10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ


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  • Matthew Giaquinto
    Matthew Giaquinto 7 hours ago +1

    Having a well experienced 15 year vet

  • Sunset Flicks
    Sunset Flicks 10 hours ago

    Bringing up kehlani

  • Roland Machingambi
    Roland Machingambi 23 hours ago

    So he doesn't need food or water

  • Demi Baltar
    Demi Baltar 2 days ago

    His ego.

  • Sean Gee
    Sean Gee 4 days ago

    Lyric has a youth??? Since when

  • Dfense Medrano
    Dfense Medrano 5 days ago

    Could somebody tell me what brand is that Toiletry bag?

    • Saleh Yahya
      Saleh Yahya 4 days ago

      Dfense Medrano did u find out cuz I want to know

  • Galactic Republic EDITS

    Hey why does kyrie and uncle drew look so familiar

  • DankOverloadTV
    DankOverloadTV 6 days ago

    Wow... Kyrie is a really lowkey dude! Respect.

  • ayush garg
    ayush garg 6 days ago

    None of this is extravagant then pulls out a rollie

  • lolly lol21
    lolly lol21 6 days ago

    idc about his bball skills man i lovee his personality!!!! broo even if he was the shitiest player,and he isn't i'd still love him. His personality is justt !!!!

  • Leigh Parker
    Leigh Parker 6 days ago

    Cool. :D

  • Yung O.G.
    Yung O.G. 7 days ago

    I have that same cologne he does. The girls tell me it smells great. 10/10 would recommend

  • biggheadbobby crazy
    biggheadbobby crazy 7 days ago

    Y does he sound white

  • Sedevizo Pienyu
    Sedevizo Pienyu 7 days ago

    The best so far 😍😍😍

  • andrew
    andrew 8 days ago

    Anyone notice the triangle on the notebook?

  • Calvin Hunt
    Calvin Hunt 9 days ago

    I got the same headphones the crushers

  • The Force Boy
    The Force Boy 9 days ago

    He forgot the belief of flat earth

  • Pix_Mity fromYT
    Pix_Mity fromYT 9 days ago +1

    0:48 Illuminati note 📖

    • Contrition
      Contrition 2 days ago

      Not illuminati, all seeing eye of Osiris

  • Mr. Ryan68
    Mr. Ryan68 10 days ago

    What does the illumanti sign

    TOXIC EAGLE 8D 10 days ago

    1. LeBron
    2. LeBron
    3. LeBron
    4. LeBron
    5. LeBron
    8. LeBron
    9. LeBron
    10. LeBron

  • Hugo Vega
    Hugo Vega 10 days ago

    Ball is life

  • Cam Dowle
    Cam Dowle 11 days ago

    LOOL this man kills me

  • Terleezy
    Terleezy 13 days ago

    dead serious someone asked me the same question they said do u travel with a basketball i was so confused

  • Michael Manchak
    Michael Manchak 14 days ago

    Kyrie I feel like you don't know what the word "journeyman" means

  • BRYCE The baller
    BRYCE The baller 14 days ago

    His notebook is illuminati

  • Dougong The
    Dougong The 15 days ago

    Can you guys get banksy on the show?

  • Micah Mills
    Micah Mills 15 days ago

    he is uncle drew

  • janrick ph
    janrick ph 16 days ago

    Humble man

  • Rubén J
    Rubén J 17 days ago

    My favorite player nowadays. 🔥✊

  • 5 thousand subscribers with 2 videos?

    I can't live without a heart

  • ALL ABOUT ME TV ‼️🤟🏾

    He Weird

  • michael bickerstaff
    michael bickerstaff 18 days ago

    U would probably be better if u did

  • Parker Gordon
    Parker Gordon 19 days ago

    He talks and acts like he is white

  • Keirnan Eadie
    Keirnan Eadie 20 days ago +2

    does anyone else think kyrie sounds extreeeeeeeeemely white?

    • A Anon
      A Anon 18 days ago

      Keirnan Eadie no it’s not. White people sound basic, he sounds sophisticated and highly intelligent.

  • MD Caires
    MD Caires 20 days ago

    Nah only LeBron travels with the ball

  • Jorden Varghese
    Jorden Varghese 21 day ago

    When beats won't sponsor u so u have to carry around Skullcandys

  • Sam M
    Sam M 21 day ago

    Kyrie sound white asf

  • Jack da BOSS
    Jack da BOSS 21 day ago

    Kyrie is my favorite cause he doesn’t own flipping 2 billion dollar bracelets or owns the dumb things for his teeth or just the stupid things but he’s like everyone else except amazing at basketball and has a lot of money

  • Klāvs Bajārs
    Klāvs Bajārs 21 day ago


  • Kerem Keskin
    Kerem Keskin 21 day ago

    can anyone tell me what kind of cloth bracelets with the strings he was wearing was?

  • Jacob Harris
    Jacob Harris 22 days ago

    He forgot the idea of him thinking that the earth’s flat

  • I love pat smith
    I love pat smith 22 days ago

    Anyone know what bracelets he has on ? Not the gold ones .

  • rdam west
    rdam west 22 days ago

    Why do all these rappers or ball players put a pyramid everywere?

  • Charlie Tok
    Charlie Tok 22 days ago

    I've never seen kyrie like this. Very chill and laid back. Humble dude. I think I've become a fan because of this video. Still SIXERS all day though. But I fucks with you Kyrie

  • Fred Relve
    Fred Relve 22 days ago

    whoa PAUSE 5:30

  • no name
    no name 22 days ago

    did anyone else think his voice was deeper?

  • Clifford Allen
    Clifford Allen 23 days ago

    I have to steal that notebook

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 23 days ago

    The guy that cooks your favorite point guard on a regular basis is the same guy who has oxy pads

  • Yeeteth
    Yeeteth 23 days ago

    He has astounding teeth

  • braxton 922
    braxton 922 23 days ago

    Does he still believe the earth is flat

  • Israel Bustos
    Israel Bustos 23 days ago

    “2 sprays on the hand, dap on the neck, 2 on the wrist”🤣🤣

  • Bleron.H
    Bleron.H 23 days ago

    I have the same colonge

  • Holly  Seng
    Holly Seng 23 days ago

    cuz he is uncle drew u egg lol

  • the goat noimnottrippin

    He so humble dude

  • Young izi
    Young izi 23 days ago

    Do a one with Kyries sneaker shopping

  • Shadow Ranger
    Shadow Ranger 24 days ago +1

    11. A Flat Earth

  • Dominic Carrano
    Dominic Carrano 24 days ago

    He is so well spoken. And any black folk out there, why is cocoa butter essential. Like half the comments here are saying if your black you know cocoa butter is essential

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 24 days ago

    Kyrie us a very beautiful man

  • lil peep the legend
    lil peep the legend 24 days ago

    Kylie eats icebreakers too😱😱

  • Aldrinn Jann
    Aldrinn Jann 24 days ago

    Kyries notebook symbolizes he is an illuminati. Haha

  • Supreme Tay Kay!
    Supreme Tay Kay! 24 days ago

    He has the voice of a white deep voiced half black guy

  • Pelayo Leal
    Pelayo Leal 24 days ago

    Who tf swallows gum??

  • RawBuilds
    RawBuilds 24 days ago

    he sounds like uncle drew and he plays like uncle drew

  • Najm Muhammad
    Najm Muhammad 25 days ago +1

    I love Kyrie why does he want to leave Boston?

    • 神aki
      神aki 24 days ago

      wym? he said previously that he’s with us for the long run

  • Allisons Lyfe
    Allisons Lyfe 25 days ago

    I strive for the day when I consider a Rolex to be a non luxury item

  • Amazing Grace
    Amazing Grace 25 days ago

    I like that top he has on

  • jaden jones
    jaden jones 26 days ago +1

    Black people know that cocoa butter is essential

    OFF TOPIC 26 days ago


  • EMANeleVenElevEn
    EMANeleVenElevEn 26 days ago +1

    Wait a minute he got a daughter with Kehlani?

  • Andre Mananzan
    Andre Mananzan 26 days ago

    The journal - 0:50

  • Ky K
    Ky K 26 days ago

    I know someone named Kyrie

    JAMES DAVIS 27 days ago

    I just want to know what kind of polo or button up that is ?

  • Don A
    Don A 27 days ago

    Super Star.

  • Vukasin Dragas
    Vukasin Dragas 27 days ago +1

    He can't live w/o lebron

  • Genralc43
    Genralc43 28 days ago +1

    One of em gonna be Lebron

  • Cross Boyd
    Cross Boyd 28 days ago

    Yooo Kyrie is my all time favorite!!!!

  • Joan Pamplona
    Joan Pamplona 28 days ago

    #11-kyrie can't live without me.(charot)


    Kyrie prolly eats watermelons daily

  • Conner P
    Conner P 29 days ago

    His virginity

  • Anish S
    Anish S 29 days ago

    So Kylie has swallowed gum before many times possibly

  • Filipino Singers virals
    Filipino Singers virals 29 days ago +20

    “I can’t live without god, my family, and parents.”

  • Ares
    Ares 29 days ago

    "None of these are extravagant" has three bracelets on worth 5K+ each

  • Stephanie McCullum
    Stephanie McCullum 29 days ago

    Most begin with white and end with women...kidding kidding

  • NewsAlert 101
    NewsAlert 101 29 days ago

    Why does he sound like the whitest blackest basketball player

  • Nyk Belmes
    Nyk Belmes 29 days ago

    Edit: and LeBron James

  • Raheb Dragon
    Raheb Dragon 29 days ago

    0:49 illuminati sign

  • MnivielErosTV
    MnivielErosTV 29 days ago

    look at kyrie's noteboom there is a illuminati and a circle on the head.... why?

    UNKNOWN HOSTILE 29 days ago +2

    Kyrie the type of guy to think the earth is flat... Oh wait

  • Bing Chua
    Bing Chua 29 days ago

    I have a feeling that the notebook contains a page on why the earth is flat

  • TrulyDiamond
    TrulyDiamond 29 days ago

    i’m disappointed in his voice 😂

  • MoonGoat
    MoonGoat 29 days ago +1

    What's that shirt he's wearing? Looks sick

  • Dennis Trepanier
    Dennis Trepanier Month ago

    A flat earth

  • OFF
    OFF Month ago

    why does he sound like the average white guy

    TRILL Month ago

    What game should I get Lost Paradise or the new Tomb Raider?

    NECKMINUTE 007 Month ago

    Wow and he is ?? Haha lmfao

  • Jacob Lefler
    Jacob Lefler Month ago

    Someone on the jimmy butler video said they started counting at 3 weeks liar

  • Abhishek Suresh
    Abhishek Suresh Month ago +11

    This man said gnarly, still a great guy

  • i am sam
    i am sam Month ago

    10 things kyrie irving can't live without:
    the ice wall

  • Camron Jones
    Camron Jones Month ago


  • Dylan Dam
    Dylan Dam Month ago

    Can't live without the flat earth!