Sketchbook Tour! | FIST BUMPS, DINOSAURS, & PRINCESSES | #17

  • Published on Apr 21, 2018
  • Thanks for taking time to flipthrough my sketchbook! A lot of hours went into filling it and I hope you can experience a fraction of the joy i experienced doodling in this puppy. If youre interested in seeing some of my older sketchbooks check out this playlist:
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  • DrawingWiffWaffles
    DrawingWiffWaffles  Year ago +742

    It just occurred to me that Disney already took on Taming of the Shrew, it was called EMPERORS NEW GROOVE and its literally one of my favorite movies. haha "Pull the Lever, Kronk!

    • Brooke Jones
      Brooke Jones 3 months ago

      Is it just me or does your imposter of yourself kinda look like Kim Possible?

      Just me? Okay.
      Also pls name your princess Vera!

    • Grace Tembo
      Grace Tembo 3 months ago


    • frozen_blondy
      frozen_blondy 4 months ago

      DrawingWiffWaffles i feel like isabella could be a good name for her .... or maybe april .....

    • Emmalee Elka
      Emmalee Elka 4 months ago

      "WRONG LEVER!!! Why do we even have that lever?" - Yzma

    • Cutie Claws
      Cutie Claws 5 months ago


  • Kate Van Veen
    Kate Van Veen 22 days ago

    Jamie or jessaline should be the princesses name

  • Daniel Smart
    Daniel Smart 23 days ago

    Okay for that princess name I like the name tanice (tan-niece)

  • Sarah Spence
    Sarah Spence 26 days ago

    I luuuuuuve your dinos! I’m fully Dino obsessed, my favourites are Eustreptospondilus (because it’s a UK land carnivore and we didn’t have many) and Magyarosaurus (because it’s a PONY SIZED sauropod!! PONY SIZED!!). If you sold Dino prints I would buy them alllllll ❤️🦖🦕

  • Daniel Thrasher
    Daniel Thrasher 29 days ago

    Maybe for the princess, Aria?

  • Artistic Wolf
    Artistic Wolf Month ago

    Tabitha for her name because she hates her name so she acts superior and bossy 😏

  • Artistic Wolf
    Artistic Wolf Month ago


  • Nyan Dzette
    Nyan Dzette Month ago

    I love how enthusiastic you are about everything! Watching your videos is so heartwarming !!! Thank you for existing and sharing your good vibes with us!

  • Mckpanda Toys TV
    Mckpanda Toys TV Month ago

    Oh my goodness, I have the same sketchbook. I just got it since my marker pad when KABLOOT.

  • Julia Laurens
    Julia Laurens Month ago +1


  • Audrey Alevy
    Audrey Alevy Month ago

    ι lιĸe υr drawιng,oн втw wнere are υ ғroм?(aм ιndoneѕιanѕ)

  • UltRraRageous
    UltRraRageous Month ago

    Lol that's the best noise I've heard all day

  • Sjoukje Kemper
    Sjoukje Kemper Month ago

    There's so much hate on the internet but in the art-community, idk there are just happy and creative people. I like that. (Sorry if I spelled something wrong)

  • I love you R
    I love you R Month ago

    Her name should be Arianna

  • mswowmychannel
    mswowmychannel Month ago

    Princess Adriana

    OOFER GANG Month ago

    You can get those in Walmart

  • lyricrebekah
    lyricrebekah 2 months ago

    (15:28) the illustration of you w the off-colours reminds me of frankie from foster’s home for imaginary friends lol

  • Gabrielle James
    Gabrielle James 2 months ago

    cassy is a good name

  • Lynda Redmond
    Lynda Redmond 2 months ago

    You are really good at people and I am good at landscapes and orcas

  • Rosie Posie
    Rosie Posie 2 months ago

    If your pride in your art was a number line, going through the negatives and positives, mine would be be fluctuating through -20 through -80 oof

  • Lyra Avatar
    Lyra Avatar 3 months ago

    I was half listening because I was drawing but my attention immediately snapped back when I heard Newsies.

  • Brooke Jones
    Brooke Jones 3 months ago

    I have a name idea for your princess! How about Vera?

  • Grace Tembo
    Grace Tembo 3 months ago

    Do you mean "King Thrushbeard" by the Brothers Grimm?

  • Grace Tembo
    Grace Tembo 3 months ago

    "Write what you know" so they say, all I know is I don't know what to write, or the right way to write it!

  • Grace Tembo
    Grace Tembo 3 months ago


  • Noelle Kay
    Noelle Kay 3 months ago

    A name for the princess could be Maria

  • Iris Troian
    Iris Troian 3 months ago

    The name of the Disny character you drew can be Elizabeth

  • Constantly screaming emo
    Constantly screaming emo 4 months ago +1

    I’m just watching this again I WAS JUST IN NEWSIES I wasn’t fully paying attention just drawing and I heard newsies and looked over yelled “ MEDDA!” Than proceeded to squeal “JACK!!”

  • Anthonyx Adventures
    Anthonyx Adventures 4 months ago

    You have good drawings👍

  • Red_NBlue - ROBLOX
    Red_NBlue - ROBLOX 4 months ago

    Call her sassiel

  • A's Art
    A's Art 4 months ago

    Princess Name: Pricilla? :)))))))))))

  • Raygan Collins
    Raygan Collins 4 months ago

    Name her Princess Ariana Pronounced { air-e-anna}

  • Nikkilynngriego7
    Nikkilynngriego7 4 months ago

    I really just came here so I could see what sketchbook to get🙂

  • Jade Castillo
    Jade Castillo 4 months ago


  • Tara Frazier
    Tara Frazier 4 months ago

    i think you should name that disney princess you designed should be named aspin because of her white hair. :)

  • LWToodleypips
    LWToodleypips 4 months ago +1

    24:56 Nothing can stop you........Apart from your dog sitting on your face

  • Zoie Winter
    Zoie Winter 4 months ago


  • Kelly V
    Kelly V 4 months ago

    I just saw 9:19 and it reminded me of 'I hate fairyland' comicbook series. I think you'll enjoy that!

  • Elizabeth Dziadul
    Elizabeth Dziadul 4 months ago


  • Duffin' Stuff
    Duffin' Stuff 4 months ago

    I feel like the princess is named violet or Lav (short for lavender )

  • Aarmau Rules
    Aarmau Rules 4 months ago

    Your princess that you made should be named Tatiana I love that name it isn’t my name but I just love it 😍

  • DirtyDishes
    DirtyDishes 4 months ago

    I love your dinosaurs, i love all dinosaurs, but yours are really cool. Im going to draw more dinosaurs

  • Erica Rodriguez
    Erica Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Where did you get your ohuhu markers?

  • Taylin O'Shea
    Taylin O'Shea 4 months ago

    I had to pause the video and stare at the dogs for a solid 45 seconds like, what kind of dinosaur is that 😕

  • Iris in Gryffindor
    Iris in Gryffindor 4 months ago

    Her name could be Belladonna because she's as sharp as poison and when she is tame her name could become Bella.

  • Shona Boyd
    Shona Boyd 5 months ago

    Her name could be Sofia p.s. it’s a watercolour background

  • snekchef
    snekchef 5 months ago

    Do a mega drawing thing with ALL of your art supplies in ALL the colors you have :>

  • Kaszás Csilla
    Kaszás Csilla 5 months ago

    The taming of the shrew is not about a spoiled `princess`who needs to learn kindness or whatnot - it is about a woman who does not want to submit to the rules of society and be nothing but a sweet face with an empty head. she is forced into a marriage and her husband breaks her spirit by starving her. nooope, it`s not the same as the emperors new groove. 10 things I have about you is a modernised verion of it with more acceptable `taming`methods like regular seduction and lying. although if I remember correctly, the guy in the original version was also sweet with the girl (Katherina, btw) in his words - just not in his actions.

  • dreadoodles
    dreadoodles 5 months ago

    Could her name be Adrina? It sounds stuck-up to me!
    (Sorry to any Adrinas out there)

  • Ellen F
    Ellen F 5 months ago

    do you keep all of your sketchbooks? like..forever??

  • Darkfire art
    Darkfire art 5 months ago

    Thanks for helping me out with getting over a creative block!!!!

  • Cutie Claws
    Cutie Claws 5 months ago

    I heard if you write the youtubers name 3 times your comment will be liked by that youtuber

  • Ms Mushroom
    Ms Mushroom 5 months ago

    Charlotte 🥰

  • Hannah Bartlett
    Hannah Bartlett 5 months ago

    I really love that you give people credit when you copy or use their art for inspiration. Some artists use others art or inspiration from other art and don't give credit but you are so honest and me being an artist myself, I love that about you. Love you waffles😊😘❤.

  • What's Life Without a Little Risk?

    Rin : I get a lot of my inspiration off Pinterest, especially for outfits-
    Me : Oh. On Pinterest, I look up Wolfstar fanart.

    • Alyson Jiang
      Alyson Jiang 5 months ago

      KaiLee MSP omfg I have never related to someone more wolfstar is my life source

  • Wesal Sahli
    Wesal Sahli 5 months ago

    Name her vana i think it’s a cute name 🌝😂💗💗

  • Destinee Davis
    Destinee Davis 5 months ago

    hi ! if anyone can answer this, I was just curious as to why artists use colored pencils to sketch out their designs? and how it erases properly after??

  • Samiha Chowdhury
    Samiha Chowdhury 5 months ago

    I just realised this was posted on my birthday 😂

  • Frogtato 64
    Frogtato 64 5 months ago

    “Hahaha! That guy looks like his name is Bill.”
    Bill is the best.

  • Zivah Smith
    Zivah Smith 5 months ago

    Sela or semanien

  • Cayley Young
    Cayley Young 5 months ago

    Um u love to talk u talk so much on one page like....

  • Jolene Charles
    Jolene Charles 6 months ago

    19:20 mmmmmmmmmac

  • Aviana Zapata
    Aviana Zapata 6 months ago

    Idk why but u inspire me to draw but when I try I just make funny lookin doodles lol

  • Aviana Zapata
    Aviana Zapata 6 months ago

    00:53 SAILOR MOON 😻

  • Lottie Green
    Lottie Green 6 months ago

    I was going back and watching old sketchbook tours and it’s so crazy seeing the difference in your style in just one year

  • *_space -doodles_*
    *_space -doodles_* 6 months ago

    name her kendra

  • Kawaii person
    Kawaii person 6 months ago +1

    Isn't green bunny a hentai company?

  • Pastel Pineapple
    Pastel Pineapple 6 months ago

    I also love dinosaurs! 😍🦕🦖

  • child of the ocean 7
    child of the ocean 7 6 months ago

    I think a good name could be

  • Luna Love
    Luna Love 6 months ago

    I created a OC and i call her Cupid but i dont have a normal name for her