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  • Luca Devito
    Luca Devito 8 hours ago

    2018 we’re all gonna dieeeee.... that’s it? That’s it! Wait is that a PrOfEcy

  • Whole Note
    Whole Note 11 hours ago

    Invade Anthony Padilla

  • Axl DeJesus
    Axl DeJesus 16 hours ago

    OMG pasta sauce

  • Axl DeJesus
    Axl DeJesus 16 hours ago

    Ahhhh so mesmorizing

  • HappyLittleKitties MillyKitty

    I went to adventure world yesterday so I was really sleepy but when I watched this video I came back to life.

  • Batman Fanatic
    Batman Fanatic 19 hours ago

    Not moses God

  • Rosewood3 PW
    Rosewood3 PW 20 hours ago

    I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door, no?

  • Keiryn Shriver
    Keiryn Shriver 21 hour ago

    I love that he said 2018 and no one said anything😂

  • Necro gangsta
    Necro gangsta 21 hour ago

    Was that nerdy nummies!!!!😻😍at 12.21

  • Kamryn Hedge
    Kamryn Hedge 22 hours ago

    Lol I think it’s just me but Shane’s cute

  • Renate van der poel
    Renate van der poel 23 hours ago

    Omg please show your houses too!!

  • Samuel Dąbrowski
    Samuel Dąbrowski 23 hours ago

    Ian is such a hot daddy

  • awkwardARMY angie

    I watched this video again for Noah's 5th cookie moment

  • Sophie's Vlogs 101
    Sophie's Vlogs 101 Day ago +1

    i want to see Shayne's house bc i bet its all just filled with protien powder

  • Peter Goddard
    Peter Goddard Day ago +1

    You guys should show up at anthonys house for a suprise

  • Payton Smith
    Payton Smith Day ago

    You should Break Into Courtney‘s house

  • Anneliese Love
    Anneliese Love 2 days ago

    13:04 his voice gets higher and higher 😅😂😅😂😅😂😂😅

  • Anneliese Love
    Anneliese Love 2 days ago

    10:54 😂 what is that sound 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • FallOutWookiee
    FallOutWookiee 2 days ago

    We literally have 10x that amount of pasta & sauce at my house, so I’m feelin personally attacked right now lmao
    (For real tho Shane don’t knock the vodka sauce that shit is magical🙌🏻)

  • Kassy Marie
    Kassy Marie 2 days ago +1

    Ian's seasoning pantry is cooler than mine.

  • Sophie's world vlogs

    Invade Courtney's house

  • TheGoldminor
    TheGoldminor 2 days ago

    For a second i thought it was the old smosh house or the freakin food battle house

  • Sebastian Strawser
    Sebastian Strawser 2 days ago

    401 Paloma Avenue

  • Rhino K
    Rhino K 2 days ago

    48 ponsford Avenue wanternia vic aus

  • Mateo Villalonga
    Mateo Villalonga 2 days ago

    No entiendo un pedo pero igual me gusta siguan adelante chicos

  • Dark Kitty Chan {taken}

    Did not know shane dowson was in this vid 2:02

  • Secret Account
    Secret Account 3 days ago

    Where Olivia

  • Quantum Force
    Quantum Force 3 days ago

    No your irrelevant

    WAN AMIRUDDIN 3 days ago

    Yeah I also hold knife like that don't worry you are not alone

  • q q
    q q 4 days ago +2

    Man i wish i had such nice co workers..

    • q q
      q q Day ago

      +Jeffy Jeffy i would ... her

    • Jeffy Jeffy
      Jeffy Jeffy Day ago +1

      I know this is random but I’m I the only one who thinks Courtney is thicc

  • Matt Manivannen
    Matt Manivannen 4 days ago

    10:24 Shayne: “Oh I tap that” I see what you did there 😏

  • SpaceOnyx
    SpaceOnyx 4 days ago

    Yes more.

  • I’m.not.normal Yup

    15:11 Shayne scared the holy crap outta me

  • PewDiePie Real
    PewDiePie Real 4 days ago

    Broke in to shayne house stole shanye stuff

  • Claire Owen
    Claire Owen 4 days ago

    *a wild Shayne appeared in Ian’s back yard*

  • Weezel
    Weezel 4 days ago

    that is a nice house and all, but imagine his house if he did not sell smosh for 0$

  • crazy Lepeak
    crazy Lepeak 4 days ago

    Everyone is growing a beard except maybe Keith and Courtney and Shayne

  • Kylie Hardy
    Kylie Hardy 5 days ago

    14:12 (Make sure its paused) Is that a dress. 😉

  • gemars -
    gemars - 5 days ago


  • Neon/Cyanide Games
    Neon/Cyanide Games 5 days ago

    2018’s gonna kill us all and we’re all gonna die~Shayne 2018or19 idfk

  • Payton Lowry
    Payton Lowry 5 days ago

    Tour Anthony’s house 🤣

  • Apsido -
    Apsido - 5 days ago

    Seth rogen

  • Liam04
    Liam04 6 days ago +1

    Why did you film on an iPhone?

  • Squicx
    Squicx 6 days ago

    what happend to the old smosh house?

  • Chef Gaming
    Chef Gaming 6 days ago

    Hey get beamed up just like in that movie Ian and Anthony played in

  • Snail Juice
    Snail Juice 6 days ago

    Courtney’s so pretty ❤️

  • billy lilly
    billy lilly 6 days ago

    Breaking into each others homes seems fun ! Can't wait for the homes of Courtney , Olivia , Shayne , Keith and Noah's to be revealed

  • Chester Carpenter
    Chester Carpenter 6 days ago

    Yo don’t knock vodka sauce until you try it. That shit is amazing.

  • Danial khan
    Danial khan 6 days ago

    Where is Anthony?

  • Hunterdon Yarrobino
    Hunterdon Yarrobino 6 days ago

    Shayne so white he dont know what vodka sauce is 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • even dumber kitty
    even dumber kitty 6 days ago

    buy your self a new Ryan Todd for 69.99 me:man I wish I had a ryan todd

    SAVAGE 7 days ago


  • sara balbuena
    sara balbuena 7 days ago


  • Lance DelaVictoria
    Lance DelaVictoria 7 days ago

    Try doing Anthony's house

  • Abhinav Shrestha
    Abhinav Shrestha 7 days ago +3

    Invade Anthony Padilla's House!!!!!

  • Emerald Gamer 2000
    Emerald Gamer 2000 7 days ago

    keith be like it is wednesday ma dueds aaaaaaaahhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHh 0:31

  • I’m a five nights at Freddy‘s fan

    Ian you’re backyard is from the every meme ever

  • TheAtticGnome
    TheAtticGnome 7 days ago

    Please invade Courtney or Olivia's place.

  • Daniella Santos
    Daniella Santos 7 days ago

    He has nerdy mummies book😂😂😂

  • Random Reese
    Random Reese 7 days ago +1

    Who's watching in 2019?¡! ^_^

  • Calebeast Gaming
    Calebeast Gaming 7 days ago

    I think I saw the rosanna pansino cook book on Ian's shelf of books🤔

  • halo Gierska
    halo Gierska 7 days ago

    Try bearddddddddd noahs beard selebration

  • halo Gierska
    halo Gierska 8 days ago

    Noah finaly has a beard

  • Kenia Majano
    Kenia Majano 8 days ago

    Wheres olivia

  • TheEvilPie
    TheEvilPie 8 days ago

    invade anthony's home

  • Maple Sixteen
    Maple Sixteen 8 days ago

    When they showed the bathroom the lighting was blue for a while and the first thing that came to my mind was "Why did the builders who were high on drugs make the toilet lights BlUe?"

  • Dejalis Duarte
    Dejalis Duarte 8 days ago

    Someone had a moment

  • jose sandoval
    jose sandoval 8 days ago

    Is ian bi ?

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 8 days ago +4


  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 8 days ago +1

    BREAK INTO ANTHONY'S HOUSE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 8 days ago +1

    LOL COURTNEY BURPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cass12234
    cass12234 8 days ago

    I don't know how Noah's parents would feel about Smosh invading their family home

  • Micaela Jaime
    Micaela Jaime 8 days ago

    shayne in the bath/on the toilet
    courtney on the shelf
    ryan on the bed
    and finally
    noah eating your cookies

  • 𝕀𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕚𝕒𝕟 𝔹𝕒𝕘𝕖𝕝

    Dude! You guys saw that painting of a pig, right?! That was me!!! OMGGG you saw meeeeee!!!!

  • Addi P
    Addi P 8 days ago +3

    omg go to anthony’s house. like don’t tell him just show up lol

  • Addi P
    Addi P 8 days ago

    do shaynessssss

  • Jacob Wiggans
    Jacob Wiggans 8 days ago

    Is Ian still friends with Anthony, do you hang out

  • Cunt Master
    Cunt Master 9 days ago

    Why is noah a werewolf

  • Opal Wolf
    Opal Wolf 9 days ago +1

    2:51 BEAM ME UP, SCOTTY!!

  • Edasity
    Edasity 9 days ago

    I live at 10downing street

  • Michael Amato
    Michael Amato 9 days ago

    Please do another one, it was pretty cool to see that pig painting

  • RingoCrafter03
    RingoCrafter03 9 days ago

    Nice video! I know who's house you should invade next! There's this one funny TVclipr named Anthony Padilla, not sure if you know him or not..

  • T6 Alert
    T6 Alert 9 days ago

    4:43 try to use it to make some pasta or make some pizzas out of it come on man!!

  • piotr Wieczorek
    piotr Wieczorek 9 days ago

    Just my opinion not to offend but I don't like noahs beard

  • Odera Paseni
    Odera Paseni 9 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook? Now I was see them collar with Rosanna Pasino.

  • Miss Klocorn Lou
    Miss Klocorn Lou 9 days ago

    im eating orng peel

  • Shaymien Hopp
    Shaymien Hopp 10 days ago

    I swear Ian lives like a teen going to university and who only cooks pasta

  • Ciaran Mears
    Ciaran Mears 10 days ago

    They’ve been knocking on the door since their audition.

  • Keegan Bushouer
    Keegan Bushouer 10 days ago +1

    Y'all should invade Anthony's House

  • eagle attaks
    eagle attaks 10 days ago

    Wth ian is difrent

  • cool I love it
    cool I love it 10 days ago

    invade shayens house

  • Cam Godfrey
    Cam Godfrey 10 days ago

    Make this a series lmao

  • Jeffrey Lauer
    Jeffrey Lauer 10 days ago

    You can make it Januhairy

  • mustache916
    mustache916 10 days ago

    Yes pls do another one or da vids pls pls...

  • crazy cracker
    crazy cracker 10 days ago


  • dhruv pandey
    dhruv pandey 11 days ago


  • al royer
    al royer 11 days ago

    invade shayens house

  • Manuel Guia
    Manuel Guia 11 days ago

    Holy shit I’m depressed I’ve been gone from this channel for 2 years and it’s changed so much😔😅

  • Jose Manuel Zamora
    Jose Manuel Zamora 11 days ago

    Damm ian and Anthony the past, present new people that nobody cares

  • Jackli Ung
    Jackli Ung 11 days ago

    4:01 Ian Hearts Everyone :)))