Keanu Reeves being praised as 'respectful king' online

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • 'John Wick' actor praised for respect of personal space; Raymond Arroyo breaks down his 'Friday Follies.'
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Comments • 690

  • Will Santiago
    Will Santiago 14 days ago


  • derek frost
    derek frost 24 days ago


  • biba priel
    biba priel 27 days ago

    OMG he had affraid touching women hahaha,I dont know If you know about his one night stands while he was filming matrix in Australia 2001-simply he is gentleman ,it is normal dont touch people who he never met before,they could be feel uncomfortable

  • biba priel
    biba priel 27 days ago

    Is normal dont grab or touching strange people who he never met before,

  • RKP
    RKP 29 days ago

    Great guy. But the women can grab him? Hrmm.

  • DrewH 1350
    DrewH 1350 Month ago


  • Sskrimp_TeX •
    Sskrimp_TeX • Month ago

    Dont mock him, he is just the nicest celebrity who didnt get ruined his money

  • Wave Check
    Wave Check Month ago

    2:30 I remember why I stopped watching fox...

  • CC
    CC Month ago +1

    What an idiot !!! Keanu is just being a gentleman.

  • The doctor Reaper that isn’t a doctor

    This man is just jealous. Keanu Reeves is a king

  • dark zeratul
    dark zeratul Month ago

    its called he doesn't want nothing to do with the sjw's/feminists and me too movement

  • Kidd Kidd
    Kidd Kidd Month ago

    "look ma no hands" 😂😂😂

  • Gabby Hernandez
    Gabby Hernandez Month ago

    King to my heart ♥️

  • NPAMike
    NPAMike Month ago

    He's been doing this for years nothing new.

  • Shaundre Villalobos With 14000 subscribers

    0:46 i cant believe he made fun if Keanu Reeves 😭😭

  • Daniel lazic
    Daniel lazic Month ago +4

    First they mock Nipsey Hussle then they mock Keanu Reeves I can't do this anymore. This is ridiculous.
    Shame on fox news.

  • Stevven
    Stevven Month ago

    Now this is actually news

  • Andy Miller
    Andy Miller Month ago +2

    Hollywood can go to Hell

  • Permission Tobeme
    Permission Tobeme Month ago

    Smart guy... do you want him to get in trouble like Cuba Jr. stop 🛑

  • Adrian Sotomayor
    Adrian Sotomayor Month ago

    Fox, please do not talk about him

  • Divinity Perfected
    Divinity Perfected Month ago +1


  • aric garcia
    aric garcia Month ago

    Fox news reporters are terrible

  • C G
    C G Month ago +1

    He's a gentleman. Pure and simple.
    Always has been and nothing's changed. We need more people in the world like him. No nonsense, giving, kind and respectful.
    Sound like a recipe for all human-kind? I think so. . .

  • Chernov Gaming
    Chernov Gaming Month ago

    Keanu Reeves needs to host meme review

    • Weston
      Weston Month ago

      [CNG] Gaming Oh Yee yee right also join me to take over TVclip

  • ComfyKxtie
    ComfyKxtie Month ago


  • Fat Sheeps
    Fat Sheeps Month ago +1

    To bad that Fox hasn’t had the right opinion or facts since October 1985

  • Annette
    Annette Month ago

    Raymond if you had any talent you would not be on Fox News and you certainly would not be mocking a man with the intelligence not to end up like Cuba Gooding Jr. Perhaps! Just perhaps there are still some human beings left on this earth. Not including you or the airhead next to you of course.

  • seven 7
    seven 7 Month ago +4

    People calling him smart? No, he’s actually a gentlemen and always has been. Nothing new here tbh 🤷‍♀️

  • James Caine
    James Caine Month ago

    How about his 30+ year reputation for being a kind and respectful man? This in not new.

  • Jayson Mattoon
    Jayson Mattoon Month ago +1

    Eye patch over LEFT eye... you don't say...

  • Marty Tejas
    Marty Tejas Month ago

    FOX SUX!

  • Cody Corber
    Cody Corber Month ago +9

    "John shtick"? Really. Keanu is getting more respect than you ever will.

  • MzComprehensive
    MzComprehensive Month ago

    Oh no now all these jealous men and dumb bitches will now attack Keanu just because they can't be as nice and respectful as him. ALL KEANU REEVES FANS, LETS ALL GATHER AND BURN THIS WORLD FROM KEAU REEVES HATERS AND JEALOUS PRICKS!!!!! ATTAAAAAAACK! HOOOOOOORRAAAAAAH!

  • SportsFeedLive
    SportsFeedLive Month ago

    How dare you question the king.

  • John Cosgrove
    John Cosgrove Month ago

    I don't much care for this guy and his Hollywood ilk. Violent tough guy movies. That's not entertaining to me and my family.

  • ImPulSe
    ImPulSe Month ago

    People who sleep in the center of the bed

  • PlayoffL36ron
    PlayoffL36ron Month ago

    10 years ago this was called the hover hand and you were bullied relentlessly if you were caught doing this
    what a difference a decade can make

  • Slecker
    Slecker Month ago +4

    Keanu: Are you telling me I can dodge law suits?
    Morpheus: No, Keanu, I'm telling you you won't have to.

  • weave snatched
    weave snatched Month ago

    The moment i heard actual politics, i left lmao

  • TheBestMusicOnly
    TheBestMusicOnly Month ago

    I don't care for Keanu's behavior in placating neurotic females who have an irrational fear of being touched. We don't change our behavior to accomodate head cases. Less they feel it's appropriate to inflict more of their psychological disorders on the rest of society for us to adjust to. Perhaps if we all walk around in hermetically sealed platsic suits to prevent possible touching. Then you would see how unreasonably stupid the Metoo# movement has gotten.

  • Idania valenzuela
    Idania valenzuela Month ago

    "so they won't come back later saying oh he grabbed me" who's they? the girls that actually get touched when they say no? hmmm no he's just respectful.

    • benny pitt
      benny pitt Month ago

      He's a smoker, it's just a habit holding his hands out like that.

  • Ian Lowe
    Ian Lowe Month ago

    Oh God stop man

  • Removed Coyote68
    Removed Coyote68 Month ago +1

    Keanu Reeves is just precious. Too amazing, no homo

  • TwoCentsTrucking
    TwoCentsTrucking Month ago

    Keanu MGTOW 👍

  • Max Ballard
    Max Ballard Month ago


  • B T R
    B T R Month ago

    This was so cringe

  • Libra Alibaba
    Libra Alibaba Month ago

    This man is 54 😱

  • BLAZE3601 GD
    BLAZE3601 GD Month ago

    They were being kinda ignorant the whole time

  • Spencer Lee
    Spencer Lee Month ago

    This was not beautiful

  • Meng Hao
    Meng Hao Month ago +4

    I really never say anything but Keanu reeves has always been a good,humble and fantastic man ,he is just being polite, don't try to mock him

  • shreona mcShrekington

    Dislike 😤

  • Cam M
    Cam M Month ago +1

    Thought this of all segments might actually be a positive one from Fox...I guess not.

  • Gitana Shimmy
    Gitana Shimmy Month ago

    I like whichever side is away from the wall. So.... I'm creative and logical?

  • William Mitchell
    William Mitchell Month ago

    Libs: guns are bad... y’all see the new John Wick Movie... 😂👌🏽

  • Jason Braun
    Jason Braun Month ago

    I like to sleep on next to the wall

  • Pynthox
    Pynthox Month ago

    Keanu reeves is the definition of breathtaking

  • Ben Cart Wright
    Ben Cart Wright Month ago

    Look ma no hands

  • Un Homme
    Un Homme Month ago

    This is why you are propaganda.
    If you were even remotely comparable to Keanu, you might be respected a little bit.

  • Zukate
    Zukate Month ago +1

    "Counter Reeves"

  • Gavin M
    Gavin M Month ago

    Key-A-NU Reeves.

    NO IDENTITY Month ago

    Bro you Keanu hater what he doesn't want to touch people ITS KEANU REEVES MAN leave him alone

  • Claudia Grace
    Claudia Grace Month ago

    Why do you have to turn this into something political - Keanu Reeves is doing this because of his own personal reasons - he’s Canadian!

    • Claudia Grace
      Claudia Grace Month ago

      I see your point...well, then, he’s a considerate smoker - OMG! I feel like I’m defending him! He doesn’t need “help” in any area! I’ll stop now. (Perhaps it’s because I’m Canadian, too.)

    • benny pitt
      benny pitt Month ago

      @Claudia Grace Smokers typically hold their cigs in between their fingers and when smokers hug or put their arm around someone they have a tendency to burn the people they are hugging with their cigs. After decades of smoking and many people burned they usually develop a habit of holding their hands out and away from people they embrace, it's just a mannerism many long term smokers have. Look at many of the photos, and then imagine a cig being between his index and middle finger.

    • Claudia Grace
      Claudia Grace Month ago

      benny pitt I don’t see the connection...

    • benny pitt
      benny pitt Month ago

      He's doing it b/c he's a smoker. it's not some big mystery like the media says.

  • Chris Lohr
    Chris Lohr Month ago

    These idiots are out of touch.

  • Yos
    Yos Month ago +2

    Fox news taking shots at keanu? You made a huge mistake boi

  • Walter Ditto
    Walter Ditto Month ago

    I hate fox news.

  • Rendall Flournoy
    Rendall Flournoy Month ago

    I choose the side I can reach my weapon the easiest.

  • The Vaibhav Tiwari Show

    He's smart, he's avoiding law suits

  • Squarechuck
    Squarechuck Month ago

    are you praising him or ranting

  • Marxine St.Arline
    Marxine St.Arline Month ago

    MADdona has too many wrinkles around that eye...had to cover it.


    Raymond looks like pee wee Herman! Separated at birth..

  • Killer Queen
    Killer Queen Month ago +3

    Believe me he's not doing it for the good of his health. He's doing it cause he's finally back on top in Hollywood since the 90s. He isn't gonna throw that all in cause some woman throws fake allegations. Smart business move.

  • Charles DeLorenzo
    Charles DeLorenzo Month ago +1

    What even bother? Western women are toxic.

  • Send Nukes
    Send Nukes Month ago

    Keanu’s such a wholesome dude

  • Theresa Kreller
    Theresa Kreller Month ago

    I slept on the right side of the bed for a long time, even when I was sleeping in a single bed. Moved into my house and started sleeping on the left & have slept on the left for the last 20 years.

  • Creeper Chuck
    Creeper Chuck Month ago

    Don’t you dare disrespect our lord Keanu

  • KellyAnn Dean
    KellyAnn Dean Month ago

    There's NO KING!!EXCEPT FOR "JESUS"!!!!

  • ElderM!llenn!al
    ElderM!llenn!al Month ago

    I would love to see Keanu beat the metro off this goofball

  • ElderM!llenn!al
    ElderM!llenn!al Month ago

    wtf?? now FAUX is just randomly bashing Keanu Reeves??

  • fadeaway alvarado
    fadeaway alvarado Month ago

    Left or right i have to sleep next to my bedroom door!!!!

  • Henry Thoreau
    Henry Thoreau Month ago +2

    MGTOW meets SJW's = This. He's smarter than 95% of actors/directors in Hollywood. This should be taught in a class, so every chick in Hollywood dies barren and alone.

  • Bart Swihart
    Bart Swihart Month ago

    I sleep closest to the door so an Intruder has to deal with me first rather than my woman possibly giving her a better chance

  • Average Trash
    Average Trash Month ago

    Leave the guy alone you pricks

  • Bart Swihart
    Bart Swihart Month ago

    Biden can't help himself he's a perve

  • Super
    Super Month ago

    Don’t hate on Keanu.

  • Li R
    Li R Month ago +1

    I sleep on the left. People said I’m good at drawings and I like to draw 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • the abs0lut gamer
    the abs0lut gamer Month ago


  • David D
    David D Month ago

    Lame that a man has to do this but I understand. Liberal women aren’t worth the BS. Who needs them...

  • Jon Sobieralski
    Jon Sobieralski Month ago +1

    He has always been this person. This guy is the epitome of chivalry and just a down right good person.

  • bush whacker
    bush whacker Month ago

    Fox News reporting real news

  • Doubtful Salmon
    Doubtful Salmon Month ago

    You people have too much time on your hands. And goony narratives to sell. WTF is this?

  • Noneya Bizz
    Noneya Bizz Month ago

    Doesn't want drama

  • Darian Regino
    Darian Regino Month ago +3

    They are just jealous that they are not badass as Keanu Reeves

  • WheelieSmalls
    WheelieSmalls Month ago +1

    He's the best

  • Tech _Graph
    Tech _Graph Month ago +1

    Don't even dare to question Keanu you evil person

  • Charliegirl
    Charliegirl Month ago

    😎🖤😝 give it up girl's!! He's way too much! Every woman wants him when it comes to looks, personality, his humor and his kindness! Nobody is perfect but still it seems like it LOL. I admire him for being just a great guy! Love this man always!

  • Ksikkihkini
    Ksikkihkini Month ago

    Video documentation, there will be no Lawsuits forthcoming...thank you!

  • Sam Hussain
    Sam Hussain Month ago

    This news new reporter gonna get hit by wick

  • BOI
    BOI Month ago

    what if u sleep at all sides

  • Wesley Jackson
    Wesley Jackson Month ago

    Soo who's Keanu Reeves? 🤔 first time I ever heard of him

    • benny pitt
      benny pitt Month ago

      He's played by John Wick, he's a pretty good actor.

  • Drunkyeeter
    Drunkyeeter Month ago

    Keanu is dad