Matt Boling 44.74 4x4 Comeback!!!

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • Watch more state meet races here:
    Just when you thought you had Matt Boling beat...he does this.
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Comments • 3 155

  • uknow who
    uknow who Hour ago +1

    These white announcers are way too hype. I wonder why.

  • MajorLeague
    MajorLeague 11 hours ago

    Good ole Catholic Brawndo.

  • Tpolerex
    Tpolerex 21 hour ago

    The blacks are voting this down 😂

  • rmm2000
    rmm2000 23 hours ago

    Is he on the juice... and not the gatorade...

  • David Banner
    David Banner Day ago

    Pause it at 2:22
    Look at that gap, he is a monster.

  • Cojo French
    Cojo French 2 days ago

    Bill Burr would be proud 😂

  • Memes Please
    Memes Please 3 days ago

    If I was the kid in second I would be pissed

  • rollingcan
    rollingcan 6 days ago

    That's unbelievable that he can make up that much of a distance.

  • Edge Snob
    Edge Snob 6 days ago

    Blacks down voting this video. 🤣 😂

  • Edge Snob
    Edge Snob 6 days ago

    Blacks down voting this video. 🤣 😂

  • ws 2019
    ws 2019 7 days ago

    He is like the white running back in the NFL.

  • Mike J747
    Mike J747 7 days ago +2

    There is no way he's fastest dude in the country...he's WHITE!

    • btqy
      btqy 23 hours ago

      He's talking about in high school.

  • Buddy
    Buddy 8 days ago +1

    These fucking yahoos keep talking over each other.

  • BardockThaRawest
    BardockThaRawest 8 days ago

    400 is the hardest event

  • J T Stachs AG
    J T Stachs AG 8 days ago +1

    White Flour!

  • Sneezii
    Sneezii 8 days ago

    I guess he's kinda fast...

    • btqy
      btqy 23 hours ago

      9.98 in the 100.

  • David Lilleøren
    David Lilleøren 9 days ago

    Han har drevet med litt boling ja

  • Try Hard
    Try Hard 9 days ago

    Really LaShawn Merritt got 44.14 and You say he is the fastest in the country ??

  • Jack Sparow
    Jack Sparow 10 days ago +1

    They say even bullets cant out run that kid.

  • kil0gr4mMUSIC
    kil0gr4mMUSIC 10 days ago +4

    My dude in the red just slowed down right before the finish line and got beat 3:16

  • Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier 10 days ago +2

    Don't over juice otherwise you'll go from Chris to Caitlin in your 40's.

    M0NKEYMAJIK - 10 days ago

    White boi rollin

  • Precht Williams
    Precht Williams 11 days ago

    That kid is the truth.

  • Jamal martin
    Jamal martin 11 days ago

    straight monster!

  • Ronald Croy
    Ronald Croy 11 days ago +1

    We know who put up the 587 dislikes.

  • No Name
    No Name 13 days ago +3

    little dude had no chance vs that stride

  • John Vogelien
    John Vogelien 13 days ago +1

    Man that kid is fast. His form is outstanding.

  • Jerry Dalrymple
    Jerry Dalrymple 13 days ago

    It takes me longer than :44 seconds to get my big ass off the couch.

  • Scott James Johnson
    Scott James Johnson 14 days ago

    Drug cheat.

  • 1woksape
    1woksape 15 days ago +1

    This will change your life forever today. For Christians on youtube: 1woksape Catholic spiritual warfare

  • Rapid
    Rapid 15 days ago +1

    and hes white to !!

  • tom burton
    tom burton 15 days ago

    I did that once after someone put Ben-Gay in my jockstrap.

  • Tommy Priest
    Tommy Priest 15 days ago


  • bishop
    bishop 16 days ago

    Cuz mad about that one

  • WG 4
    WG 4 16 days ago

    Usain would destroy him

  • Kip Rux
    Kip Rux 16 days ago

    A 21 second 200 split!?

  • Jon Berezinski
    Jon Berezinski 16 days ago

  • Sway Treyy
    Sway Treyy 16 days ago

    That’s how Bron carried the cavs lmao

  • pmoore4321
    pmoore4321 16 days ago +10

    My kid dragged me to a high school track meet. I know nothing about the sport and saw this guy run. It almost looked "fake" he was running so fast. I've never seen anything like it.

    • No Name
      No Name 13 days ago

      wow you are very fortunate to see this guy in person

  • dale85300
    dale85300 16 days ago +3

    This kids is already beating some of those slackers represtating the country!!!!

  • jimmyj38
    jimmyj38 17 days ago

    That was awsome..

  • Dustin Browne
    Dustin Browne 17 days ago +2

    As a former cross country runner I know and love this feeling...out kicking someone on the home stretch! Nothing better!!

  • Pyro Jaeger
    Pyro Jaeger 17 days ago

    Boling is just epic

  • Dennis King
    Dennis King 18 days ago

    I would Have Killed Him...Frfr no Bs

  • William
    William 18 days ago

    If only cops could run that fast!

    • John K
      John K 18 days ago

      +William There would be a lot more black people in jail

  • Mr. Pegus
    Mr. Pegus 18 days ago

    Matt bowling drinking pegus

  • Muhammad Adli
    Muhammad Adli 18 days ago

    The person matt defeated is actually a Paralympics athlete

  • Conservatives Are Cancer and AIDS

    He should give football a try.

  • Mike Ray
    Mike Ray 19 days ago

    are you kidding me???? dude is UNREAL

  • Martin
    Martin 19 days ago

    Matthew Balling

  • jjh lk
    jjh lk 19 days ago

    This is like watching a horse race.

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams 19 days ago +1

    Dude had one job finish🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby 20 days ago +18

    Freaky fast this guy could make a fortune delivering Jimmy John's subs.

  • zadose
    zadose 20 days ago

    Matt Boling.... tall, fit, handsome, and fast...... what a man.....

  • zadose
    zadose 20 days ago +1

    I got tired just watching them sittin' on my recliner.

  • PrestigeELIT3
    PrestigeELIT3 21 day ago

    Bro my school Klein oak is there 😂

  • Tone202
    Tone202 22 days ago +2

    Lets just put this in perspective the guy just ran faster the most pros with shoe contracts for free just think what he will do with a dollar in front of him.

  • General Zod
    General Zod 22 days ago +17

    This dude is straight up gifted. He can run the 100, 200 & 400 like a boss! Hopefully, he stays injury-free because we could be looking at America's next great track superstar!

    • B
      B 19 days ago +1

      no kidding. That kick was absolutely incredible.

  • Wilburbruh
    Wilburbruh 22 days ago

    Desoto looks like Michael Myers is chasing his ass lmao

  • James Hall
    James Hall 24 days ago

    why didnt he run in the adult pan am games with the other high school sophomore who ran a 43. split