10 Products That’ll Keep Your Money Safe!

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    Hear me out. You're 14 years old. You're heading to your first day of Freshman Year. Some Bully pops up from out of nowhere and decides to take your lunch money. You reach into your pocket, and you have nothing to keep it safe! Boom, that is what this video is for! Everyone needs to keep their money safe, and you just cant seem to trust those filthy banks anymore. Check out this video and let us know which of these 10 products you would choose to keep your money safe!

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  • Brooklyn White
    Brooklyn White 15 hours ago

    i have the same mario kart racer it is the mario one

  • Liana Snicket
    Liana Snicket Day ago

    I love how Michael is like just always in his own world

  • MR Yamaha
    MR Yamaha Day ago +1

    He sound like chewbacca lol 20:07

  • Hector Camacho
    Hector Camacho 2 days ago

    *you guys are cool*

  • Hector Camacho
    Hector Camacho 2 days ago


  • Hector Camacho
    Hector Camacho 2 days ago

    I have a question what does the golden ticket do or what do you again

  • Walker Nichols
    Walker Nichols 2 days ago

    They buy all these puzzles only to solve them so fast and any one who wanted to buy these easy win with this vidieo

  • Panda Gore32
    Panda Gore32 3 days ago

    i believe the keys unlock a door behind the walls if you guys are remolding or its just another safe.

  • weirdos and wombats
    weirdos and wombats 4 days ago +2

    Fbi: "fbi open up"
    Tanner: "daddy ah"

  • Gianluca Olivas
    Gianluca Olivas 5 days ago

    Lmao micheal moaned

  • Sam Walters
    Sam Walters 5 days ago

    I loved it

  • Ian Dawson
    Ian Dawson 6 days ago


  • sizziling pizza48
    sizziling pizza48 7 days ago

    You buy that voice activated safe then you make your password then you put your life saving in then the next day their voice changes. I would hate that

  • LPSBubble TV
    LPSBubble TV 7 days ago

    Tanner steals everyone’s money in this video... we love that

  • Ty Buell
    Ty Buell 7 days ago

    They could just take the box and smash it when they get home

  • richboiswag gaming
    richboiswag gaming 9 days ago

    Dope or Nope: "Daddy ah"

    TVclip: De-FUCKING-monetized

  • Charles Benton
    Charles Benton 9 days ago

    Anyone kno the song played when tanner shot the coin?

  • tyler sutterfield
    tyler sutterfield 10 days ago

    When you said ok Google my Google home went off 😂

    ULTGHOST 10 10 days ago +2

    I just noticed that all of their videos are 24:00 minutes exactly wow

  • Opcat21 Is the best
    Opcat21 Is the best 10 days ago

    I am subscribed already so ha

  • Zelda Tan
    Zelda Tan 11 days ago

    I have money that I want to save but I bought the puzzle box now I have no money to put it in.

  • Tik Tok Headquarters
    Tik Tok Headquarters 11 days ago

    2.2. I love you 💕😂😂

  • Damaris Cruz-Goldberg
    Damaris Cruz-Goldberg 12 days ago +1

    RIP Juice WRLD!!!!!!

  • Nermy
    Nermy 12 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed that ALL their videos are EXACTLY 24 minutes?

  • Isabel Boyack
    Isabel Boyack 12 days ago

    20:36 Michael is not into Tanner and Mathias conversation and begins to play with water bottle. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Din Dark
    Din Dark 12 days ago

    DorN, I have questions for you guys, except make video for TVclip where you guys for work because you guys spend alot money

  • Pastel Pink
    Pastel Pink 12 days ago

    “mAkE hIm gRuNt”
    sure, Tanner. Sure

  • Quantum Gamer
    Quantum Gamer 13 days ago

    Why when Tanner and Micheal scream before the Dope or nope card game they sound like police sirens.

  • de secret Doge
    de secret Doge 14 days ago

    23:35 but you said next product

  • The clinkscale Family
    The clinkscale Family 14 days ago +1

    hahah daddy that was funny

  • Jesus Colon
    Jesus Colon 15 days ago

    tanner:i got glue on my hands me:how do you get glue on your hands if it has been drying.

  • James Hamaker
    James Hamaker 16 days ago

    The creepiest thing is the animal head coin purse. That is super cringe.

  • Ruta Marozaite
    Ruta Marozaite 18 days ago +1

    Dude sometimes people get 20 dolars from it

  • Life Cereal
    Life Cereal 18 days ago

    9:50 now guys sub to the video

  • Brooks Nerd
    Brooks Nerd 18 days ago

    The board game is already a game they just changed the theme

  • Vanny Lopez
    Vanny Lopez 18 days ago +1

    Matthias:oh it’s blue!
    Tanner:it’s a Kentucky!

  • Fireblaze 10099
    Fireblaze 10099 18 days ago

    My mom once decided to put her money on a bag and put it in the trash can but now she keeps it in a credit card also she did that because my dad threw the trash and $300+

  • Diego Castillo
    Diego Castillo 19 days ago

    Why does Matthias have a big head

  • Karen Amezquita
    Karen Amezquita 19 days ago

    Tanner:¨ If I make this, you all have to subscribe to this video¨
    How do u subscribe to a video hahaha

  • Katilyn Carson
    Katilyn Carson 20 days ago

    How many peoples google devices went off when Matthias said okay google lol

  • Samuel Nava
    Samuel Nava 20 days ago

    Me volví yo Spike Spanish o qué

  • Inky Heart
    Inky Heart 20 days ago

    They:* arguing about their tiny safes about how the robber will get their money*
    Me: confused why don't they even think about the robber just taking the safes

  • Gavan Glenn
    Gavan Glenn 21 day ago

    Big brain time just break the soap for the money

  • Bella Subliminals
    Bella Subliminals 22 days ago

    $1 is more dope than no dollar.

  • Kareem Amin
    Kareem Amin 22 days ago

    me: opens laptop
    me again : hears daddy ah closes laptop as fast as i can

  • Nicholas Layton
    Nicholas Layton 22 days ago

    man those race cars really kept my money safe

  • Peyton Bryant
    Peyton Bryant 22 days ago

    Tanner was trying to take ALL the money and prizes... like tanner are you okay?

  • Peyton Bryant
    Peyton Bryant 22 days ago +8

    Them: “calling your dog a fur baby is weird”
    Me: “heh heh heh 😳”

  • Ninja Kid Gamer
    Ninja Kid Gamer 23 days ago

    3:26 is the face of karma

    JAMIE JOHNSON 24 days ago

    How can u subscribe to a video

  • Un-Peteable
    Un-Peteable 26 days ago +1

    Here’s a cool idea you guys can try, with all the rc cars you guys get, you should set up an obstacle course and instead of destroying them they’ll have to race to not be destroyed, last one gets rekt.

  • KitsWorld
    KitsWorld 26 days ago

    Omg 12 year old me loved that show. For like 6 months then I moved onto something else.🤣

  • Logan Vold
    Logan Vold 26 days ago

    They r 1 to 50 dollars u got 7 of them and got all 50's and took to the bank and they r real

  • ksb
    ksb 27 days ago

    so your paying 16$ for a dollar?

  • Meme Review
    Meme Review 27 days ago +1

    hey look, they bought a $1 bill in some crappy soap for $15

  • King Kayden
    King Kayden 27 days ago

    This guy really said flip card

  • SolidSnakeSister 16
    SolidSnakeSister 16 27 days ago +2

    Before Tanner said daddy I said it first how did I know 🤣

  • Jorge Gomez
    Jorge Gomez 28 days ago


  • Greenhiro 7
    Greenhiro 7 28 days ago

    "daddy ah!" ah yes, family friendly.

    DOLAN TWINS FAN NOLAN 28 days ago

    I would give the dollar soap a dope cause I saw on TikTok this guy do it and he brought two of the soaps and he got a 5 dollar bill and a 20 dollar bill

  • Whoodini
    Whoodini 29 days ago

    “Zillion more than a billion but less than a million” - Tanner 2020

  • •ScoopJam •
    •ScoopJam • 29 days ago +8

    “For all those kids who don’t take showers, EW!”
    That one homeless kid who can’t afford showers and who is watching this video on a public computer

  • Michel Jackson
    Michel Jackson Month ago

    “Oh flip card” That is such a dad quote

  • Alicia Gonzalez
    Alicia Gonzalez Month ago

    I want the card game

  • Kakashi The man
    Kakashi The man Month ago

    The safe password is Godzilla when Eminem raps

  • NoobTube21
    NoobTube21 Month ago

    Tanner a million is less than a billion, a billion comes after a million 🤦‍♂️

  • PepsiPandaGaming
    PepsiPandaGaming Month ago

    DADDY ah

  • ItsFoxXD - Brawl Stars

    9:49 Tanner: “if i make this you guys have to subscribe to this video.”
    Me: “I cant subscribe to a video.”

  • 5678 9
    5678 9 Month ago

    Safe.... until The Lockpicking Lawyer comes by

  • neo's World
    neo's World Month ago

    5:43 that is not just a dollar that is a star note

  • Sharon Roberts
    Sharon Roberts Month ago

    its a boy/girl.

  • WTF zapnu
    WTF zapnu Month ago

    There's a second product like that but i forget the product name of the soap it have a 50 dollar bill

  • Debra Gillock
    Debra Gillock Month ago

    can ya'll come on down to Lousinia New Iberia and ride some dirtbikes and ya'll could rate them Dope or Nope

  • ai chan
    ai chan Month ago

    ...I think the purse might seem less...creepy? if it was made with needle felt, which was what the japanese ones were made out of (if I'm correct, I didn't really bother to try to read anything- but I've read so many chinese subtitles, I automatically read kanji - 羊毛 is (sheep) wool...and it's used in needle felt so...I don't think I'm wrong???)

  • highdroid
    highdroid Month ago

    www.howtorobabank.com xDDDDD

  • Norah Nilan
    Norah Nilan Month ago

    Tanner: "If I make this you have to subscribe to this video."
    Me: "Has Tanner been drinking that cat wine again?"

  • Marina Halvorsen
    Marina Halvorsen Month ago

    12:49 I had a similar piggybank when I was younger, totally loved it and I saved quite a lot of money because it was so fun using it hahaha

  • Kermit the Frog vlogs

    5:23 that was very cash money of you

  • Galaxy Guy
    Galaxy Guy Month ago

    when you realize that it was a star note

  • agentpanther
    agentpanther Month ago

    U can get more than. A dollar ur just unlucky