I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Okay! Here is the description I promised (sorry it was late)
    this is the rotary Carver I use
    And the diamond burrs
    Also, the reason I wasn't wearing the RZ Mask is they have told me it has not yet been approved for silica dust, so until then, when I carve rocks, I will be using the 3M respirator.
    Check me out on Instagram @bobbydukearts
    and the Twitters @bobbydukeart
    Love you guys :)
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  • Thelby1
    Thelby1 6 hours ago

    Very Nice work Indeed! I had no idea Harbor Freight had such tools. Looks like I need to check them out, Thanks for the Tip!!

  • Alexander McLucas
    Alexander McLucas 21 hour ago

    In the words of jack sparrow "a rock" *licks it curiously*

  • Fire and The flame

    Did you say
    Like that smash button

  • Fire and The flame

    Got them upside down glasses

  • Fire and The flame

    You are a clown
    You juggled rocks
    on a unicycle
    Skillz 101

  • Fire and The flame

    It’s so cute
    I want to eat it

  • Deepak Bhardwaj
    Deepak Bhardwaj Day ago

    I love❤you

  • Cute Galaxy
    Cute Galaxy Day ago

    4:05 hello me bob ross

  • Claire Bear
    Claire Bear Day ago


    i'm dying

  • Turtle Queen
    Turtle Queen Day ago +1

    Who else saw his comment on MatPat's vid?
    Btw those "orange thingies' are kumquats

    Cuz I did

  • Theresa Welgemoed

    Why are you so weird???????????!

  • Nietflix
    Nietflix Day ago

    Ma brotha from anotha motha

  • Isabella Pastore

    At 7:42 if you look at the reflection in his glasses it looks like a tiny little man is holding his camera for him.

  • Prevent PA
    Prevent PA Day ago

    Never mind I got it thank you

  • Prevent PA
    Prevent PA Day ago

    How wonderful I need to do this please tell me what kind of tool you’re using. Thank you so much.

  • J R
    J R Day ago

    Hahahahaha such a cool crazy guy! Great talent!

  • Dana Ferguson
    Dana Ferguson 2 days ago

    Very cool! I've used a Dremel for other projects but had no idea it could carve rocks. What speed do you use? Love the curvey design.

  • I'llbebackforbreakfast ok

    Why are you so talented lol

  • Trigger Happy
    Trigger Happy 2 days ago

    real cool all around artist... i enjoyed watching your video and learned something too... inverted shades made my day! hahaha👍

  • Narayanasa Nikhil
    Narayanasa Nikhil 2 days ago

    you said like that smash button.. lol

  • rocky boi
    rocky boi 2 days ago

    What a talented guy. Jack of all trades.

  • Evan Brooks
    Evan Brooks 3 days ago

    He is so funny the way he talks sometomes

  • Dude decent kids
    Dude decent kids 3 days ago

    Nice juggling (on a unicycle) I can not juggle or ride a unicycle

  • cricket shinez
    cricket shinez 3 days ago

    WOW!! That is beautifully done*

  • Asjepoesje2002
    Asjepoesje2002 3 days ago

    Wat’s the name of those diamont tools u using? Does anybody know? I really want those😍

  • Lazari_ Playz45
    Lazari_ Playz45 3 days ago +1

    U should be a clown lol I’m in 2018 like if u are

  • Huinest Fend
    Huinest Fend 3 days ago

    The mad man, is u are :D

  • Hiba Elfarissi
    Hiba Elfarissi 4 days ago

    How the hell can you turn a rock into that???

  • adinan gafoor
    adinan gafoor 4 days ago +1

    Ha duke are you have mental

  • Damir Uhoda
    Damir Uhoda 4 days ago

    Awesome !

  • Ronnie Polano
    Ronnie Polano 4 days ago

    What kind of drugs u use!

  • PdH Filmt
    PdH Filmt 4 days ago

    Did you work in the circus?

  • bluejay47471
    bluejay47471 5 days ago

    Rover rocks aré polished

  • fred frost
    fred frost 5 days ago

    pretty cool

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore 5 days ago

    2:03 включите субтитры 😂😂😂😂

  • Zack Clarke
    Zack Clarke 5 days ago +1

    I want that 😍😍😍😍😍

  • هند محمد
    هند محمد 5 days ago


  • Moon_Bloodlust12
    Moon_Bloodlust12 6 days ago

    I thinkith I foundith a new frand

  • Presley Moon
    Presley Moon 6 days ago

    Fartistic. so you farted art?

  • Jared Wireman
    Jared Wireman 6 days ago

    Broch the dost 😂

  • Aamria
    Aamria 6 days ago

    Ok that is AWESOME !!!!!!

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 6 days ago

    im a minute in, and already tired of this cunts attempts at being funny lol...... i'm guessing kids watch this?


    Its so pretty and awesome

  • Tina Adams
    Tina Adams 6 days ago

    Love it! Love your sense of humor too. 🤣

  • Chingtok Keikung
    Chingtok Keikung 6 days ago

    Over acting

  • Sawsan Sadiq AlHakim

    Nice creation to

  • Sawsan Sadiq AlHakim

    Cool vid 😎

  • ひな小鳥遊
    ひな小鳥遊 7 days ago

    Fabulous max!!

  • targaryen 13
    targaryen 13 7 days ago


  • Peggy Tyree
    Peggy Tyree 7 days ago

    I like your rock. Also, you are a very silly person so I subscribed.

  • ChaoswarriorX
    ChaoswarriorX 7 days ago

    Brosh off that dust.

  • Kikutuca
    Kikutuca 7 days ago

    Awesome work, but your video is suck.

    SUSAN PETERSON 7 days ago

    So cool

  • miguel angel perez martinez

    Can I order one from you ?

  • Hossein TM
    Hossein TM 7 days ago


  • G P chadar
    G P chadar 7 days ago


  • Jung Jii
    Jung Jii 7 days ago


  • PureXLR8tion
    PureXLR8tion 8 days ago

    Your work is amazing

  • Geo Junkie
    Geo Junkie 8 days ago

    0:31 I can relate

  • Penywise And Markiplier Fan Girl

    I love BobRoss

  • Tim Bruten
    Tim Bruten 8 days ago

    I absolutely love this. It looks very ‘Nordich’. Definitely gonna try this. Well done Bobbsy. 👍🏽.

  • Nerf Tastic
    Nerf Tastic 8 days ago

    I like the commentary

  • Bro Mythical
    Bro Mythical 8 days ago

    Always wanted to carve rocks just dont know what the tools is called to look for them online. What do you use to carve the rock. Or at least what can i search to find that kind of tools

  • Jeff Wilkins
    Jeff Wilkins 8 days ago

    Let's see, Foredom High Torque Rotary Tool.......CHECK (I used to port Two Stroke racing engines). Various Diamond Cutters.......FAILURE to launch.
    Where to buy? Thanks. 😊

  • Наталья Федоровна

    Весьма интересно,необычно.

  • zSuperMicrowave_
    zSuperMicrowave_ 8 days ago


  • Skyclad fey
    Skyclad fey 8 days ago

    You are funny! Watching from south africa

  • Hannah Mabry
    Hannah Mabry 8 days ago

    First time I’ve ever seen your videos...Instant subscriber! Rocks rock! Metal AF!

  • Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson 9 days ago

    How do you make everything look so perfect 😮😮😮

  • Sharon Williams
    Sharon Williams 9 days ago

    Absolutely in Love with this and You Bobby!! Simply Amazing and hilarious to watch!

  • bonnie Craig
    bonnie Craig 9 days ago

    I wuv it

  • Shan Torrejos
    Shan Torrejos 9 days ago

    I don’t feel like the top comments belong in this video wtf.

  • Wakanda Forever
    Wakanda Forever 9 days ago

    You kinda remind me of Pewdiepie...it's freaky..

  • Stupid,funny,and random vlogs

    7:41-7:44 is so hilarious hahahah😂😂

  • Nicola Salt
    Nicola Salt 9 days ago

    Are u german

  • Chance1957
    Chance1957 10 days ago

    Your obnoxious when you aren’t loud...

  • FNV
    FNV 10 days ago

    7:15 track ? pleaseee!!

  • Jeannie Winters
    Jeannie Winters 10 days ago

    U R cr8zy!! But in a good way😘 luv ur work !!!

  • Chaz Wilkie
    Chaz Wilkie 10 days ago

    That’s a cool hobbie

  • 某林
    某林 10 days ago


  • UH40online
    UH40online 10 days ago

    OMG.. I love this project.. plus I love the vid.. +1 like and +1 new subscriber... I literally just stumbled on to your channel..

  • Faith Lippincott
    Faith Lippincott 11 days ago

    Also when I heard octopus I kinda flipped out because like I have trypophobia to the point of having break downs and panic attacks I know everyones like oh it's not that bad calm down you're over reacting. No you don't underatand what it's like to be in my head like the depth and the fact that there's clusters it makes my skin crawl I can't explain it I would much rather set myself on fire then have to look at a bunch of deep holes

  • Faith Lippincott
    Faith Lippincott 11 days ago

    I love bob Ross OH MY FLUBBIN GOODNESS I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING BOBBY BOB......Okay I'm done frookin out

  • Angie Tyndall
    Angie Tyndall 11 days ago

    The "orange thingy" , the size and shape of a grape, you referrenced in the grocery store is actually a Kumquat. You eat the whole thing, peel and all.

  • MeSaphire333
    MeSaphire333 11 days ago

    Hah you crazy me up lol

  • Steve Vrooman
    Steve Vrooman 11 days ago

    Bought a dremel to help detail custom wood frames for my mate's painting business. Never thought to just use it on a rock. Gonna try. Thanks.

  • ItsDeloke
    ItsDeloke 11 days ago

    Do u ever mess up!?!

  • havic5515
    havic5515 11 days ago

    Both creative and impressive....The guys a bit insane though. I guess it goes hand and hand

  • Kaitlyn Varvarikos
    Kaitlyn Varvarikos 11 days ago

    Soooooooooooo satisfying

  • Gretchen Murray
    Gretchen Murray 11 days ago

    I could probably learn something from you but you're extremely none funny. I find you a annoying as hell. Might be a reason why 18k dislike your videos. Yes you are loud and obnoxious. Too bad.

  • Arcadian Bloom
    Arcadian Bloom 11 days ago

    So beautiful!!

  • Wulf Raeder
    Wulf Raeder 11 days ago

    Holdup i didn't know he was a clown!

  • SkidMark __GDFR
    SkidMark __GDFR 12 days ago



  • Lanette Radi
    Lanette Radi 12 days ago

    Wuba Luba dub dub!! Hilarious and cute 😉 Rob Ross is painting the rock. Haha. Unexpected and entertaining for sure

  • Dr. Tetramin Flakes
    Dr. Tetramin Flakes 12 days ago


  • Rena Streetman
    Rena Streetman 12 days ago

    You have a lot of time on your hands, keep up the beautiful work.

  • Maricela Anguiano
    Maricela Anguiano 12 days ago

    Bobby I want dat

  • nightmarionne ,
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    Lucas Sticher 12 days ago