This Week in Sportsball: NFL Week One Edition (2019)

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
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    The smell in the air... it's the poignant aroma of the pigskin. Football season is once again upon us. The misery and unwarranted joy of all 31 fanbases will be on display. This first week brings many emotions: The start of something new, a clean slate, burgeoning hope. The canvas is clean and all they have to do is play games.
    What ended up happening this week? This video will show you what... somewhat, anyway.
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  • Kevin Spell
    Kevin Spell 20 days ago

    What is the sound effect for the butt fumble detector?

  • john SmitH
    john SmitH 26 days ago

    Shoulda had the centre not snapping it

  • nick andrew
    nick andrew 26 days ago +1

    The Pittsburgh reaction to the Pats banner reveal - hahahahahaha 10:58

  • Michael Warren
    Michael Warren 27 days ago

    Only UT can use "Vesti la Giubba" in a video about the NFL and have it work.

  • Thomas#4812thmanfan Alpha And Omega

    11:01 basically Steelers fans so far this season in a nutshell

  • Ethan Dawkster
    Ethan Dawkster Month ago

    John Ross III played for Washing, so I couldn't even be mad at him

  • Boromir Of Gondor
    Boromir Of Gondor Month ago

    I pretty much cried laughing during the opening *prayer*

  • rAndoM doGma
    rAndoM doGma Month ago

    Great, now i gotta watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

  • Jay Lew
    Jay Lew Month ago

    Lolol 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 I applaud the use of the southpark episode where the Japanese kill whhayuus and dophhhiinnss even though they were just taking the blame for coows and chickuuns

  • Ryan Yeager
    Ryan Yeager Month ago

    Mighty football god,s please help the Steelers they need help come on do you really want to see Baltimore or Cleveland win the AFC North no so please Mighty football God's help the Steelers.

  • jyre Heffron
    jyre Heffron Month ago

    OMG....!!!! Dude the aria during Dolphins lowlights? pure genius... Love your vicious wit... bravo!

  • herrrd
    herrrd Month ago

    We need Week 2!

  • LeafsFanYT 3434
    LeafsFanYT 3434 Month ago

    Bring back the old intro

  • Ditch 79
    Ditch 79 Month ago +1

    Tank Bowl!!!!

  • Volume_ 31six
    Volume_ 31six Month ago

    I love how I’m the bengals game. His arm is moving forward and the ball passes the line of scrimmage. But in the saints game the rams Qb had his arm all the way back and the ball stayed behind the line of scrimmage but they ruled it an incomplete pass after cam Jordan picked it up and ran for a td

  • Ed Young
    Ed Young Month ago

    Fu*k you dolphin and fu*k you whale

  • Brent Granger
    Brent Granger Month ago

    I love the "Buttfumble Detector," and I'm looking forward to seeing it go off again massively after last night's Monday night disaster. Where is the Buffalo optimism meter, though?

  • Anton McCloskey
    Anton McCloskey Month ago

    Trees opinion for the NFL standings:
    NFC North:
    Packers: 1-0
    Bears: 0-1
    Vikings: 1-0
    Lions: 0-1
    AFC North:
    Ravens: 1-0
    Browns: 0-1
    Bengals: 0-1
    Steelers: 0-1
    AFC East:
    Patriots: 1-0
    Dolphins: Wants '72 back
    Jets: 0-1
    Bills: 1-0
    NFC South:
    Falcons: 0-1
    Panthers: 0-1
    Buccaneers: 0-1
    Saints 1-0
    Saints Defense: 0-1

    NFC East:
    Eagles: 0-1
    Redskins: 0-1
    Cowboys: 1-0
    Giants: 0-1
    NFC West:
    49ers: 1-0
    Rams: 1-0
    Seahawks: 1-0
    Cardinals: 0-1
    AFC West:
    Chiefs: 1-0
    Chargers: 1-0
    Raiders: 1-0
    Broncos: 0-1
    AFC South:
    Jaguars: 0-1
    Titans: 1-0
    Texans: 1-0
    Jaguars: 0-1

  • TurtLe Comic Reviews

    I feel for the falcons ryan and julio. Great players that deserve a bowl but whole team cant hold it together.

  • 6footsniper
    6footsniper Month ago

    There’s a glorious yinzer scream at 11:00 your welcome

  • The Patriots
    The Patriots Month ago +3

    May urinatingtree narration will lead football seasons to new age of wonders and majestic era. Amen

  • XCrunner503
    XCrunner503 Month ago +4

    If the bears continue to be inconsistent on offense, perhaps the title “Chicago dumpster fire” could be their title of the section

  • meme kid
    meme kid Month ago

    Liked the intro tree

  • dogbert102010
    dogbert102010 Month ago

    Oh man bolt the windows and lock the medicine chests at the Yinzer household. Captain fat fuck is done for the year and the only thing the Dolphins did right sunday was accidentally ice New England's kicker on a meaningless extra point. Go Penguins!

  • Comptonkid
    Comptonkid Month ago

    “I want to die, that is all”

  • aroperdope
    aroperdope Month ago

    Brian head coaching career

  • Jose
    Jose Month ago

    Let’s go dolphins 0-16 season

  • Shawn Lopez
    Shawn Lopez Month ago


  • Luke Phillips
    Luke Phillips Month ago

    "What they did against the vikings makes minnesota look a ruthless pillager against a defenseless saxonville village." Mate u messed up there

  • ass Hat
    ass Hat Month ago

    4:49 ya you need not say that . You know that's a racial slur for African Americans .

  • The Last Pikachu
    The Last Pikachu Month ago

    Ah the time of the year when Tree forgets about every other sport to focus on the most boring professional league in North America. Can't wait.

  • BSanity
    BSanity Month ago

    Oh boy lost 2 starters already, what a time to be a Redskins fan once again...

  • sanbell
    sanbell Month ago

    I hope the Butt Fumble Smoke Detector remains a thing.

    • eiji niizuma
      eiji niizuma Month ago

      the jets play NE next week so it should be sounding on every play

  • Billy Trespassers
    Billy Trespassers Month ago

    Haha I love the old school Command and Conquer screams.

  • JumpmanGaming
    JumpmanGaming Month ago

    This dude needs to suck some cock

  • 49erfaithful
    49erfaithful Month ago +1


  • Lou Hodo
    Lou Hodo Month ago

    So..... Can we get a team that has a secondary?

  • wymario
    wymario Month ago

    Is that a picture of the Seahawks' Super Bowl win for the title card?
    As a Hawks fan I give you two thumbs up for that.

  • YouLoveDomo
    YouLoveDomo Month ago

    The "Unit lost" messed my head up cause I was playing RA and i thought i was losing units somewhere on the map

  • Dorito Chip Gamer
    Dorito Chip Gamer Month ago

    That intro tho

  • Michael White
    Michael White Month ago

    Did the prayer really have to be for disappointment,I’m a Titans fan I’m used to it

    • Michael White
      Michael White Month ago +1

      eiji niizuma yeah thanks for reminding me. That game was really 85% Mariota and the rest was horrible playcall. The rest was tackling and refs in the first half.

    • eiji niizuma
      eiji niizuma Month ago

      and you lost a game to the brisket today

  • Irock124
    Irock124 Month ago

    Katrina jokes. Nice. Got anything else original for us, Carlos Mencia?

  • chris Thordsen
    chris Thordsen Month ago

    The Butt Fumble Detector detects missing the extra point/field goal, losing a player to injury, sloppy defense and blowing a 16-0 lead to the Bills

  • Jay Lanz
    Jay Lanz Month ago

    For the love of god do the leafs.

  • David Maritnez
    David Maritnez Month ago

    I honestly don’t need to watch highlights or sportscasts to catch up on games I missed when I have this channel

  • qazwsxedc rfvtgbyhnujmikolp

    tbh im just glad my vikings did not choke against atlanta, finally we beat a good team

  • HitomiNoRyu
    HitomiNoRyu Month ago

    Me before Week 1 as an Eagles fan: Even if the Eagles will suck this year, at least we have a backup plan of cheering for Big Dick Nick's quarterback career!
    Me after Week 1: .......FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!

  • JESUS Christ
    JESUS Christ Month ago

    F for Jimmy smith

  • Colm Doyle
    Colm Doyle Month ago

    Props for all the Command & Conquer sounds!

  • Adrian Arevalo
    Adrian Arevalo Month ago

    I don't know if he knew this but shitskin is a racist slur and when he said it i was dying laughing

  • The Wysterian Lord
    The Wysterian Lord Month ago

    The Chargers are the best team that plays in Dignity Health and its not even their stadium. Galaxy is such a shit tean

  • Mayflower train spook

    I didn’t even notice the Garo footage at first lol

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris Month ago

    it’s always rough when you hear a “Unit Lost” in week one :(

  • Logan Konrade
    Logan Konrade Month ago

    lol people still think Tyreek Hill did something wrong? he didn't do a thing to his son. but let's collectively agree someone is bad because of out of context audio recordings

  • Mac 11
    Mac 11 Month ago

    no one in Houston blames the six sacks on DeShaun Watson. unlike indie, we traded 2 first round picks for laremy tunsil and drafted offensive lineman because we are trying to protect DeShaun Watson. an offensive line isn't something you can just shit overnight. I think you play too much Madden. Oh and Romeo is in charge of the defense. His logic was probably to play back a little bit and don't allow them to get in easy field goal range. 58 yards is NOT field goal range. The guy made a hell of a kick in a dome stadium but don't act like you would bet money that he could make that consistently.

  • jar nuggs
    jar nuggs Month ago


  • ArlanKels
    ArlanKels Month ago

    who would've thought the steelers would lose to a top tier team that literally just got told the entire playbook and habits of their opponent.

  • Darius Lynard
    Darius Lynard Month ago

    Tree you never cease to murder it with the choice of sound effects.

  • Krishna Widardjo
    Krishna Widardjo Month ago

    What funny is he really sounds genuinely praying to the Football Gods

  • NAL Lopez
    NAL Lopez Month ago

    We prey to the football gods to give us a good and entertaining season.
    Football Gods: AB going to the patriots, expect a perfect season from them and a pointless season for you.