Save the World Dev Update (7/20) - Canny Valley Act 1, Horde Bash Rewards and Fortnite's Birthday


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  • narwhalls lay eggs
    narwhalls lay eggs 3 days ago

    I was scammed on save the world he took every gun epic stop people like this please

  • jalal ammar
    jalal ammar 5 days ago +1

    Epic can you make save the world free

  • Jack Scholefield
    Jack Scholefield 5 days ago

    I’ve been waiting almost 3 months for pt2 stw is just shit now

  • killer norwhale
    killer norwhale 6 days ago

    Give me grave digger

  • Pedro Gameplay
    Pedro Gameplay 6 days ago +1

    add the J1 mini and J1premiun

  • K&CGamingBuddies
    K&CGamingBuddies 8 days ago

    Hi Epic! You probably aren't reading this, but if you are, PLEASE! Just bring back the old music! I don't care if it's just an option, as long as all the StW music is there, I will love you guys forever. Btw, my in-game name at this time is KFCGamingBuddies (just in case).

  • Phoenixmasta
    Phoenixmasta 9 days ago

    Epic the end of the year save the world is gonna be free?

  • Christopher Valenzuela

    Hey i was going to tell you today is my birthday

  • Zans
    Zans 13 days ago

    Make save the world free

  • Laith Daneal
    Laith Daneal 13 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😢😢noh fortnite J5😢😢😭😭

  • uzi 5601
    uzi 5601 15 days ago

    how about an Roadmap update ?

  • Thekingkiller123114 Roblox/and/more

    Dis dude looks like ghost ayden

  • Epidemo 27 *_*
    Epidemo 27 *_* 15 days ago

    Salvar al mundo cuando sera gratis??

  • Tsm_Ninja Hypers
    Tsm_Ninja Hypers 15 days ago

    When is save the world gonna be free?

  • Bobzicle_Gaming
    Bobzicle_Gaming 16 days ago

    When's it coming for all, for free??? The wait is slowly picking me off...I mean with an AR...
    No literally, someone just shot me with an AR.
    I only ask because my friend told me about a month ago this mode was coming for free some point in 2018...we're in October now, Epic! Also I'm desperate for it...can't Battle Royale forever, you know.
    Really love your game, don't take this poorly, just an overall summary of the desperation and suspense of this mode's looming release. Love the game, though.

  • Josselynn8 2Smith
    Josselynn8 2Smith 19 days ago

    Hey, EPIC! If you don’t have content to release in stw just wait! Don’t give us crap ‘mini-event’ with not a big difference in rewards. I’m disappointed and glad I didn’t spend money on fortnite

  • Unbreaking Star
    Unbreaking Star 22 days ago

    we want back the old music

  • Cullen Barker
    Cullen Barker 23 days ago

    Why is challenge the horde so damn impossible but all it gives you is god damn emblems. Give us more save the world content and stop focusing on battle royale.

  • Cullen Barker
    Cullen Barker 23 days ago

    I thought you said the road trip event wont end with season 5?

  • AlwaysJude
    AlwaysJude 24 days ago

    Please focus more on Save the World. A lot of great things over there.

  • Minecraft Master
    Minecraft Master 24 days ago

    Make save the world for android plz

  • creeperboy dyg
    creeperboy dyg 25 days ago

    When will save the world be free?

  • Avery Yournet
    Avery Yournet 25 days ago

    I can’t play save the world but I bot it in season 4

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      It's season 5 and maybe spell check next time

    THEWILDONESAPPEAR 27 days ago +1

    When is it gonna be released for free >~

  • max gaming i vlogovi
    max gaming i vlogovi 28 days ago +1

    When is it going to be free

  • Alex Marin
    Alex Marin 28 days ago +1


  • Landen Maloney
    Landen Maloney Month ago +1

    We need to make save tho world free!!!!!!!

  • StarDog Smasher
    StarDog Smasher Month ago

    When can we expect the 2nd act of Canny Valley's chapter? I wanna see Twine Peak and it's environment get some attention and worked on Save the World, much like getting more desert themed placement levels in Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Probobly never at the rate were getting content

  • the loober s
    the loober s Month ago +1

    Hey when is fortnite save the world going to be free

  • SiReXington Rosé
    SiReXington Rosé Month ago

    Must be nice to have save the world

    (Cough)Nintendo Switch

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      It's probobly never going to happen, stw is incredibly un optimized even on a high end pc good luck getting 60fps during an encampment

  • lyrics songs
    lyrics songs Month ago

    can you do fortnite by all phones but by play store

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Never gonna happen

  • Aussies ‍
    Aussies ‍ Month ago +2

    Once STW is free more updates!

  • Thresher 5
    Thresher 5 Month ago +1

    is it true that fortnite STW will be free by the time its the first week of season 6?

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Probobly but there might just be a 50per cent sale

  • Magma 09
    Magma 09 Month ago +3

    Please never make it free,pls make offers instead. even if you make it free please make it that people doesn't pay for it doesn't get vbucks.Oh and please make another sale soon,at least before it came free.

  • JEAN LEE Quinones
    JEAN LEE Quinones Month ago +1

    Release it already!, 2018 is almost over

  • Nicolas Andrade
    Nicolas Andrade Month ago +1

    When is save the world gonna be free and on Nintendo switch

  • Wesley Qumuaqtuq
    Wesley Qumuaqtuq Month ago

    The game where you could solo twine has become easier. Solo 4 of my twine so far.. hereing its easier makes me not want to play AT ALL...
    woowwww good job epic. Lvl 90 and the game is bore now.. I was hoping for in increased difficulty cause games a cake walk Smhhh

  • Ashton Barnes
    Ashton Barnes Month ago

    Fortnite I can't play it on my MacOS X please help us Mac Users.

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Simple fix, don't use macs for gaming

  • Poping in life Bopper

    Can everyone who gets on at 9:00 on fortnite can they have 2000 vbucks

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago +1

      Wtf even is this comment

  • mariechanele88
    mariechanele88 Month ago


  • Rescued-Duck-4496 XBOX ONE S

    Why hasn’t there been a new dev update

  • Borit o
    Borit o Month ago

    same thing!

  • Pikatchu Kachu CHK
    Pikatchu Kachu CHK Month ago +3

    Save the World will be free in 2018 but when?

    • Pikatchu Kachu CHK
      Pikatchu Kachu CHK 5 days ago

      +generic meme2016 alv :v

    • generic meme2016
      generic meme2016 Month ago +3

      they originally said it would be free in 2014 then 2015 then 2016 then 2017 then 2018 its probably going to come out late 2019 early 2020 based on the progress so far

  • DavidBmc Channel
    DavidBmc Channel Month ago +2

    When its comming to be free?

  • Harkirat Singj
    Harkirat Singj Month ago +1

    I hate fortnite pvp 100 updates they are very big

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Wow 1gig is sooo big, how small Is your hardrive

  • Harkirat Singj
    Harkirat Singj Month ago

    It must come in iOS devices

  • axel527 no
    axel527 no Month ago +2

    Fortnite so when save the world becomes free can people pay for it so after missions they can get vbucks or only people that already payed can get the vbucks after missions

    ARDACALISIR64 MrPanda Month ago +1

    i wonder when time is stw is going to be free its says 2018 we are end of the 2018

  • ded mnwlkn
    ded mnwlkn Month ago

    its good to see they're still fulfilling the original goal
    im so glad they didn't just drop it out of the game entirely

  • Jacob Gingell
    Jacob Gingell Month ago +1

    i already buy save the world but it wont work :-( waste of money

  • xBIZZIx
    xBIZZIx Month ago

    When’s the next video? It’s been over a month.

  • Hacer109 BG
    Hacer109 BG Month ago +4

    When is fortnite save the world going to be free cuz I can't buy it

  • maria gomez
    maria gomez Month ago

    Samsung j3 and j7 PLEASE

  • opggzfhkok
    opggzfhkok Month ago +6

    Please Add a trading tab so we can trade safely

  • Gage Cameron
    Gage Cameron Month ago

    This is cool and all, but can talk about ya boy Lil Fort fort using a lvl 27 sword when theres a 106 IN THE NEXT SLOT!?

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Real talk right here

  • Brice 0730
    Brice 0730 Month ago +1

    Where is free save the world

  • Liam Mocs
    Liam Mocs Month ago +3

    this is great and all but please for the love of god STOP CHANGING THE GODDAMN PORTS!

  • TheEpicDerp Games
    TheEpicDerp Games Month ago +1

    It's good to know people are still developing save the world!

  • HDelly 26
    HDelly 26 Month ago +1

    When FSTW (Fortnitw safe the world) be free?

  • LG Productions
    LG Productions Month ago +1

    Fortnite why can I not buy the super deluxe pack I realized today I was grinding money but now I can’t get it

    • LG Productions
      LG Productions 23 days ago

      mr meme thanks

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Have to wait till the next sale hopefully 6.0

  • GeniusWarriors // GW
    GeniusWarriors // GW Month ago +2

    Season 2 music was the best. I hope Epic is adding this back!!!

  • Mark _ Maynard
    Mark _ Maynard 2 months ago +1

    Still we need it for switch

    THE NEW TECH GAMER 2 months ago +1

    It would be so cool if they added save the world to the ipad pro or maybe powerful phones like note 9

  • Aayan Ahmed
    Aayan Ahmed 2 months ago +4

    we need more save the world content instead of it being in br

  • Home baked Pie
    Home baked Pie 2 months ago

    Weapon idea for save the world it’s called the huntress bow origins of the bow is the legendary bow on the legendary Norse mountain this bow was mainly used for hunting in the pre historical times by the Vikings and it’s owner and creator was the legendary thora the bow passed for many generations but one day it was stuck on the Norse mountain by a evil curse casted upon it known as the storm but now it has finally selected it’s owner which is you please add this to the game

  • Joseph Homentosky
    Joseph Homentosky 2 months ago

    You should be able to upgrade survivors

  • Goku999Pro
    Goku999Pro 2 months ago

    I have rainbow will I get banned

  • DemAmericanBoys
    DemAmericanBoys 2 months ago


    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago


  • Lulu Gacha Playz
    Lulu Gacha Playz 2 months ago

    Today's my Canada trip

  • Alexander Esquivel Ordaz

    Metan disculpen las molestias

  • Alexander Esquivel Ordaz

    Saquen modo oro solido

  • xx MilkGod
    xx MilkGod 2 months ago

    Pls make save the world free!!

  • CHR1S 0RT1Z
    CHR1S 0RT1Z 2 months ago

    When is canny act 2 coming im dying to get to twine

  • Mattias Kets
    Mattias Kets 2 months ago

    when is part 2 coming???

  • Pikachu Raivoso
    Pikachu Raivoso 2 months ago

    Epic I am in plankertown with 200 malaqhithes but I didn't duplicate (a friend of twine piekes give me)

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Henlo plaes kec spealing

  • Dom Brown
    Dom Brown 2 months ago

    I don't even care at this point. Half the people in canny are low lvl just getting carried (if your gonna do that at least set it to a private lobby). It's impossible to get a good team and you need to massively over level youself if you wanna solo it making the already long ass grind even longer. Game is just rage inducing now.

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      Finally someone who gets this too

    IA MERROR 2 months ago

    Do you all plan on challenging Sony on crossplay? Because you should. Their stance is BS and we need more devs and players to call them out on their BS. I have a PS4, Xbox One X, and a gaming PC. I have friends on all of them and we would all like to have the ability to play together but.. Sony has their heads up their asses.

  • Mason Campbell
    Mason Campbell 2 months ago

    Fix the fucking bomb

  • Rondell Tillman jr
    Rondell Tillman jr 2 months ago +1

    Pls just RELEASE IT FOR FREE. This is the game fortnite was supposed to BE. But you always brush it under the rug.And keep on doing battle royale stuff.

  • Alfie Morrisroe
    Alfie Morrisroe 2 months ago +1


  • Awkward Anomly
    Awkward Anomly 2 months ago

    FIX THE LAG me and almost everyone i meet they have lag

  • mbc_127
    mbc_127 2 months ago

    sort out the duping glitch, ruining the game!

  • Lucky Sniper22
    Lucky Sniper22 2 months ago

    When will it be free

    JONATHAN LOPEZ 2 months ago


  • Sarab aleanzi.
    Sarab aleanzi. 2 months ago

    I have an idea for you that you put a button where there is old and new music only!!

  • Jaxon Tate
    Jaxon Tate 2 months ago

    i got scammed by SpadeLope i sent report but please ban him my friend scammed him back but i can burn those weapons if you want

  • The Art Beast
    The Art Beast 2 months ago

    Are friend codes gone????

  • BengalsDevastation YT
    BengalsDevastation YT 2 months ago

    Plz can switch players be able to play stw. 🙂🙂🙂

  • Majora’s Mayhem
    Majora’s Mayhem 2 months ago

    When is it free

  • Fortnite videot
    Fortnite videot 2 months ago

    Only sawe the world is best

  • Flamer Gamer61195
    Flamer Gamer61195 2 months ago


    • Dylan Kusalewicz
      Dylan Kusalewicz 24 days ago

      mr meme nope I got stuck returning to Homebase yesterday

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      +Dylan Kusalewicz here's what we're the problems (they were fixed) 1 not getting rewards
      2 getting stuck returning to homebase

    • Dylan Kusalewicz
      Dylan Kusalewicz Month ago

      Flamer Gamer61195 why can’t you complete it?

    • Flamer Gamer61195
      Flamer Gamer61195 Month ago

      Dylan Kusalewicz no when you can’t deliver the bomb on the only deliver the bomb mission and you have to wait until another one pops up

    • Dylan Kusalewicz
      Dylan Kusalewicz 2 months ago

      Flamer Gamer61195 you mean where the game gets stuck on returning to Homebase?

  • Pedro Carranza
    Pedro Carranza 2 months ago


  • Pedro Carranza
    Pedro Carranza 2 months ago

    fortnite please take out in the store the abstract

    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      They ain't gonna listen

  • Mr Donkeypants2
    Mr Donkeypants2 2 months ago

    hey can you make a scottish skin

  • Rey Arias
    Rey Arias 2 months ago

    Fix ur Game After 5.2

  • Crimpy The 2nd
    Crimpy The 2nd 2 months ago

    when will i be free

  • Tom W
    Tom W 2 months ago

    Fortnite on the ds

  • welshtanager
    welshtanager 2 months ago

    Can you guys get rid of battleroyale

  • Mrs. Meme
    Mrs. Meme 2 months ago


    • mr meme
      mr meme 24 days ago

      +Mrs. Meme i told you were divorced stop using my name martha

    • Mrs. Meme
      Mrs. Meme 2 months ago

      Good Deer im 13 and my parent wont let me buy it. Can u buy it for me?

    • Good Deer
      Good Deer 2 months ago

      Just buy it .

  • Sucu 2.4
    Sucu 2.4 2 months ago +2

    It would we cool a type of survive event were estructures cost 100 and a giant map, that would be AMAZING