula, sleeping in an army pup tent !

  • a mirage hound
    a mirage hound Month ago

    Luke...the shed is already vintage, with an interesting history I'll bet...So if you know its wood will last as you think ,I would change it little other than maybe a door and a bit of batting...would be nice if the door and any wood used to close it up a little more was from the property- perhaps some old scrap from by where the sawmill was? Your viewers are right about the woodstove's door and closing it for more heat (heated with a similar stove in Oregon for many years)...and the lanterns were perfect= and believe it or not, still available to this day in places like walmart for 6-7 bucks- a great buy . What you love doing I have called for many years "McGivering" (your'e prolly way too young for that reference) and it is one of my own favorite things- love the challeges!!! I am subbed to exactly two off grid camper/ cabin builders...and now a third...TY..great video! make more of them and faster please! lol! PS "strength & honor" military background? Ill be watching!

  • M L.
    M L. Month ago

    I'm not bragging.

  • Sav Nasty Skynyrd
    Sav Nasty Skynyrd Month ago

    Eric Forman?

  • James Begin
    James Begin Month ago

    Luke, is that your land that you do these videos on?

  • survival Dube
    survival Dube Month ago