What Japanese Girls Think of Western Guys (Interview)

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
  • I've got many requests from western guys who are interested in Japanese girls. I hope this video would be helpful for them in some way. Thank you so much for watching! And special thanks to all the interviewees for taking their time.
    The opinions expressed in this video are just individual opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of all the entire Japanese girls.
    ※What Japanese Guys Think of Western Girls (Interview)
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  • Nobita from Japan
    Nobita from Japan  Year ago +759

    Thank you for watching! Just in case you missed it;
    ※What Japanese Guys Think of Western Girls (Interview) tvclip.biz/video/qkPiEK3sqcQ/video.html

    • noah hauschild
      noah hauschild 13 days ago

      I have I bit of an request not that you have do this. anyway I plan joining the U.S. Marine corps and when I become I wish to be dispatched in one of the military bases in japan ( I hope this is not a problem) but I noticed some people don't foreign solders on their country this is totally understandable , I just wandering if there was anyway to support both counties without starting any conflict or disrespecting anyone. ( I am completely sorry if I sound really rude by saying I want to go to and support japan I'd just really love the culture , the language , and the food)

    • Tarik Shell
      Tarik Shell 20 days ago

      I look way younger than my age if they knew my age they'd do a front and back flip at the same time

    • Michael Wood
      Michael Wood 2 months ago

      @ShockLogicDiltroll thats incorrect what is happening is lady's are becoming aggressive and mean and men are reacting to it. When i find a lady i treat her as such wih kindness and compassion. I show respect and i am of service and hold doors for her and do the thing's of old that are proper and respected and i feel good for it being a man of old.

    • Michael Wood
      Michael Wood 2 months ago

      I cant wate i am in the proses of learning the japanese language and i want to be able to talk to the peopal and have a conversation with then in there native language when i go and beging my series of visits / vacations in japan i love the culture and customs i love that kindness is paramount and cleanliness. It is a hard language to learn. I will persevere!

    • Peanut Butter, And Jelly
      Peanut Butter, And Jelly 3 months ago

      Lol they put growth hormones in our food that’s why we are so big and have big muscles

  • Vice
    Vice 5 hours ago

    You know the girl with the hat is freaky

  • Shaggy Jones
    Shaggy Jones 6 hours ago

    That one girl , who kept hiding her smile . I think she was pretty cute , wonder why she seems so self conscious about her smile

  • First Last
    First Last 6 hours ago

    So I have a chance? 6'1" 182 blonde blue eyes but nothing here for me I think I am too shy

  • First Last
    First Last 6 hours ago

    So why is it that here in Toronto Canada there are 100,000s of Chinese but few Japanese? I have to admit I do find Japanese women have an amazing fun personality and yes the baby face is sooo cute!!!

  • Heil Starly
    Heil Starly 10 hours ago

    3:39 "I prefer a chubby guy"

    Weebs: "My Time has come"

  • KEK Rangel
    KEK Rangel 19 hours ago +1

    send me one Japanese girl before the corona virus hits.

  • Hina Kong
    Hina Kong Day ago

    let me tell u this...i live in n. america and most japanese women i have met and known here are married to white guys...and those who are single are actively searching for a white guy only...i was very surprised how much japanese women are into white guys...and the reasons? the look. mainly their height and big eyes. period.

  • Forcers Shieker
    Forcers Shieker 2 days ago

    You guys heard it keep lifting weights 😂

  • Limitless 1
    Limitless 1 3 days ago

    That's it !
    I am going to Japan

  • Civil Ghost
    Civil Ghost 3 days ago

    I have HOPE

  • SirGingrich
    SirGingrich 3 days ago

    Hue Jackuman is pretty damn awesome 😼

  • Prince Romeo
    Prince Romeo 3 days ago

    *Welp I'm western and I older than I look*

  • ArgonianAccount
    ArgonianAccount 3 days ago

    For the love of GOD, NOBODY tell the neckbeards!!!!

  • Martin Richter
    Martin Richter 4 days ago

    your girl is hot. i want to f her

  • stephen p0ttinger
    stephen p0ttinger 5 days ago

    Western men have bigger junk. That's why they are interested

  • Book66
    Book66 5 days ago

    Just thought I'd put my face here. :)

  • White Noise
    White Noise 6 days ago +1

    By Western - then mean White ..

  • Alexander Estk
    Alexander Estk 6 days ago

    Somebody give that chubby chaser my number. 👉🏻👌🏻

  • kurokoro 28
    kurokoro 28 6 days ago

    Welp I think im moving to japan....

  • kurokoro 28
    kurokoro 28 6 days ago

    Ha Im 29, look 18 and asian which im not at all, im not muscular either or have a beard, guess im the exception...

  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 6 days ago

    How much for a flight to Tokyo? My 5'8" fat ass is on the move!

  • 匿名Tukochikachi
    匿名Tukochikachi 7 days ago +1

    Big? Asians can also be big I'm 168cm and a saw a 23 year old dude like 196cm or something and those muscles were fuking huge😅

  • Nippy Bridge
    Nippy Bridge 7 days ago

    5:24 the sound of super fast sirens!

  • Michael Foster
    Michael Foster 7 days ago

    I wonder if these people realize how many american weeaboo people there are that would literally pay to have them as a gf

  • Keagan T
    Keagan T 8 days ago

    Aw, that's a nice self esteem boost!

  • DynomitePunch
    DynomitePunch 8 days ago

    i appreciate this, this really made my morning XD

  • Chandler McCall Harrison

    the girl who said.."All you need is love" wow pure heart I love that she said that! And it's true.... all you need is love so it doesn't matter which country

  • Sycon Production
    Sycon Production 9 days ago

    Nobita from Doraemon....

  • eddie garcia
    eddie garcia 9 days ago

    So do Japanese people think that western guys are only white? Cause America is a melting pot.

  • adrian r
    adrian r 10 days ago

    Wtf exactly is a "western" man???

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali 10 days ago

    Not all western men are big.

  • Troll
    Troll 10 days ago

    *Pretty sure the lady @ **5:55** just wants to make a mixed baby then dump the gaijin*

  • Jed Sawyer
    Jed Sawyer 10 days ago

    Phew she said calm and chubby, not chubby and excitable otherwise the weebs would be rushing to japan at an increased rate

  • love love
    love love 11 days ago

    I luv japanese gurlz, they are 2 kawai, omg 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Mike Louis
    Mike Louis 11 days ago

    6'4", raised as a gentleman, well conformed, no scars or deformities and I can grow a very nice beard.......and I am too damn old! Should have known about this decades ago since I have always found Japanese women very attractive.

  • CallMeQuest
    CallMeQuest 11 days ago

    If someone spoke their language would they be more interested? I've always found Japanese to be a more intimate language than English. Not intimate as in love it anything, but perhaps in the way that people communicate to each other. More respect. There's a closer bond when communicating.

  • Leo
    Leo 11 days ago

    so basically, i should buy an apartment in tokyo. Thanks.

  • Mark Wheeler
    Mark Wheeler 12 days ago

    I want to move to Japan 🇯🇵😂👍🏻

  • mutt1112
    mutt1112 12 days ago

    I have always liked Japanese Lady's, where were thees type of gals, when i was signal and in Japan. back in the late 80's

  • 鎮圧
    鎮圧 12 days ago


  • francis p
    francis p 12 days ago

    the way American women have been the last couple of decades is why we flock to and love Japanese (or asian) women.

  • Dark Ryder
    Dark Ryder 12 days ago

    I like the girl with the cap. She's gorgeous!

  • T Miller
    T Miller 12 days ago

    Its called the ladder theory. All girls are the same unless they are gay. But then even then the ladder theory applies.

  • Mictla
    Mictla 12 days ago

    Do not forget about the raging alcoholism problem in the United States at least.

  • SSGSSNomad
    SSGSSNomad 13 days ago


  • SteveVi0lence
    SteveVi0lence 13 days ago

    So you're saying there's a chance?

  • Frederick Alfredo Cabral

    I got happy when that girl said, "I like them chubby," I was yes, I have a chance.

  • shojib khan
    shojib khan 13 days ago

    Hi japanis girl. Beautiful and enosent. Call me 01915079929

  • Fitness boy De palma
    Fitness boy De palma 14 days ago

    Japan is a joke the Girls are uglyes the guys smalls hahaha América is better

  • Obama Last name
    Obama Last name 14 days ago

    So you dont have to be muscular? Ight im moving to japan

  • 1,000 Year Beard
    1,000 Year Beard 14 days ago

    @3:40 ...she's awesome!

  • Fast car
    Fast car 15 days ago


  • chasiu75
    chasiu75 15 days ago +1

    Hang on ladies, I am on my way.

  • DreadSire
    DreadSire 15 days ago

    LOL everything that makes you unattractive in the states makes you a beef cake in Japan. We really need to work out an exchange program.

  • 1275638a
    1275638a 16 days ago +2

    Ask Japanese girls why they hold their hands in front of their mouths so much

  • Krijn van Alten
    Krijn van Alten 16 days ago

    So heteronormative. Will there also be a video on how Japanese gays and lesbians think about their western counterparts?

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel 16 days ago

    ...and it is true. all gotta bigga penis.

  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris 16 days ago

    Western women sucks!!!
    Asian women Good!!! Mmm mmm....

  • Death Awaits
    Death Awaits 17 days ago

    O.o Wait most of these girls said we are attractive my fellow men of culture we are moving to Japan where we will be loved and appreciated 😎