The Launchpad || Mail Time with Mike

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • Episode 01 of Mail Time with Mike: I unbox a Novation Launchpad Pro and see what I can learn.
    The song I performed at the end is a cover of Moby - Flower.
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  • HyperThai
    HyperThai 2 days ago +1

    Great. Now i have to convert computer keyboard to piano to launchpad

  • ANNE orpilla
    ANNE orpilla 2 days ago

    Can you give me lauch pad i always watch your videos and subscribe

  • Gumball Darwin
    Gumball Darwin 3 days ago

    Did you make the practice music with the pad?

  • 5.85987448205
    5.85987448205 4 days ago

    Damn, I've wanted one of those for a while.

  • Gamer Pro 05
    Gamer Pro 05 4 days ago

    Wow ove it you killled it with the guitar also

  • Gamers brain
    Gamers brain 5 days ago

    My last name is Boyd too

  • Rodgie Christian Cruz

    coolest guy on TVclip

  • Josh Foulkes
    Josh Foulkes 7 days ago

    Shoulda called it mikes mail, or boyds box opening

  • Ben Inman
    Ben Inman 7 days ago

    How this guy hasn’t got at least over 10mil subs I do not know 😂

  • Romel Andreos
    Romel Andreos 7 days ago

    Launch pad in fortnite

  • Zesty Mushr00m
    Zesty Mushr00m 7 days ago

    Slack line!

  • Rigo Talks
    Rigo Talks 7 days ago

    Idk how i didn't find you earlier

  • ratansingh rawat
    ratansingh rawat 9 days ago

    Go die in a hole when u speak it’s like a donkey in a can

  • Boyd Alexander
    Boyd Alexander 10 days ago

    Skatepark you went to was the same as me

  • Mr.Wadey
    Mr.Wadey 10 days ago

    wow, Thats a fast learning.and the eat is dope

  • BMG50
    BMG50 13 days ago

    Sweden song

  • BMG50
    BMG50 13 days ago

    Niklas Ahlstrom- down in the dirt

  • Xx_Cinok_xX
    Xx_Cinok_xX 13 days ago


  • _Corby_703_
    _Corby_703_ 14 days ago

    Well basically the launch pad is an item you can find it helps you escape enemy’s and find new heights...

  • Steven van schalm
    Steven van schalm 15 days ago

    What is that song called at 3:40. I have been thinking all day about it. But I have no idea

  • Sigurd Larsen
    Sigurd Larsen 16 days ago


  • Chris Blananas2
    Chris Blananas2 16 days ago

    I just noticed he uses his left hand with the guitar.

    OVER- KILL 17 days ago

    Can you DO that with a launchpad MK2

  • Mikael Roos
    Mikael Roos 17 days ago

    B VN CNC an qu

  • AidanGaming
    AidanGaming 18 days ago

    you dont know what small is until you own a launchpad mini

  • HVDub24
    HVDub24 18 days ago

    TVclip unsubbed me from your channel and I missed the last 5 months of videos :(

  • Davud Sharifi
    Davud Sharifi 18 days ago

    Bro like a launchpad is my dream and they send you for free why😭😭😭😭😭

  • MUSI
    MUSI 18 days ago

    Imordered one of these Launch Pad Pros in January and never got it😂

  • Don’t watch dis channel Pls

    Im sorry but i play launchpad and i dont mean to criticize and i know you didnt watch any tutorials but i feel like this is the wrong way to play launchpad, i mean it was good but there is a way that you could not need a backing track and stuff like that. But still Props to You for creating and learning that

  • IgnitedIce81
    IgnitedIce81 19 days ago

    You are one of my favorite youtube channels, maybe even the most favorite one, keep it up.

  • Panda Doge
    Panda Doge 20 days ago +1

    I subscribe

  • Danny Kristianto
    Danny Kristianto 20 days ago

    Try to finnish getting over it in 24 hours it is in the computer

  • Umberto Piccolo
    Umberto Piccolo 21 day ago

    What is your strategy for learning a new skill, like a musical instrument? I mean how many hours? Every day? How long breaks?? Etc... Thanks i would apriciate
    Marco klein flute man

  • Darryen Destiny
    Darryen Destiny 21 day ago

    holy shit mike that song u played was amazing

  • Kaiser Bach
    Kaiser Bach 22 days ago

    Nice review man. The launchpad is amazing

  • the charged stallion
    the charged stallion 23 days ago

    adopt me pls!

  • CouchSideGaming
    CouchSideGaming 24 days ago

    What was the name of song he was playing with the synthesizer at the beginning as a demonstration

  • Nick Makin
    Nick Makin 25 days ago

    Huge thumbs up, this is dope. More of this bro four sure

  • The fastest Sonic
    The fastest Sonic 26 days ago

    Your AWESOME!!!!

  • J M
    J M 27 days ago

    Learb how to use a balisong

  • AzZy76
    AzZy76 28 days ago +3

    who was thinking fortnite when he said launchpad

  • Stormed Sniper
    Stormed Sniper Month ago

    Do a whole launch pad video

  • Melpheos1er
    Melpheos1er Month ago

    Most inspirational guy on the internet

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Month ago

    In the style of casey neistat. Haha! well done !

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Month ago

    Learn how to flip a baseball cap onto your head 10 times in a row.

    GIXPRO Month ago +1

    I love how he said, WOW ITS SO SMALL! Bruh,... Its the pro, i have the mk2 witch the model that came out before the pro

  • SimonVdb
    SimonVdb Month ago

    do a tutorial plzz?

  • Dan Barry
    Dan Barry Month ago

    whats the song at 0:52 ?

  • Petr Lipskiy
    Petr Lipskiy Month ago


  • Matthew Ripley
    Matthew Ripley Month ago

    Hay mike my dad is mike and also my friend, the mike's mattress's owners father is to and spare more of my friends.

  • Von Pastrana
    Von Pastrana Month ago

    Are you trying to play Step by Awesome Sounds?

  • Allison B-H
    Allison B-H Month ago

    *flashbacks to squats in fitness*

  • TheOnlyGamer Games/Vlogs

    I have those same ice skates to play ice hockey!!!

  • Brandon Bacon
    Brandon Bacon Month ago

    learn to footbag

  • Fancy
    Fancy Month ago

    this song scars me from my school PE class days, would have to do like plank/push along with this song going up and down

  • Alexandra Orologa
    Alexandra Orologa Month ago

    Is it working only on mac

  • Titanium pennyboard Yt

    Oh my god!?!?!?! You uploaded that march 14 my b-day!!!!!!!! And my gift the next day is a launchpad bet you won’t pin this

  • Maceyloves Youall
    Maceyloves Youall Month ago

    That was awesome I love that song

  • Tito565
    Tito565 Month ago

    Can you learn how Feeline skate?

  • darkvlogs HD
    darkvlogs HD Month ago

    3:66 example is awesome

  • Connor Guy
    Connor Guy Month ago

    As a college athlete, "Time for Sally" is the most haunting phrase you can hear from the physical trainer... Haunting...

  • SavageXGamer Cool games and more

    He look like jacksepticeye

  • Kong Squad
    Kong Squad Month ago

    I live in Dundee do you mike

  • Kong Squad
    Kong Squad Month ago

    You were at Dundee Ice arena and at the skate factory

  • Mr. Marex
    Mr. Marex Month ago

    Can launchpad work without connecting to computer or laptop?

  • Fynn
    Fynn Month ago +1

    6:38 push up challenge flashbacks coming in

  • Khailyn
    Khailyn Month ago

    i want your launchpad giveaway you do giveaways i was hoping a lot for a launchpad

  • Oof_Skar
    Oof_Skar Month ago +1

    I have a launchpad but i cant start it up with the program can someone help

  • Leon Spenke
    Leon Spenke Month ago

    Are you Scottish

  • Josh Carter
    Josh Carter Month ago

    Love how he takes the mikiy out of Casey ninstat

  • Callum Scranner
    Callum Scranner Month ago

    Ice skating is so fun when you can get the hang of it

  • Tron Arts
    Tron Arts Month ago

    Learn beatboxing!

  • Almador
    Almador Month ago

    I used to figure skate and let me say, hockey skates aren't the best ice skates you could start with. They have no back for front support, and are very sharp and thin so you can make quick stops and turns. Figure skates are much better because they have a nice, thick back support, while also having a toepick mostly just used for tip-toe moves, but I guess is a good support for beginners. I just hope you don't fall too many times, because ice is way harder than cement(speaking from lots of experience). Also, don't spend more than 30-45 minutes on those helper things, like the snowman you were using. If that happens, dependency will develop, and you'll have a harder time actually skating. Now, I know Mike has already done this, but I'm more saying it to everyone else learning to skate.

  • mr gk
    mr gk Month ago

    Dude this is awsome, i need this version of the song. your A..M...A...Z...I...N...GGGGGG

  • Capitalism More like crapitalism

    Learn to play the bass

  • MystixYT
    MystixYT Month ago

    Yeah fortnite people you heard right a launch pad

  • Nicky Hang
    Nicky Hang Month ago

    I have a collection of launchpad

  • Zynan Bmelia
    Zynan Bmelia Month ago

    I've got the exact same ice skates

  • Juana to
    Juana to Month ago

    master the launchpad

  • Eleven 11 12
    Eleven 11 12 Month ago

    The skating was thou lol Canada proud over here

  • josh mcmuitrie
    josh mcmuitrie Month ago

    Wow it's small😂😂😂

  • ItzLuke
    ItzLuke Month ago

    Amazing !! Just WOW

  • Jonah Devadoss
    Jonah Devadoss Month ago +1

    Pre congrats on 1000000

  • Jonah Devadoss
    Jonah Devadoss Month ago +1

    Learn how to moonwalk

  • Froddy
    Froddy Month ago

    wtf, i go to school, and we do a workout to this song that i never heard before and now he's playing it like wat

  • Infinity DevilM90
    Infinity DevilM90 Month ago

    The only reason i clicked on this video is because i thought it was fortnite and the thumbnail was clickbait

  • top videos
    top videos Month ago

    can u do bottle flip bro

  • ITz_Pandaz
    ITz_Pandaz Month ago +1

    What's a launchpad??....A launch pad is a device in fortnite that you put down on your own floor and jump o and glide over to a certain destination..

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  • Lookpro
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    you're a bit too good at everything

  • Anastazja Lopes
    Anastazja Lopes Month ago

    I think you would be a great musician

  • Binck de kuyper
    Binck de kuyper 2 months ago

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    II Jade Playz II 2 months ago

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  • PH4T T1G3R
    PH4T T1G3R 2 months ago

    Omg I knew it was flowers I hate that workout

  • Ivan STIPIĆ
    Ivan STIPIĆ 2 months ago

    You use it to rush people in fortnite.

  • joven langseth
    joven langseth 2 months ago

    I’m pretty sure your just supposed to put a part of your track on a button and then remember what buttons to press

  • suck a lemon
    suck a lemon 2 months ago

    Wait haven't you ment casey neistat yet because I swear I've seen you with him.

  • Luca Fruscio
    Luca Fruscio 2 months ago

    This is the first video of you that I have seen and you look like and sound like jacksepticeye's brother. Are you?

  • Rj Arora
    Rj Arora 2 months ago

    man you made this dull song rock !!!

  • Levi Vincent
    Levi Vincent 2 months ago +1

    At 7:37 he wasn’t strumming the guitar lol