• Published on Aug 8, 2019
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  • Natalia The Potato
    Natalia The Potato 4 hours ago

    I’m the mom

  • Cat queen
    Cat queen 16 hours ago

    my aunt killed my hamster

  • Mayumi Carmen
    Mayumi Carmen Day ago

    I literally just got done playing with my hamster (coconut)

  • Zarey Katherine
    Zarey Katherine 4 days ago

    i'm the mom.

  • Tatiana Bernal Gonzalez

    my schools wouldn't allow us to carry any medication with us, only documented and kept up in the office. i got in trouble in elementary school for having my inhaler in my backpack. im in college now :)

  • Alex the Gryffindor
    Alex the Gryffindor 5 days ago

    I STOLE A PAIR OF HARRY POTTER SOCKS (they were nice socks)

  • Dani Byrne
    Dani Byrne 7 days ago

    I just found out that my parents might be getting a divorce but this made me feel better within the first few minutes
    thank you

  • Squidward Tentacles
    Squidward Tentacles 7 days ago

    Yes you can get in trouble for having Advil. I brought ibuprofen one time and they took it from me and held it in the office

  • Hxney Bee
    Hxney Bee 7 days ago

    We can't have advil either, you cant have any type of pill or medicine on you, it must be in the office

  • Hxney Bee
    Hxney Bee 7 days ago

    I'm the money that was rewarded

  • i’m babie daddy alex

    8:40 HAHAHAHA

  • ßkarlett foxy666
    ßkarlett foxy666 7 days ago +1

    I'm the mum and I'm jasmine the bitch :)

  • Lexi
    Lexi 8 days ago

    I’m the stolen dog in the first story

  • James Carson
    James Carson 8 days ago

    1:25 is that victoria justice omg

  • Harper Muse
    Harper Muse 8 days ago


  • Emma Pearson
    Emma Pearson 8 days ago

    6:03 black hand?

  • Malin Rahme Bozan
    Malin Rahme Bozan 9 days ago

    i thought it said "revealing your christmas secrets"

  • Jodeci Reign
    Jodeci Reign 9 days ago +1

    The Advil story is true. In schools we're not allowed to have any drugs *medication* .

  • Emily Jane
    Emily Jane 9 days ago

    Am i the only person who has NEVER killed an animal on accident...??????

  • Josiah Hill
    Josiah Hill 10 days ago +1

    I remember the days in third grade one bath and Bodyworks was cool now if you want to be cool you better be coming to school stylin and 12 different types of Louis Vuitton‘s all at the same time and don’t forget ur sister scrunchie

  • Mia Hurfman
    Mia Hurfman 10 days ago

    there are *too* many fucking ads in these videos smh

  • Mercedes Lorenzano
    Mercedes Lorenzano 11 days ago

    One time I was smoking weed with this guy in his car at the park (it was like 6am still dark outside) and we began to have sex and we had weed, a bong, and a scale in the car and I saw this car pull in and IT WAS A FUCKING COP and we rushed to put on our clothes and the car reeked of weed and the cop was like wyd it’s so early blah blah and then he proceeds two more cops and then another female cop pulled up we both got searched and so did the car you could tell his was pissed he wasn’t finding anything (I live in Georgia by the way 😬) also I forgot to say he did give us enough time to like get rid of the weed the guy ate it and drank the rest of my coffee to get it down 😂 but um yea that was pretty fucking scary I was shitting bricks cause for sometime we couldn’t find the bag of weed it was like 2 grams but in the county I live in they will arrest you for that 😬

  • Kris Thorman
    Kris Thorman 11 days ago

    The most illegal thing I ever did what take a pen from this chines place but my family gets chines a lot so the next time I went k have the pen back bc

  • Angelina Hanson
    Angelina Hanson 11 days ago

    You can get in trouble at my school for having Advil it’s fucking stupid I hate it so much😒

  • Eddily Mariel
    Eddily Mariel 11 days ago +2

    My dad is either James Charles or gay 😂

  • Michaela C
    Michaela C 11 days ago


  • liz
    liz 12 days ago

    Im pretty sure i killed my hamster. Kinda like that hamster secret- i was like 7 or smthn and i got a hamster. I lived hamsters so much and i thought it was having fun when i threw it up to hit the wall in its hamster ball. I did this a lot and it died eventually. I felt so bad like 2 3 years later I get a mwntal breakdown because of it ;-; im still upset about it today

  • Fizzy Pancakes
    Fizzy Pancakes 12 days ago

    Oh my god the story with the Hamster I- 🎩

  • Eva Meyer
    Eva Meyer 12 days ago

    One time when I was younger I stole slime that wasn’t in the package I had nothing to put it in so when we got in the car I put it in the cup holder since I was sitting in the very back. We went to get food and me and my younger sister had to share my mom didn’t want us fighting in the back so she made her and I get in the front and my oldest sister in the back I was nervous and left it there hoping she wouldn’t find it then she said Eva I turned around terrified she asked me what it was because she saw me playing with it in the store I said nothing and of course my mom asked what happened she told her I was so mad and started crying so my mom said she was going to make me go return it and begged her not to so she said your dad is coming home and my room needs to be cleaned so she made me clean her bathroom and room and if it wasn’t good enough i would have to return it and say it was me so yeah I still have it this day

  • Abby Phillips
    Abby Phillips 13 days ago +1

    The most illegal thing I’ve done is when I was 6 or 7 I stole a little squishy plastic grape from Michaels but my mom made me go back in and return it

  • that person Ian
    that person Ian 14 days ago

    The most illegal thing I've ever done is break into an abandoned convenience store the places was covered in black mold and there were still old shelves standing the floored were cover in clothes garbage and other stuff that homeless people brought in I live in Alaska so it wasn't hard to get away with I was 14 when I did that wish I had a can of spray paint or something

  • I’m Just Really Bored


  • Jaz Desrochers
    Jaz Desrochers 14 days ago

    The dog. I’m the dog.

  • Gäčhâ Mäddÿ
    Gäčhâ Mäddÿ 14 days ago

    You could get in trouble for having anytime of medicine in your locker or anywhere else in school grounds. Someone I know got in trouble for having cough drops (literal cough drops) in her locker. School is the stupidest thing ever 😐

  • muah mia
    muah mia 15 days ago

    Apparently you can’t have any sort of medication on you at school, not even inhalers. At my school you’ll get a suspension for having a stupid cough drop on you.

  • Pearl Cookie
    Pearl Cookie 16 days ago +2

    At my school you cant even have cough drops so advil😬

  • Isabelle Neumann
    Isabelle Neumann 16 days ago

    I once stole a nail polish from hot topic...I also one screwed my cousin

  • Johanna Torres
    Johanna Torres 16 days ago +3

    I got in trouble for having O N E cough drop at school I got a referral 😂😂😂😂

  • Johanna Torres
    Johanna Torres 16 days ago +1

    I got in trouble for having O N E cough drop at school I got a referral 😂😂😂😂

  • Chocolaterabbit8
    Chocolaterabbit8 17 days ago

    Wants I stole pick and mixs sweets when I was 7 I started freaking out and ran away from home cause I thought my mum would get mad then the police found me

  • Abigail Morales
    Abigail Morales 17 days ago

    11:43 you can also get in trouble for having super glue

  • Error 13
    Error 13 17 days ago

    Trust me, the whole getting in trouble for Advil thing is totally true. I get terrible migraines at least once a week, so I kept ibuprofen and Tylenol in my locker. I got caught taking some by a hall monitor, and she took me directly to the office. The guy f*cking accused me of dealing it to people since I had so much (my mom bought it in bulk because of a discount) IBUPROFEN AND TYLENOL!!!!! I got suspended, and my mom bought and let me play Pokémon for the rest of the week. I f*cking hate that guy.

  • Malia Tapitio
    Malia Tapitio 17 days ago

    i’m the lost dog sign 😙✌🏽

  • Paige Harper
    Paige Harper 17 days ago +3

    That girl that messed with that guy cause her friends boyfriend cheated on her hmu I wanna be your friend

  • Haylie Rozon
    Haylie Rozon 17 days ago +3

    She really got me thinking she was Vanya in umbrella academy

  • Patrick V
    Patrick V 18 days ago

    11:47 I got a suspension for having Panadol in my bag because I get really bad migraines

  • Bella Marinelli
    Bella Marinelli 19 days ago

    I’m jasmine, the bitch who stole the dog 😂😂😂

  • Alex Grice
    Alex Grice 20 days ago

    i’m the dog

  • Lucas Thompson
    Lucas Thompson 20 days ago

    Yea n you get in trouble for any pills at school

  • iamtrashhh
    iamtrashhh 20 days ago

    So nobody is gonna talk about the fact that Alyx is wearing the same shirt that Jenn was wearing in the other secrets video that they both did together... okay.

    Don’t take this too seriously I just want Jalyx to happen 😂

  • Łâsÿ pøtatø Gächå

    I'm the dog, cuz I'm a bitch .

  • Leah Spychala
    Leah Spychala 21 day ago

    At my elementary school they said that you can't have advil because it's not prescribed or the nurse has to give you advil and your parents have to sign a form.

  • Min Suga Genius
    Min Suga Genius 21 day ago +1

    *I’m the old lady who lost herself*

  • Victoria. Ia
    Victoria. Ia 21 day ago

    I’m the dog

    NARUTO IS BAE 21 day ago

    Vandalism or theft

  • Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith 22 days ago

    I’m the missing dog poster...

  • Amber The Bean
    Amber The Bean 22 days ago


  • Emma Obert
    Emma Obert 22 days ago

    We’re not being allowed to have cough drops and I got yelled at for having my inhaler

  • Psychoshiyo
    Psychoshiyo 22 days ago +2

    She did not say "Hey guys how's it hangin?"
    Like BRO

  • keuphoria
    keuphoria 23 days ago

    12:58 *yandere chan has entered the chat*