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  • Mika Wasa
    Mika Wasa 3 hours ago

    If this is sonys apology for the emoji movie I'll take two

  • Daniel Taylor
    Daniel Taylor 3 hours ago

    This is the most atmospheric and lively animated film I have seen

    XXXAINOHIKARI 7 hours ago

    They hooked my boi up with the J’s

  • Daniel Boateng
    Daniel Boateng 8 hours ago


    DW PAPPU 14 hours ago

    so dope

  • Dingalow
    Dingalow 15 hours ago

    The only thing that could ruin this film is Sony Pictures Animation

  • Le Corbeau Anonyme
    Le Corbeau Anonyme 15 hours ago

    What the song 1:37 ???

  • C.O.B.
    C.O.B. 21 hour ago

    BROOKLYN! 1:34

  • Guillermo andre
    Guillermo andre 23 hours ago

    Im so happy from this movie is going to theaters
    In christmas and #spiderverse

  • jossell911
    jossell911 Day ago


  • Spider — Man
    Spider — Man Day ago

    I want:
    Spider man
    Spider-Man (miles morales)
    Spider Gwen
    Spider ham
    Spider-Man 2099
    Spider man noir
    Superior Spider-Man
    Spider man 2211
    Spider man India
    Spider woman
    Spider Ben
    Spider girl(Ashly Barton)
    Scarlett spider man
    Spider woman( may Parker)
    Secret war Spider-Man
    Spider girl(Anya corazan)
    Spider man 1602
    Earth wars Spider-Man
    Scarlett spider man (Ben Riley)
    Spider man ( Ben Riley)
    Spider x
    Spider man earth x
    Big time spider man
    Last stand Spider-Man
    Spider knight

  • • Wrenflight •

    *casually hopes silk will be in it*

  • one_wiggly_ boi
    one_wiggly_ boi Day ago

    this is gonna look awesome in 3D

  • Faraz Khan
    Faraz Khan Day ago +1

    2:25 LOL

  • Rango
    Rango Day ago

    This looks beyond sick. This is 2020 animation.

  • SON GOKU 101
    SON GOKU 101 Day ago

    Peter Parker and miles Morales is exactly like Barry Allen and wally west plus they're basically the same person just different versions and powers both nerds both married they're best female friend both lost the woman they loved and took they're vengeance very similar characters indeed and for flash there's a bunch of speedsters Spiderman has a bunch of human spider called the spider verse and venom is his reverse flash carnage is his zoom but Spiderman will always be the best character and superhero that's ever lived

  • Nur E Zahan Kanta

    Still waiting for the song!

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones Day ago

    Where is this song from

  • Vj Ferras
    Vj Ferras Day ago

    wait. wait.. wait.... wait..... at 1:07 Those two suits! I know these suits, the left corner is electro proof spiderman and in the right corner, its secret war spiderman.

  • Cool George
    Cool George Day ago

    Absolutely excited for this!

    DRAWN Day ago

    That frame-rate tho smh

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher Evans Day ago +1

    How did the Venom trailer get more views than this?

  • pirate NMB
    pirate NMB Day ago

    Totally looking forward to seeing this

  • Elijah Lopez
    Elijah Lopez 2 days ago

    It’s funny how peter knows wat comic con is😂

  • Snoopii
    Snoopii 2 days ago

    Holy frick that looks amazing...Sony might make something good omg

  • Yoshi Desu
    Yoshi Desu 2 days ago

    Would make sense if his suit was green and purple like his senses, But I do like the black suit

  • Loli Oratoria
    Loli Oratoria 2 days ago

    They are multiplying.

  • M M
    M M 2 days ago

    I prefer to watch Aquaman... I'm sure my money will not be wasted

  • Chris Da IndoRaptor
    Chris Da IndoRaptor 2 days ago

    The animation is supposed to be comic like.

  • snakes3425
    snakes3425 2 days ago

    Spider-Gwen: I'm Gwen Stacy
    Peter: Wait Gwen Stacy? Oh boy is this ever awkward
    Miles: What do you mean
    Peter: We used to date (flashback occurs)...it didn't end well

  • henrique romao saito

    Verifique gooodi!!!!!!

  • spider mehdi
    spider mehdi 2 days ago +1

    What spider man is nat a dead on what is dead ou nat

  • rambo vine
    rambo vine 2 days ago

    Animation? Are you serious -
    Nice nice

  • Zel Zwrd
    Zel Zwrd 2 days ago

    omfg!!!! ive never been this hyped wanting to watch this movie....o please o please let it not be sux

  • Z CCG
    Z CCG 2 days ago

    I’m hurt that nothing came out for this at SDCC.

  • Help me get 1,000 subs with no videos

    This is going to be amazing because HAILEE STEINFELD IS GOING TO BE IN IT!!!!!

  • RYANs and Hug0 VlOGs and gaming

    I animated that's different

  • Alexis Avalos
    Alexis Avalos 2 days ago

    They need more frame rates

  • LordMinion666
    LordMinion666 2 days ago

    It will be better if it's on 60fps...

  • snakes3425
    snakes3425 2 days ago

    Gwen: I'm sorry I'm confused as to the relationship here what is he your ward?
    Miles: No, I'm Miles by the way
    Gwen: Ghost Spider, or Spider-Gwen if you want
    Miles: Oh we're using the made up names, I'm Kid Arachnid or Spider-Man 2.0 if you prefer

    • Chris Da IndoRaptor
      Chris Da IndoRaptor 2 days ago

      No, I'm Peter by the way!
      _Doctor Strange_
      Oh, were using our made up names? Then I'm Spiderman.

  • max adams
    max adams 2 days ago

    Y u gotta rape Peter Parker like this ...

  • SilentKnight
    SilentKnight 3 days ago

    peter parker's voice on this is horrible!

  • Natti South
    Natti South 3 days ago

    So cool✌️

  • It's Niyah
    It's Niyah 3 days ago

    *Get off of twitter people*

  • Tyler Edwards
    Tyler Edwards 3 days ago

    “Save it for comic con” 😂

  • leonard blagoiu
    leonard blagoiu 3 days ago

    music 1:35 ??

  • Information Talk
    Information Talk 3 days ago

    Which song is in the background

  • /안정균Amrit
    /안정균Amrit 3 days ago +2

    Miles:I'm nothing without this suit.
    Peter:If you're nothing without this suit then you shouldn't have it.
    Peter:God I sound like Tony Stark!!!

  • Kyle Campbell
    Kyle Campbell 3 days ago

    1:36 song?

  • Naddraft
    Naddraft 3 days ago +2

    Why does this remind me of spiderman unlimited

  • Naddraft
    Naddraft 3 days ago +3

    Our parents who don't understand movies will be confused with this XD lol

  • Imogen Pugh
    Imogen Pugh 3 days ago

    If you are born poor its not your mistake, But if you die poor its your mistake. 6441

  • warriorsp1
    warriorsp1 3 days ago +1

    Anyone notices that most super heroes don't have dark skin! Glad they changed it here

  • Tiara Staples
    Tiara Staples 3 days ago

    Pretty hard yo

  • Excel
    Excel 3 days ago

    is this 20 fps?

  • Zack Wiley
    Zack Wiley 3 days ago

    Is it just me or was Gwen animated poorly compared to everyone else's which looked great.

  • Arjun kavithiya
    Arjun kavithiya 4 days ago

    1st day 1st show confirm 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Victoria Everglot
    Victoria Everglot 4 days ago +1

    black spiderman ...... great

  • Tiara Staples
    Tiara Staples 4 days ago

    I wish I had this music

  • Asha Ali
    Asha Ali 4 days ago

    I don't liked , because it is cartoon , its batter to make real people

  • Lukas Sekar Praja
    Lukas Sekar Praja 4 days ago

    Oke cepetan rilis plisss

  • beena j r
    beena j r 4 days ago

    Pretty cool

  • Evacakes D
    Evacakes D 4 days ago

    I always get chills at 1:32 just imagine how cool that would be...

  • Bat man352
    Bat man352 4 days ago +1

    Woah Spider man is black cool I like it

    BAMBAMM1 4 days ago

    nice graphics!

  • clarick ombeng
    clarick ombeng 4 days ago

    Gwen: Hey guys
    Peter: Okay, who are you??
    Gwen: I'm Gwen Stacy. Come on!

  • Mcnuggets 307
    Mcnuggets 307 5 days ago

    my nerd sense is tingling

  • Alexis M
    Alexis M 5 days ago

    The dad looks like a default and didn’t Gwen Stacy die

    • Chris Da IndoRaptor
      Chris Da IndoRaptor 2 days ago

      +marvelousdcgeek 97 oh...yeah I don't really like that story line.

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 2 days ago

      Chris Da IndoRaptor Yep, on Earth-65 (Spider-Gwen's universe) after suffering bullying from his classmates, Parker made a serum that turned him into Lizard, and die during a fight with Spider-Gwen, his last words were that he wanted to be "special" like her.
      And in the same way, Uncle Ben's death motivated the Spidey we all know, Parker's death made Gwen be more heroic.

    • Chris Da IndoRaptor
      Chris Da IndoRaptor 2 days ago

      +marvelousdcgeek 97 Wait what? Parker became the lizard?

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 2 days ago +1

      Alexis M This movie has nothing to do with The Amazing Spiderman 2 where Gwen died.
      Besides the Gwen here is from another universe where she got bitten by the Spider and Parker become the Lizard and die.

    • Chris Da IndoRaptor
      Chris Da IndoRaptor 2 days ago

      Gwen died in another reboot

  • Damerion Walker
    Damerion Walker 5 days ago

    The drawing is bad ash 👍

  • Reena Oberholzer
    Reena Oberholzer 5 days ago

    I can't believe they made a spider man movie about a kid who saw spider man and spider man teaches the kid how to be spider man!

  • charles pitter
    charles pitter 5 days ago

    I am definitely intrigued

  • Alberto ViMa
    Alberto ViMa 5 days ago

    Wow, the animation style is awesome it just hooked me!

  • M.N BHAI
    M.N BHAI 5 days ago

    23k dislike
    Dc haters 😜😜

  • Starling Skys
    Starling Skys 5 days ago

    You can like art and not agree with the people who made it. I dont agree with the director's opinions and statements he's made on Twitter, but you have to realize he wasn't the only one who made the movie. The voice actors, animators, the studio, the musicians, they also helped bring this to life. They deserve their recognition for the hard work they've done instead of their work being ignored because of the person who's running the project. If the director makes a mistake the entire team shouldn't have to suffer too. That's like if the quarterback of your favorite NFL team said something horrible, the rest of the team shouldn't have to suffer because of someone else's actions. If you still dont want to see the movie, that's fine it's your choice. But dont let the actions of one person on a team make or break your opinion of a movie.

  • Jewel Shock
    Jewel Shock 5 days ago +1


  • Jhamar L. B.
    Jhamar L. B. 5 days ago

    So Mr. Parker here's an adult now, and he's mentoring a possible heir?

    • AluTheHungryGhost
      AluTheHungryGhost Day ago

      Jhamar L. B. Well , Peter has been adult for years, not his fault movies adapt him as a kid. But yes, they gave him a “mentor” position.

  • Room Temperature
    Room Temperature 5 days ago

    SNA T C H E D

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z 5 days ago +2

    ...are my eyes bad or is the animation really janky and stilted?

  • FOX Therron7 POE JK150 TR3X SE

    Looks like A 14fps movie, but still, better than Slender man

    • Starling Skys
      Starling Skys 5 days ago

      FOX Therron7 POE JK150 TR3X SE it's meant to look like a moving comic. So they tried to make it look 2d but also 3d. I think it worked

  • Freddy's Fnaf Show
    Freddy's Fnaf Show 6 days ago

    my dreams have came true, a black spiderman

  • Mark Burns
    Mark Burns 6 days ago +1

    I'm more excited for this then I am aquaman

  • PoppYHD
    PoppYHD 6 days ago

    please make a game with does graphics

  • Mr. Sparks
    Mr. Sparks 6 days ago

    I don't know what all this commotion about the director is about but this movie looks awesome.

  • Blake Michels
    Blake Michels 6 days ago

    I like how it's a comic template

  • Ya girl Izzy
    Ya girl Izzy 6 days ago

    I would prefer it if there was only one spider man... That’s what makes him special, he is the only spider man.... When there are more it just doesn’t feel right..... :(
    The style is cool though, I just don’t like the idea of another Spider man •~•

  • Syahrul Amari
    Syahrul Amari 6 days ago

    Make next spiderman movie is spoderman

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar 6 days ago

    it is awesome.

  • Enzo Gang
    Enzo Gang 6 days ago

    Lowkey hella hyped asf!🤣

  • Shahir Wolverine
    Shahir Wolverine 6 days ago

    I'm Waiting

  • SimonSays
    SimonSays 6 days ago

    “I love u dad. I love u dad. Daaaad I love you” I laughed so hard

  • imperial gaming 121
    imperial gaming 121 6 days ago

    Lol comic-con joke

  • Umbruhh
    Umbruhh 6 days ago

    *Mr Stark.. I don't feel so good...*

  • Aesalan Ali
    Aesalan Ali 6 days ago


  • Bryan 28
    Bryan 28 6 days ago

    Bad animation, hard lucks marvel fans

  • Julien Hill
    Julien Hill 6 days ago +1

    I don't care who the director is. Spiderman is Spiderman and I love it!

  • The spider
    The spider 7 days ago

    why is it 5 fps

  • Don't mind Me
    Don't mind Me 7 days ago

    Does this take place many many years later?Because spider-man looks pretty old