2018 NBA draft analysis: Biggest winner, biggest loser, biggest steal | SportsCenter | ESPN

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • Tim Legler joins SportsCenter to give his biggest winner (Phoenix Suns with Deandre Ayton and Mikal Bridges), biggest loser (Philadelphia 76ers for trading Bridges for Zhaire Smith), and biggest steal (Michael Porter Jr. to the Denver Nuggets at No. 14 overall).
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Comments • 441

  • Anthony
    Anthony 10 months ago

    We might look back at this and be like lmaooo Smith was a steal and better than Bridges. And hell, why not the 2021 pick could be in the 1-5 range.

  • sbeallvln
    sbeallvln 10 months ago

    But I thought Dallas got Antetokounmpo.

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti 10 months ago


  • Jack Jamison
    Jack Jamison 11 months ago

    76ers won that trade 2021 is the year the nba is targeting getting rid of one and done there’s going to be two years worth of top prospects in the draft that year

  • Ryan Cross
    Ryan Cross 11 months ago +1


  • Ryan Cross
    Ryan Cross 11 months ago +1


  • CJ
    CJ 11 months ago

    Bridges couldn't go to phili colangolo messed it all up so they had to trade to phx whatever the tweets was about it had something to do with the prospects in the draft

  • Alexander Letzing
    Alexander Letzing 11 months ago

    What is the bet that Zhaire Smith is a better player than Bridges AND the pick is top 5. Tim Legler the worst Analyst in the League

  • Wilson Sy
    Wilson Sy 11 months ago

    5 Biggest Draft Steals: tvclip.biz/video/vh3obAJBf1I/video.html

  • Austin Clubb
    Austin Clubb 11 months ago

    Doncic for MVP!

  • Jefferson Chen
    Jefferson Chen 11 months ago

    is this what trust the process is?

  • X Dot
    X Dot 11 months ago

    Knowing and watching basketball I think it's insanity to draft a center number one in this day and age. I'll wait for the last center that has been the guy or really an integral part of a championship team drafted in the lottery spots.

  • Degwin Sodo Zabi
    Degwin Sodo Zabi 11 months ago

    A guy that plays 0 defense in the modern nba.... how can you put him on the court

  • Organic Soul Gumbo
    Organic Soul Gumbo 11 months ago

    Why is he always squinting? 😝

  • Yeet Feet
    Yeet Feet 11 months ago

    Biggest steal, in my opinion, is Robert Williams.

  • larkjd
    larkjd 11 months ago

    Legler is a dick

  • Vladpryde
    Vladpryde 11 months ago

    I'm a Portland fan.
    We lost this draft. Big time.
    Fuck you Neil Olshey. Just fuck you.

  • Jerami G
    Jerami G 11 months ago

    Trae Young shall not start over Schroeder

  • robmarcus23
    robmarcus23 11 months ago

    People sleeping on Doncic, he was playing against men as a teen and winning shit

  • nathan hensn
    nathan hensn 11 months ago +1

    Bulls suck for drafting 1 eh and 1 meh guy. They should've swung for the fences, instead they bunted.

  • dronetalk 316
    dronetalk 316 11 months ago

    Knicks didnt deserve a wildcat! #bbn

  • um me
    um me 11 months ago


  • stupid
    stupid 11 months ago +1

    Liangelo Ball

  • DC Yang
    DC Yang 11 months ago

    Jazz fans tripping over Grayson Allen

  • Li Felix
    Li Felix 11 months ago

    I think denver can make the playoffs now with mpj He nigga cold asf I don't care about a back injury he gonna be good💯

    BPDMF 11 months ago

    Celtics win with a great fit.
    Denver wins with the excitement porter jr will bring, even if he busts he brings some hype for the fans right now.
    Suns win with a great big and a winning type player.

  • Trab Rex
    Trab Rex 11 months ago +1

    Second year in a row 76's blow it. ☘💪

  • Mr. Success
    Mr. Success 11 months ago


  • Stephano
    Stephano 11 months ago +1

    1. Ayton - ELITE Player Projection 22 ppg 11 REB 2.0 BPG
    2. Bagley - Great Player Proejction 19 PPG 8 RPG
    3. Young- ELITE Player Projection
    20 PPG 10 APG
    4. Jaren Jackson BUST
    7 PPG 5RPG 1.1 BPG
    5. LUKA DONCIC Bench player
    11 PPG 6 APG
    6. Mo Bamba Solid Player
    15 PPG 12 RPG 3.3 BPG
    7. Wendell Carter Solid starter
    12 PPG 10 RPG
    8. Colin Sexton BIGGEST BUST IN TOP 10
    6 PPG 3 APG
    9. Kevin Knox Borderline starter /6th man (next Danny granger)
    13 PPG
    10. Zhaire Smith BUST
    4 PPG
    11. Shai Alexander BUST
    2 PPG 4 APG
    12. Miles Bridges (Next Michael Beasley)
    15 PPG
    13. Clippers shooting guard he'll be a bust.
    14. Michael Porter Jr.
    ELITE - 20 ppg
    15. Mikal Bridges
    ELITE - 19 PPG
    * Lonnie Walker is the only guy in this draft selected by Spurs who will average 25 and above.

  • Charlie Lawson
    Charlie Lawson 11 months ago

    Starters day one? Who TF IS MIKAL STARTING OVER!!?

  • PharaohLawLess1
    PharaohLawLess1 11 months ago

    Mo Bamba will be a bust. He reminds me too much of Hasheem Thabeet. Kevin Knox will be just like Michael Beasley. Jackson Jr will be ok. Trae Young is gonna murder people and Donte DiVencenzo will murder people. The Celtics got the steal of the draft with drafting an athletic shot blocking Robert Williams

  • owner owner
    owner owner 11 months ago

    First Take Recap Commercial Free 6/22/18

  • Jacian Mercadel
    Jacian Mercadel 11 months ago

    Phoenix needs to be running up and down next year at a crazy pace, not as fast as D’Antoni system but still fast enough to score on teams. With that being said Offense wins games, Defense wins championships. From 2004-2010 we were one of the best offenses in the league every year but our Kryptonite were those Spurs,Lakers,and Mavericks teams that locked down in the playoffs and could score with us offensively. If we learned anything in these last 8 years of misery, it should be that DEFENSE IS KEY

    • cocky rocky
      cocky rocky 11 months ago

      ONLY THE SPURS. that's only because unlike harden who actually got an awesome set of players to constantly hit shots. NASH WAS ON HIS OWN, plus, he had horrible owner SARVER, who still sucks. DUNCAN MANU PARKER VS NASH, pop had bowen just to FU@K with NASH, it wasn't fair to sun's fans, and steve nash.

  • Sean Lann
    Sean Lann 11 months ago

    Maybe my 76ers trying to play Markelle as shooting guard alongside Ben
    If Markelle can find his 3 pt shots back
    I don't see why not,6-4 playing SG is ok sizewise
    And JJ had been 76ers starting SG past season,and his athleticism isn't strong as Markelle
    PG:Ben Simmons
    SG:Markelle Fultz (If he fully recovered)
    SF:Robert Covington(Say what you want,but RoCo's D is essential to 76ers.And we only paying him 10M a year)
    PF:Dario Saric
    C:Joel Embiid
    Aside from Cov,all of them can still develop

  • Matthew Rhoads
    Matthew Rhoads 11 months ago

    76ers traded Kostas too lol

    • Chris S.
      Chris S. 11 months ago

      Naseem Saleh, well damn I am excited then. We can develop him pretty well. Look what we did with Dirk and stuff. Hot damn! Baby Greek Freak!

    • Naseem Saleh
      Naseem Saleh 11 months ago

      Chris S. Yes lmao he just needs development like his brother

    • Chris S.
      Chris S. 11 months ago

      They got Shake out of it. As a Mavs fan who just got Kostas, do you think he will be any good though?

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz 11 months ago

    Amare Stoudamire 2.0

  • Hank
    Hank 11 months ago

    This guy doesn’t get it

  • Clayton Kresser
    Clayton Kresser 11 months ago

    Jazz got s steal in Allen.

  • Jordan C
    Jordan C 11 months ago


  • ricky puno
    ricky puno 11 months ago

    Trae Young= JOHNNY FLYN 2.0 A CERTIFIED BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • n v
    n v 11 months ago +1

    Nobody drafted Duval? Suns should've got him with the 58th pick

  • Zech Wilson
    Zech Wilson 11 months ago

    Mikal bridges the next klay Thompson

  • Kevin Myers
    Kevin Myers 11 months ago

    Philly think they getting paul george

  • T Will
    T Will 11 months ago

    Steal of the draft, Lonnie Walker the IV. Chauncy compared him to a young D Wade.

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 11 months ago

    PacerNation Let's go we got our PG of the future

  • Frank Forster
    Frank Forster 11 months ago

    Lol. Suns got fleeced in this trade, Philly is acquiring assets to trade for real difference makers, not give up picks for potentially good role players when you can draft just about that at 16 anyway. Suns won because of Ayton and Okobo but they completely wasted an asset here while Philly knows what they are doing

    • Naseem Saleh
      Naseem Saleh 11 months ago

      Frank Forster lmao those difference makers aren't gonna stay long, that isn't a future

  • Legendary Duke
    Legendary Duke 11 months ago

    Guy that can fill every single box ?

  • The Finnisher
    The Finnisher 11 months ago

    The Bulls did a very good job. They’re starting the foundations of their future core that hopefully brings rings to Chicago. Carter will be a multiple time all-star, but not a superstar. Hutchinson has a lot of potential to me. He has a good scoring ability and athleticism. He could be very good for the Bulls, although he might not start right away since Denzel played so well. Main concern for Hutchinson though, was he just a benefit of the situation in Boise, like MCW and Okafor?

  • mrcooldeadly85
    mrcooldeadly85 11 months ago +1

    Biggest Loser is Lavar Ball and the BBB. Kinda hurts your brand if Gelo ends up in the G-league. Don't know why fans think Lavar this genius in basketball when he was garbage player himself.

  • Link
    Link 11 months ago

    This proves the 1 and done rule is bullshit. Michael Porter would have went #1 overrall in last years draft coming out of high school. But they made him go to college and he ended up getting hurt and lost millions of dollars all because of some dumb rule

  • E Nasty
    E Nasty 11 months ago

    Charlotte hornets need to pick up Trevon duval

  • Reece Samuel
    Reece Samuel 11 months ago +2

    Hinkie died for our sins
    #bringbackhinkie #TrustTheProcess

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 11 months ago +1

    Phoenix and Dallas. I don't understand what Philly is doing anymore.

  • InFamous Ed
    InFamous Ed 11 months ago +3

    Don't let this distract you to the fact that cLippers skipped on Michael Porter Jr. TWICE IN A ROW

    • andre fernan
      andre fernan 11 months ago +2

      InFamous Ed The guy is a injury away from retirement. Half of the clippers players were injured last year the last thing they want to do is get a player with a injury history

  • Brother Hannibal
    Brother Hannibal 11 months ago

    Hawks blew it. Should of took Sexton

  • Sean Chareonsilp
    Sean Chareonsilp 11 months ago +4

    My Sixers took the biggest L in franchise history :(

    • Joe Johnson
      Joe Johnson 11 months ago

      calm down it was the 10th pick it's not that serious

    • Sean Chareonsilp
      Sean Chareonsilp 11 months ago

      carl1223 nvm we got cov but I just like Jalen Brunson

    • Sean Chareonsilp
      Sean Chareonsilp 11 months ago

      carl1223 I mean draft history because they got a random guy at 26 when they could’ve gotten Jalen Brunson the Player of the Year and also could’ve drafted Giannis’s younger brother

  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193 11 months ago +1

    Nuggets, Suns, Mavs won the draft by selecting MPJ, Ayton, and Luca. Sixers, Kings lost the draft by trading away twice and took Bagley over Doncic.

  • Damon Vinson
    Damon Vinson 11 months ago

    The Cavs are draft losers

  • Mr. Hiroshi
    Mr. Hiroshi 11 months ago +5

    Hawks are a small minded franchise

    KIKO MAN 11 months ago +109

    The real winner of this draft is the Dallas Mavericks

    • Ismail Abdulahi
      Ismail Abdulahi 3 months ago

      Yes were right

    • KIKO MAN
      KIKO MAN 10 months ago +1

      Chad Williams Nobody gives a fuck about the suns they won't be good anyway

    • Chad Williams
      Chad Williams 10 months ago

      Your kidding right suns won the dradt and the celtics colleting robert Williams who fell way too low

    • Chad Williams
      Chad Williams 10 months ago

      JH.13 haha no ayton bagley or bamba or franchise changing players

    • KIKO MAN
      KIKO MAN 11 months ago +6

      JH.13 Nobody is sleeping on trae but he won't be good as doncic. Doncic is a once in a generation Talent!!!

  • Stairway
    Stairway 11 months ago

    I'm soooooo excited to watch Kostas and Luka on the same team!

  • BigSam
    BigSam 11 months ago

    Somebody their is a big steal. We just don’t know yet until 4-6 years later.

  • Andiez Nutz
    Andiez Nutz 11 months ago

    Suns gotta do something this year

  • Youtube Doctor
    Youtube Doctor 11 months ago +2

    Brian Bowen, Liangelo Ball and Malik Newman didn't get drafted.

  • Cousin DeeJ
    Cousin DeeJ 11 months ago

    Winners- Dallas(luka) and suns (ayton)
    Losers- knicks
    Steals- lakers (moritz) hornets (miles bridges) denver(porter) cleveland (sexton)

  • spiceyylord
    spiceyylord 11 months ago

    Trust The Process

  • SolteroConDinero
    SolteroConDinero 11 months ago +1

    Damn and this Kids mother works for the Sixers?

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    warriors got better they got bearcats stud

    • Albert Knox
      Albert Knox 11 months ago

      Wendell carter jr will shock the nba world by how good he will be,Chicago did their. Homework.


    Philly come on

  • Epicprankingtv
    Epicprankingtv 11 months ago

    If 76ers didnt pass on michael porter, that team would've been a nba dynasty

  • Alain Lemaire
    Alain Lemaire 11 months ago

    i wouldve kept mikal bridges becuz imagine Simmons at the 1, Mikal at the 2, covingtin and the 3, Lebron at the 4 (if he goes there), and embid at the 5.

    • Alain Lemaire
      Alain Lemaire 11 months ago

      carl1223 dude 3 and d guys r the perfect role players in the game. And 2 ben simmons has no shot, embids shot has been a little off. So y would u start fultz with lebron on the lineup. he would be better as the sixth man.

    • Alain Lemaire
      Alain Lemaire 11 months ago

      carl1223 ok but when ur playing woth lebron ur going for the chip not potential. If fultz shooting is still fucked up y would u put him at the 2 over mikal bridges. Potential be mad overatted sometimes i swear.

  • michael oles
    michael oles 11 months ago


  • kino wason
    kino wason 11 months ago

    Got to get me suns hat there sick

  • ur girls cooch
    ur girls cooch 11 months ago

    Idk tho draft class is good but roty is still gonna ben simmons

  • Anonymous Guy
    Anonymous Guy 11 months ago

    76ers traded Mikal Bridges 😱

  • William Garcia
    William Garcia 11 months ago

    Whoever thinks Trae Young is gonna be a bust must not know this one thing: he's not going to be doubled or tripled teamed in the NBA.

  • William Garcia
    William Garcia 11 months ago

    Kostas Antetokounmpo got traded to the Mavericks tho

  • Alpha Macho
    Alpha Macho 11 months ago +18

    76ers fuked up!

    • SOA〆 Ferrari
      SOA〆 Ferrari 11 months ago

      Alpha Macho yup

    • Christopher Marchetti
      Christopher Marchetti 11 months ago

      sauC They are kinda capped out the ass right now so even if they wanted to add free agents they don't have the money to do so.

    • sauC
      sauC 11 months ago +3

      tisdue if it’s a destination city then why haven’t they acquired any star talent recently and why have they been getting worse each season

    • tisdue
      tisdue 11 months ago +2

      Miami is not going to be a lottery team. They are a destination city with good owners and management. They wont bottom out, especially since they'd have little reason to.

    • sauC
      sauC 11 months ago +4

      how? they got zhaire smith who’s basically a young kawhi leanord and the heats 2021 first round pick which is bound to be a top lottery pick considering the route the heat are headed

  • Lots of Lenoxx
    Lots of Lenoxx 11 months ago

    The bulls are the biggest losers

  • Joe Stuehmer
    Joe Stuehmer 11 months ago

    Feel bad for tray duval he went from the number 1 pg in hs to being undrafted smh.. If only he went to a different school duke wasn't a good fit for him

  • JoeWaves
    JoeWaves 11 months ago +6

    Take in luka donic was the best player in the second best league in the world and went 3rd pick...

    • Link
      Link 4 months ago

      +MR7 MR7 im saying we don't know how good he would've been

    • MR7 MR7
      MR7 MR7 4 months ago

      +Link so you say he would be better than kd without injuries?

    • Link
      Link 4 months ago

      +MR7 MR7 who knows how Greg Oden would have turned out if it weren't for injury. He was no slouch

    • MR7 MR7
      MR7 MR7 4 months ago

      +Link wtf you said ayton is the next superstar cause he's a 7 foot athletic freak. Just think about who was picked in front of your favorite player kd... Greg oden was probably a player with mor potential cause you couldn't expect kd turn out to be what he is. Same thing with Doncic he is a forward with 6 foot ball handling and great shooting and btw I would have said the same thing 6 months ago

    • Link
      Link 11 months ago

      St. Lou when tf did i say there was a lebron

  • Armed Titanium
    Armed Titanium 11 months ago

    Did Liangelo get drafted? I was at school so I could only watch the first round

    • michael oles
      michael oles 11 months ago


    • David duFresne
      David duFresne 11 months ago +1

      Nope but Lavar did. The Nets want to see if he really is undefeated one on one.

  • Jarron Bills
    Jarron Bills 11 months ago

    Jerome Robinson

  • Jarron Bills
    Jarron Bills 11 months ago +6

    The biggest steal mikal bridges from Philadelphia to Phoenix...😂😂

  • Mason Curtiss
    Mason Curtiss 11 months ago +9

    Wizards blew this Draft.... we picked Troy Brown are you kidding me

    • Kelvin Bertrand
      Kelvin Bertrand 11 months ago +2

      Ik such a stupid pick

    • Mason Curtiss
      Mason Curtiss 11 months ago +4

      OP_10112 i was pissed we coulda got Lonnie Walker or Robert Williams or Donte DiVincenzo. It was hard to fuck that up but we did

    • OP_10112
      OP_10112 11 months ago

      lmaooo I forgot about y'all

  • 835Swish
    835Swish 11 months ago

    I’m surprised that the hawks passed on doncic, as a Knicks fan I would have been willing to give up a good bit of
    Assets for him

  • Nenad Ostojić
    Nenad Ostojić 11 months ago +7

    Remember this name: Luka Dončić

    • Nenad Ostojić
      Nenad Ostojić 11 months ago +1

      Popuši mikitu onjko lagano i ne grizijaja! :)

    • Nenad Ostojić
      Nenad Ostojić 11 months ago

      Players from Ex Yugoslavia in NBA...Goran Dragić, Nikola Jokić, Bogdanović (CRO),Bogdanović (SER), Nurkić, Vučević, Predrag Stojaković, Dino Rađa, Dražen Petrović, Predrag Danilović, Vlade Divac, Toni Kukoč, Nenad Krstić, Gordan Giriček, Vladimir Radmanović, Predrag Drobnjak, Primož Brezec, Marko Jarić, Boštjan Nachbar, Radoslav Nesterović, Darko Miličić, Željko Rebrača, Aleksandar Vujačić, Žan Tabak, Ratko Varda, Aleksandar Pavlović, Žarko Čabarkapa, Roko Leni Ukić, Zoran Planinić, Aleksandar Đorđević, Predrag Savović, Radisav Ćurčić, Stojko Vranković, Mario Kasun, Žarko Paspalj, Dalibor Bagarić, Marko Milič, Dragan Tarlać, Igor Rakočević, Uroš Slokar, Miloš Babić, Bruno Šundov, Aleksandar Radojević, Damir Markota, Kosta Perović, Rastko Cvetković, Slavko Vraneš, Mile Ilić....etc...etc..... None of the states of the former Yugoslavia has more than 6 million inhabitants.
      Slovenia (2 million), Croatia (4 million), (Bosnia and Herzegovina 3.5 million), Serbia (5.5 million) and so many players? Hm?

    • Nenad Ostojić
      Nenad Ostojić 11 months ago +2

      :) how many Americans have been 1 pick ... so they did nothing? Greg Oden?
      Kwame Brown? Pervis Ellison? etc...etc... Hm? Slovenia not a Serbia... my dear american. Maybe you look at the map. Maybe something you learn. :)

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite 11 months ago +1

      Nenad Ostojić
      Remember this name ---Darko Milicic

  • Satrio Aryodewo
    Satrio Aryodewo 11 months ago +36

    Phoenix becoming the next Celtics/76ers in the West

  • Zbigniew Wojc
    Zbigniew Wojc 11 months ago +2

    I don't get why Doncic didn't go 1st overall

    • Chris S.
      Chris S. 11 months ago

      Only reason is because Ayton is a big who can space the floor. Those are rare to come by. And they need a replacement for Tyson who is getting up there in age. Also you got to consider team fit as well. Thats why Kings went with Bagley. They already have a young backcourt of Fox, Hield, and Bogdanavic so adding Bagley as a 4 would kind of fill out more of that young roster.

    • DLX Infinite
      DLX Infinite 11 months ago +1

      Because He's slow with no elevation?

      ASTRVL BEATZ 11 months ago

      Phoenix was not gonna fuck up the #1 pick it was always ayton. Can't wait to see him dominate though

    • - Slz
      - Slz 11 months ago +1

      Maybe couse he is not that good lol?

  • dee essex
    dee essex 11 months ago

    Philly dumb as hell for trading dude

  • Jason Tan
    Jason Tan 11 months ago

    Suns should've drafted a point guard

  • OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss
    OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss 11 months ago +14


    • eljireh7987
      eljireh7987 11 months ago

      OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss in the jba

    • C//K
      C//K 11 months ago +2

      OMGJaGeRBlieber Boss 🗑L🗑I🗑A🗑N🗑G🗑E🗑L🗑O🗑

  • Jordan Washington
    Jordan Washington 11 months ago

    Down through side Indian tribe preparation good grant pine second.

  • The kingdom of VJ
    The kingdom of VJ 11 months ago +1

    Nuggets made the best choice for this draft, biggest steal. Cya in the playoffs.

  • Hamamelis Intermedia
    Hamamelis Intermedia 11 months ago +2

    muricans have no idea how great of a talent luka is....

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis 11 months ago

    Suns will rise again

  • HunkpapaLakota
    HunkpapaLakota 11 months ago +1

    MPJ the best player in this draft. Lot of teams slept on him over his back injury but I think he will remain healthy n will be an All Star soon....

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 11 months ago

    Doncic is a beast, man, he will be at an All Star level next year. Ayton will need some time to mature, but that's a good pick. I think Bagley is a bust. Not as bad as Okafor or Bennett or Dragon Bender. But on the other hand, maybe he will be that bad.

  • poboy fresh
    poboy fresh 11 months ago

    Each pick can catch & shoot. Nba evolving fast

    SE7EN1NE7ES 11 months ago +1

    Porter is one McCaw away from early retirement...short term he’ll be great just hopefully he’ll be there long term

    • michael oles
      michael oles 11 months ago

      BACK injuries never ever disappear NO player who has back problems will last.