Taste Hawaii’s Famous Mochi

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Japan’s favorite, mochi, has become a Hawaii treat-at least in Nora Uchida's kitchen. Uchida, a third-generation Japanese-American living in Hilo, Hawaii, inherited her grandmother's mochi recipe and evolved it to include the colors and eclectic tastes of her beloved state. For the past 25 years, she and her family have owned and operated Hilo's last mochi storefront, Two Ladies Kitchen. If you can beat the line running out the door on weekends, you're in for a delicious, only-in-Hawaii treat.
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  • Zargvb
    Zargvb Day ago

    ive tried mini mochi in hawaii and it was DELICIOUS

  • Aiden  Lee
    Aiden Lee 2 days ago

    This channel needs more subs it deserves more

  • Cristiana Longo
    Cristiana Longo 2 days ago

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  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago

    Katakuri was born here

  • Sarah Farron
    Sarah Farron 7 days ago

    We need this in the states and Canada yum!

  • Lilia Nuesca
    Lilia Nuesca 7 days ago

    I also live in Hilo, Hawaii!!! I go there once every two weeks to get a whole batch of different flavors😍😍

  • cathy dominique
    cathy dominique 7 days ago

    This is very inspiring

  • Rachel Queen
    Rachel Queen 9 days ago

    I wanna try so bad:'-(

  • Valerie Salmeron
    Valerie Salmeron 9 days ago

    You mean Jimin?

  • Fade Nickel
    Fade Nickel 10 days ago

    Mochi is love

  • Infires man jiang jiang man genius suga

    Do they have any jam flavoured mochis?

  • Divyam Narayan
    Divyam Narayan 11 days ago

    katakuri approves

  • Viell Duran
    Viell Duran 11 days ago


    • Viell Duran
      Viell Duran 11 days ago

      BTW im Filipino but born in Oahu,Honululu

  • Maxwell Kattner
    Maxwell Kattner 12 days ago

    Which Island is this on?

  • NaySel
    NaySel 12 days ago

    It is beautiful to see that everyone of those people who is in your videos has his own kind of the happiness. Thank you very much!

  • Jacob Estrada
    Jacob Estrada 13 days ago

    Katakuri :]

  • Marco L
    Marco L 13 days ago


  • kreigthepsycho
    kreigthepsycho 13 days ago

    Ironic how the people of hawaii make a good living from food that’s been invented by the ones that bombed them years ago

  • RagnarøsFireLørd Fridenbergs

    Shoutout to my boy, Oil Rig at 0:58

  • achanwahn
    achanwahn 15 days ago

    Marshmallow mochi?!!!
    Omg... 🖒😍
    Yes please!

  • loolya3
    loolya3 15 days ago

    when her parents are at the age of 90 and they can still cook and work well that should be no excuse for anyone who is younger than them not to work

  • Daian Moi
    Daian Moi 18 days ago

    Do they do deliveries to the mainland?!

  • haneul하늘
    haneul하늘 18 days ago

    it looks delicious :)

  • David Carbon
    David Carbon 19 days ago

    I live right next to this spot..I'm going to visit this place soon

    AFENI KOLONE 20 days ago

    I live in hawaii but in oahu

  • izac ._
    izac ._ 20 days ago

    They looked so delicious! 🤤

  • Taiga M
    Taiga M 21 day ago

    the mochi with the strawberry is deadass just strawberry daifuku lol its not very hawaiian.... regardless this video was cute as hell i love how important her craft is to her and how her whole family helps her out

  • Lorenzo Maldonado
    Lorenzo Maldonado 21 day ago

    I can relate a lot to this story having family moved to Wisconsin from puerto rico for working in the construction and car industry in the 80s

  • Zoe Sofhia Crystal Ford

    mochi 😍😍 my favorite

  • shilstarpop31
    shilstarpop31 21 day ago

    if this wasnt the most beautiful thing

  • Vincent Mac
    Vincent Mac 22 days ago

    You plagiarist.

  • Jimmy rui
    Jimmy rui 22 days ago


  • Ninna Erika
    Ninna Erika 22 days ago


  • 私の愛です大
    私の愛です大 26 days ago

    Aw, i’d just love me some mochi, Jimins such a cutie..

  • glitter cake
    glitter cake 26 days ago

    Great video!!!

  • Kawaii De La Torre
    Kawaii De La Torre 27 days ago +1

    mochi ice cream flavor mango will always be my favorite

  • Gracie Adams
    Gracie Adams 28 days ago

    I love mochi I have some in my freezer right now

  • SouthenerATheart 500
    SouthenerATheart 500 28 days ago +1

    Ice cream MOCHI is the only MOCHI!

  • SouthenerATheart 500
    SouthenerATheart 500 28 days ago +1

    What about ICE CREAM MOCHI?!

  • Heather ShadowSlayer
    Heather ShadowSlayer 28 days ago


    Park Jimin

  • Fennecfoxfanatic
    Fennecfoxfanatic 29 days ago

    I want some so bad!

  • Graveeti
    Graveeti 29 days ago

    Gimme that persimmon mochi

  • বিনায়ক দামোদর সাভারকর

    Japanese people are best in the world..they have no hatters for reason

  • GuffaCake
    GuffaCake 29 days ago

    I have never had mochi before but I desperately want to try it

  • Jason Cheers
    Jason Cheers Month ago

    I’m scrolling the comments sections to look for any stereotypical or racist statements towards Japanese and Hawaiians, like myself☺️

  • jimine sassafras owo

    jimin eek
    FYI: 1. not a koreaboo
    2. jimin is a mochi thank you very much
    3. all yall need to stop being triggered over someone just pointing out a nick name for a kpop idol
    so STOB IT (I spelled it that way on purpose)

  • Michelle Djohanli
    Michelle Djohanli Month ago

    Nice mochi!! My guama (grandmother from mother side) often made mochi when she was younger, and when I was a kid. She is now 90 years old. So she is retired now. She usually made it with the soft crushed peanut mixed with sugars for the stuffed. My guama was adopted from said from China, Southern China, in Fujian. So I always thought that I was pure Chinese. But once I am adult, and migrated to AU, I took dna test, and was surprised because my dna highest pool is from Guam, and Hawaii, East Asian. I hope all the Japanese people and Chinese and Filipino, and European and Polynesian etc, there can live peacefully, happily and securely, and blessed in everything with all others as well in all other states in USA. My prayers for all of you including my country now, Australia. I wish I can also go back to my father's land, in Hawaii, and USA, with no any difficulties, so I can share my time comfortably between USA and AU.

  • M I T C H E L L
    M I T C H E L L Month ago

    I've never tasted it before

  • Thatonefilmmaker
    Thatonefilmmaker Month ago

    I'm suprised I haven't seen any edgy pearl harbor jokes here.

    Good job internet.

  • frostyblade 88
    frostyblade 88 Month ago

    I wonder how these guys are after the volcano erupted

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    ipiesings Month ago

    i got emotional over mochi

  • Yoongi's lamb skewer

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    Looks so beautiful and delicious....

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    jueleen tamang Month ago

    this video is so well edited and I want to visit Hawaii now 😍😍

  • Maya Surbeck
    Maya Surbeck Month ago

    I hate when people only think of mochi as the ice cream mochi I’m like “ NO it’s not real mochi!”

  • luna moon
    luna moon Month ago

    idk but whenever she says mochi, i heard jimin.. lmao

  • ItzSuSu
    ItzSuSu Month ago +1

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  • WangKong
    WangKong Month ago

    Watching this because the closest Mochi is so dang expensive. I want some so bad

  • sugaredd
    sugaredd Month ago

    mochi is so so nice. . . i used to hate it at first but then i gave it another try! i especially LOVE mochi w/ fresh fruit

  • prodxlou
    prodxlou Month ago

    why am i crying at the club rn

  • Kookoo's Fake Love
    Kookoo's Fake Love Month ago +12

    Gimme some of dat _MOCHI_

    • Lilia Nuesca
      Lilia Nuesca 7 days ago +1

      Kookoo's Fake Love yaasss arrmmyyyy😆😆😆 Jimin Mochi😂

  • Tear Ly
    Tear Ly Month ago

    Watching this makes me want to go to the mochi shop in my city...the fresh strawberry inside the mochi is super yummy and refreshing. The one in my city also makes ice cream mochi as well...perfect for the recent weather.

  • Flora Hung
    Flora Hung Month ago

    The only reason Hawaii has all these Japanese traditions and people is because of the Second World War when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour

    • Akamai Pineapple
      Akamai Pineapple 15 days ago

      Ummmmm no, it's because when America took over Hawaii they used the land for plantations and sent contracts to places like Japan, china, the Philippines etc and Hawaii isn't just Japanese it is a mixture of all cultures from the former plantation workers like buttermochi which was suspected to be from Japanese and Filipino cultures

  • Sergio Cisneros
    Sergio Cisneros Month ago

    Isn’t the volcano on Hawai’i violently erupting

  • keersten dewitt
    keersten dewitt Month ago

    Yes Mochi is love

  • Melody Vivas
    Melody Vivas Month ago +2

    Jimin? 🤔

  • LanaMai :D
    LanaMai :D Month ago

    I prefer mocha filled with icecream but I guess mocha filled with bean is more traditional.

  • Gita
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    What an amazing channel

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    Candy Lime Month ago

    Oh gawd..i thought trader joes only made good mochis

    • Akamai Pineapple
      Akamai Pineapple 15 days ago

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  • Lutfianna Dewi
    Lutfianna Dewi Month ago

    I love how she answers her calling to make not only mochi, but beautiful and meaningful ones ❤

  • Silver Chopsticks
    Silver Chopsticks Month ago

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    My false teeth would stick together if I ate these. I would however have a massive smile on my face 😋

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    Carlos Jiang Month ago

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  • HouitsNevaeh 808
    HouitsNevaeh 808 Month ago

    I LOVE TWO LADIES KITCHEN🤤🤤 only true locals know wassap

  • Richelle Villaruel
    Richelle Villaruel Month ago

    I’m so proud to be a Hawaiian

  • Eureese Gaming
    Eureese Gaming Month ago +1

    before idk what mochi really i only know the name but iwas thinking that maybe mochi is very soft,jiggily,yummy turns out im right... 😅

  • Doug Lemmikey
    Doug Lemmikey Month ago

    I've been all over this great big, beautiful world, and there is no place like Hilo, Hawaii.

  • Sum ugly Fucker
    Sum ugly Fucker Month ago

    I can say that Mochi is very popular down here in Hawaii.

  • Whatismyname
    Whatismyname Month ago

    Its not fucking made with rice flour

  • Missprivina xoxoxo
    Missprivina xoxoxo Month ago


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    Ashley Duchac Month ago

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  • Naian Paints DarkHeart .Jekyll on Hangouts.

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    XXXJIMINXXXff Month ago


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    Ci Silver Month ago

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    jaimie deziel Month ago

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