I Carve A Landscaping Rock (and other shenanigans)

  • Published on Jan 12, 2018
  • Okay! Here is the description I promised (sorry it was late)
    this is the rotary Carver I use
    And the diamond burrs
    Also, the reason I wasn't wearing the RZ Mask is they have told me it has not yet been approved for silica dust, so until then, when I carve rocks, I will be using the 3M respirator.
    Check me out on Instagram @bobbydukearts
    and the Twitters @bobbydukeart
    Love you guys :)
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  • Angela Nemeskery
    Angela Nemeskery Hour ago

    Sooo love the stone carving !! An chuw funny

  • Rudi Sadler
    Rudi Sadler 3 hours ago

    What bits do you use what's it called and were to buy

  • mushi6618
    mushi6618 9 hours ago

    Did he say "Fartistic Flow" ?

  • Shannon Bembenek
    Shannon Bembenek 19 hours ago

    Bobby: "I tend to stay up some times"
    Me: " I tend to stay up all the time"

  • Merve Gaskin
    Merve Gaskin Day ago

    Was this guy out from the asylum for the day? Couldn’t watch it due to the idiot presentation. Shame because the end product looked good.

  • Andrias Kaasa
    Andrias Kaasa Day ago

    You are so fucking FUNNY!

  • d neckel
    d neckel Day ago

    This sounds like Pauly shore..lol

  • Kimberly Simmons

    Can I have the rock

  • Myshfeeqah Scala
    Myshfeeqah Scala 2 days ago

    Has anyone noticed that Bobby's eyes are the same color as the rocks? Just me? Well, love your work by the way.

  • Babydoll
    Babydoll 2 days ago

    That is cool as fuck! Your personality is the cherry on top! Thanks for your fartistc flow!! 👍🏼

  • Melissa Collins
    Melissa Collins 2 days ago

    I like watching your videos 😊 not my mom naomi

  • Will Seitz
    Will Seitz 2 days ago

    Ehhh in the first five seconds someone's playing Zelda breath of the wild in the back 👏👏👏new found appreciation 💙💙💙!!!

  • kim ber ley
    kim ber ley 2 days ago

    I really love your eyes and what you do big kiss from mauritius

  • джерику
    джерику 2 days ago

    Can you carve a chess set out of that stone? It would be awesome

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel 2 days ago

    Put subtitle for this video in portuguese

  • Pulgo Escobar
    Pulgo Escobar 2 days ago

    Holy cow he can juggle

  • Annette Hachey
    Annette Hachey 2 days ago

    I would want to eat that furry thing too!. Did you know that your bee allergy gets worse with each sting?. The next one could cause anaphylaxis!. I carry 4 benadryl in a bag with me and an epipen just in case. I have 2 kits, one for my purse and the other in the glove compartment of our truck. If you get stung take 2-4 benadryl right away and get home asap!. You'll be zombie-ized if you have to take 4. Any trouble breathing or your throat gets tight, call an ambulance. That pic of you is a bad reaction.

  • I H
    I H 2 days ago +2


  • Crazy Kitty
    Crazy Kitty 2 days ago

    YOU OWN A CHAMELEON (inhales forever)

  • Dyron Richard
    Dyron Richard 3 days ago

    Am I the only one that saw that weird Jem at 0:17 ?

  • Melissa Vela
    Melissa Vela 3 days ago


  • zombie slayer
    zombie slayer 3 days ago

    Do u sell the creations

  • Cheecky Cheecky
    Cheecky Cheecky 3 days ago

    Bob Ross makes happy accidents but Bobby Duke makes happy masterpieces
    Ok, i'm sorry

  • Zachary Simpson
    Zachary Simpson 3 days ago

    Cheap prices by you but not me.

  • o _p0tterhead
    o _p0tterhead 4 days ago

    I've absolutely no idea how I got here but you're kinda weird and I like it. Also, your art is amazing.

  • Holly Scremin
    Holly Scremin 4 days ago

    Like that smash button

  • Ducky Chan
    Ducky Chan 4 days ago

    I love your personally make more videos plz 😂

  • Ducky Chan
    Ducky Chan 4 days ago


  • ihearttoys
    ihearttoys 4 days ago

    Please don’t eat your dog. Please.

  • GalaxyGuy14
    GalaxyGuy14 4 days ago

    Art is boring unless it is a wewden knife

  • Belyash Draws
    Belyash Draws 4 days ago

    Creative people are so weird

  • Eliz The Swag Gaming


  • hayder mahdi
    hayder mahdi 4 days ago

    We like what you did.

  • KiLO
    KiLO 4 days ago

    I allready poout ze pencil on there

  • ShyPastel Prince
    ShyPastel Prince 4 days ago


  • ShyPastel Prince
    ShyPastel Prince 4 days ago


  • Luana Yeung
    Luana Yeung 4 days ago

    Yo dude. Your subtitles are hilarious XD

  • kitten cat
    kitten cat 4 days ago

    4:04 is my favorite part

  • Namiet Khanna
    Namiet Khanna 4 days ago

    Can you give one to me

  • Eric Lasher
    Eric Lasher 4 days ago

    8:40 is the end product. Thank me later because I just stopped a cold blooded murder from happening. He was probably going to bore you guys to death.

  • Eric Lasher
    Eric Lasher 4 days ago +1

    *groans* This dude, no offense, pisses me off.

    I clicked on this video to see one thing. ONE and you've made me see extra things. I hate when youtubers do this. Like they're like "Imma show you a transformation" and then they talk through the whole damn thing, show you them going to the damn store. And extra shit like that. Like boi, I'm here to see a transformation. Not you chit chatting with a camera.

  • Emina Kapidzic
    Emina Kapidzic 4 days ago

    What a god.

  • DGO G.
    DGO G. 4 days ago

    Hahahaha 👍

  • the gatcha girl
    the gatcha girl 4 days ago

    Why did people dislike

  • Kitty Matthies
    Kitty Matthies 5 days ago

    It awesome you have some real talent

  • Kitty Matthies
    Kitty Matthies 5 days ago


  • Raptor AJ
    Raptor AJ 5 days ago


  • Jigøku Shøjø
    Jigøku Shøjø 5 days ago

    Has Bobby carved chunks of graphite yet, to make pencils shaped like wings, fingers, tentacles, whatever? This rock looks so much like graphite when it's done, it'd be fun to draw with!

  • Dylan Spence
    Dylan Spence 5 days ago

    Ur to weird I’m unsubscribing

  • Heather Timms
    Heather Timms 5 days ago

    Thx Minmin for the subtitles.

    HANNAH GAY 5 days ago

    He did this video on my birthday :D

  • Yellow Munchie
    Yellow Munchie 5 days ago +2

    Great video once you mute it

  • Thelma Urtula
    Thelma Urtula 5 days ago

    Dude u Rock

  • Anisha Pari
    Anisha Pari 5 days ago

    I have the same ring as yours

  • adam matnoh
    adam matnoh 5 days ago


  • Ricky
    Ricky 5 days ago

    Weirdly, when you breathed on the screen, i could feel somebody's breath on my face and smell it too!

  • Juliedemon16
    Juliedemon16 5 days ago

    Perettie ^v^

  • Artsy Here
    Artsy Here 5 days ago

    6:44 with subtitles,
    THANK YOU Minmin

  • amanda -_-
    amanda -_- 5 days ago

    can you do a Q n A ?

    like if u agree
    1st question: have u cut urself before?

  • Alyra Pendragon
    Alyra Pendragon 5 days ago

    I hope the subtitle writer's neck is okay. (Yes i use subtitles, no judge.) 6:16 for any curious critters

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 5 days ago +1

    I had to check when it was uploaded because of that intro... then I thought it was today and that it was an outdated joke. Then I realized this video is from exactly a year ago and I thought it was January 2018. And nobody is going to read this. Ok bye.

    • Heather Timms
      Heather Timms 5 days ago +1

      thine should have more confidence in thine self, thee and many others hath read this comment.

  • Ashe Wolfs
    Ashe Wolfs 5 days ago

    Your an idiot but your a funny idiot

  • E2markWast less
    E2markWast less 5 days ago

    i want to buy it plz

  • blu Sunshine
    blu Sunshine 6 days ago

    I love minmin

  • Girlpowergaming AJPW


  • Meanie Schmidt
    Meanie Schmidt 6 days ago

    How much are they?

  • Omar Gamal
    Omar Gamal 6 days ago +1

    Turn a shiny crystal to Stan Lee

  • Ahmad Fouad
    Ahmad Fouad 6 days ago

    So exciting and fun I really liked the whole video

  • Dessye Dee Clark
    Dessye Dee Clark 6 days ago

    Finally somebody who understands my passion with rocks. I've been painting mine, but you give me great incentive. My guess is the Dremel tool I have left forsaken in a drawer may work? ps I used to ride a unicycle too, but I never did get the juggling thing right. This is my FIRST watch of any of your videos and I just loved it.

  • VGMStudios33
    VGMStudios33 6 days ago

    What you should do is carve thousands of them and make either a rock garden or place them along your walkway. Landscaping.

  • parraguez martin
    parraguez martin 6 days ago

    Anybody can said me what's the name of that tool pls, I really want to try to make that kinds of thinks, I'm so excited for try.

  • GABRIELLE Williams
    GABRIELLE Williams 6 days ago

    Ur accents are life brahh🔥🔥

  • Sobia Khan
    Sobia Khan 6 days ago

    You’re so funny 😂 love your videos ❤️

  • Alice Fortin
    Alice Fortin 7 days ago

    Rocks are very deadly pls ware a mask😏

  • Ujuani68
    Ujuani68 7 days ago

    6:37: HOW many TALENTS do you HAVE?! I bet, your folks were awesome, since you were home schooled!!

  • Knoblauchzirkel
    Knoblauchzirkel 7 days ago

    You totaly remiends me to Pewdiepie

  • XaviusNight
    XaviusNight 7 days ago

    I don't know what the thing you made is and what it will do.
    But I want it.

  • Magpie Randoms
    Magpie Randoms 7 days ago

    This is beautiful. It looks like something out of D&D.

  • Joel Matilla
    Joel Matilla 7 days ago

    Magnifique !!

  • invasor
    invasor 7 days ago

    cool idea and cool stone but i have to keep skipping the video cuz you keep trying to be funny with a lele pons level of comedy

  • Patient X Gaming
    Patient X Gaming 7 days ago

    imagine if you see this man out in the wild doing his...


  • Boomstick99
    Boomstick99 7 days ago

    What was the overall time put into carving the rock? Just curious because I see you like to goof off a bit. Please do not stop goofing off because it is pretty funny and makes the videos more interesting.

  • Ella Van Grondelle
    Ella Van Grondelle 7 days ago

    Rock's are only exciting when you carve them to something exciting!!

    • Me the awesome guy
      Me the awesome guy 7 days ago

      Ella Van Grondelle or if you’re skipping stones on a lake or something

  • novie grace capada
    novie grace capada 7 days ago

    pretty stone 😍

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    Nathan White 7 days ago +8

    I come for your hilarious personality, and stay to see your finished creations! 👍

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    Grace Street 7 days ago

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  • Terra Lang
    Terra Lang 7 days ago

    I would buy that rock lol its cool

  • R4cc00n Trash
    R4cc00n Trash 7 days ago +2

    Can you make a GIANT sword

  • Zetta_Viv
    Zetta_Viv 7 days ago

    I'm nine and I watch Rick and Morty

  • Meg Breiter
    Meg Breiter 7 days ago

    Love it

  • death princess
    death princess 8 days ago

    It's very beautiful

  • Joseph Asturino
    Joseph Asturino 8 days ago

    Why don’t you just skip the bullshit and do what you say your going to do.. I left after 2 minutes.. no thanks..

  • Oscar Oscar
    Oscar Oscar 8 days ago

    You sexy....can you married me???

  • Sue Miller
    Sue Miller 8 days ago

    I am wondering how often do you have to replace your drill bits?

  • Dulce Herrera
    Dulce Herrera 8 days ago

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  • UnderCovSupreme
    UnderCovSupreme 8 days ago

    Ewww i like that one
    like what are you trying to tell me are they disgustang or you like it?????

    • Me the awesome guy
      Me the awesome guy 7 days ago

      UnderCovSupreme it’s meant to be like ”oooh i like that one”

  • UnderCovSupreme
    UnderCovSupreme 8 days ago

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  • Marlon Reyes
    Marlon Reyes 8 days ago

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