Odin's Vault Holds Clues To MCU Phase 4

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen a lot of powerful items being thrown around - most recently, of course, it was the Infinity Gauntlet.
    It seems that Thor's father, Odin, had a vested interested in acquiring such items, as his vault on Asgard has seen quite a few on display over the years.
    In fact, it's specifically housed ten items of power that we know of - and, in this video, we'll be ranking them in order of importance in the grand scheme of the MCU.

    It'll take into account things like where they fit into Asgard's history, how they contributed to Asgard's dominance, and how they link to other characters - both from the MCU and the comic books!
    The items in question are; the Tuning Fork, The Warlock's Eye, the Tablet of Life and Time, the fake Infinity Gauntlet, the Casket of Ancient Winters, the Destroyer Armour, Surtur's Crown, the Eternal Flame, Mjolnir and the Tesseract AKA the Space Stone.
    Whether or not the vault has ever been the home to other items is unclear, but we imagine it probably has - it's just that we'll never get to see them now, given that Asgard's been destroyed in the franchise (unless, of course, some movies set in Asgard's past are released going forward).
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    1. The Tuning Fork
    2. The Warlock's Eye
    3. The Tablet of Life and Time
    4. The Fake Infinity Gauntlet
    5. The Casket of Ancient Winters
    6. The Destroyer
    7. Surtur's Crown
    8. The Eternal Flame
    9. Mjolnir
    10. The Tesseract
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Comments • 407

  • Peter Cardin
    Peter Cardin Day ago

    His vault was destroyed, all but the tesseract

  • Daniel Starks
    Daniel Starks 2 days ago

    This sounds like Will Weaten....

  • Raheem Prince
    Raheem Prince 2 days ago

    This is a list of everything that is no longer in Odin’s Vault

  • Tyler MacDonald
    Tyler MacDonald 3 days ago

    It’s funny you assume everything in the vault was destroyed during ragnarok. If those items could’ve been destroyed then there was no point in vaulting them correct? Someone as strategically intelligent as Odin wouldn’t have held on to the items running a risk for them to potentially fall back into the wrong hands.

  • Jonathan Mendosa
    Jonathan Mendosa 4 days ago

    What about Ben Simmons jump shot?

  • Corin Collins
    Corin Collins 4 days ago

    thors just not scared of anything mans took on the whole dark elf army alone and they freaky asf lol so thor has no fear if it feeds of the fear of its aponents then it would mean it would be taking it from thor and since he has none probably made it weaker

  • JLo™
    JLo™ 5 days ago

    its all fake....u know that right?

  • Kevin O'Brien
    Kevin O'Brien 5 days ago

    When Asgard exploded, there were many chunks of debris. Therefore I believe many of the items in the vault are most likely floating in space. Five years after (now in phase 4) the items could be anywhere and some maybe found already.

  • C anubis
    C anubis 5 days ago

    I pause the infinity gauntlet that hel pushed over and the gems are in the wrong place

  • Jeffery Muffins bob marley

    “hidden clues to mcu phase 4”
    screen rant: #1, so this is the least powerful item in odins vault

  • Miles Edwards
    Miles Edwards 6 days ago

    Fake ass video pissed me off

  • Grenade King
    Grenade King 7 days ago


  • Jonny Lake
    Jonny Lake 7 days ago

    I really can’t stand contact creators like you guys. Misleading titles. There’s no reason for it

  • makaya bird
    makaya bird 8 days ago


  • Slashersaurus Rex
    Slashersaurus Rex 9 days ago

    I wish this video got destroyed when asgard blew up

  • enduroFactory
    enduroFactory 9 days ago

    Oddest item is the infinity gauntlet in the vault long before it was thought of and created by eitri

  • Nomercy 661
    Nomercy 661 9 days ago

    Odins vault and it’s content don’t exist anymore regardless of OPINION

  • Crimson Caper
    Crimson Caper 9 days ago

    Thanos used the POWER STONE to throw that meteor at Iron Man NOT the SPACE STONE/TESSERACT. Just sayin'.🇨🇦👊🤙

    • Crimson Caper
      Crimson Caper 2 days ago

      @Ruby Rose No, he did not. If he used both, like you think he did, then both would STONES be glowing. Only the POWER STONE glowed in that instance. Even the glow around the planet was the same colour as the POWER STONE, purple. Sorry to disappoint ya. Just sayin'. 🇨🇦👊🤙

    • Ruby Rose
      Ruby Rose 2 days ago

      he used both.

  • Carl Jowett
    Carl Jowett 10 days ago

    Odins vault was destroyed in Ragnarok with the destruction of Asgard

  • OG F8
    OG F8 10 days ago

    at 4:35 you can see the gauntlet and stones

  • CallMeJesse124
    CallMeJesse124 11 days ago

    No one: ...
    Screen rant: How lokis horned helmet has a connection to Tony stark's arc reactor

  • Leon Nayager
    Leon Nayager 12 days ago


  • Dylan Birch
    Dylan Birch 13 days ago

    Most important item in Odin's vault? security system?

  • Patrick Duffy
    Patrick Duffy 13 days ago

    Well there's your answer to how they get Stark back if they wanted, put some of his armour or the iron infinity gauntlet in the eternal flame 🤔🤔🤔

  • Cammankingdom 23
    Cammankingdom 23 16 days ago

    But there destroyed

  • Niranjan khoirom
    Niranjan khoirom 20 days ago

    Video said "clues to phase 4"
    There are no clues.

  • Mom Van Camp
    Mom Van Camp 22 days ago

    Im smart😎😎😎

  • Mom Van Camp
    Mom Van Camp 22 days ago

    Did anybody notice that the fake infinity gauntlet was for a right hand and the real one was for a left hand. That is how thors sister knew that it was fake.

  • T.O.P
    T.O.P 23 days ago

    it was mention in the thor: ragnarok by hella that most of the items in odin’s vault is fake tho.

  • Cat Colin 100 the meme show Gaming

    The tesseract

  • Joey Xtreme2
    Joey Xtreme2 24 days ago +1

    Tuning fork: used to summon a beast which only Jane foster could defeat when she became an asgardian
    Thor Love and Thunder: Jane Foster confirmed to become a new Thor.
    Maybe we will see the tuning fork in action and a big fight scene between Jane and the lurking unknown

  • Timot Series
    Timot Series 25 days ago

    The Great Black Panther killed odin because he tried to conquer wakanda

  • Eliezer Primus
    Eliezer Primus 25 days ago

    Thanos' gauntlet is worn on the left hand, the fake gauntlet is worn on the right. What if the gauntlets worn as a pair?

  • The Paking Shit
    The Paking Shit 26 days ago

    Change title to useless to important items in odins treasure. Spoiler! No clue included.

  • RicebowlJohnson
    RicebowlJohnson 26 days ago

    This video has nothing to do with the title...

  • Gigazaur 337
    Gigazaur 337 26 days ago

    The crown wasn't destroyed surtur is wearing it

  • Gee Money
    Gee Money 26 days ago

    The question is did they really get destroyed or just floating in asgardian space waiting to be snatched and used

  • Francisco Ocasio
    Francisco Ocasio 26 days ago

    Clues for phase 4....... Destroyed, Destroyed, Destroyed..... oh and Destroyed.

  • Commander Obvious
    Commander Obvious 26 days ago

    Don’t you mean “held”? Isn’t it destroyed?

  • Zahidul Islam
    Zahidul Islam 26 days ago

    Odes gungnir
    Heimdell sword

  • Robert Simonds
    Robert Simonds 26 days ago

    Surtur isnt a fire demon hes a fire giant....

  • Joshua Salles
    Joshua Salles 27 days ago +1

    if you bring up Ragnarok destroying the item being talked about one more damn time... 👏

  • Starkiller Ren
    Starkiller Ren 27 days ago


  • Skrrx UK
    Skrrx UK 27 days ago

    The fake infinity gauntlet was there as a joke

  • Skrrx UK
    Skrrx UK 27 days ago

    There all destroyed thx for nothing

  • Bebop Smalls
    Bebop Smalls 28 days ago

    It was never stated that cap. Returned mjolnir. No promises or statements from what I can recall. It looked to me like Thor gave him the hammer to use in his travels and to keep. Also in the reveal of phase 4 jane foster is holding the hammer. So its still around

  • KC Broadcaster
    KC Broadcaster 28 days ago +2

    The most important thing in that vault has to be the dislike button

  • harvey miguel
    harvey miguel 28 days ago

    Not again screen rants just stop the lies

  • Collin Monical
    Collin Monical 29 days ago

    False Title

  • Nathan Djqn
    Nathan Djqn 29 days ago +1

    Loki took the tesseract couldn't he hve taken any of the other stuff in the vault , that cld also mean Loki isn't really dead

  • Aweis slayz 1
    Aweis slayz 1 29 days ago +2

    Can the eternal flame resurrect tony 😢

  • king karki
    king karki 29 days ago

    You just earned my unsubscription .

  • Joaquim Tolentino
    Joaquim Tolentino 29 days ago +1

    Maybe the items was not destroyed
    Maybe they survived
    Maybe they scattered around the universe

  • UnRiqht _
    UnRiqht _ Month ago

    0:10 Odin confirmed the allfather from apex legends?

  • T-Series 2
    T-Series 2 Month ago +1

    Think about it if loki didnt take the tesseract in ragnarok thanos couldnt have snapped

  • Ericson dela cruz
    Ericson dela cruz Month ago +5

    Odin was the most powerful relic in his vault..

  • MrSuus
    MrSuus Month ago +1

    I do think the items in the vault are replicas. I think odin kept them somewhere else?

  • Warzone
    Warzone Month ago

    It’s a shame that it blew up

    TRKYDICKINSON Month ago +1

    The tablet of life and time,.. The original creator gods,.. Could be a good story for the phase 4.. Sort of more powerful than the infinity stones, hence making them useless in phase 4..

  • BaphometBXU
    BaphometBXU Month ago +1

    What if those items are not broken and it might go somewhere in universe picked by new sort of enemies? Phase 4? Why not?. Just like Spiderman: Home Coming, Vulture scavenge and form a weapon through alien technology.

  • Imagine-Era Adventure22

    Mjolnir is the best

  • Constantine Lambiris

    Has no one noticed that Odin’s gauntlet is right handed while Thanos’ is left handed? I believe Odin’s gauntlet was real while the stones were fake and was used by him when he possessed the infinity stones. On the other hand why was Odin’s gauntlet large enough for a Thanos sized hand?

  • Al Farid
    Al Farid Month ago

    Haroken is in the endgame reference where future thor mention to his mother regarding of his eye

  • DoctorFatality
    DoctorFatality Month ago

    bro would it kill you to do a second take on some of these lines? I love your videos but your delivery needs some work

  • Nouman Satti
    Nouman Satti Month ago

    Maybe the fake infinity gauntlet portrays that this asgard was infact also a copy, a ripoff and there is a real asgard somewhere....

  • Nouman Satti
    Nouman Satti Month ago

    Maybe the fake infinity gauntlet portrays that this asgard was infact also a copy, a ripoff and there is a real asgard somewhere....

  • Sawyer Davis
    Sawyer Davis Month ago

    Surters crown was on his head. Ugh.

  • Sawyer Davis
    Sawyer Davis Month ago

    The tesseract wasn't destroyed when asgard was destroyed Loki took it. Do your research.

  • Leonard Resplandor
    Leonard Resplandor Month ago

    When I was watching I thought when asgard was distroyed everything there was teleported to different planets.

  • Walter Ainsworth
    Walter Ainsworth Month ago

    They had two infinity stones the space and reality stone on asgaurd

  • chaotic yheti
    chaotic yheti Month ago

    Goes to explain what items are in there, explains that all of them are destroyed or have already been used and not being used in phase 4

  • Jake Ness
    Jake Ness Month ago

    Eye of egamoto

  • Emmanuel Mensah
    Emmanuel Mensah Month ago

    Honestly idk how he has so many subs prob bots like if u think so too

  • Mega Milk_
    Mega Milk_ Month ago

    You suck

  • Mega Milk_
    Mega Milk_ Month ago

    Nothing involving phase 4