Taste Hawaii’s Famous Mochi

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Japan’s favorite, mochi, has become a Hawaii treat-at least in Nora Uchida's kitchen. Uchida, a third-generation Japanese-American living in Hilo, Hawaii, inherited her grandmother's mochi recipe and evolved it to include the colors and eclectic tastes of her beloved state. For the past 25 years, she and her family have owned and operated Hilo's last mochi storefront, Two Ladies Kitchen. If you can beat the line running out the door on weekends, you're in for a delicious, only-in-Hawaii treat.
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  • Obed Valencia
    Obed Valencia 4 hours ago

    she sounds filipino

  • anne myronne
    anne myronne 11 hours ago


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  • Jin's Windshield Wiper Laugh

    I want a mochi now T^T

  • Blitheko Plays
    Blitheko Plays 2 days ago

    The family looks so happy and it made me happy 😊

  • Stiles Kuchiki
    Stiles Kuchiki 2 days ago

    Mann, I wanna try.

  • Nicola Reiss
    Nicola Reiss 2 days ago

    Feeling so homesick for Hilo!

  • Annette Fujii
    Annette Fujii 2 days ago

    Mochi is your calling. Yay for you, Nora!

  • Chloe Young
    Chloe Young 2 days ago

    How about the manju?

  • Phillip Leong
    Phillip Leong 2 days ago

    Wait, what? They have snow in Hawaii??

  • Lorentube and Friends!

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  • Just Me
    Just Me 3 days ago

    I read that as Taiwan

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  • Pacific/Atlantic boi

    I kind of like mochi

  • Pol Revert Loosveldt
    Pol Revert Loosveldt 3 days ago +1

    Katakuri would beat the shit out of y all

  • Kerry Li
    Kerry Li 3 days ago

    Good thing she keeps her family tradition or there'll be no Mochi in Hawaii. Thanks for posting this sweet video.

  • Odith Hohm
    Odith Hohm 3 days ago

    please pass it down to me making mochi is really hard

  • SushiSenpai
    SushiSenpai 3 days ago


  • Julia Smith
    Julia Smith 4 days ago

    I wish I could try some!

  • Kakeru Tokyo
    Kakeru Tokyo 4 days ago

    As a Japanese,
    I truly wanna try Hawaiian Mochi(≧∇≦)
    Next time I visit there, I’d try it!

  • Kakeru Tokyo
    Kakeru Tokyo 4 days ago +1


  • Leila Dela Cruz
    Leila Dela Cruz 4 days ago

    Wtf why am I tearing up

  • Unknown Sniper
    Unknown Sniper 4 days ago

    When I was watching this vid I was hungry and went to my snake cupboard and found a box of Mochi

  • LazerGazerheroPlaysRoblox Tv

    Keep up the good work do t guve up your culture

  • Tommy Drako
    Tommy Drako 4 days ago

    this is lovely

  • hanlei
    hanlei 4 days ago


  • Michelle Santos
    Michelle Santos 4 days ago

    Wow I would love to taste those ♥

  • ericka cruz
    ericka cruz 5 days ago

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  • Cy Star
    Cy Star 5 days ago

    Lovely! ❤

  • nailbiter310
    nailbiter310 5 days ago

    I love mochi and I wish I could taste hers.

  • Lilly ghostexxxmane
    Lilly ghostexxxmane 5 days ago

    1:33 omg he is beautiful!

  • hentea _
    hentea _ 5 days ago

    omg her parents are adorable

  • Matthew Wu
    Matthew Wu 5 days ago

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    Smilla 스밀라 5 days ago

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    cherryfun _ 5 days ago

    AHHHH NOOOO! I WAS JUST AT HAWAII WHY DIDN'T I COME THERE???!!!! The mochi looks sooooo good! ❤️

  • kettle chips
    kettle chips 6 days ago

    I understand the word 'mochi' is easier to remember and more widely understood by non Japanese but did her ancestors not call it daifuku, I wonder?

  • BFF LOVE!29:)
    BFF LOVE!29:) 6 days ago


  • adamzulqZ
    adamzulqZ 6 days ago

    Omg i love grape mochi

  • anonymous pear
    anonymous pear 6 days ago

    Her voice radiates into my soul

  • Chaffery Basabe
    Chaffery Basabe 6 days ago

    Katakuri brought me here

  • tokyorosa
    tokyorosa 6 days ago

    Love this! And that young woman at the back of the group in the last shot, with flowers in her hair: Gorgeous!!

  • Jiminimized
    Jiminimized 6 days ago

    Whooooooo I went there and it was really good, somehow not as good as I expected? But thats because I just like traditional japanese mochi better. If I remember they had clementines, grapes, strawberries, taro, chocolate. Yet somehow it wasn't overly sweet. If you go I recommend getting the box of random ones because then there's a surprise inside each one as you don't know which kind you'll be getting!

  • Madie Godfrey
    Madie Godfrey 6 days ago

    Shes right. Mochi does make you feel at home🌴🌈

  • Cherry Davis
    Cherry Davis 6 days ago

    Mochi is love mochi is life

  • Gab Caguioa
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    thea quimada 6 days ago

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    AnimeSlaps 7 days ago

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    Deepanshu Sharma 7 days ago

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  • iShuffleAt Raves
    iShuffleAt Raves 7 days ago

    one small mochi she ate became her life story.. more success stories please theyre awesome!!!!

  • Hannah Zhao
    Hannah Zhao 7 days ago

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  • the edgy duckling
    the edgy duckling 7 days ago

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    SICK562CKRISS 7 days ago

    Can someone from Hawaii let me live with you? I’m a good guy. Hard worker. Friendly. Pweashhhh

  • Priscilla
    Priscilla 7 days ago

    Omg and most are vegan 😍

  • Edgar Tat
    Edgar Tat 7 days ago

    It's such a sweet little story.

  • Allison H
    Allison H 7 days ago

    these mochi look so good

  • Zoronii
    Zoronii 7 days ago

    This was a beautiful video! My ancestors were also Japanese plantation workers in Hawaii. I could relate to everything here to such a degree that it made me tear up. Different families, but very similar stories. I'm glad there are people out there with such passion for their family traditions.

  • Vanessa Williams
    Vanessa Williams 7 days ago

    I’d so love to have some of those mochi! I’m in love with Mochi! 😍💕💞

  • panerai123
    panerai123 7 days ago

    OMG I miss this..

  • Yi Jing Sabrina Tan
    Yi Jing Sabrina Tan 7 days ago

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  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina 7 days ago

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  • Laeo 9227
    Laeo 9227 8 days ago

    Wow 2 mill subs last time i was here you had 400k

  • Green Frog
    Green Frog 8 days ago +2

    I feel thankful that I live in Hawaii.

  • Era Aion
    Era Aion 8 days ago

    Hand full of them immigrate to Hawaii before the war then BAM pearl Harbor gets bombed and the Aboriginal locals are like meh "What's not my problem."

  • lCY X
    lCY X 8 days ago

    Not ganna lie, her grandpa looks fine asl 1:35

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      Lilia Nuesca 4 days ago

      Expressed WELL THEN IM SORRY FOR BEING AN ANNOYING IDIOT!! I DIDN'T MEAN TO ACTUALLY SAY ANYTHING ANNOYING BUT I DID. I GUESS EVERYONE HATES ME! I'm sorry. Im really sorry. Thx for telling me I'm annoying😁😁😁 I really appreciate it.

    • Expressed
      Expressed 4 days ago

      Lilia Nuesca no, you’re just being annoying.

    • Lilia Nuesca
      Lilia Nuesca 4 days ago

      Expressed I'm sorry, what? Im trying to be nice but I don't understand what you guys r trying to say? If I hurt you guys in any way I'm deeply sorry.

    • Expressed
      Expressed 4 days ago

      Lilia Nuesca just stop.

    • Lilia Nuesca
      Lilia Nuesca 6 days ago

      Bts aint the only kpop group in the world and I love ur account name. Yes, there is many other groups lol.

  • Potato Mochi
    Potato Mochi 8 days ago

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  • Grace Huang
    Grace Huang 8 days ago

    So I've been here without knowing this place is famous at all. WOW

  • wabisabi wabisabi
    wabisabi wabisabi 8 days ago

    The Japanese mochi chefs would be very happy about this new recipes... or upset, I don't know.

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    Alice Shen 8 days ago

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  • momomonstar
    momomonstar 10 days ago

    i remember getting a box of this wonderful stuff at the KTA store when we were on holiday on the Big Island 2016 - so excited to see the 2 ladies behind such deliciousness! Will always remember bouncing back into our car to tear into this awesome platter of mochi's... would go back to Hawaii just to have some more 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • eli yock
    eli yock 10 days ago

    I live in Hawaii and the Kochi is FANTASTIC

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  • Jesus
    Jesus 10 days ago

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    tiria dawsill 10 days ago

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  • tiria dawsill
    tiria dawsill 10 days ago

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    JayBrigs 10 days ago

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    Tash Hayley 10 days ago

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  • Video Viewer
    Video Viewer 11 days ago

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    Matt Nobrega 11 days ago

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