I Love My Dad's Best Friend But He Has A Dirty Secret

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019
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    Hi! Are you ready to hear a shocking story? Well, I'm about to tell you one. Although, you might just simply laugh at me when I finish… So, my name is Maxine, I'm seventeen, and I'm going to the college in my hometown after graduation: no need to move far away from home, furthermore, my father is a professor there.
    My father plays a very important part in my story. And I love him very much, regardless of everything that happened. That’s why I want you to get to know him better. He is a handsome man in his early forties. With an excellent sense of humor and a very sweet disposition.

    Five years ago he and my mother got divorced. More often, children stay with their mother after their parents split, but not in my case. My mother had a serious problem with alcohol, which started almost right after I was born. My father tried to fight her habit for more than ten years… for my sake, I guess. But when I grew up I told him that it would probably be better if we lived together, just the two of us. The rest was simple. So it goes.
    Many people think that divorce is something bad. I don’t know. I watched it all happen and it seemed to me that my father was breathing freely for the first time in my life! Of course, a couple of years later his friends and I started to jokingly tease him that he needed to find a girlfriend. But he would just smile and laugh it off, replying that he had all he needed in his life.
    And you know, it did seem like it! His life was always full and interesting. He likes to go to the theater, he never misses a good art exhibition, and he snowboards. In addition to all that, he spends a lot of time with me and we enjoy hanging out together a lot.
    But I don't like to snowboard or ski, so usually he'd go to the mountains alone. And approximately one year ago he met John on a ski slope. Despite the fact that John was about fifteen years younger than my father and he was not in any way connected to teaching (he was a web designer), they quickly became good friends - joined at the hip, as they say. And I understood why about five minutes after I met John! They were so much alike - both in their looks and their personalities, with their habit of finding a way to turn everything into a joke, and the fact that they never get down.
    I liked John a lot. And I enjoyed the fact that he began to visit us very often. We had a huge house anyway, where there was enough room for everybody so it never caused any inconvenience. On the contrary actually, it was much more lively when John was around.
    A few months passed and I could not imagine our life without John. He loved theater almost as much my father and I did, he helped me with my Spanish, he helped my father with his library research, he played with our dog, who seemed to simply adore him.
    And you know, I was nothing but happy when my father told me, in his usual joking manner, that John visited us so often that it would be better and smarter if he just moved in and lived with us, instead of paying somebody else for an apartment somewhere else.
    And that was the story of how John moved in with us. And to see him at home, with all of us creating a small crowd in the kitchen while cooking breakfast, teasing each other, arguing about who's next to go food-shopping… and finally just going together…
    I have no idea at what exact moment I fell in love with him.
    I told you, I'm seventeen. And all of this had nothing to do with a little-girl-falling-in-love-with-Daddy’s-old-man-friend nonsense. Well, at least I didn’t think so. Anyway, I couldn’t find any reason why John and I couldn't be together. We got along really well and he was so much like my father, who was, in turn, an ideal of a man for me… and John was ALREADY like a part of our family.
    There was only one problem - I could not figure out how he felt about me. He told me nice and flattering things pretty often, he never avoided my company… but that was all. So I decided that he must be very well-mannered and therefore just didn't know how to behave in any other way with the young daughter of his best friend. And for me, it really only added more points to his charismatic personality. So nothing held me back from dreaming that if he liked me too, I could have a chance to marry the best man in the world!
    So there was just one little thing that remained, to work up the courage and clear things up. Well, fortune favors the brave! I couldn’t have picked a better moment! My dad was gone for two days with his students and John and I were left alone...

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  • unknown
    unknown 2 hours ago

    Ewwww couple 😂😂😂😂

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  • Monts V.
    Monts V. 7 hours ago

    Girl, I feel like I would have done the same...

  • Victoria Steglinska
    Victoria Steglinska 7 hours ago

    How did I know that they will be together 😂😂😂

  • The Gaming Nerd :3
    The Gaming Nerd :3 8 hours ago

    My mother’s grandson is actually my biological dad

  • TTGang_ 4l
    TTGang_ 4l 9 hours ago

    Well... That story took a huge turn... 😳😶

  • جـود العـنـزي.

    I didn’t even thought about it

  • I Zombie
    I Zombie 10 hours ago

    I thought so

  • Chasethedogg Ford
    Chasethedogg Ford 13 hours ago +1

    I was chanting I knew it at they end

  • Carrie & Leo Marsh
    Carrie & Leo Marsh 15 hours ago

    I respect your Dad's

  • Kashaf Siddiqui
    Kashaf Siddiqui 17 hours ago

    "A little girl falling in love with daddy's old man friend nonsense"😃

  • napi napi
    napi napi 20 hours ago

    Im expecting that kind of surprise

  • Meh Heh
    Meh Heh Day ago

    oh honey i'm so sorry LOL

  • KittyCatWolf
    KittyCatWolf Day ago

    i thought john was going to be with the alcoholic

  • Zahraali Ali
    Zahraali Ali Day ago

    You re strong you can cantrol yourself, you can solve your every problems

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  • Kayla Rae
    Kayla Rae Day ago

    My parents are divorced and I live with my dad too

  • Kero Balandra
    Kero Balandra Day ago

    My mom and dad divorced and I live with my dad I'm planing to go with my mom but I'm really close to my dad and I did not want to leave him and I'm still thinking and stressed. one like = one less stress to me

  • Pokémon Gamer
    Pokémon Gamer Day ago

    Maxine what I fine girl
    What a good wife you would be
    But my life my love and my lady are at sea
    That song is called brandy you’re a fine girl btw

  • Maxine Hernandez

    My name is maxine to

  • Gallagher Moore
    Gallagher Moore Day ago

    I knew he was gay, but hey that’s not wrong

  • Bella videos
    Bella videos Day ago

    When that twist came into this story I swear my jaw dropped and I looked like John when she said she liked him

  • Marie Navarro
    Marie Navarro Day ago +1

    I didn’t suspect anything in till he moved in....

  • Shamil Mohamed
    Shamil Mohamed Day ago

    I knew her father was Gay from the beginning ,Who else?

  • Animathyst
    Animathyst Day ago +1

    HKhAI. Do you wanna hear a shocking storyi?
    Ok that start tho

  • Mr. Savage Art
    Mr. Savage Art Day ago

    Her name should have been Brandy (70s music is great)

  • Rose Chan
    Rose Chan Day ago

    Most ideal guys are either taken or is gay or had gone to extinction

    RYN LZR Day ago

    Is it just me or does her dad look like Dr strange

  • Taylor Watson
    Taylor Watson Day ago +1

    I KNEW he was gay!

  • Sha'naenae Fries

    I saw it coming !😂💀

  • PieceOfChelsea
    PieceOfChelsea Day ago

    Gay gay

  • Stacie Ball
    Stacie Ball Day ago

    As soon I saw he met a guy I said, “Well I can see where this is headed.” People can be oblivious to things a lot of other ppl can see. He is a great guy who made her dad happy. It’s not uncommon for a teen to see things differently, especially bc her dad was married to a woman and had her. A lot of ppl assume just bc a man was married to a woman that neither of them could be homosexual, when in reality it’s not that uncommon. I know a lot of ppl who divorced so they could stop lying to themselves and others and then found their soul mates. (Sadly tho, sometimes they found that person while they were still married. The principal of my previous school, for ex, had a husband who left her for another man. She was devastated and became a man-hater. She actually advised a few ppl to leave their husbands over issues that were clearly not divorce-worthy. Like, she became nuts but then found the right man and fell in love thankfully. And a coworker’s dad left her mom for a man. I had known her parents for a long time, so I was very surprised. I’m going to side step here for a moment: Turns out her sister is also gay. There is a long-time family friend who had a son from his first marriage. That son is gay. Then he had a daughter from his second marriage who is also gay. So now I’m convinced that it can be hereditary just like any other traits, which to me is strong evidence for anti-gay ppl that it is something you are born with. Some ppl fight it, but the ❤️ is controlled by the 🧠 both literally and figuratively.
    Geez, I just went on an on! Sorry this got so long. On second thought, I’m not sorry. I love to write, and I had some things to say that might help someone here feel better. You never know. If you made it this far, thank you for reading! Have a great day! 😋

  • Mk_ Adamz
    Mk_ Adamz Day ago

    These ACTUALLY HAPPENED stories r getting out of hand

  • Kenndi Torres
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  • Cookie Guzman
    Cookie Guzman 2 days ago

    I used to like my manager I thought he was so fine & he ended up being gay

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  • Life_as_we_know_it
    Life_as_we_know_it 2 days ago

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    MEEP MAP 2 days ago


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    Jess Wolski 2 days ago

    I wasn't expecting him to be gay from the title, but I did after she introduced the friend/boyfriend.

  • ChelseaDreamBig
    ChelseaDreamBig 2 days ago

    I bet he’s gay

  • Catarina Carvalho
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  • Unicornplayz 24
    Unicornplayz 24 2 days ago +4

    This would be my reaction
    Me: I like you
    John: Im uh.... im dating your dad kid

  • koko black
    koko black 2 days ago

    It was so evident that there wasn't need to finish your story!

  • MongGoals Squad
    MongGoals Squad 2 days ago

    I KNEW IT!

  • blawblawkitty
    blawblawkitty 2 days ago

    To all the comments saying the dad is gay... have you considered he may be bi/pansexual? Just a thought 🤗

  • Bailey Cannon
    Bailey Cannon 2 days ago

    Hello my name is Bailey, and I would like to tell you a story from my childhood!

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  • Lorraine's Moonlight
    Lorraine's Moonlight 2 days ago +1


    me thinking: Brandy you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be, but my life, my lover, my "lady" is- your dad.

  • Shannon Lee Bryant
    Shannon Lee Bryant 2 days ago

    Wow I didn't realize he was gay in the beginning!!!

  • A piece Of pie
    A piece Of pie 2 days ago

    Her 40 something year old dad is dating a 15 year old boy.... I support but like my biggest pet peeve is when someone says someone like 15+ years older than them. :/

  • Lillie Martinez
    Lillie Martinez 2 days ago

    My parents divorce too😢

  • Potato
    Potato 2 days ago +1

    When he said I thought you knew that I and your father were a couple i went to 😌 to 😳😂

  • Marianasstudy Studies

    I remembered Monica and Richard at friends, and you?

  • Prospitdaydreamer
    Prospitdaydreamer 2 days ago +1

    First off, I wouldn’t say that him being gay was a dirty secret. In fact thats pretty homophobic....
    But besides that, quite Freudian to fall in love with someone just like your dad, while admitting...it was cause he was just like your dad...?

  • Loser_wolfs
    Loser_wolfs 2 days ago

    So sad

  • Amelka.jakubowska2005

    The gay ones are always the pretiest...

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  • Craggsy's Creed
    Craggsy's Creed 2 days ago

    6:36: Eh, he he. Wait, that better be a reference to Brandy, You're a Fine Girl, or else I just sound like a mad man

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    2:27 to 2:29 Roblox logo

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