The Predator - Movie Review

  • Published on Sep 11, 2018
  • Predator gets another sequel, this time with more humor...which is a growing trend among blockbuster movies looking to capture that MCU magic. Here's my review of THE PREDATOR!
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  • Alex Koepke
    Alex Koepke 23 minutes ago

    Why doesn't Predator just get a vaccine, it would be a more effective way of getting the autism. @ @-our-children @-on-Children's-Coffins @-Green-or-Firetruck-Red-Coffin? @'Hashtag

  • dagger 1 2
    dagger 1 2 18 days ago

    Predator 1 and predator 3 are the only good ones the rest not so much but the predator is easily the worst out of them all

  • Mduduzi Sibisi
    Mduduzi Sibisi 26 days ago

    What did you think of Predators?

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago

    I think the humor in this was pretty grounded in real life. It's hard to write dramatic characters that are very believable. Vince Gilligan is an example of someone who can pull it off beautifully, but not everyone's Vince.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago

    What I don't get is how the fugitive Predator has human DNA, when they don't have any physical human characteristics. If anything, they're more Yautja than the average..cause they're even bigger.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago

    I really wished the fugitive Predator survived that initial fight with the assassin Predator. Then went on towards the end to sacrifice themself in a final battle. It was a damn shame they got their head smashed in. Reminds me of how pitiful Boba Fett "died" in ROTJ..but not nearly as bad.

  • Mark Curtis
    Mark Curtis Month ago

    I'm that guy that generally says they don't like every new movie they see, and this one was pretty damn good. With the internet saying it was some goofball comedy, that wasn't the case. So I'm here to say this picky individual was pleasantly surprised.

  • Nero Renatus
    Nero Renatus Month ago

    Ahh no wonder it was a bad movie he also did Ironman 3 XD

  • SavagePhantoms 9000
    SavagePhantoms 9000 2 months ago

    Predator: πŸ”«πŸ˜πŸ‘
    Predator 2: πŸ˜’
    Predators: πŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ
    Avp: πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
    Avp R: πŸ˜‡πŸ‘
    The Predator: πŸ”«πŸ₯³πŸ‘

  • Rav1ngSqu1rrel
    Rav1ngSqu1rrel 2 months ago

    Worst film

  • george
    george 2 months ago

    Shane black screwed this film

  • ali N
    ali N 2 months ago

    πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ damn ole dude is fine afff but agreed

  • Sebastien McCarthy
    Sebastien McCarthy 2 months ago

    Alien vs predator requiem. I saw it when I was twelve and it’s probably in my top 5 worst movies of all time..

  • Ben Stanley
    Ben Stanley 3 months ago

    Lol Jeremy... common man... This was DOGSHIT. Scenes dont go together, clunky dialogue, STUPID characters and over all just GARBAGE

  • John Collett
    John Collett 3 months ago

    I liked avp ten times more than this movie I actually bought the predator thinking how could I NOT like this movie. I immediately looked up Maulers video knowing he probably felt the same way and I kid u not I found his video trashing the movie to be more entertaining lol how could someone allow this movie to happen ?

  • Frederico Palma
    Frederico Palma 3 months ago

    Would love if they let Christopher Nolan take a shot.

  • jamb
    jamb 3 months ago

    Opening 15mins was pretty good but by half way through I had to turn it off. Totally lost its way.

  • WoodstockProd
    WoodstockProd 4 months ago

    Hot take:
    Predator 2
    The Predator

  • Maniac50AE
    Maniac50AE 4 months ago

    Wasnt bad! My favorite was PREDATORS! Then part 2 because it made the most sense. Avp wasnt a bad concept, just not excuted well and never saw avp2.

  • Maniac50AE
    Maniac50AE 4 months ago

    All of the predator movies suck if you want to be honest! An alien with superior technology that can wipe out and entire unit at once but doesnt so that the plot can be stretched out is a garbage movie. Humans pose no threat to the yautja so them hunting us to hone their skills is... Stupid?

  • John Jacobs
    John Jacobs 4 months ago

    AVP 2 was better than this dumpster fire

  • Tirrell Faunteroy
    Tirrell Faunteroy 4 months ago

    How about we get a Predator movie when one actually survives. I hate how he is the best "Hunter" with all this technology but ALWAYS seems to get a killed by a "human" and a "m16" shit gets old. Action Horror based even in the Future or the Past. If it's in the future take the movie OFF EARTH....have them hunting be on their planet/have a "space patrol" traveling to the moon get rerouted and sent to their planet/or show the origins of the Predator. I don't want to see a kid with autism learn a "foreign language in less than a week" and saves the world. I damn sure don't want to to see a Predator with sympathy for the human race kill humans. This movie is a "3" 🌟 at best

  • Traceur Status
    Traceur Status 4 months ago

    this movie was ass

  • asdf asdf
    asdf asdf 5 months ago

    Spot on review old chap. Cheers dingle crumpet

  • Sean Cooney
    Sean Cooney 5 months ago

    My favourite movie is Predator.
    My least favourite is every predator movie afterwards,

    • Sean Cooney
      Sean Cooney 5 months ago

      A Hard Worker Don't get me wrong I liked the second just nowhere near as much as the first one.

    • A Hard Worker
      A Hard Worker 5 months ago

      Even 2

  • b151proof
    b151proof 5 months ago

    @3:12 gray hair spotted. the wise.

  • Alfie871
    Alfie871 5 months ago

    Those forced one liners/call backs was so awkward,
    'Sees some motorcycles'
    Sees the predator for the first time
    "You are one beautiful motherfucker"

  • River Bugbey
    River Bugbey 5 months ago

    Primes of the movie: Lets steal this bois autism

  • Craig Code
    Craig Code 5 months ago

    I knew less than 10min in it was gonna suck.I only made it about half way.

  • Seth Napier
    Seth Napier 5 months ago +3

    AvP requiem is underrated af. That's all I'll say.

    • Jack Burgess
      Jack Burgess 5 months ago +1

      Seth Napier it is everything but underrated. Cannot see shit...horrible annoying characters , basic af slasher type storytelling and just about shit altogether... funny enough had the coolest predator we’ve seen and the predalian was cool... first movie was much better and way more rewatch worthy.

  • Thisguy 2532
    Thisguy 2532 5 months ago

    You can’t really understand the movie unless you have really go into the lure of aliens and predators and have read comics, to people who actually appreciate the franchise enjoy having another predator film. The same way people don’t like the sequel trilogy of Star Wars unless your a true fan you probably won’t appreciate it as much. I mean how many people have seen AVP but have never seen the first predator movie.

  • Nahue Stark
    Nahue Stark 6 months ago

    I could watch Jeremy talking to jeremy for like...3 hours. :v

  • Lurchipoo
    Lurchipoo 6 months ago

    Im currently watching The Predator on HBO as I write this. This movie is not even worth paying the 2 hours of electricity I spent on my TV.
    Absolutely the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever watchedπŸ–•πŸ»

  • Tru7blue
    Tru7blue 6 months ago

    If I was locked up in prison for life and this was only movie I could watch or just stare at wall til die....I choose the wall 100 fold.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 6 months ago

    That movie was a piece of shit.

  • uncharted7again black king

    What the fuck is movies coming too

  • Stephon Taylor
    Stephon Taylor 7 months ago

    What I don't understand is if the 1st predator was coming to help the humans why in the hell was he killing them and 2nd why was the name of the weapon the predator killer if the humans made up that name????

  • Russel Walker
    Russel Walker 8 months ago

    boo hoo. I watched all the predator movies and love all the lovable ones and barely remember the unmemorable ones but this one was very funny, fun, entertaining and it just happened to be a predator movie. Lighten the fuck up
    Edit: Not to lazily disagree but I've watched allot of films and am familiar with most of the IMDB top 250 and even others and the first two predators were two of my favourite films but I feel like the flack this movie has gotten is purely do to predator fan boys. I'm a matrix fanboy and I can understand if a fourth sequal to the matrix was made with a primarily comedic undertone but I still feel like I would be able to judge a film objectively even if it did shit on my childhood memories and nostalgia.

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  • YoungLion24
    YoungLion24 8 months ago

    R Kelly is the strongest predator

  • WarriorsDescent
    WarriorsDescent 9 months ago

    I think the predators in this movie are more of bullets sponges. It does damage but it takes a shit ton of them and several explosives to finally take the bastards down.

  • Jean Melisca
    Jean Melisca 9 months ago

    Shane Black should be ashamed of himself for directing this hot pile of garbage. None of it made sense. I hated every single character and their lame ass jokes. You hit the nail on the head.

  • Andrew Bladerunner
    Andrew Bladerunner 9 months ago

    The last scene was just ridiculous.

  • Ryan Cox
    Ryan Cox 9 months ago

    I personally loved it

  • Charly Smith
    Charly Smith 9 months ago

    They could have done anything with this movie. I thought a predator movie set on a first world war battlefield would have been a good idea. Plus the centenary angle... instead we get this utter garbage. I don't think I've ever seen such an abhorrent disregard for the source material. Or such a disgusting attempt at making a movie full stop.

  • Jazzer Caster
    Jazzer Caster 9 months ago

    I finally watch Overlord this week which I loved, if you watch the first maybe half hour of it, the atmosphere and dread feeling, not sure what is happening vibe, that setting would of made for an awesome predator movie maybe even in that time period too.

  • Luc Penfold
    Luc Penfold 9 months ago

    The intro alone had me dying 🀣

  • jasir lipscomb
    jasir lipscomb 9 months ago

    I’m a huge predator and I feel upset that the franchise is destroyed. I’m going to create a comic that is better than the movie.

  • Peter Vlčko
    Peter Vlčko 9 months ago

    This movie almost made me leave cinema just price of the tickets made me stay.

  • Proxximo Amandil
    Proxximo Amandil 9 months ago

    Please let that "Shame!" Fanatic walk behind Mister Black.

  • Drax The Destroyer
    Drax The Destroyer 10 months ago

    I rate this movie a 6/10

  • Wallace Rigby
    Wallace Rigby 10 months ago

    This movie was garbage!

  • supplement toys
    supplement toys 10 months ago

    it was cheese... but I really liked it.

  • quinn sumo
    quinn sumo 10 months ago

    Things that were wrong with the predator movie: too many jokes, bad CGI, predator dogs ?, a giant predator ?, the predator roars were not the same and they were bad, the helmet looked like shit and the predator helmet and gear was randomly delivered the son of the main character. Shane black was in the first movie he should of known alot better to make a good predator movie!

  • Itsinsane Sikkside
    Itsinsane Sikkside 10 months ago

    I enjoyed it.

  • James Satchwill
    James Satchwill 10 months ago

    Are you mad that the vets are talking and acting like how vets act? We make jokes like that all the time. Probably the most relatable guys to hunt a Predator

  • John Bahr
    John Bahr 10 months ago

    I watched the predter tonight and I actually liked it I thought it was a good story and good acting I think it's worth seeing

  • Mr Reign
    Mr Reign 10 months ago

    The original Predator movie had five jokes total

  • Joshua Allen
    Joshua Allen 10 months ago

    I really think they should make a predator movie from the predators point of view. Like what type of culture do they grow up with. Do they get sent out to battle other beings other that just humans and the Xenomorphs? I mean, it seems like they send out 3 at a time as a right of passage, but what happens if they succeed? Obviously if they fail they die. Now this type of movie would need to be taken seriously in order to make it work, but I would go see it. The preview of this newest predator alone was enough for me to not to bother watching it. Humor and a horror series doesn't work imo. The predator movies were better when they built tension and made you conscerned for the characters. When those guys in this movie popped up on screen they gave off such a slap stick vibe I kinda wanted a couple of them to get killed in this movie lol. Thats not a good sign so I opted out.

  • Zane Ramos
    Zane Ramos 10 months ago

    Just saw it, this movie is shiiiiit and I’m a huge predator fan.