Squishy Toilet Bathroom Prank - Gus Johnson

  • Published on Apr 15, 2016
  • So here's a neat little trick I learned in a Captain Underpants book as a kid. I finally got a chance to try it out. Try this at home if you want.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 743

  • 音楽FoxyYau
    音楽FoxyYau Day ago

    You’re going to go far in life, really far in life.

  • Nadarles
    Nadarles Day ago

    He looks really attractive here who agrees?

  • Ts Ko
    Ts Ko 2 days ago

    Imagine doing this to all the stalls in there

  • ʇๅɐɹǝꓨ
    ʇๅɐɹǝꓨ 2 days ago


  • Aaron’s Articulate Opinions

    How bloody cinematic this is! The idea. The set up. The anticipation. The execution. The escape. Oh. It all lines up so perfectly. Great character ark too.

  • Major Stoner
    Major Stoner 4 days ago

    You can do the same with those little poppers you throw on the ground and they pop... I did the popper one to my dad and I laughed my ass off

  • Minecrafter Dalgladil

    I did this once. I got busted.

  • Marvel t r a s h
    Marvel t r a s h 7 days ago


  • MegaStephan82
    MegaStephan82 10 days ago

    Hahahaha most definitely trying that

  • xTricky
    xTricky 12 days ago


  • Zack Garcia
    Zack Garcia 13 days ago


  • rawtomic
    rawtomic 13 days ago


  • x Phqntqsm
    x Phqntqsm 13 days ago

    2:17 is this another weird asmr video lmao

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 13 days ago

    Wow, it’s an actual prank instead of people making out :0

  • Salami Slut
    Salami Slut 14 days ago

    Sick hat

  • The Ennoberret Project

    :11 same

  • You Are Not Allowed
    You Are Not Allowed 16 days ago

    did he died?

  • CinemaTeamFortress
    CinemaTeamFortress 16 days ago

    That's disGUSting.

  • Emily Sadler
    Emily Sadler 16 days ago

    I came here from *FEBREZE THE CHEESE*

  • scatered1
    scatered1 18 days ago

    Yup I read all the Captain Underpants in elementary school that's the first thing I thought when I used my pointer finger tap on this video

  • X_ darrex
    X_ darrex 19 days ago

    That laugh do

  • Dan Mollus
    Dan Mollus 20 days ago

    I thought he was gonna make it look like they had blood shits

  • Thakkattack
    Thakkattack 23 days ago

    The origin of the joker

  • Megan Murphy
    Megan Murphy 24 days ago

    B u m p l e

  • Alec Eltherington
    Alec Eltherington 24 days ago

    I think that’s the cleanest public bathroom I’ve ever seen 😂

  • matthew roycroft
    matthew roycroft 25 days ago

    I learnt it from there too

  • Patrick Culliton
    Patrick Culliton 25 days ago

    How to basic but with a face

  • IceDragon 55
    IceDragon 55 26 days ago

    That is SO MEAN

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 27 days ago

    Good thing I hover in public toilets.

  • Shileds
    Shileds 27 days ago

    What if someone came to piss?

  • Sam Martinson
    Sam Martinson 28 days ago

    He was so panicked it took him a sec to open the stall door. Oh my sides

  • Kevinzz ns
    Kevinzz ns 29 days ago

    Well he’s a dashing monster

  • L00PdeL00P's Channel
    L00PdeL00P's Channel 29 days ago

    4:10 Omgosh he's gonna sit.... Run... RUN! GUS, RUN! RUN! That was so worth watching the entire video for suspense.

  • Star Destination
    Star Destination Month ago

    that was worth the wait

  • David Lennon
    David Lennon Month ago

    U come home from a hard days work and sit down to take a shit when some spice sauce squirts out from under you you look out of the stall to see a grown man laughing hysterically running out of the toilets recording himself

  • Ariana Omnomnom
    Ariana Omnomnom Month ago

    Why was that sound affect at 1:10 so perfect

  • Nighthouzer X
    Nighthouzer X Month ago


  • Creeper123_4
    Creeper123_4 Month ago

    4:00 thank me later

  • Corn Thrower
    Corn Thrower Month ago

    I can't live in this building anymore 😂😂😂

  • Lucky
    Lucky Month ago +1


  • Ziyad Hamdi
    Ziyad Hamdi Month ago

    I can't tell if this ironic or just young Gus doing his thing

  • Riley Zarm
    Riley Zarm Month ago

    it never fails to amaze me

  • redlink
    redlink Month ago

    never gets old

  • Desu Vult
    Desu Vult Month ago

    Point the packets inwards and you make it squirt ketchup on someone's nutsack.

  • Quak the Mandalorian

    I need to know what happened afterward

  • Alex Kozliayev
    Alex Kozliayev Month ago

    If i was the victim of that prank i wouldn't even be mad after seeing Gus running away giggling.

  • Mork Ryan
    Mork Ryan Month ago

    This man is a genius. This surreal humor is perfect, and he plays each character so perfectly. He's like if Sam Hyde was a little less edgy haha

  • A K
    A K 2 months ago

    "Hey! You guys wanna take a dump with me?"

  • santi medina
    santi medina 2 months ago


  • WhereIsLanes
    WhereIsLanes 2 months ago

    Thanks to this video I live in constant paranoia whenever I use a public bathroom.

  • victoria b
    victoria b 2 months ago

    I haven't genuinely laughed this hard in awhile, I'm actually in tears. Gus is a blessing

  • Austin Cooper
    Austin Cooper 2 months ago

    I read the same book.

  • Lily Saxerud
    Lily Saxerud 2 months ago

    Best ending ever

  • Octo Edit
    Octo Edit 2 months ago

    Gus,we need this irl public setting series to continue

  • Schiff Granger
    Schiff Granger 2 months ago

    I was going to say "Nope, he got this from Captain Underpants, but he DID, hahahah.

  • Awkale
    Awkale 2 months ago

    Justbfound the channel and laugh at every vid. New sub

  • XxsavagedinoxX
    XxsavagedinoxX 2 months ago

    I learned this fro the same book and tried it. Dont know if I got anyone tho

  • Erina Pendleton
    Erina Pendleton 2 months ago

    Not all heros wear capes.

  • the reel Luigi 69
    the reel Luigi 69 2 months ago

    The book you got it from is the Bionicle booger boy

  • Justin Ls
    Justin Ls 2 months ago

    literally the only captain underpants book i read as a kid...

  • Scragle Dorp
    Scragle Dorp 2 months ago

    Good job

  • Zomedge
    Zomedge 2 months ago +1

    Wow... 2016 Gus... so cool

  • Fizzle 4 Shizzle.
    Fizzle 4 Shizzle. 2 months ago

    Rule number 1: make sure you pull this in the girls bathroom, it’s way more active
    Rule number 2: make sure you run out of the bathroom and find somewhere to hide after they get sauced.
    Rule number 3: check under the toilet seats before you do your business ever again. (Or else you’ll have sauce for days)

  • zoranhacker
    zoranhacker 2 months ago

    I want to enjoy this but why was the guy facing the toilet when it happened

  • Jack Dumbrigue
    Jack Dumbrigue 2 months ago

    No way this is real😂😂

  • The FoxFanimator
    The FoxFanimator 2 months ago

    “I can’t live in this building anymore!” Lol XD

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 2 months ago

    What in the fresh titty is “picante sauce”

  • dayum son
    dayum son 2 months ago

    Nice shirt lol

  • Idalukus Vlogs
    Idalukus Vlogs 3 months ago


  • Your Local rat
    Your Local rat 3 months ago

    I’m listening to a English radio station it’s ridiculous but the stations called gaydio. It’s a station only for gays.

  • David McAnally
    David McAnally 3 months ago

    i faced it the right way, but it squirted backwards, what did I do wrong?

  • Ausra Ko
    Ausra Ko 3 months ago

    Touching public toilet with bare hands.... He pranked himself lol

  • MANA
    MANA 3 months ago

    Worth the wait 😂

  • Duck Mint
    Duck Mint 3 months ago

    You're so fucking random, I love it

  • Osama Bin Laden
    Osama Bin Laden 3 months ago

    You put them backwards. They should be placed like > not

  • Andrew Berry
    Andrew Berry 3 months ago

    worth waiting the whole fucking vid to see that reaction

  • PK Trash
    PK Trash 3 months ago

    This was a whole lot funnier than I thought it was going to be.

  • DerajAzden
    DerajAzden 3 months ago

    What does this man child do for a living

  • TheHillbillyfarmboy
    TheHillbillyfarmboy 3 months ago

    Yeah pulled this prank back in middle school. Needless to say a "friend" told on me, and the janitors made me clean the ketchup off of the entire stall, and apologize to the prank victim

  • Candy High
    Candy High 3 months ago

    Never laughed hard do hard

  • Marlena Hardy
    Marlena Hardy 3 months ago

    I SO remember that book! 😁

  • kasjdl asd
    kasjdl asd 3 months ago

    Gus i gotta say, you are one nice lookin boi sit on my lap

  • John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy 3 months ago

    I don't know why I was trying so hard to hide my giggles because of this. Damn.

  • Nathan Os
    Nathan Os 3 months ago

    I use to pull this prank in elementary school because of captain underpants. I was a cool kid

  • Little Duckie McQuack
    Little Duckie McQuack 3 months ago


  • Steven
    Steven 3 months ago

    you just got picante sauce'd, nigga

  • the metal meme boi
    the metal meme boi 3 months ago

    Some one runs into the stall, crouches on knees to throw up.


  • Dragon Spirit
    Dragon Spirit 3 months ago

    He asked if you are ok bro 4:28

  • Hashim Sheikh
    Hashim Sheikh 3 months ago

    U live in Canada??

  • Dominick Brusseau
    Dominick Brusseau 3 months ago


  • JüLLöMüSïK
    JüLLöMüSïK 3 months ago

    The wait was worth it

  • pringles dick
    pringles dick 3 months ago

    Nah man u gotta point them into the bowl so it hits the balls

  • Ivy Moss
    Ivy Moss 3 months ago

    this throws back to when my shitty ass brother did this to me

  • tubie 13
    tubie 13 3 months ago

    Run da da da da

  • _Jamison_
    _Jamison_ 3 months ago

    Your a horrible fucking person 🤣

  • Robby Kabobby
    Robby Kabobby 3 months ago


  • MayaTheOwl
    MayaTheOwl 3 months ago

    yo your doing what 4th grade me always wanted to do

  • that_sea_cactus 707
    that_sea_cactus 707 3 months ago

    best thing i’ve seen all day 🤣