The Electables | May 15, 2019 Act 2 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Joe Biden is currently leading the 2020 polls and, just like Joe Biden himself, the polls have never ever let us down.
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  • Георги Стоев

    Pete 2020!

  • taseer khalid
    taseer khalid Day ago

    Please America, Not Biden

  • Piriathy
    Piriathy 3 days ago

    I will say it again: Joe Biden is the bane of millennials, he has voted on financial legislation to make it harder for ppl to discharge private student loan debt into bankruptcy. He has done so much to serve the banks and to harm the middle class, especially those that needed to take out loans or use credit cards, it is MADNESS that anyone thinks he is a good pick for POTUS.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett 9 days ago

    Elizabeth Warren has plans and can tell you what she’d do. I know who deserves a vote

    • Goliath100
      Goliath100 5 days ago

      Ironically, she's probably the most electable candidate.

  • Michele Kett
    Michele Kett 9 days ago

    Joe’s in front because for the majority of voters, he’s the name they remember. That’s how uninformed they are. Scary, given the great women and men who are on the ticket.

  • bettyboop17d
    bettyboop17d 12 days ago

    *Biden front running from name recognition*
    The media= he is the one.. most electable.
    Bernie front running...
    The media= that's a socialist. Look squirrel! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • ijvo1951
    ijvo1951 12 days ago

    The Media picking the candidate again. Please don't let them do it this time. The World needs Bernie...

  • no Nah
    no Nah 16 days ago


  • Jennifer
    Jennifer 17 days ago

    Not DETAILS !!! AAAAH!!! We people with PLANS running the country!

  • J W
    J W 18 days ago

    Anybody else notice Biden ripped off the E from Tesla in his sign?

  • Jessa Rose
    Jessa Rose 26 days ago

    I am so happy to see all these SANDERS OR WARREN comments!

  • Loor
    Loor 27 days ago

    This makes me realize we won’t get a woman President this term

  • Amy Sirawsky
    Amy Sirawsky 27 days ago +1

    At this point, this early out without doing proper research into the candidates, I would love to see Bernie as president and Elizabeth Warren as Vice President, but I want Bernie to stick to one term and then pass the torch to a younger more progressive candidate (preferably of the non white male variant)

  • Farista Sairuv
    Farista Sairuv 29 days ago

    He’s better than Trump at least.

  • randomperson8571
    randomperson8571 Month ago

    LOL everyone saying Sanders OR Warren... why not both? President and Vice President? Of course, Warren would probably be the vice president because America is sexist and can't deal with the thought of having a woman as president, so baby steps? Honestly. VP is the next glass ceiling to break.

  • CallMeGailyn
    CallMeGailyn Month ago

    I sincerely hope Warren will get the backing she needs. Or Harris. They are both awesome, brilliant women!

  • Maurizio Ala
    Maurizio Ala Month ago

    Biden is too old. America, you don't need another old self centered politician to guide your nation. You need someone young who actually want to change things, sees America for what it actually is, and doesn't want to get in the top just to get some money for their friends.

  • Jerzygirl
    Jerzygirl Month ago

    I can't stand Joe Biden he was fine for vp but I remember him in the nineties... he's practically a Republican... and I remember what he did to Anita Hill...GO AWAY JOE

  • Dart Devious
    Dart Devious Month ago

    Hecking goose!

  • AvangionQ
    AvangionQ Month ago

    Doing a segment on women democratic candidates and don't mention Tulsi Gabbard even once ... shame on you!

  • elswae
    elswae Month ago

    Does Sam do an episode on Tulsi?

  • HibHab69
    HibHab69 Month ago

    The Left will eat itself.

  • Johnston Kelso
    Johnston Kelso Month ago

    I'm sorry. I'm a huge fan of Sam B but this video is just dumb and destructive. Biden IS the most electable and it IS because he is a traditional candidate. He's not my top pick, but I don't want another election where indecision and division amongst democrats gives Trump the election for a second time. Use your heads fellow democrats, keep your ideals, but for gods sake act logically.

    • Brian Pomeroy
      Brian Pomeroy Month ago

      Trump is in it for himself and Biden is in it for his own survival. He's been briefed by the wealthy and reminded what happened to the Kennedy's. The wealthy will always be in charge and the poor will just die ignorant.

  • jayceh
    jayceh Month ago

    Want to lose the general election? Talk policy.
    If your policy was out there and your opponents isn't, you lose.
    (This mostly applies for America)

  • Mees Lopez
    Mees Lopez Month ago

    She’s complained about the media not covering women, yet forgets Tulsi Gabbard.

  • Lyndsay Vriends
    Lyndsay Vriends Month ago

    Speaking of plagiarism, Biden literally copied Beto’s entire climate change plan

  • James DeGray
    James DeGray Month ago

    There is a picture of dispickable people. People you cannot pick if you want to live.

  • Jeannieonthefence
    Jeannieonthefence Month ago

    A woman will be the front runner for the Democrats but President Trump will be reelected.

  • Willdorf
    Willdorf Month ago

    I'm so glad the next election is going to be between a 70+ yr old white guy and a 70+ yr old white guy

  • Mad Ben News
    Mad Ben News Month ago

    Bernie only lost because the party cheated and the media did bad coverage. And pushing for black or female candidate only for those reason is not a good idea.

  • theicyridge
    theicyridge Month ago

    Who is calling Beto O'Rourke electable?

  • Njörun Ránsdóttir

    Speaking of electability... Samantha Bee, would you consider interviewing Marianne Williamson? I know she’s unconventional and perhaps not entirely appropriate as a candidate, *but* she has passed the benchmarks to be included in the debates, and she’s even bringing up some policy ideas to the left of Bernie Sanders: she supports full benefits for part-time workers, mandatory paid vacation for all, she introduced the idea of no less than $100 billion in reparations for descendants of African slaves and Native Americans, and she supports universal basic income, as well as the now necessary Medicare for All and free university education and universal pre-k policies. Plus she has a gigantic social media following, so it seems weird that the media won’t take her seriously in the age of Trump. Her message of love defeating hate could be the counter-Trump ticket. Oh, and she’s promised to take no PAC money too.

  • Dorothy Majors
    Dorothy Majors Month ago

    Name recognition and nothing more. Biden and Sanders you're too old. Have honor and step aside to a new generation.

  • Tiny Posers
    Tiny Posers Month ago

    I echo the same as others here - we need an inciter warrior like LIZ or BERNIE. History needs a REVOLUTION not a repetition.

  • Crack Zilla112
    Crack Zilla112 Month ago

    Biden would be horrible choice!

  • Crack Zilla112
    Crack Zilla112 Month ago

    Only females I like are tulsi and Elizabeth. The are corporate stooges!

  • Karl Karstens
    Karl Karstens Month ago

    If Biden’s the candidate we can say hello to a second term for trump.

  • Hazukichan X
    Hazukichan X Month ago

    The Bernie and goose joke was heartwarming. Funny, without viciously undermining everything he stands for.
    This is how it's done. Thank you, Samantha Bee.
    And as for YOU, Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah...
    Jon Stewart will see you out back.
    Might want to wear a cup.

  • Sandman 123
    Sandman 123 Month ago

    Samantha bee doesn't like Biden we can tell she rather wants a women

  • Sandman 123
    Sandman 123 Month ago

    Biden 2020

  • Students for a Democratic Society- College of Charleston

    It doesn't make sense that Sam uses polling of Democratic voters to make a case for electability in the general election. That doesn't prove her point, at all. Furthermore, maybe the male candidates have lost elections and the female candidates haven't, but Kamala Harris won in California and Beto O'Rourke almost won in Texas so Beto may have a better argument for winning the voters needed to swing the electoral college which is weighted toward Middle-America. Both Beto and Kamala can win California but Kamala may not have a dim chance in Texas. The question people have about electability is whether the winner of the primaries can win the general election and Sam does not address that issue. The arguments she makes do not logically lead to her conclusion.

  • Joseph Youdontneedtoknowmylastnameski

    Joe Biden looks like he died two years ago, but, no one told him.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    I think Biden is one of the worst candidates in the race right now, but saying that he is being hailed as “most electable” because he is a white man is a bit odd. There’s like 14 other white male candidates right now. There are definite biases in here, but let’s not kid ourselves as to why Biden is so “electable.” 1, Obama associations; 2, more moderate than most + appealing to all the older voters or semi moderate independents + farther left voters will line up behind him if he’s the nominee
    Don’t link all the women either. Gillibrand is even worse than Biden. Warren is amazing. They’re not equal

  • Nat Evans
    Nat Evans Month ago

    Media needs to change 😑

  • Constant Chaos
    Constant Chaos Month ago

    God I cant stand Biden

  • Parris Price
    Parris Price Month ago +2

    I like Mayor Pete, as an independent,I'll vote for whoever gets the nomination,but Pete speaks very intelligently,has public office experience, and a veteran,thanks for your service n good luck

  • Nimesh Patel
    Nimesh Patel Month ago

    I like how corporate media (like Samantha Bee) is in complete support for Joe Biden.

  • Harry S. Plinkett
    Harry S. Plinkett Month ago

    Biden might be a man, but all these women are just more of the same: corporatists, servents to the Military Industrial Complex and/or Wall Street.
    You want a real female leader? Take a look at Tulsi Gabbard, who I couldn’t help but notice you gave zero coverage because you’re also part of the problem.
    Tulsi/Bernie/Gravel 2020, take your pick. They’re the only ones fighting for the people and not corporate interests.

  • Mark Kittell
    Mark Kittell Month ago

    Well, we saw what happened in 2016 when the media shoved Hillary down everyone's throats despite the fact that she was one of the most disliked and untrusted major party candidates in history who could not even defeat one of the least qualified candidates in history. Instead of repeating that mistake, the process has to go through without interference by the media or by self-serving comedians.

  • Sitarya
    Sitarya Month ago

    Biden is all about energy, and that appeals to the electoral unconscious and it's emotional biases. If we were a rational species hiring someone for the most important job on Earth, we would choose EW, or Bernie.

  • Kanwar Ghuman
    Kanwar Ghuman Month ago

    I’ll go for buttigieg, warren, Harris, or Sanders but do not expect me to vote for Biden. The only reason I would like him is because he was Obama’s vp

  • Ashoka 79
    Ashoka 79 Month ago

    Kamala and Warren are not qualified. Neither is Biden. Trump is getting re-elected.

  • Константин Георгиев

    I really hope Pete wins

  • angel bobo
    angel bobo Month ago

    Too bad it has come down to who can beat Trump. 🤪

  • Mark Furst
    Mark Furst Month ago

    Joe, no.

  • drband36
    drband36 Month ago +1

    Love your show, Sam Bee. I wish you'd included Tulsi Gabbard on your list of female candidates, though.

  • Simon Bjørndal
    Simon Bjørndal Month ago +1

    Joe: I have a great plan
    Voters: What is it
    Joe: I can't tell you that now, you have to elect me first
    Voters: .. but how can we know you have a plan?
    Joe: Of course I have a plan...
    Voters: Ok, how about you tell us the first part of the plan so that we know you have one

  • Dane' Douglas
    Dane' Douglas Month ago

    News Flash: You missed the whole point of this skit.....Woman are Electable so stop giving men extra coverage

  • RainbowEagle
    RainbowEagle Month ago

    If it has to be a man let it be Bernie or Pete.

  • Slaves Forging
    Slaves Forging Month ago

    The only way to throw your vote away is to not vote for the person you want. so long as we keep doing this, both parties will keep giving us progressively worse candidates. because, obviously, they can. look in the mirror if we want someone to blame.

  • Aleksandra G.
    Aleksandra G. Month ago +1

    Read my lips, Bee:
    No. Matter. How. Many. Times. You. Play. Identity. Politics. I. Still. Won't. Vote. On. It. Nor. Will. The. Majority.
    I don't care which candidate has the same ladybits as me. I care which will best ensure mine and many future lady and manbits will survive.

  • TheSkyHazCloudz
    TheSkyHazCloudz Month ago

    Look, I just want someone who will get Trump out of office. If that's Biden, cool. If that's someone else, cool. I just want to return to a normal news cycle and not one where a new, catastrophic story breaks every couple of hours.

  • Shannon Ulmen
    Shannon Ulmen Month ago +1

    ‘It’s always white men’ funny I don’t remember the media arguing we can’t have Hillary because Bernie’s more electable in 2016

  • Omer Mohamed
    Omer Mohamed Month ago

    Anything to not talk about Bernie!! Typical mainstream media
    < Unlikes

  • primordialdreamsong

    Please, please don't bring down/rag on anyone who could possibly beat Trump. No matter his or her problems, he/she will be better than what we've got.

  • Mike Cziraky
    Mike Cziraky Month ago

    If you still believe in polls. I’m sorry

  • BlackEpyon
    BlackEpyon Month ago

    Somehow, America managed to select the worse of two evils last election. This time, I don't care if he's perfect, I'd just like to see an improvement over Herr Drumpf.

  • Jacob S
    Jacob S Month ago +1

    Nah I'll take Bernie Sanders or Tulsi Gabbard.

  • Ulyssess
    Ulyssess Month ago

    The thing is that Gillibrand and Harris are both already bought up by Wall Street. It doesn't matter they're females, they're both corrupt. Warren is the real hope, and her background backs her up. Sanders is the only one whose background supports his platform. Biden has a long baggage ranging from mass incarceration policies he championed till the latest scandal in Ukrania that involves his son Hunter profiting from corrupting maneuvers. He's no candidate! Sanders is our champion!

  • Eric Brinkman
    Eric Brinkman Month ago +1

    I'm not super worried about all the media love for Biden, because he's not a good debater. He is going to get destroyed as soon as he has to debate ANY of the other democratic candidates.

    That said SB's point about the Biden hogging the media attention is a real problem. If Jeb had continued to hog the media attention aware from Drumpf, he probably wouldn't be president. He got (and continues to get) billions of dollars of free coverage from the media. So all that free airtime that good ol' uncle Joe is getting to describe cartoons is hurting us in the sense that they could be using that airtime to cover policy, which is how a Dem will actually defeat Drumpf in an election.