Cessna Citation X - the fastest civilian plane in the world

  • Published on Jul 24, 2017
  • Cessna Citation X - American long-range medium-sized business jet aircraft, developed by Cessna Aircraft Company. It is currently the fastest civilian aircraft in the world.
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  • High school Hottie
    High school Hottie Month ago

    get et above it all, fly united w kingsize bed model

  • matt forte
    matt forte 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for reading Wikipedia! 😂

  • Voodoo one
    Voodoo one 2 months ago

    The phenom 300 ?

  • Aranzahas
    Aranzahas 3 months ago +2

    Concorde is the fastest civilian in the world, period. Please add in service to be accurate.

  • Pavlos Papageorgiou
    Pavlos Papageorgiou 4 months ago

    Cool, I didn't realise that a business jet could be faster. I thought the larger passenger aircraft had an aerodynamic advantage as it is with ships.

  • Tony Lam
    Tony Lam 4 months ago

    Cessna came a long way since we used to make jokes about the first Citation, calling it the Nearjet, and telling people it was certified for bird strikes .....from the rear!

  • Dr. Michael Bennett
    Dr. Michael Bennett 4 months ago

    All aircraft worldwide are measured by knots, please fix this.

  • Dr. Michael Bennett
    Dr. Michael Bennett 4 months ago

    Please discontinue your videos. You suck

  • Mark D
    Mark D 5 months ago

    Love to also see the Cessna Grand Caravan

  • Rasheed Khan
    Rasheed Khan 5 months ago

    $24m. For $20m you could have bought a Bombardier C series (Airbus A220). 😂

  • Eurospace
    Eurospace 5 months ago

    Fuck your english

  • Glen M. Danielsen
    Glen M. Danielsen 5 months ago

    Sky is the best!

  • specialized41
    specialized41 5 months ago +3

    Next Time use both measurements miles / kilometers. And mph / kph . . . Etc.

    • D. N.
      D. N. 2 months ago

      specialized41 and knots

  • Dao
    Dao 8 months ago +1

    *4 meters-long turbofans*

  • Borce Ivanovski
    Borce Ivanovski 8 months ago

    Beautiful airplane #

  • fingerhorn4
    fingerhorn4 9 months ago +2

    To attain the needed thrust for the X's speed, the engines are huge (they are nearly as large as the available cabin space further forward). This exposes the underling problem of all fast corporate jets: They need a very large power to weight ratio compared with airliners, which is why single turboprop corporate aircraft are so much more economical yet they can fly quite fast given that they are not jets. The new price of a CX was/is around $23 Million. For that price you could buy a used B737 in good condition, with 120 more seats, but I concede that no-one buys a fast corporate jet for economy!

  • David M
    David M Year ago

    Beautiful plane, indeed!

  • Tony Yomomma
    Tony Yomomma Year ago


  • Kevin Olesik
    Kevin Olesik Year ago

    600 mph

  • corisco tupi
    corisco tupi Year ago

    Look! There's a little airplane stuck between those two big engines! ...No wonder it goes fast.

  • Sir Evelyn Dé Rothschild

    Why the fuck is it so hard to just say mph instead of km most ppl don't understand that. I just had to explain tp my girl because she watched this video. So try using mph its more common in America bro

  • Lume.
    Lume. Year ago

    HAHAHAHAHA. "At an altitude of 15 kilometers... *ABOVE* the standard commercial...." :D

  • Alan Caldoza
    Alan Caldoza Year ago

    With engine that big, sure its fast. Try install 2 F-404 and it'll break the sound barrier

  • Horace Hogsnort
    Horace Hogsnort Year ago +2

    I have a $100M inheritance coming from my long lost uncle, I'm gonna git one!

    • ?
      ? 6 months ago +1

      And I'm about to get my pilot license, Can I get that job?

  • J.R. Productions
    J.R. Productions Year ago +7

    To all the idiots in the comment section. Yes, this is the fastest non-military plane ever built. Straight facts.

    • @Fatherland Child
      @Fatherland Child 8 months ago +1

      Gregory Hughes The guy wrote Ever built

    • Gregory Hughes
      Gregory Hughes Year ago +1

      itsmegp46 Concorde’s retired. He literally says the word “fastest today” in the first 20 seconds of the video.

    • jim oldenkamp
      jim oldenkamp Year ago +1

      sorry Concorde

    • jim oldenkamp
      jim oldenkamp Year ago +1


    • itsmegp46
      itsmegp46 Year ago +8

      J R Production Ever built? Not by a long shot. The Concord flew 2x the speed of sound or about 1,350 MPH.

  • Mohammad Ramjanali

    Super plane

  • The Engine Head
    The Engine Head Year ago

    Why does everybody have paranthese at the end of their sentence?)

  • Viktor Bosun
    Viktor Bosun Year ago +1

    Твой голос ни с кем не спутаешь))))

  • moksin tunku
    moksin tunku Year ago

    Again, the Cessna Citation X is absolutely a gem. The feedback is encouraging. The cabin configuration and space is large and spacious.

  • Robert Lowe
    Robert Lowe Year ago

    24 million ! I think it's worth it ! Wish I had one ?

    • Jim B
      Jim B 5 months ago

      You can pick up a good used one for a fraction of that. There are plenty available for under $3 million. More for under $6 million. It pays to shop around and not be in a hurry.

  • bartofilms
    bartofilms Year ago +1

    I like your review. Kilo-Newtons... Most Amerikanskis like me won't know what those are. 😝

  • Johan Beld
    Johan Beld Year ago


  • Malamute Aerospace
    Malamute Aerospace Year ago +3

    Not anymore, the G-G50er, beats it proven by 33 knots at 51,00ft...

    • Jim B
      Jim B 5 months ago


  • Steve Leach
    Steve Leach Year ago

    Cessna India?

  • Zak Giffgaff
    Zak Giffgaff Year ago +1

    I hope there's plenty of sound deadening material. I flew in a Hawker Sidley 125 and my ears were ringing for hours.

  • Yumphal Langthabal

    Another aviation beauty from skyship.

  • The Missing Diamond Helmet // TMDH Rudra


  • Pernell W
    Pernell W Year ago

    Was that distortion on the video through the glass of the photo aircraft or was the Citation vibrating like crazy. Tail section and wings jigglying like an over weight person running with no shirt....LOL

  • Woody Chadwick
    Woody Chadwick Year ago +4

    One of these flys over my shop every morning, It is a thing of beauty.

  • Jayson Davis
    Jayson Davis Year ago

    I really appreciate the research you put into all of your videos. Very well done.

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft Year ago

    hey look....the space shuttle.......

  • CRsportfishing.ca

    Life goals

  • Datcy14 Granlakou

    I need one of those

  • Paul Pflaum
    Paul Pflaum Year ago +7

    Russian speaking English.....reminds me of Boris Bentanov & Natasha and Mr. Big.....with Boris and Natasha always trying to get the best of Moose and Squirrel.....(Bullwinkle & Rocky)

    • Paul Pflaum
      Paul Pflaum Year ago

      I do occasionally, when I pass gas.....

    • olivia-J Trans
      olivia-J Trans Year ago +5

      Paul Pflaum, the You try to speak Russian . . .

  • Paladin 06
    Paladin 06 Year ago


  • Steviepics
    Steviepics Year ago

    I think you'll find this video helpful whenever speaking the word 'citation'. tvclip.biz/video/jzr3xaFDVSs/video.html

  • Fred De
    Fred De Year ago

    How many people are certified to fly the Citation X ??

  • mojah1
    mojah1 Year ago +2

    Very informative video,thank you sir.

  • Frank Kirby
    Frank Kirby Year ago +5

    It amazes how uneducated people are. Is the Citation Ten faster then a lear jet? Really? And faster than a787? It is the Fastest Civilian air craft period! I guess watching the video wasn't enough . Must not be true Aviation buffs.

    • CMDR Fly Auburn
      CMDR Fly Auburn Year ago +1

      warmfreeze Huh. Fair enough. Just curious though, what held the airframe back from being certified at a comparable MMO?

    • warmfreeze
      warmfreeze Year ago +1

      CMDR Fly Auburn My source: Bombardier aerospace flight test engineering division 5 years :) what you read and what the test vehicle is capable of and personally witnessed are two different things

    • CMDR Fly Auburn
      CMDR Fly Auburn Year ago +5

      warmfreeze Negative. The Lear 85 was a Mach .82 aircraft. That’s a true airspeed of about 470 kts. The Citation X CLIMBS at Mach .82. High speed cruise of Mach .92, ( The X+ has an MMO of .935 !) or a TAS of about 515 kts.
      What you’re referring to is the speed it HAD to achieve in Part 25 Certification tests during high speed dive testing, which is a percentage over the design MMO. The Citation X also had to go supersonic to be certified, due to its Mach .92 design MMO, and it would have been faster than the Lear 85 in a dive also as a result of how that’s calculated and what is required in testing and certification.
      From AC 25-7A; Flight Test Guide for Certification of Transport Category Airplanes:
      “(1) The maximum flight demonstrated dive speed, VDF/MDF, is used when establishing VMO/MMO and the associated speed margins under the provisions of § 25.1505. Both VMO and MMO are then evaluated during flight tests for showing compliance with § 25.253.”
      Everyone would do well to stop with the misinformation here.
      Source: I’m typed in the Citation X and flew the airplane for 2+ years before moving on to another type.

    • warmfreeze
      warmfreeze Year ago +1

      technically the lear 85 was faster....capible of mach 1.1 but cruised at much slower speeds..however i watched the only lear 85 left get crushed a few months back...

  • Pfsif
    Pfsif Year ago +27

    24 million, I'd have to be the CEO of the Clinton "Foundation"?

    • txny
      txny 7 months ago

      Pfsif or Trump

    • Cool Breeze
      Cool Breeze Year ago

      Pfsif You're not qualified. Maybe you can be an admin assistant.

  • Willie
    Willie Year ago +4

    At that price I'll take 2

    • CRsportfishing.ca
      CRsportfishing.ca Year ago

      Why have one ? when you can have two, for twice the price ? Lol

  • Officer Gregory Stevens

    Thank you, Boris

  • Marcus LeeP
    Marcus LeeP Year ago +1

    Very nice....Thank you...

  • Guitarzan
    Guitarzan Year ago +5

    Try using GA aircraft terminology, dumbass. Nobody cares how many kilometers per hour it flies. Why not tell people how fast it is in KTAS?

    • sheppydotcom
      sheppydotcom Year ago

      It's for professionals...but they can't stop idiots from commenting...

    • Dylan Cotton
      Dylan Cotton Year ago +14

      Awwww. He got pissed off over units. Grow up

    • Frank Galeon
      Frank Galeon Year ago +5

      I think that this channel is not for professionals

    • Guitarzan
      Guitarzan Year ago +6

      Frank Galeon if they don't, they probably don't have much interest in the video. The real question is how many airspeed indicators measure in kilometers? Answer: none.

    • Frank Galeon
      Frank Galeon Year ago +8

      Everyone knows what km/h means. How many people on the TVclip understand to KTAS?

  • Clarence White
    Clarence White Year ago +2


  • Adam Cloud
    Adam Cloud Year ago +4

    the g650 surpasses this

    • Jim B
      Jim B 5 months ago

      Liar! The G650 max is 610. The Cessna X is 623. You're a lying POS.

    • CMDR Fly Auburn
      CMDR Fly Auburn Year ago +5

      Adam Cloud no, it doesn’t. The G650 is a Mach .925 aircraft. The X+ was re-certified at .935, allowing it to keep the designation of the “fastest civilian aircraft in production and use.”

    CRABBYAOLE Year ago +9

    In the U.S. we call them Slowtations

  • ausfuhrpramienjagar
    ausfuhrpramienjagar Year ago +6

    If you're gonna narrate this video in English, why not use somebody who can speak the language clearly.. JMHO

    • Sebastian Contreras
      Sebastian Contreras 8 months ago

      He speaks clearly enough. He does have a thick accent, but not thick enough to not understand

    • brufu79-2
      brufu79-2 11 months ago

      And "Was für ein paar Idioten" is not proper German either. I can easily understand what you mean but it is still not correct.

    • corisco tupi
      corisco tupi Year ago

      Nobody would say "Que par de idiotas". Clearly, Google helped you out - and didn't do a great job at it, either.

    • smudgerbug
      smudgerbug Year ago +1

      You’re calling him a troll yet you complain about someone’s English when it is absolutely fine? You been living on a rock all this time by any chance?

    • ausfuhrpramienjagar
      ausfuhrpramienjagar Year ago

      Apparently you failed to read the above comments.. Hahahaha

  • cherfieldm
    cherfieldm Year ago +1

    Is Cessna Citation X can be piloted by one person?

    • JumboJetPilot
      JumboJetPilot Year ago

      It’s not certified for single pilot operation, however, several other Citation models are.

    • Urban Meze
      Urban Meze Year ago

      cherfieldm Citation x Plus is actualy very easy the G5000 NXI does a lot of work for you but the old ones with rockwell collins avionics they can be tricky

    • Skyships Eng
      Skyships Eng  Year ago

      I think no. For now, the plane is quite complicated for this

  • billt460
    billt460 Year ago +3

    "Invested Significant Resources" = "Spent A Shit Load Of Money".