How Good Is Wendy's NEW S'Awesome Bacon Cheeseburger?

  • Published on Oct 10, 2018
  • This time around I try out the new S'Awesome Bacon Classic Cheeseburger from Wendy's! I'm wearing a brown double breasted suit from the mid-1990s.
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  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  Month ago +327

    I hope you enjoyed this review - support my Channel and Radio Show by checking out some of my merch at and be sure to hear the newest VORW Radio Show at

    • Alexis Santos
      Alexis Santos 18 days ago

      Love your videos. ❤❤❤❤

    • PD TV Productions
      PD TV Productions Month ago

      Hot you said?

    • hugh smith
      hugh smith Month ago

      I would pay money to see you drunk reviewbrah. Love u more than my sister

    • hugh smith
      hugh smith Month ago

      +PD TV Productions you're obviously not from the states, this man is a hot New England native.

    • hugh smith
      hugh smith Month ago

      How does one dislike the Lord's video? Did Joey make 100 accounts? I'd like to punch anyone in the face that doesn't like reviewbrah, I don't care if it's my mom

  • Fiery Cloud
    Fiery Cloud 2 days ago


  • Banjo Billy
    Banjo Billy 4 days ago

    Where in Fl are you at? Up north?

  • Zion's World!
    Zion's World! 4 days ago

    It looks like the right head and the wrong body

  • Spencer Choi
    Spencer Choi 5 days ago


  • Chris Gee
    Chris Gee 6 days ago

    "You got that Lettuce and bun action going there" you naughty review brah

  • Hannah Ricketts
    Hannah Ricketts 6 days ago

    s *sharp inhale* awesome

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 6 days ago

    That's an old school tech meeting suit 💾

  • Cassian Andor
    Cassian Andor 6 days ago

    The best burger that Wendy's ever had was the one from like 5 or 6 years ago that had blue cheese, caramelized onions and bacon. OMG it was *so* good I was bummed AF when it was no longer on the menu.

  • tobi pohan
    tobi pohan 7 days ago

    man those windy weather really gave this video some extra atmospheric points

  • BHvrd
    BHvrd 7 days ago

    I give this horrible burger even less. Hardly any sauce and what sauce there is is soaked up my the bun and lettuce, which the lettuce is out of place on this sandwich. The pickles also don't go with this, they are bread and butter and should be dill, just plain a nasty combination. I give it 2/10, only gets a 2 cause I love bacon.

  • Atomic Toaster
    Atomic Toaster 8 days ago

    That S'Awsome Sauce better have some Louis Latour in it for that price.

  • dc74156
    dc74156 9 days ago

    It's a Sawesome Sauce Overload

  • De Ath Met Al Hell
    De Ath Met Al Hell 14 days ago

    i got one of these the other night and the next day went back and got a couple orders of chicken nuggets or whatever so i could get more of the awesome sauce, its pretty good imo

  • Mandy Pink
    Mandy Pink 15 days ago +1

    Shots every time he says sawesome sauce.....🤪

  • SmellyCow 102
    SmellyCow 102 15 days ago


  • Lord Farquaad
    Lord Farquaad 15 days ago

    This guys awesome!

  • Dooey Tee
    Dooey Tee 15 days ago

    Oh God, that sauce is putrid. Smells just as bad as it tastes.

  • the lonely communists
    the lonely communists 16 days ago

    I would totally fuck the Wendy's girl

  • Tracey Rozwalka
    Tracey Rozwalka 16 days ago

    Not much of a masterpiece. I just tried it. Nothing more than a single burger with a small Slice of cheese. It does not look anything like the picture. Cheese not melted and only placed above the meat...non below. Lettuce missing. Disappointed!

  • Kara1270
    Kara1270 16 days ago

    Lol you are hilarious and I like you.

  • Chris Edwards
    Chris Edwards 16 days ago

    I dare you to take a shot everytime he says "S'Awesome Sauce"

  • Jon Menard
    Jon Menard 16 days ago

    so your from Riverview

  • Zapdos
    Zapdos 16 days ago

    I literally bought this burger as I watched your video. Took a bite and while it was good, I felt it was missing something. I looked inside and wouldn’t ya know it, it was missing the bacon. They forgot to put bacon in their s’awesome bacon cheeseburger. Wow. Super disappointed.

  • Norwegian Blue
    Norwegian Blue 17 days ago

    That looks like one of those Big Kahuna Burgers. That is a tasty burger!

  • kcin1523
    kcin1523 17 days ago

    Drinking game:
    Take a shot every time he says “S’Awesome sauce”

  • BeastGamer_ 470
    BeastGamer_ 470 18 days ago

    You literally repeated yourself a bunch you even did it in the comments. Stop.

  • kennynito 34
    kennynito 34 18 days ago

    Can someone translate the swasome sauce to seagull language please?

  • kennynito 34
    kennynito 34 18 days ago

    0/10 Not enought Swasome sauce

  • Bacha Gaming
    Bacha Gaming 18 days ago

    You are an amazing man.

    (Edit: Why are you shaking so much.Don’t be nervous I love your food reviews.

  • Funny Stufd
    Funny Stufd 19 days ago

    I'm such a hard core viewer about wendy's food. Totally. Just go to Chick-fil-a or eat healthy food. 🙄😂😂

  • sara calvin
    sara calvin 19 days ago

    Have my babies

    KĮŃG DÁRKØ 19 days ago +1

    Awesome review!!!
    I’m sorry but @2:23 I lost it.

  • Esmé Autum
    Esmé Autum 19 days ago

    Like I always say- if it’s good enough for Reviewbrah it’s good enough for me. But if Reviewbrah doesn’t like it then it’s a no go.

  • Franklin Warner
    Franklin Warner 19 days ago +1


  • TriHard 7
    TriHard 7 19 days ago

    Why do you chew with your front teeth

  • Michael McMillin
    Michael McMillin 19 days ago

    I hope you're having an outstanding week John, Godbless you and keep up the phenominal content brother 🍔🍟🍕🌭

  • jeezjacob
    jeezjacob 19 days ago

    What kind of music are you into? Would it just be jazz and classical? Haha

  • toofine9
    toofine9 19 days ago

    weird ass white geek

  • Paul Kersey
    Paul Kersey 19 days ago +1

    That is a much better suite than Sargon's suite.

  • Alfie Skelton
    Alfie Skelton 20 days ago

    drink every time he says S'Awesome

  • Rizz-O
    Rizz-O 20 days ago

    9:41 The Wettuce 🥗😩 it’s LETTUCE!

  • pkmcburroughs
    pkmcburroughs 20 days ago

    I refuse to order any food that has a silly name. I'm speaking, of course, of things like Poo Poo Burgerdoodles, Flimy Flamy Fries, and Gobble Gobble Goody Goods.

  • Kali
    Kali 20 days ago

    I don’t think I could bring myself to pay 6$ for just a burger... I’ll have to pass on this one review brah 👌

  • Justin Taylor
    Justin Taylor 20 days ago

    Wats w ther suit?

  • Hiraeth
    Hiraeth 20 days ago

    Fun drinking game: take a shot every time he says 's'awesome sauce'

  • Jobu_Cerrano
    Jobu_Cerrano 20 days ago

    I should have listened to you! I just tried this burger, and it was nasty! The burger would have been great, kind of like a Dave's single with bacon. However, the sauce is terrible. The mild smoke of the sauce would be ok, but the sweetness and tang of this sauce made it awful. I couldn't finish it, would never try it again.

  • *tongue clicks* Noice!

    The way he says S'awesome sauce repeatedly sounds hilarious at 6:25

  • Cesar Banuelos
    Cesar Banuelos 21 day ago

    What if ReviewBrah started working out and got super yolked!?!

  • God sucks
    God sucks 21 day ago

    He has very long fingernails, it scares me.

  • Tony Bones
    Tony Bones 21 day ago

    Like if you automatically click 'Like' on his videos as soon as they begin, too. :)

  • Chalo meza
    Chalo meza 21 day ago +1

    By the way cut your finger nails PLEASE !!!!!! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU BACTERIA CAN GROW UNDER THOSE CLAWS AND GET IN YOUR FOOD AND GET YOU SICK SHIT MAN CUT THOSE BAD BOYS WE ARE saying this cuz we care you creep cut those damn things its disgusting shit fuck.

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic 21 day ago

    So majestic

  • Diet CokePlus
    Diet CokePlus 21 day ago

    “S’Awesome sauce”

  • Andy Lomas
    Andy Lomas 22 days ago

    I hardly even tasted the sauce in my burger 😔

  • Backfisch TV
    Backfisch TV 22 days ago

    Review should really wear a white suit, it would fit really well to this "tropical" like backround.

  • Anguish IV
    Anguish IV 22 days ago


  • TurkeyBoi
    TurkeyBoi 22 days ago

    Freaking saucesome material😂😂😂😂

  • Steve Andrews
    Steve Andrews 22 days ago

    Take a shot every time you hear S’Awesome. You will die in about 3 minutes.

  • AReallyAwesomeGuy117
    AReallyAwesomeGuy117 22 days ago

    take a shot every time ReviewBrah says "s'awesome"

  • Ruby Njie
    Ruby Njie 22 days ago

    It seems to need a slice of tomato.

  • Exactus Grammatica Anglicus

    Reviewbrah should become president so he can review White House food.
    Btw,how'd you get that perfect background?!

  • Tich Boyz
    Tich Boyz 23 days ago

    You do realize this has “s’awesome sauce” right?

  • Scotty Thornton
    Scotty Thornton 23 days ago

    it is said a man with out the sause is lost but a man can be lost in the sause lead me o Lord out of temptation into your sause light

  • M4les
    M4les 23 days ago

    Cut your nails shit

  • Rdilson Perez
    Rdilson Perez 23 days ago

    Or you 16

  • Crime Star101
    Crime Star101 23 days ago

    That Bun Action 😂

  • Ben Martinez
    Ben Martinez 23 days ago

    "WAY TO TANGY" 5.9 OUT OF 10

  • Kale Minervine
    Kale Minervine 23 days ago

    Swawesome swauce and wettuce

  • slop101
    slop101 24 days ago

    Jeeze, by the time he's eating it, it's gotta be a cold dried out hunk of food.

  • FaZe Trainz
    FaZe Trainz 24 days ago

    If he says S’awesome sauce one more time...

  • Tostilocos
    Tostilocos 24 days ago +1

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Wendy’s stocks go down cause of this video lol

  • Hot Lava
    Hot Lava 24 days ago

    Dog say s’awesome one more fucking time

  • Tostilocos
    Tostilocos 24 days ago +1

    ReviewBrahs comment section are always the least toxic ❤️

  • WTF Review Time
    WTF Review Time 24 days ago

    someone give this man some coffee

  • It's Sarkeezy
    It's Sarkeezy 24 days ago

    Fucckkkkkk it’s not a single

  • Heyo Mayo
    Heyo Mayo 24 days ago

    He eats the burger at 6:44 and the amount of times he says "S'awesome" is 45.

  • Ektris
    Ektris 24 days ago

    Have no idea how you struggled to get the "Sawesome" sauce... When I asked for no sauce and they threw it at me anyway they were pushing it that much.
    And I hated it. Absolutely wouldn't grab this burger as a result.

  • bacon big bacon
    bacon big bacon 25 days ago

    today i will review air its air it has no taste no anything when i inhale it my lungs get big wow
    so yea my review of air basically

  • bacon big bacon
    bacon big bacon 25 days ago

    s'hasome suase

  • bacon big bacon
    bacon big bacon 25 days ago

    the schschawschome sause burge

  • Victoria V
    Victoria V 25 days ago

    Your intro is adorable

  • Michael_Liddle
    Michael_Liddle 25 days ago

    118 dislikes are people that don't look good in a suit

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker 25 days ago

    Trim your nails bro

  • Maya Aa
    Maya Aa 25 days ago

    lol nice way to end the video

  • T Hol
    T Hol 26 days ago

    I thought I was having a stroke when he kept saying sawsome sauce 😂

  • Sir B Kyle
    Sir B Kyle 26 days ago

    How old are you? 😂

  • mc ratty
    mc ratty 26 days ago


  • Sasho Naumoski
    Sasho Naumoski 26 days ago

    you need work on that bite

  • Nitroh
    Nitroh 26 days ago

    this dude is weird, he looks 12 but has the vocabulary of a mid 30s posh man

  • Barry Selfon
    Barry Selfon 26 days ago

    Can someone point me to a review of something he actually liked?

  • coopatroopa boom
    coopatroopa boom 26 days ago

    T A N G

  • Kirk
    Kirk 26 days ago

    4:20 voice crack

  • Cheroba
    Cheroba 26 days ago +6

    Hey reviewbrah, would you mind doing an autopsy shot of the burger? Cutting it in half and such. It can be sort of like a test to see if they made it with care and made a properly stable burger. That'd be mighty fine!

  • Chalo meza
    Chalo meza 26 days ago

    Give the burgahs a break . authentic mexican food is key and cases of beer .Mexican night .

  • Lawrence H.
    Lawrence H. 26 days ago

    I love that he has a consistent 1930’s aesthetic and a subtle transatlantic accent. (:

  • catch wrestler
    catch wrestler 26 days ago

    Kos om e3lan mobinil ya ged3an

  • J35h13
    J35h13 26 days ago

    born just in time for the report of the week

  • Javed Ahmed
    Javed Ahmed 27 days ago

    The first two minutes of this video finally made me realise who Reviewbrah reminds me of; Christopher Walken.

  • goalie 58
    goalie 58 27 days ago

    For those playing a drinking game, he says "S'Awesome" 41 times!