[ Exotic Dancer/Master Manipulator ] Mechele Linehan | True Crime Documentary Full Episodes 2019

  • [ Exotic Dancer/Master Manipulator ] Mechele Linehan | True Crime Documentary Full Episodes 2019
    Snapped Full Episodes
    Kent Leppink was a Michigan native who moved to Alaska to work as a fisherman. He met Linehan at a striptease club. Between 1994 and 1996, Linehan was romantically involved with Leppink and a man named John Carlin at the same time. For several months the three lived in the same house in Anchorage. On May 2, 1996, Leppink (age 36) was found dead in Hope, Alaska, with three .44 caliber Desert Eagle gunshot wounds. Linehan was arrested over 10 years later in October 2006 and convicted of his murder on October 22, 2007, but the verdict was overturned in February 2010
    Snapped Full Episodes
    [ Exotic Dancer/Master Manipulator ] Mechele Linehan | True Crime Documentary Full Episodes 2019

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  • Fame & Infamy
    Fame & Infamy  4 months ago +36

    Guilty or Not Guilty - what would your verdict have been in this case?

    • Igor ogI
      Igor ogI 14 days ago

      GUILTY AS F***

    • Erica Maldonado
      Erica Maldonado 24 days ago

      @anticommie51 ite not about letting anything lol its the law.. no evidence.. no crime..

    • Erica Maldonado
      Erica Maldonado 24 days ago +1

      @Kruell Gaming i agree

    • Morgan rhodes
      Morgan rhodes 26 days ago

      Fame & Infamy guilty

    • Bob Jolly
      Bob Jolly 26 days ago

      they are all guilty of murder and being weirdos

  • kotie boatz
    kotie boatz 6 hours ago

    Her:Ok I'll move in but two grown men whom I'm having sex with are also moving in. Him :aye it's Alaska🤷what are you gonna do

  • Carl Stevens
    Carl Stevens 12 hours ago

    Dont know who got sucked in the most, I'd say the husband and her parents. 😂😂😂

  • Average Joe
    Average Joe 2 days ago

    Pathetic men. Just plain pathetic.

  • Lisa J.J.
    Lisa J.J. 2 days ago

    Bah haa, one gross girl juggling three fiancee & trying to get some easy money off anyone she could. Wow she actually went to college and passed?! Strippin must have not been that much fun after all oh boo hoo.

  • Anna Pain
    Anna Pain 3 days ago


  • Thanasis Koligliatis

    34:48 That look

  • Thanasis Koligliatis
    Thanasis Koligliatis 3 days ago +1

    15:13 She's an idiot or a fake, or both.
    What does this say about her boyfriends?

  • Mick Obrien
    Mick Obrien 6 days ago

    The way she spells Michelle is infuriating. I hate her just for that. You know right away you're dealing with a dumb cheesy idiot. Genetics. Her parents were morons, too.

  • Screaming Eagle
    Screaming Eagle 6 days ago

    all four of those guys were tools. The california guy was the guy she liked having sex with, John was gonna be her trigger man, Kent was good for money and gifts and life insurance money, and the doctor was her retirement plan when the life insurance didnt go through.
    The last three of those guys were lonely desperate fucks who she never would have been attracted to. They lied to themselves when they believed all her lies. Even the doctor she married. Did he look like someone she would be attracted to? Just another tool in her toolbox.
    Damn those dudes were stupid. She thought she would get Kents life insurance and John would go to jail so she would be rid of him too. When that didnt work out, she married an emasculated doctor who was easy prey for the experienced seductress. He would have been next but it would have been a divorce once assets had been accumulated.
    Doctor should cut his losses and count his blessings. I would love to see an interview of him. Hes probly still hanging on to the dream.

  • Kidane Tower
    Kidane Tower 7 days ago

    That dumb bitch knows she got caught.

  • Kidane Tower
    Kidane Tower 7 days ago

    I’m glad Kent got that bitch in the end. It’s incredible that he flipped everything on her. He got the last laugh. It’s like a movie.

  • Adam Armstrong
    Adam Armstrong 8 days ago

    I’m really surprised they found her guilty, I no doubt think she was involved but there wasn’t a single bit of evidence on either of them to prove they did it, that’s crazy

  • Caprice Ocean
    Caprice Ocean 11 days ago

    3 men 1 son and one girl living in one house in Alaska. Michelle was very pretty but I would trade her for someone else any day.

  • Daviee Jeffreys
    Daviee Jeffreys 13 days ago

    Guilty absolutely no doubt about it , great work , may she serve that full term .

    • Pippie5555
      Pippie5555 9 days ago

      She didn't. She is apparently released. "On February 5, 2010, the Alaska Court of Appeals overturned Linehan's conviction. The court concluded it was improper for the trial court to allow two pieces of evidence into the trial: testimony about the movie The Last Seduction, and a letter written by Leppink in the days before he died. The letter, which Leppink wrote to his parents, said Linehan, Carlin, or Scott Hilke were "probably" responsible if he died under "suspicious circumstances"".

  • Gosei Tatsu
    Gosei Tatsu 15 days ago

    LMAO bitch got served good. She thought she could manipulate the judge with her fake tears but the judge was like "Nah bitch, nah. Your act may have worked on the poor ugly desperate men of Alaska who thought they were lucky to have been with a very attractive woman, but I'm not them." I mean seriously what motive would the other guy have outside of being told to do it with a promise of lots of money. She thought she was getting a million dollars and used that to motivate John. And those people who said "Oh poor girl, she got judge for being a stripper"
    No she was a leech that needed to be cut off once and for all. She got 10 good years of freedom without so much as a single ounce of guilt. She got what she had coming.

    • Pippie5555
      Pippie5555 9 days ago

      She is apparently released. "On February 5, 2010, the Alaska Court of Appeals overturned Linehan's conviction. The court concluded it was improper for the trial court to allow two pieces of evidence into the trial: testimony about the movie The Last Seduction, and a letter written by Leppink in the days before he died. The letter, which Leppink wrote to his parents, said Linehan, Carlin, or Scott Hilke were "probably" responsible if he died under "suspicious circumstances"".

  • Madeline Intravia
    Madeline Intravia 16 days ago

    Now you make JACK SHIT at strip clubs 😅

  • Nate Hill
    Nate Hill 16 days ago

    Don’t date girls from strip clubs - they don’t like you.

  • Tracy Howard-Allison
    Tracy Howard-Allison 16 days ago

    She married some doctor and is a PTA mom now. Psychopaths can be anything.

  • bot 127
    bot 127 17 days ago


  • your majesty _
    your majesty _ 18 days ago

    She's On My FaceBook List LOL

  • Richard Cranium
    Richard Cranium 18 days ago

    She was a stripper lol

  • Wadjet
    Wadjet 19 days ago

    *ain't that a bitch...a strip club called "the Bush Co." LMMFAO!😃😄🤣*

  • Courtney Lynn
    Courtney Lynn 19 days ago

    This is Snapped.

  • Tiffany Stephens
    Tiffany Stephens 19 days ago +7

    The "classiest strip club" in Alaska😂
    "She didn't dance💃just talked" 😂
    What a load of bull💩⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠

    • cygnusx1 jg
      cygnusx1 jg 11 days ago

      I'm guessing she indeed used her mouth but it wasn't for talking.

    • Wadjet
      Wadjet 19 days ago +1


  • Iliria Leasing
    Iliria Leasing 22 days ago

    i heard that there are no chicks in alaska, but damm bro

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 22 days ago

    Here's the thing. Not all strippers are the same. Just as all strip clubs are not the same. There are nice girls who do it, make some money, and leave it behind. However, there is a good percentage who will play men for all they can get: money, coke, dinners, marriage, whatever (and plenty who will play them just for some lap dances or whatever -- just a little ATM action and those $20 bills). Some are harder to read than others. And flattery often works like a charm on men. You have to be very careful and not rush in, unless you just want a crazy fling and know the risks. Some strippers are truly crazy and can fuck up your life. Many men say NEVER have a stripper for a girlfriend. Good, safe advice. But possible to meet a good one. Maybe better if you meet them outside of the club and get to know them, rather than meet them in their work environment. There are even those who, if they get to know that you aren't a sucker, might even be cool with you. Like play your portable video game or take a nap with you in a corner of the room or just chat if they're sick of doing the rounds of the tourists asking if they want a lap dance. Then there's the whole scoring-sex thing. There is a lot to know about that. But that's a much longer lesson.

    I refuse to testify as to how I got this information but it is very accurate.

  • Lil bat Ashlyn
    Lil bat Ashlyn 23 days ago

    Oh dear.

  • cat rice rice
    cat rice rice 23 days ago +1

    Kinda hard to feel sorry for these men.

  • Aidan Hyland
    Aidan Hyland 26 days ago

    Why do they keep calling the 44 an automatic? It's not an automatic.

  • First Last
    First Last 26 days ago

    Its likely she was in on it but there is no evidence only motive n theres no way someone should be convinced on motive alone.

    • Pippie5555
      Pippie5555 9 days ago

      Kent mentioned her in his letter. And she received a million dollars in his life insurance. She is apparently released. "On February 5, 2010, the Alaska Court of Appeals overturned Linehan's conviction. The court concluded it was improper for the trial court to allow two pieces of evidence into the trial: testimony about the movie The Last Seduction, and a letter written by Leppink in the days before he died. The letter, which Leppink wrote to his parents, said Linehan, Carlin, or Scott Hilke were "probably" responsible if he died under "suspicious circumstances"".

  • Bob Jolly
    Bob Jolly 26 days ago

    to get that many stupid men at the same time is quite a talent......

  • Binh ane
    Binh ane 26 days ago +1

    She's a very dangerous woman. She manipulated so many men, even persuaded one of them to murder for her willingly. Then manipulated her now doctor husband, had him support her throughout the whole process and still stand by her side after she went to prison and after all of that she stayed in prison for only 2 years and now a free woman.

  • Sparky Pluggs
    Sparky Pluggs 27 days ago +15

    Very rare to see a female, a whte female at that get a full deserving sentence for murder. I'm whte by the way... Ooops, spoke to soon. She was released on appeal in 2011

    • Sparky Pluggs
      Sparky Pluggs 6 days ago

      @Screaming Eagle No, they go "by the law" when convenient. The law says a 19yr old male should serve a severe sentence for sleeping with a 16-17yr old underage girl in most states. But who they choose to throw the book at in those cases is subjective. I may think it's a harmless infraction you may think it's just as bad as raping a 5yr old. Point is the law is applied, twisted or ignored altogether based on race, sex, popularity and income. You giving me a technical loophole is irrelevant when it comes to those 4 factors previously mentioned. We can both commit the exact same crime in the same city and our sentences can be completely different if convicted

    • Screaming Eagle
      Screaming Eagle 6 days ago

      why would they? you mean why did they dont you? because they have to follow the law and the judge determined that is was unlawful to show the jury the letter that kent wrote because he was not alive to cross examine. Even though they know he killed him makes no difference because they go by the law not by what actually happened.

    • Sparky Pluggs
      Sparky Pluggs 6 days ago

      @Screaming Eagle Why would they overturn the murder conviction of either of them, much less the one who did the actual killing? Well that's where race comes into play I suppose. But beyond race, attractive, white females rarely serve a full sentence for murder convictions compared to any other demographic. A rich white male is more likely to get the book thrown at him for murder than a poor white female unless he can beat the case altogether

    • Screaming Eagle
      Screaming Eagle 6 days ago

      I just found out that Johns conviction was overturned also but he was killed first shortly after going to jail. How crazy. He did do it though. i guess he wasnt meant to get out. but she was?? why?

    • Screaming Eagle
      Screaming Eagle 6 days ago

      I mean, normally if they are attractive they dont get the full punnishment for some reason. Bonus question. Do you think she had anything to do with John getting beat to death in jail so he couldnt testify?

  • PrettyBrown Eyez
    PrettyBrown Eyez 27 days ago +22

    I could really slap Mechele's mother. "It was a nightmare."
    Well, welcome to Kent's parents life!
    And no, she was not judged because she was a stripper. She was found guilty because she MASTERMINDED the murder of this poor man. SMDH!!

    • Curtis Everett
      Curtis Everett 21 day ago +2

      Precisely what I was just getting ready to comment. Exactly. You are exactly correct. Her mom is evil as hell. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree..

  • Benedict Evangelakos
    Benedict Evangelakos 28 days ago +3

    How could Mechele be talking about ‘getaway’, ‘Seychelles’ and ‘not being extradited no matter what crime one has committed’ and still be considered innocent? Also, what’s with this specious reasoning about concealing the details of one’s past - especially when that past involves sex work? Portraying the facts puts events into perspective and gives them context; sex work is inextricably linked to manipulation and deception. Michele might have genuinely “changed her act,” as it were, but that doesn’t mean she’s not accountable for her past.

  • Shantia Jones
    Shantia Jones 28 days ago +3

    She definitely made a come up from stripper to PTA mom......😂

  • Zachary Broussard
    Zachary Broussard 28 days ago +1

    is anyone else confused that Carlin was the guy that got convicted for the murder and killed in jail, but has an interview in the doc at 5:22? idk that totally ruled him out as one of the potential suspects and caught me totally off guard when it was actually him that was convicted

  • John Allen
    John Allen 28 days ago +2

    I've met women like this. And believe me, they are not always as beautiful as Mechelle was. She has a Mata Hari seductress look that certain guys fall for immediately. Even to the point of having to share her with three guys, they were still in love with her. That takes some serious talent to juggle all that. Women like this are intelligent but maybe they think too much? Maybe she grew into a different woman when she got older but it's kind of hard for a leopard to lose it's spots. Ask any woman. Guys are easy to manipulate.

    FEVER x DREAM 28 days ago

    The fact that she was a stripper is irrelevant, she is a total manipulative bitch, it's obvious she's guilty.

  • Lian King
    Lian King 29 days ago +1

    the three men is simply poor..that's why after that incident she get into the university to get a degree and life for herself.. it is obvious that this woman have passion for money..and that is not wrong.. the wrong thing that she did was that she wanted to live so fast that she got herself 3 dick only to find out that the only thing is missing is money.. she's so arrogant and opportunist in my opinion..and that is dangerous..

  • jonas rezai
    jonas rezai 29 days ago

    Whore GUILTY as fuck like all the other Girls/women. Greedy as fuck she did it she is not a victim the opposite all women are like this

  • Luvufirst
    Luvufirst Month ago +1

    The Bush Company? Cannot make this shit up folks!

    • Tina Marie
      Tina Marie 29 days ago

      Lol!😂 RIGHT THO!👍🤣

  • Warren Jay
    Warren Jay Month ago +2

    damn she's such a cutie; that woulda been me!

  • ameliabenson
    ameliabenson Month ago +1

    And THIS..ladies is why you NEVER EVER associate with men outside the club.
    You all have mental issues and are all lonely & unstable . This is were the money takes control and people get hurt. Ladies need to leave it in the club, & men need to leave it in their pants.

  • irina tarannik
    irina tarannik Month ago +1

    This was basically a who done it murder .... 🙆🏻 really dude? Lol

  • Tara Reign
    Tara Reign Month ago +1

    Damn it I should have worked at the Alaskan Bush company I just need one good man in Alaska

  • Kruell Gaming
    Kruell Gaming Month ago

    Not sure what about being an exotic dancer makes this Mechelle a gold digger. I was fucking 4 girls at one time when I was 20. Lived with two of them as friends. I later married a doctor at 27. What's the point? Just because someone else's life doesn't meet your moral expectations they are automatically a dope-headed, drugged up, gold digging whore? My oldest daughter is an award-winning porn star and exotic dancer, it's nothing I'm exactly thrilled with, but she's now 25, will being retiring next year, married to a good guy who teaches at an elementary school, owns two homes in two different states, and has 3 cars, and she will be graduating with Honors this spring. I'm willing to bet that half of you are living double standards and are supporting the women and men of this industry you're so apt to disgrace and seed guilt on when many of them are truly sweet girls with their heads on straight while the others are victims of life and social class. That doesn't make them murderers. There are evil people in every corner of life, just as they are good people. Get over the fucking stereotyping.

    Plenty of innocent people are arrested in good faith every year because the police and DA did their best job. It's very easy to do in the right circumstances and it happens more than we want to believe it happens. According to this Corrections (Seiter) textbook, it’s now believed that every career officer will make at least 1 false arrest, with 12% of those arrested falsely convicted and wrongly imprisoned for a period of 6 months. There's a whole lot of officers out there. There are around avg of 687,000 officers in America alone. If you broke career down to a period of 25 years, you'd have ‭an avg 82,440‬ people being falsely convicted and serving at least 6 months in prison. That's around 3,298 people per year and 9 per day. According to the state bar of Mississippi, 195,000 people are convicted and sent to prison each year. They statistically assume that .05% of those 195,000 convictions are wrong. That's 9,750 wrongful convictions per year. If 9,750 people are wrongfully convicted each year, but only 159 people were exonerated in 2015 and 2016, then less than 2% of wrongfully convicted are able to clear their name. The math is worse for wrongly convicted murderers and rapists, and they have it the worst when trying to clear their name because of human error and ego.

  • I quit Youtube
    I quit Youtube Month ago


  • Evelyn Pendall
    Evelyn Pendall Month ago +2

    He loved killing?!

  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told Month ago

    All said and done both of them were acquitted .

  • Matthew Walker
    Matthew Walker Month ago +26

    Who cares if she was a stripper? Such middle america, 19th century ideas. Ya can be a far bigger money grubber by being a corporate executive, and yet nobody would flinch.

    • Warren Jay
      Warren Jay 25 days ago


    • Aidan Hyland
      Aidan Hyland 26 days ago

      It's not so much the money-grubbing as, gee, I don't know, the conspiracy to murder.

  • Autumn Van
    Autumn Van Month ago

    I honestly don't know what to believe, because she did do bad things when she was young and we all most likely have done regretful things in our past its just hers was a larger guilt of being a stripper, yes some strippers are women who have nothing else to do so they become manipulative "whores", but some cannot get other professions for other reasons some people have no other choice to be able to have money so i think its unfair how she was found guilty for being a stripper, but she did have other reasons like being a cheater and the other notes and proof, i feel like also he would've put he was "gay" on the note to his family if it was true, homophobic or not he most likely would want them to know if he was gone and couldn't tell them his self, what do you think?

  • Natalie
    Natalie Month ago +2

    She has been exonerated (the second trail didn't allow the letter he wrote to be evidence and they claimed his father murdered him). There is no justice for this family. RIP

    • Kruell Gaming
      Kruell Gaming Month ago

      Even in trials when someone is truly innocent, Brady requires that a suspect be named. Attorneys will often name the next closest individual to the victim. Though I feel she is guilty despite lackluster evidence, the blame for turning it over on the father needs to be aimed at the law.

  • Weluv Mickey
    Weluv Mickey Month ago

    God never sleeps

  • The Apocalex
    The Apocalex Month ago

    glad she went away for what she did, John wouldnt have done that of his own accord

  • j s k
    j s k Month ago +13

    parents who provide good guidance, and are involved in their children's lives, even when they become adults, help them dodge toxic people. Telling children in the West: "you are 18 years old now, go solve your problems on your own without sharing them with us", leads to the children drowning in many problems without guidance, and bad company, and being ashamed of asking for help.

  • Filipe Davila
    Filipe Davila Month ago

    she deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dylan Jacobs
    Dylan Jacobs Month ago

    She was exonerated and lives free as far as I can find online

  • Erich .C
    Erich .C Month ago +8

    41:22 that lady in the back is creeping me tf out

  • c osc
    c osc Month ago +1

    This narrator has a irritating voice.

  • Blutszauger
    Blutszauger Month ago +4

    It's in the eyes. Always in the eyes... Guilty.

  • Zeke Ball
    Zeke Ball Month ago

    shes free now

  • Elle Brown
    Elle Brown Month ago +2

    🗣🎤 Gotta be a very weak mofo man to move in with a woman that already lives with ANOTHER man 🙄

  • Linny
    Linny Month ago +23

    So she did get away with it. They let her out in 2010\11 and the one person who knew what she did was beaten to death in prison. How convenient 😒

    • Sparky Pluggs
      Sparky Pluggs 15 days ago +5

      @Happy Girl it's not for you to agree. Facts are facts. Whte women rarely serve long sentences when convicted of murder compared to other men and other races. Your disagreement or feelings doesn't change that

    • Happy Girl
      Happy Girl 16 days ago +1

      Sparky Pluggs I read it! I don’t agree!

    • Sparky Pluggs
      Sparky Pluggs 16 days ago +2

      @Happy Girl Read the sentence over and reply to what's said

    • Happy Girl
      Happy Girl 16 days ago +2

      Sparky Pluggs you are actually think you are that special? Do you how many whities are in jail? Bahhabahaabahaaahaaaa🤣

    • Sparky Pluggs
      Sparky Pluggs 27 days ago +7

      You actually thought a woman, a whte woman at that would serve a full deserving long term sentence for murder? Do you know how rare that is? I'm whte by the way

  • Benita Almond
    Benita Almond Month ago

    I suspect she was guilty - however there was a shadow of a doubt - For a guilty conviction there can be no shadow of a doubt - just was not enough evidence. I don't think she should have been convicted. I felt very sorry for her husband but mostly for Kent and his parents she did seem to cause heartache wherever she went willingly or not willingly. She did clean up her life - Did her husband help her to clean up or did she clean up on her own? If he did help her then I suspect she was manipulating him as well.

  • Biggus Dickus
    Biggus Dickus Month ago

    I bet all these men here on this forum, who are dumping on her, would do ANYTHING to spent a night with her like those three horny chumps.

  • ms Larsen
    ms Larsen Month ago +3

    So a stripper is worse than an avid stripclub goer/ customer. I mean hello these men knew they preyed on some "struggeling" single mom, and bought her attention trying to own her, yet she fooled them. I don't see any inncoent parties except the kids tbh.

  • Brian
    Brian Month ago

    She devil beeeotch

  • Bilisuma Dirirsa
    Bilisuma Dirirsa Month ago


  • Gary Doyle
    Gary Doyle Month ago

    She is where she belongs ? She's a very dangerous woman who doesn't give a sht about anyone as long as she gets what she wants no matter who gets hurt or killed in the process.that pathetic voice of hers lol

  • Thea mama Emma
    Thea mama Emma Month ago

    She seem drugged

  • Alexis Shipe
    Alexis Shipe Month ago +38

    Why did the parents wait to open letter?? I would have read it immediately and could have saved him!!

    • Josh Hernandez
      Josh Hernandez Day ago

      Alexis are you on Ig?

    • Caprice Ocean
      Caprice Ocean 11 days ago

      Who sent the letter?

    • Gosei Tatsu
      Gosei Tatsu 15 days ago +1

      By the time they got it, it was too late. He was dead b4 they received it.

    • Happy Girl
      Happy Girl 16 days ago +2

      Alexis Shipe how could they have saved him? He couldn’t even save himself!

    • Happy Girl
      Happy Girl 16 days ago

      Aaron Wong exactly!

  • Jessica
    Jessica Month ago +1

    3 men, huh..
    She must have been great between the sheets... 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Кулешов Григорий

    Every case is a cold case in Alaska

  • Jacks'n Staffs
    Jacks'n Staffs Month ago +1

    She's free now after only two and a half years in prison. Typical.

  • Christina Bakley
    Christina Bakley Month ago +3

    5 men.🥵Disgrace ND pure evil.S*** us single sweet women are praying to find the 1 ND only.Geez don't be desperate!Evil will suck the life out of you or your wallet.John shoulda stayed in the jon.😮MEchelle red flag!!

  • Guidedlights 333
    Guidedlights 333 Month ago +21

    She was a groomer.. she knew how to sniff out and groom vulnerable men.

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 Month ago +3

    Husband Colin wow

  • Patrick Shaffer
    Patrick Shaffer Month ago +4

    What a great ending. Good riddance!