RUDE Japanese Words You Use Without Knowing + What You Should Say Instead

  • Published on Aug 26, 2017
  • Speak Japanese with a native ^.^ (You'll get 10$ in credits by clicking the link.)
    In this lesson we'll learn words & phrases you should avoid.
    There are LOTS of words that learners use but are actually RUDE / CRINGEY in Japanese.
    If you learn Japanese just using dictionaries, Google Translate and textbooks, you end up sounding RUDE AND WEIRD D:
    Do you know how to say these things in Japanese PROPERLY?:
    - I love you.
    (Phrase you get from the Google Translate is NOOOO!)
    - I'm happy to be your friend.
    - Thank you. (Arigatou is rude!)
    - Lots of ways to say the word "you"
    - "Well done" (yoku dekimashita - looking down at someone)
    - Imperative (e.g. たべろ!いけ!) vs Request form (e.g. たべて!いって!)
    - How to SWEAR / Japanese Swear Words
    - I feel bad. (Does かわいそう mean "it LOOKS cute"???)
    and MUCH MORE ★
    P.S. Japanese can be very different depending on the region.
    What I'm teaching is the standard (hyoujungo) Japanese that's used in Tokyo / Kanto region. ^^
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    These explanations are incomplete and misleading in some cases

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  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 28 days ago

    I personally don't think the imperative ろ should be directly translated to "fucking ". An English speaker can still be extremely harsh without use of vulgar words. It registers more with the tone and loudness of one's utterance.
    Stop it. やめて
    STOP IT!!! やめろ

  • Aaron Seet
    Aaron Seet 28 days ago

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    Aaron Seet 28 days ago

    あんた is even ruder/superior, correct?
    And wouldn't you recommend saying person's name (e.g. みささん) instead of あなた?
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    • 中山健太郎
      中山健太郎 Month ago +1

      @The 19th Fighter It's less polite rather than more colloquial. Plus, saying kimi to someone is basically rude in real conversation same as anata.

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    • 中山健太郎
      中山健太郎 Month ago

      @AzzySunfire It's an exceptional idiom and not rude. "okaerinasai(welcome back)" and "oyasuminasai(good night)" are same. These phrases include "nasai" but you can use them without having an attitude.

    • Qbe Root
      Qbe Root Month ago

      I guess it’s the same kind of exception as “excuse me”, where you use a harsh tense as part of a set phrase so it’s actually polite? I’m only learning tho, so don’t quote me on that

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      It's weird cuz I don't know anyone who uses that so I guess I just got confused. I'm still learning Thank you so much for helping me 😊

    • 中山健太郎
      中山健太郎 Month ago +1

      @L E I ♡ It doesn't make sense because "itoshiteru" doesn't exist in Japanese language
      I guess you misunderstand a word "愛してる" also can be read as "itoshiteru" because a kanji "愛" can be read as "あい:ai" or "いと(しい):ito(shii)", but a word "愛してる" can be read as only "aishiteru"
      Basically, a KANJI has several readings, but a WORD has only a reading excepting some words

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    • 中山健太郎
      中山健太郎 Month ago

      @Hero It's one of a exception because it's an idiom. So you can say "gomennasai".
      Plus, "gomenkudasai" is an idiom, too. It means "May I come in?". That's why you can not use it instead of "gomennasai".

  • Jazmyne McQualter
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