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The Murder of Jonathan Foster

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
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  • John Aylward
    John Aylward  Month ago +8

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  • Franca Perotti
    Franca Perotti 15 days ago

    Murdering your own child makes no sense to me. You dont have children to kill them. This has nothing to do with mental illness it's just monterous.

  • Tanja Cavalli
    Tanja Cavalli 22 days ago +1

    I usually don't watch cases involving a child, I made an exception and now I'm going to see his innocent, sweet face for days.
    I hope her inmates find out she tortured a child to death, and take care of her the way she deserves it.

  • HelenaVanCity
    HelenaVanCity Month ago +1

    Why not a death sentence??? This is Texas, for crying out loud!!! What's the point of keeping this monster alive for the next couple decades? So she can "repent" and 'accept Jesus"? I don't give a wet slap if she accepts fucking jesus or not! Monsters don't deserve to live.

  • R H
    R H Month ago +1

    RIP poor boy. hope that nasty tramp gets shanked in prison. If someone did that to my boy I'd get myself sent to prison and shank them myself

  • no-name
    no-name Month ago +2

    if a white have killed a black child tousand of blacks was on the street to protest... i am very convinced this was a racial killing

  • royser byrne
    royser byrne Month ago +1

    evil witch may she rot in hell

  • Eileen Fothergill
    Eileen Fothergill Month ago +1

    Thank you for upload
    What a sickening, sad case...still think step dad had something to do with it ??? ..poor kid .

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh Month ago +2

    Turdwalker.TOO MANY.

  • Michael Walsh
    Michael Walsh Month ago +3

    Dirty c...t and looks it.
    Just burn that thing.

  • heilandiger
    heilandiger Month ago +1

    Even negro women are fat and ugly. This is America.

  • cosplay heaven
    cosplay heaven Month ago


  • Ãnà
    Ãnà Month ago +3

    God bless Jonathan 💜
    He was murdered for not opening the door?😧☹

  • ciclonic
    ciclonic Month ago +1

    What was the motive from Mona? I guess possibly a mistake turned worst causing her to cover it all up

  • Tanya Smith
    Tanya Smith Month ago

    Smh just don't get it at all 😥😥😥😥🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😱😱

  • Ash Fee
    Ash Fee Month ago +1

    Yea....something doesn’t sit right with me about this.
    You have an extremely jealous, already abusive man and some random woman who doesn’t have any real connection to this lil guy.
    So she randomly kills the kid and David just happens to be sitting in front of his alibi at a filmed bar for hours.
    The cop had a gut feeling, I feel like he should have run with it. Just because he didn’t physically do it that doesn’t mean That he wasn’t involved
    This bothers me

  • Wedeboi Ser
    Wedeboi Ser Month ago +1

    A very sad story. Let's hope he suffers in prison this Mona. A very good show !

  • Toeka Frank
    Toeka Frank Month ago +1

    A "she"...? 😣😣🤯God help us all...🙏

  • Shnarf
    Shnarf Month ago +2

    Holy poop. That is one grotesque freak of nature. That young man didn't stand a chance with that mix of humanity around him.

    • Angela Hall
      Angela Hall Month ago

      As if your life is any better and perfect right I think you need to get God

  • Annabelle Rankin
    Annabelle Rankin Month ago +3

    What a terrible loss, Jonathan was an obviously sweet and vulnerable good kid.

  • Emilyblu
    Emilyblu Month ago +1

    Holy cow, why on earth did that monster do what it did to that innocent little boy? My heart broke for his family and I just pray he was dead before he was set on fire. RIP sweet Angel Johnathan

  • Althea Winchester
    Althea Winchester Month ago +1

    His birthday wish was to just to go live with his mom. That breaks my heart. Poor baby

    • Wedeboi Ser
      Wedeboi Ser Month ago

      His birthday wish was to celebrate X-Mas with his mom.

  • Kid Kootenay
    Kid Kootenay Month ago +1

    No amount of torture abuse and execution would ever be severe enough to punish this murderer, they should have a special circumstances clause in every countries justice system for people who do harm like this to children. Tell the bleeding heart defenders of human rights you take them to live in your home with your family or piss off. Bring back dark ages punishment hang drawn and quartered the brass bull feed them their own genitals before starting. If we can't keep safe our most vulnerable as a society what good are we? And predictors who prey on kids do not deserve to be part of that society... imo

  • John O'Neill
    John O'Neill Month ago +2

    a man in a woman's body, an animal in a human body

  • Ruth Valdez
    Ruth Valdez Month ago +1

    This really broke my heart. R.I.P Little Man

  • Bettina Morgan
    Bettina Morgan Month ago +1

    What a terrible,sad story.He should have stayed with his auntie and uncle.His mother’s life didn’t seem stable enough for him to be there.And for that sheman,I hope she rots in prison.What a nasty person she must be to harm an innocent child,over what?🤬😡

  • Charlene Howard
    Charlene Howard Month ago +1

    Does anyone else realize that the show goes so fast when it's about a child? I'm on the edge of my seat and my heart is breaking when it has to do with children. It's like those of us who have a good heart, has a special place there for children. From my son's birth until present day there have been missing and murdered children in our home town and State. Two children which we knew and babysat. Only two were solved out of all of them. My prayers go out to their families not only because of the holidays but always. I pray that the missing are found and the perpetrators are caught. I don't mean to push religion but I know if they have past that their with God and Jesus and they only feel love now. Please look into missing children and adults in your area and further. You never know if you can help someone.

  • Señor Ham
    Señor Ham Month ago +1

    Talk about a senseless murder... Goddamn...

  • c21h30o2i
    c21h30o2i Month ago +1

    Mona is a scumbag! And WHY? Whats the motivation? who sent her there, to do it?

  • Janet Taylor
    Janet Taylor Month ago

    Much too distraught to be interviewed? She was eating gumbo & saying how good it was😲. Grandmother " I believe he's out there I believe he'll be found - I believe in fairies & care bears.. Load of hillbillies.

  • Dora pepe
    Dora pepe Month ago

    I like his name "the interrigator" cool

  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson Month ago +1

    WHY??? Why did she do that it's unspeakable this poor child so sad

  • HaydeN
    HaydeN Month ago +2

    I know the stepfather didn't do it but he didn't even look sad when they found the poor kid dead. He hated the kid and even looked gleeful IMO. He may not be a killer but he's a douche bag. I wished the mother just left the kid with his uncle and she can just visit him there. It's obvious the uncle loved him and he has a family there that cared for him than the stepdad who obviously hated the kid. In the end it's only the murderer's fault but u know the 'what ifs' will haunt the mother for the rest of her life. Very sad for Jonathan :( such a young life taken for no reason at all.

  • Norma Bates
    Norma Bates Month ago +1

    Rest in Peace Jonathan 🕊

  • anna zaman
    anna zaman Month ago +1

    Manly Mona is where she needs to be.

  • Doody
    Doody Month ago

    It’s like Christmas came early!!! Totally dig this show and so far it’s my new favourite.

  • anna zaman
    anna zaman Month ago +4

    The stepfather was digging a hole to bury himself in.

  • Billy Snickers
    Billy Snickers Month ago +1

    Awesome upload. Thanks!

  • ammyaammy
    ammyaammy Month ago +1

    So this is how easy for some people to murder? A child especially? You just blink and boooooom, murder someone just like that ? Oh wow, you watch these shows and think you’ve seen it all until the next upload 😢😳

  • Bili
    Bili Month ago

    Thanks John for delivery another great crime show

  • star64
    star64 Month ago +4

    I wish he had stayed with his Aunt and Uncle. 😔😔 this poor little boy had no chance with so many crappy people around and all he wanted was to spend Christmas with mum! I seriously hope they all burn in hell!

    • Angela Hall
      Angela Hall Month ago

      You need to watch what the f*** you say and keep your opinions to yourself before you get a lawsuit for slander

  • 3rrlia
    3rrlia Month ago +9

    Child murders are so evil it hurts only to wach.

  • Andrew Gator
    Andrew Gator Month ago +6

    My heart broke into a million pieces for that poor boy! To those who did this to him, a special place in hell awaits them.

    • Charlene Howard
      Charlene Howard Month ago +1

      Why couldn't he stay at his Aunt and Uncles? He had a great life and his mom could have visited him. Non of this would've happened.

  • Black As Black
    Black As Black Month ago

    That's heartbreaking... my son is 12 ... how could anyone do such an awful thing? He was just a kid. Upsetting.

  • sheila mullins
    sheila mullins Month ago +1

    What a beast!

  • may pole spider
    may pole spider Month ago

    A heartless cold fucked up bitch, gets to take this precious baby from all his loved ones? For what?
    I honestly am sorry, I believed it was his step dad, but a woman?

  • Abdi Hassan
    Abdi Hassan Month ago

    thx john

  • Dale Maree W
    Dale Maree W Month ago


  • 86crud
    86crud Month ago +1

    Don't disturb a child at home alone anyway. Just wait in your vehicle for your friend to come home. And watch the video before commenting an entire article about it. A little comprehension wouldn't be out of line, either.

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario Month ago

    Why didn’t they interview the mom again? What were her thoughts on why she killed him?

  • Freudian Trialogue
    Freudian Trialogue Month ago

    37:02 Is that a condom? Did they test it? Does she have a penis?

  • petra tuccino
    petra tuccino Month ago +3

    Why didn't Sharon tell the police or Jonathan's Mom that she sent Mona to the house???And how dare Sharon tell Mona to go to a house where a 12 year old boy was at alone!!!Why can't she just wait till an adult gets home? RIP Jonathan

  • Jade Ravenwolf
    Jade Ravenwolf Month ago +1

    wow fil needs his own show , what a dude

  • Ghada Alshammari
    Ghada Alshammari Month ago +5

    Why? 😭😭😭😭
    RIP beautiful boy 😞💔

  • ShawnieMarie Fitzpatrick

    Thank you John

  • Kitten
    Kitten Month ago


  • Marcia
    Marcia Month ago +1

    What kind of asswipe employer refuses to let a kid who's really upset, talk to his Mom? Well, lady, was your "long line" more important than this child's life? And as for David, if it wasn't for his effing attitude, Jonathan would never have been at Sharon's house to begin with! And what pieces of work these crappy people are! Sharon, David and especially Mona! RIP Jonathan. ❤❤❤

    • 86crud
      86crud Month ago +1

      Jesus. He WAS allowed to talk to his mother. Yes, it has to be an emergency for you to leave your register.

  • Marcia
    Marcia Month ago +1

    Thank you so much, John! Sorry so late! Hello everybody!

  • Marissa Suz
    Marissa Suz Month ago +1

    Wow....just unreal!!😡😡

  • Penny Wheeler
    Penny Wheeler Month ago