Crossing paths with the man who FIRED Me two years ago...

  • Published on Apr 14, 2018
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    One Year Recap:
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  • Brandon Ebrall
    Brandon Ebrall Day ago +2

    0:00 u never show ur self walking down the stairs in ur house James 😅

  • Angela Jeffreys
    Angela Jeffreys 3 days ago

    blue focus rs?

    G BUILDS 9 days ago

    The cardboard taped to the garage window... wouldn’t want the neighbors to see him YouTubing.. lol I feel the same way sometimes

  • Harsh Deep singh
    Harsh Deep singh 10 days ago +2

    July 2019?

  • Pixel sniper
    Pixel sniper 13 days ago

    Why does it sound like a diesel

  • Doud-Le Eugene
    Doud-Le Eugene 14 days ago


  • Joseph Oh
    Joseph Oh 14 days ago

    Now, he has 1.7mill subs lol

  • Turtle Bray
    Turtle Bray 17 days ago +1

    I am not comfortable talking in front of a camera

  • Turtle Bray
    Turtle Bray 17 days ago


  • Kingston’s clubhouse

    Holy crap it dude perfect

  • Kv Sreeshanth
    Kv Sreeshanth Month ago

    You inspired me through your speech!

  • master frown
    master frown Month ago

    thestradman i know your gonna your dream 2004 ferrari challenge stradale

  • Cooper Ahler
    Cooper Ahler 2 months ago

    The Audi sounds like a lawn mower

  • Tallat Amjad
    Tallat Amjad 2 months ago

    1st its my birthday

  • Conrad McLeod
    Conrad McLeod 2 months ago +1

    Go pro

  • pnkumar singh
    pnkumar singh 3 months ago

    Aventador vs Bugatti Veyron drag race

    LACHELLE NIX 3 months ago

    Girl advice:just be your self and don't give up have a GREAT time with the girl you talking to .

  • Jason The auto
    Jason The auto 3 months ago

    He said 2009 r8 lol

  • cRispy
    cRispy 3 months ago

    Are you secretly a basketball player?

  • JacksonCR
    JacksonCR 3 months ago

    I’m a youtuber as well
    And I started October 5 2017

  • Ryan Sutton
    Ryan Sutton 3 months ago

    Very motivational video. Glad I ran across it!

  • Omaster 139
    Omaster 139 3 months ago

    Made in my birthday

  • lol LOL
    lol LOL 3 months ago

    f cu h fi yyjihh

  • Kurt Sumthinorother
    Kurt Sumthinorother 4 months ago +1

    Best dating advice ever, avoid IG models. Second best advice, get familiar with MGTOW principles. Watch some vids. There are good women out there, rarer than u would imagine. Let's go get some pizza girl definitely in a relationship already... Classic player response

  • Truckbugs4 gamer boy alan

    Yt and my x did to me my channel is copyright and my x saeid I will never be trick driver

  • Pato Swag
    Pato Swag 4 months ago


  • evan roxburgh
    evan roxburgh 4 months ago

    April 1st. B.

    April fools

  • AjarShows
    AjarShows 4 months ago

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooh the hair line no hate im a big fan

  • Javier Godreau
    Javier Godreau 4 months ago

    this was almost on my birthday my birthday is April 17 LOL

  • wroomar knight Wroomar
    wroomar knight Wroomar 4 months ago

    You ever seen your first video

  • Gamerzak 2x
    Gamerzak 2x 4 months ago

    My dream is to be a massive TVclipr with 1 million subscribers and I’m trying my best to hit it but still no one subscribes I get views but those people don’t subscribe

  • Iphone jarin
    Iphone jarin 4 months ago +1


  • Keith Arnett
    Keith Arnett 4 months ago


  • Keith Arnett
    Keith Arnett 4 months ago

    i think go pro is best

    ABHISHEK GHULE 4 months ago

    Headphones R I P 😓😓 😓

  • BX_Daily
    BX_Daily 4 months ago

    Lets grow together
    1 Like = 1 Subscribe

  • Eric Pascua
    Eric Pascua 5 months ago

    jams y u lay down on da floor??

  • sudeep Shrestha
    sudeep Shrestha 5 months ago

    How much ??! Ur earning

  • Tonybone Robert
    Tonybone Robert 6 months ago

    iPhone was better. 🤔

  • Dad and son fishing kid

    My mom said I could not have a TVclip channel,but now its dad and son fishing fish for life

  • Bryer Hunter
    Bryer Hunter 6 months ago

    We’re right by park city

  • Sevenfold
    Sevenfold 6 months ago

    he was there all morning, trust..

  • Evan Krieger
    Evan Krieger 6 months ago

    The next dude perfect

  • michael g
    michael g 6 months ago

    I literally started following you the day you posted when you got laid off from your job. I really listened to what you had to say, just like in this video i don't get why people bring you down on your dreams. I'm a very positive guy and the day i saw your video i had no doubt you were going to make do with what you wanted because it's your dream, and this is coming from a total stranger!

  • Dick Tator
    Dick Tator 7 months ago

    This is a pretty kewl job like hmm

    GET RAD 7 months ago

    your... bodyguard? 😂🤣

  • kasi evans
    kasi evans 7 months ago

    His story is what motivates me to be different to be who I want ,to do what I want And that anything is possible.

  • kasi evans
    kasi evans 7 months ago

    His story is what motivates me to be different to be who I want ,to do what I want And that anything is possible.

  • kasi evans
    kasi evans 7 months ago

    His story is what motivates me to be different to be who I want ,to do what I want And that anything is possible.

  • Tim Watson
    Tim Watson 7 months ago

    My dream is to beat off in all 50 states. I only have 49 more to go !

  • F Offenton
    F Offenton 7 months ago

    U need to go MGTOW! Do not marry. There goes whatever wealth you have OR she will accuse you of date rape.

    • Tim Watson
      Tim Watson 7 months ago

      F Offenton gonwhere ? Wtf

  • Farid Fadzlina
    Farid Fadzlina 7 months ago


  • mark baker
    mark baker 7 months ago

    Thats why you don't drive certain vehicles to certain workplaces, I experienced such a difference back when I drove a high end car to work and know of others that have had that same experiences also smh

  • Steve Rivera
    Steve Rivera 8 months ago

    Bro, have you ever seen To Catch a Predator?! That girl you were DMing on Instagram is probably a 40 year old dude... I'd be careful there brotha.

  • Automisery
    Automisery 8 months ago

    That was actually QUITE inspirational. I'm a TVclipr with a car channel and only have 52 subscribers. Maybe there's hope for me yet.

  • PjStarTV
    PjStarTV 8 months ago

    Nice Audi R8 ....not near as nice as Samcrac's 2010 Audi R8 .....but still a nice car.

  • The Crow
    The Crow 8 months ago

    Never Give Up

    PANTA 8 months ago

    I don't have ex -employers. Somehow they all got killed in a fire. Weird, because I had tons of jobs, so it must be an unlucky coincedence I guess.
    Anyway, I have to go, guys. I am invited to eat dinner with my current employer and I have to stop by at the gas station first...

  • Jason Sechrist
    Jason Sechrist 8 months ago

    Let it go, and you will feel better.

  • lj 11
    lj 11 8 months ago

    Fam i get all the girls

  • Traser
    Traser 8 months ago

    uhh why did u get fired?

  • Kar Kid
    Kar Kid 8 months ago

    BRUH YOU GOT MAD SKILLS Dude perfect skills

  • Slim Gaddi
    Slim Gaddi 9 months ago

    Nigga you got fired on April fool's day what if he was bullshitting when he fired you 😂

  • legal pitbull
    legal pitbull 9 months ago

    Could you be a bigger flake ?

  • Joseph John justsej
    Joseph John justsej 9 months ago +1

    hhhmmmmm april first XD what if he was joking and he just never got to say APRIL FOOLS!!! then he just left.

  • M Nandakumar
    M Nandakumar 9 months ago

    Fix it on your Gallardo

  • tyree Jackson
    tyree Jackson 10 months ago

    because if they cant have it you u cant have it

  • sɣxʬʭwwɜ卩尺乇ᐯ丨乇山

    Lol i like how hes joking about making them but lil bitches still gettin pissed

  • Paul Allen
    Paul Allen 10 months ago

    I just lost my job a month ago guess now I have to learn TVclip especially with so many health problems its a must or blow in the dust

  • videobeast2.0
    videobeast2.0 10 months ago

    Does anyone else find it funny that he got fired on April fools day? 😆😆

  • LandonVernon Vlogs
    LandonVernon Vlogs 10 months ago


  • C Lorraine
    C Lorraine 10 months ago

    thank you for inspiring

  • Gage Waterhouse
    Gage Waterhouse 10 months ago

    I've been with you since you lived in your car!

    I'm joking...

  • Ryzo
    Ryzo 10 months ago

    I want to be a bball player but my teachers and one of my coaches always tell me I'm too small

  • Jesse James
    Jesse James 10 months ago


  • Bad Gameplay
    Bad Gameplay 10 months ago

    I have the same shoes

  • F M
    F M 10 months ago +1

    Should have told the boss when you seen him and gave him a huge fu! Glad you made it after the termination. Many people don't.

  • Finn Enoksen
    Finn Enoksen 10 months ago

    congrat for 1m subs

  • aaron michalski
    aaron michalski 10 months ago


  • Jacob Bland
    Jacob Bland 10 months ago

    Did you get laid off or fired?

  • Andrews Consulting - Engineering

    Wut happend to the back of ur audi?

  • Stephen B
    Stephen B 10 months ago

    he used the echo from going under the bridges to make his car sound louder

  • Trigger5.56
    Trigger5.56 10 months ago

    I think you're a little crazy, but I like you a lot lol

  • Lagman Johann
    Lagman Johann 10 months ago

    Subscribed to you after seeing this man....needed this today.

  • Mon Valley truth
    Mon Valley truth 10 months ago


  • Fragrance Empire
    Fragrance Empire 10 months ago

    I'll add 1 more to your channel being new to TVclip i know how hard it is to get views and subs. Hope this helps attain your 1 million subs!

  • ME M III
    ME M III 10 months ago +1

    this guy seems like a spoiled dick.

  •  10 months ago

    my 12 valve cummins fired faster and still better

  • Just Joe
    Just Joe 10 months ago

    Success isn't 100% try, try, try. I was on the up and a few major life hits and you can be homeless. Luck and opportunity are a major role. Congrats to yah bro. I hope the Lord and luck stay with ya.

  • Brice Houck
    Brice Houck 10 months ago

    People closest to us don't want to see us doing better than they are. Sad to say but all true...

  • Vicious Vomit
    Vicious Vomit 10 months ago +1

    Do you have to rent a supercar and become a douchebag THEN get a channel on youtube? Or do you start the channel first, THEN rent the car and become the douche?

  • JT Wardell
    JT Wardell 10 months ago

    YOOO stradman i live in heber your my nieghbor

  • [GD] BliSard
    [GD] BliSard 11 months ago +1

    3:59 *_JESUS CHRIST!!!_*

  • E C
    E C 11 months ago

    Get curtains 😆

  • Bhushan
    Bhushan 11 months ago

    in 2015-16 people dint have youtube channels? lol rite

  • Tokin
    Tokin 11 months ago +1

    Yeah run the car while the garage is closed... Smart

    • Ryn Olavson
      Ryn Olavson 10 months ago

      And to top it off he did just put a new exhaust on and if it was a full kit from the headers to the tips there would be a brand spankin new cat installed.

    • Ryn Olavson
      Ryn Olavson 10 months ago

      Tokin I mean it is an r8 and I did say it's not 100% safe

    • Tokin
      Tokin 10 months ago

      Ryn Olavson And I suppose every one of them work 100% of the time and just never break..

    • Ryn Olavson
      Ryn Olavson 10 months ago

      Tokin every car made after '74 has a catalytic converter which substantially reduces the co2 in the exhaust. Now it's not impossible to die from it but I'm sure the amount of time he had the r8 on and the size of his garage wouldn't put anyone in danger.

  • MrGivmedew
    MrGivmedew 11 months ago

    I don't know if I would have rolled around without the crash guard. If I rear ended you I'd fight to the death that we have no idea what the damage would have been had that legally required part been there. I also would have said that the condition of the rear and distracted and confused me and that there were no brake lights running on the car. All lies but they would buy it for sure.
    You'd be paying at a minimum of your own car's repairs.
    BTW I liked your video

  • Jim Stacker
    Jim Stacker 11 months ago

    Women are frail fragile creatures that are born with zero logic.

  • Dro MrTnZ D*TowN 214
    Dro MrTnZ D*TowN 214 11 months ago

    U live in Utah? That's dope I use 2 live out their... Miss the snow..

  • iRifle87
    iRifle87 11 months ago

    I wish channels knew how long I’ve knew there channel for like stradman