Mac Miller - "Good News" TRACK REVIEW

  • Published on Jan 11, 2020
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  • Sarah Meemken
    Sarah Meemken 19 minutes ago

    I never seen him this emotional damn shit got me :'(

  • colexmelly
    colexmelly 55 minutes ago

    SURF: It’s talking about how he feels lonely in a crowd but he has one person who he feels really knows him and it makes him feel grounded.
    Reminds me of Song of Solomon in the Bible. Image of the seasons and life going round and round. This one though has more of a sense of despair- like he is giving up
    i think it’s about him being honest about his sex addiction,
    he knows it’s wrong wants to stop but can’t and it’s hell for him inside emotionally
    He’s so lost in this one. He feels bad about something, but he knows no one who knows where we are going. He wants to give this girl happiness and gives an attempt, but really he knows he can’t succeed b/c he himself is lost and turned around. It’s like Jordon Peterson talks about- he has no structure to support his life- no value system. He is operating on pure emotion and he is being tossed around and left at the mercy of his emotions

    is interestingly. The music is upbeat but gets earie at the end-a strange foreboding. He looks happy and winsome in the video. Meanwhile, the lyrics again show despair- that he is fighting to just get through a single day at a time without complications. The impression as is with most of his happy songs is that he is trying to convince himself to be upbeat while fighting depression and despair.

    I can see:
    I just did I can see- hear he is lost in existential thought and really begging for someone to pull him out and show him the way. He is lost in himself- thinking in a way thats making him crazy because he is completely self absorbed. A tormented soul
    he’s so deep in sex addiction he just says fuck it and it’s despairing but he wishes he could of taken it back but also is aware he’s in too deep

  • MOJO Jojo Bobo bo bo bo bo bo

    Its really sad that he started crying but I'm also like..... you didn't like any of his recent albums except good AM. Maybe he realizes that because mac is gone he feels his music more idk it's weird for me. I hated his reviews on mac's albums because he was disconnected from the music it was like he listened to a different album than me, swimming was a personal album for mac and he wasn't appreciating it at all I hope after this he can go back to the albums previous to this one and start to feel them more

  • Holden Ross
    Holden Ross Hour ago

    Do the whole album now!

  • Nicholas Buccelli

    He definitely needs to re- review swimming cause that God damn album is a true work of art along with the circles which is continuation of circles "swimming in circles"

  • rinnegan sr
    rinnegan sr 2 hours ago

    i didnt like the track tbh thought it was meh

  • Shanky _
    Shanky _ 3 hours ago

    Never got to hear Conversations Pt. 2, what a shame...

  • M A A D
    M A A D 3 hours ago

    this video is a classic

  • Dario Hall
    Dario Hall 3 hours ago

    I find it so stupid people need a review on a track....... Just listen and let it move you. Be you!!!! Why look okay someone to tell you how to think?????


  • J U S T W H Y
    J U S T W H Y 5 hours ago

    Wait a minute. Isn't this guy dead?

    PHELCAN 7 hours ago

    Pretty sure this was made in Abbey Road. Sounds like it too.

  • Jordan Phillips
    Jordan Phillips 7 hours ago

    Where’s the circles review

  • FutbolVinotinto21
    FutbolVinotinto21 8 hours ago

    I feel like Melon would have cried more if he saw the music video

  • Jonah Universe
    Jonah Universe 8 hours ago +1

    I was so unprepared for him to cry that I literally thought he was faking it as a joke at first.

  • K A
    K A 8 hours ago

    I basically cried through the whole record.

  • single father of three

    RIP Mac Miller

  • Jhonadelic
    Jhonadelic 9 hours ago

    @2:38 damn 😢

  • Joseph Berkeley
    Joseph Berkeley 9 hours ago

    Oh man, I felt the tears coming on when you got ready to speak. Once you got started so did I. This was cathartic.

  • nuke
    nuke 10 hours ago


  • H2 Kyle
    H2 Kyle 11 hours ago +1

    Rest in peace Mac, thank you for the music.

  • Pillowbottom
    Pillowbottom 11 hours ago

    The Circles single just released!! Please review it, really good imo

  • Mind DiViDe
    Mind DiViDe 12 hours ago

    It’s refreshing to see real
    Emotion man, keep being you. Love your channel 🙂

  • Luke M
    Luke M 14 hours ago +1

    you are actually gonna cry tho?

  • Gabe Villarreal
    Gabe Villarreal 14 hours ago +2

    “We won’t have much time to marinate in this teaser track, but we’re going to give it a try.”
    *listens to it once, gets instantly marinated

  • Kage the forbidden one
    Kage the forbidden one 15 hours ago

    I’ve never seen him cry before I feel so weird

  • nick
    nick 16 hours ago

    “What am I even supposed to say about this” had me dying but u right tho

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 16 hours ago +1

    I reacted the same way. Anyone who watched mac from the start recognizes every single reference in the video and its a real heart breaker. Then you have the lyrics that just hit so damn deep. Dude had the kindest soul in the industry, probably the biggest idol I ever had.

  • Gilbert Morse
    Gilbert Morse 18 hours ago

    I felt the same way listening 2 this being a fan of Mac since K.i.d.s. 😔 he really was inspiration 2 kids like us.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 19 hours ago +1

    fuck you fake fuck

  • Bloomfullcircle
    Bloomfullcircle 20 hours ago

    Honestly this track has wrecked me for days. I’m so happy to hear your analysis and that I’m not reading too much into this. The closed door line got me too, like a knife.

  • Matthew Doolan
    Matthew Doolan 20 hours ago +2

    That crying shit is so corny

    • John Table
      John Table 10 hours ago +1

      I'm sorry you haven't had enough hugs in life.

  • Joaquin Castañeda
    Joaquin Castañeda 21 hour ago

    Man I was not expecting this as your reaction. Love you melon, you’re one of the good ones

  • clown
    clown 21 hour ago +2

    so cringe lmao crybaby

  • Lil Ty
    Lil Ty 23 hours ago +1

    He completely shit on swimming, so it’s nice to see him complimenting this one

  • Marcel Durston
    Marcel Durston 23 hours ago

    RIP mac

  • Ted Vining
    Ted Vining Day ago +1

    lol constantly shit on him for YEARS no matter how good a project it was, now hes dead u start sobbing wtf

    • Patrick Wilson
      Patrick Wilson 5 hours ago

      He gave GOOD:AM a 7, and WMWTSO a 6. Hardly shitting on Mac, dude. Stop projecting.

  • Davis Miller
    Davis Miller Day ago

    Track review for pinegroves the alarmist?

  • Deadpan Man
    Deadpan Man Day ago +1

    Melons don’t have tear ducts.

  • Jim Ben
    Jim Ben Day ago

    I just wanna give Mac a hug


    1:07 🔥💗

  • Buttstank McGoo
    Buttstank McGoo Day ago +1

    Two things one I hope that piano track from the music video is in it. second T- 1 day prepare your butts

  • Levi Alfaro
    Levi Alfaro Day ago +1

    Love the song! He gave me Jack Johnson Vibes!! Beautiful song!!!

  • Tyler Garner
    Tyler Garner Day ago +1

    If Mac was “alive” he would’ve trashed this song. I love Mac Miller and think he was a great artist. But I’m not a person that contributes “passing” to influence the critique of a piece of music.
    Almost every song Mac sung on was not great, in my opinion. And I know needle dick feels the same based on his earlier reviews. Mac rapping on Faces was the dopest shit, but I respect him trying to progress as an artist.
    But needledick is full of shit on this review. Don’t buy his tears.

    • John Table
      John Table 10 hours ago

      You don't deserve to be loved by anyone.

    • brainer3
      brainer3 Day ago

      Just because he didnt like his past work doesnt mean he has to hate on everything he creates. Im a cynical person but don't you think faking tears in a track review video is a bit farfetched? Im guessing youve never been touched by music that way

    • Jashen
      Jashen Day ago

      Yeah, I came into this expecting him to shit on it based on how he felt from his past works. I don’t know if I buy his tears tbh.

  • Maddie Um
    Maddie Um Day ago +1

    Dude I never thought I’d see big teeth man cry

  • Andrew Behbahani

    If you didn’t notice Anthony couldn’t even finish listening to the track the second time

  • Jackson Huecker
    Jackson Huecker Day ago +3

    To anybody dissing Anthony for crying, Fuck You.

  • Mo
    Mo Day ago

    Good damnit this hit me hard...

  • Sealdrop
    Sealdrop Day ago


  • Aiden Pettine
    Aiden Pettine Day ago


  • NvLc Dumb
    NvLc Dumb Day ago

    I don't know if he was crying for real or not

  • Marcus Amadeus
    Marcus Amadeus Day ago

    Pretty sure this song made everyone cry lol

  • astral vomit
    astral vomit Day ago

    damn it felt good to see you crying, i clicked on this still in tears after my 2nd watch of the music video

  • Josiah Lutcher
    Josiah Lutcher Day ago

    A melon crying.... one might call it.... a.... water melon?

  • Bino
    Bino Day ago

    idk about yall but posthumous records kinda irk me. I get that there are unreleased bits and pieces that artists have but generally every album ends up being EXTREMELY underwhelming. I'll listen to it, but I'm going in with low expectations.

    • hguiohoi asdsad
      hguiohoi asdsad Day ago +1

      It's a bit more than bits and pieces. It was almost finished before his death. And the producer for swimming is filling in the gaps. As far as posthumous records go, it's got the best chance

  • GoldenFriendsFTW

    You should do a Worst to Best for all Mac Miller's projects when Circles comes out.

  • liamtanman
    liamtanman Day ago +9

    Melon: gets emotional and bursts into tears listening to the song
    Also Melon: gives the track a hard 2

  • Daniel MW
    Daniel MW Day ago

    Thanks for the public display of emotion, Anthony. We need more of those. I cried too when I heard "Good News". Damn it, why does the world have to be so hard sometimes??

  • RubyFukr
    RubyFukr Day ago +1


  • WesleySandoval
    WesleySandoval Day ago

    After a decade Anthony is broken. I hope it's the song not something deeper with Anthony, sending positive vibes.

  • Andy Garcia
    Andy Garcia Day ago

    this guy is so real, thanks for it