The Economics of Donald Trump

  • Published on Nov 3, 2019
  • Donald J Trump, the current sitting president of the United States and the assumed republican candidate for president in 2020. Donald trump is of course an extremely divisive political figure that has had a lot of criticism laid against him but as always we are ignoring that for the sake of this video. Today we are going to look exclusively at President trumps economic policies, go over their quirks and features and then give them a Doug score. If his policies make sense they will get the economics explained tick of approval regardless of his other policies, beliefs or ongoing scandals which is the same type of treatment afforded to Andrew Yang when we were reviewing his policies and is the same kind of accommodation that will be given to all other candidates I intend to explore before the 2020 election.
    Trump is one of the few candidates we can actually talk about so early in the election cycle because of course he is the incumbent president so we don’t have to speculate about his promised economic policies we can actually look directly at policy that he has already enacted. Trump’s policies are quiet notable in two distinct fields where he has taken relatively assertive action, foreign and domestic economics.
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  • Economics Explained
    Economics Explained  2 months ago +223

    Hi Guys I hope you enjoy the new Video :) I will be answering questions on here for as long as I can keep up with the comments. I will also be hanging out and chatting live on the new discord server that you can join here:

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      MAX POWER 28 days ago

      Thank you for your very non-bias interpretation. News networks and other media could learn a lot from you.

    • Twizza Gee
      Twizza Gee 29 days ago +1

      Hi I thought the video was balanced but misrepresenting the benefits and costs of protectionism. Although you did mention the costs of protectionism, I would argue the costs are outweighing the benefits significantly in the medium to long term.
      To my surprise, you also did not mention trump's trade war on China. This is the single most bold and brave attempt to force China to play the economics game fairly. I would have liked you to address this, and I fact, to praise, Donald trump for his efforts that can change our world (for a more efficient and, ultimately, fairer global economy). Maybe in another video? Anyways, keep it going and take care

    • Amadrath
      Amadrath Month ago

      FYI: You mixed up unilateral and multilateral in the trade agreement section.

    • wenwei su
      wenwei su Month ago

      but seems like in unilateral trade arrangements, a country can get to export to several different countries, not just one other country as proposed in bilateral arrangements. so isn't that an advantage?

    • Miguel Luedeke Zelenka
      Miguel Luedeke Zelenka 2 months ago

      @busylivingnotdying I guess you never heard him declare his "America First" policy during the campaign. Putting America first is how he got elected.

  • Toke Panduro
    Toke Panduro 5 hours ago

    The US economy is unstable due to the loose regulation of the financial markets and tax cuts. Much of the growth in the last decade is debt-driven. The financial markets need to be corrected. We are likely to have a crisis again which the US is ill-prepared for

  • Nicx L
    Nicx L 5 hours ago

    I’ll save you time. No.

  • C D
    C D 9 hours ago

    Doesnt globalisation destroy communities and the environment?

  • Gamingsites
    Gamingsites 11 hours ago


  • Grant Beerling
    Grant Beerling Day ago

    Share buy backs.....does not benefit the real economy just the offshore tax havens
    Also when you have head room it's not that difficult, note; the Dollar is the world reserve currency, and therefore loads old debt is held by other countries who see the stability of the fiat currency, backed up by a rule of law.
    So if Japan can run 240% of GDP debt the running of a mere 100% is no big deal and thus siphoning money off to the one percent via corporate tax cuts ( which has increased the national debt as you stated) is no deal breaker to the economy as a measure of GDP, just those on minimum wage living in tents due to unaffordable housing costs. So the 'real economy' fails the asset rich economy grows ( the economy that produces nothing, just increased values on assets) which is reflected on Wall Street not Main Street. This shows yet.again the tail wagging the dog and the measure of success is wrong ie GDP....Back to your Nordic videos for reference, Piketty, Richard Werner and Mark Blyth....Great video as usual....

  • 1silvervespa
    1silvervespa Day ago


  • 1silvervespa
    1silvervespa Day ago

    Trump is Not as Smart as you make him out to be or he would not have failed and lost money personally while screwing over contractors .....
    He can't make a dollar cheating , without losing even more he's stupid .

  • 1silvervespa
    1silvervespa Day ago

    Yeah the poorly educated He Loves the Poorly Educated ha ha ha ...... Dream On ..... because you have to be asleep to belive it .

    • Patricio Gonzalez
      Patricio Gonzalez 14 hours ago

      Why did you make two dumb comments in a row instead of just one angry one

  • 1silvervespa
    1silvervespa Day ago

    So the Apple Money goes to Ireland then WHAT .... ?
    It can't just sit there it has to flow back somehow tax it coming back !

  • Tasman Millen
    Tasman Millen Day ago

    1:11 “Foreign and domestic economic policies”
    Sorry, but what else is there!
    That’s like saying: Oh, the head of NASA has very distinct policies in two different areas. His policies for Earth projects, and his policies outside of Earth.”
    I think that kinda covers everything!

  • Rajat M
    Rajat M 3 days ago

    What would Trump do unique in 2020? He had some amazing unique and simplistic ideas in 2016 which got him elected: lower taxes, get rid of expensive Obamacare, take on China and move high ending manufacturing to US and bring on bilateral agreements. So what will he do in 2020. He can't run on this same thing again.

  • Link2edition
    Link2edition 4 days ago

    Good video, most news about Trump is given with a heavy bias one way or the other, and you kept it on target.

  • Maudika
    Maudika 4 days ago

    I really wish Trump would talk about this more than throwing insults and going on Twitter rants.

  • YogiG209
    YogiG209 5 days ago

    It's crazy how you have to do disclosures...

  • Radu Andrei Negrila
    Radu Andrei Negrila 7 days ago

    Don't you think that simply cutting red tape (all sorts of regulations) helped reach the 3% GDP growth in the US? And how much does impact the GDP growth compared to just slashing taxes? I am by no means an expert on the topic, but I can see that in my own country red tape and regulations hinder doing business, especially for small entrepreneurs

  • Samuel Turner
    Samuel Turner 8 days ago

    You got unilateral confused with multilateral.

  • Nutmeg Donkey
    Nutmeg Donkey 8 days ago

    Now do one and U.s. and china trade relations

  • Mark O'Cain
    Mark O'Cain 8 days ago

    The US economy is a "champagne and cocaine for everyone' economy LOL...but really is the same crap different prez. A few tweaks but much the same as always.

  • Beefy Beings
    Beefy Beings 12 days ago

    Mercantilism 2.0

  • Gott mit uns
    Gott mit uns 12 days ago

    How about a video series exposing the Rothschild's devastating effect on economies through Central Banking (e.g. perpetual debt, inflation, wars, economic collapse, famine, etc.)?

  • Ant M
    Ant M 15 days ago +1

    Until I don’t have to pay extortionist rates for a human right like healthcare I would not consider this country to live. Education, personal safety, diet, public transport, parental leave, sick days, vacation days, homelessness and crime in cities these are just some factors that I would say no thanks to the USA. Keep it. Until the most vulnerable are properly taken care of like in other developed countries it will never rank as a livable place by any studies. It’s the bottom tier of western nations in terms of livability. EDIT forgot to add daily mass shootings and stabbings and a trigger happy police force ✋ noooo thank you 😊

  • M J
    M J 16 days ago

    Trump's tax policies hot rodded the US Economy. His treatment of overseas tax revenues were a smart move, and any attempt 2 simplify the horrendously complex US tax code (75000 plus pages apparently) has got 2 be a good thing - unless you are an accountant or a tax lawyer.
    As for the deficit though, that is not good. One day when, interest rates will go up and even before that, if you are spending more and more on debt servicing that is less for everything else. This will be a legacy for the next generation I'd say. They may not be thankful.

  • Justin Everhardus
    Justin Everhardus 18 days ago +1

    I really appreciate your unbiased approach to economics, thanks

  • Alex Maiden-Ross
    Alex Maiden-Ross 18 days ago

    The Trump tax cuts resulted in the national debt increasing by over 60 billion dollars, companies buying back their own stocks (which in no way benefits the middle or working class), and further cemented the widest income inequality gap since the roaring 1920s. Everyone knows the roaring 20s never ended badly. I get that trying to be unbiased is a noble goal, and definitely something that should be worked towards, but sometimes trying too hard to be unbiased results in faulty information. The video did cover the things I mentioned, but they were quick, two second references that didn't come close to unpacking everything that needed to be.

  • Justin Blackface Trudeau

    Trump is a leftist.

  • furkan ünsal
    furkan ünsal 19 days ago

    unbiased. clear. reasonable.

  • TheHylianJuggalo
    TheHylianJuggalo 19 days ago

    "Obama's policies did this"
    Some tribal screecher, somewhere

    • Alex Maiden-Ross
      Alex Maiden-Ross 18 days ago +2

      Except, if you look at charts showing the drop in unemployment, Obama lowered it by more than 10%, and trump has just continued to ride Obama's coattails. Under Trump, it has dropped another 3%, but he didn't actually make significant changes to Obama's policies to drop unemployment. Also, the tax cuts Trump delivered did boost the stockmarket, but didn't actually help middle or working class americans, as companies bought back their own stock, and fired employees.

  • Crayton Caswell
    Crayton Caswell 19 days ago

    Thank you for your sanity.
    Oh, and about the taxes and budgeting: bear in mind that the strategy you reference, expansionary versus squirrel boi, is a Keynesian approach and it's rarely followed in practice by any politician.

  • Kaloyan Kamenov
    Kaloyan Kamenov 19 days ago

    can you please make a video on the economic policies of Bulgaria

  • Broth
    Broth 19 days ago

    so it's not about WHAT he's doing, it's HOW he's doing it?

  • Garrett Nixon
    Garrett Nixon 20 days ago

    Trump's tax cut are good but it really wasn't that much in the overall sceme

  • Marcus Manchester
    Marcus Manchester 21 day ago

    I hope your name is Doug, because this is the second video of yours I've watched and you instantly made me compare you to Doug DeMuro.

  • Don Wood
    Don Wood 21 day ago

    You meant to say multi-lateral instead of unilateral- several times.

  • Ian gif
    Ian gif 21 day ago

    Don’t ignore Bernie

  • Douglas Smithe
    Douglas Smithe 21 day ago +4

    I'm really struggling with the assertion that the guy who stared into the sun during a solar eclipse and thinks that Global Warming is a Chinese conspiracy would somehow be smart enough to manage an economy, much less improve it. Maybe he's just pretending to be stupid? And if so, why?

    • Bob of the Storm
      Bob of the Storm 20 hours ago

      Donald Trump won a Republican nomination against real Republicans. Donald Trump won a presidential elections against Hillary Clinton.
      There is a genius in Donald Trump that beat career politicians who had years of experience in political campaigning. He obviously knows how to play the game. To pretend otherwise, to underestimate Donald Trump, is not only dumb but is annoyingly pretentious.
      Is Donald Trump an economic expert? Of course not, but to pretend that he is a complete utter bafoon is just straight up the ego talking.

    • Mathieu Correia-Chen
      Mathieu Correia-Chen 7 days ago +1

      @Adam Thanks man do what I can, I just think that everyones out to get Trump unfairly when he's done a tremendus job.

    • Adam
      Adam 9 days ago +1

      @Mathieu Correia-Chen Thank you for an excellent defence of Mr Trump. Indeed, a few minutes of staring directly at the sun is harmless. 😎☀️

    • Douglas Smithe
      Douglas Smithe 20 days ago +2

      @Mathieu Correia-Chen If he can't take care of his own eyesight then how can he run a country? And yes, China definitely need to reduce their emissions. But still, Trump's belief that Global Warming is somehow a Chinese conspiracy is absolutely bonkers.

    • Mathieu Correia-Chen
      Mathieu Correia-Chen 21 day ago +2

      Maybe he is smart, and people like to blow all of his mistakes out of proportion. He stared into the sun for a few minutes, so what he's an adult who cares. And considering that Chinese air is so polluted that it has become a style to wear protective face masks he might be right in wanting to shift pollution/global warming attention to China, who are some of the biggest builders of coal power plants out there.

  • suteners2111
    suteners2111 21 day ago

    so Trump was right

  • CL Lee
    CL Lee 22 days ago

    The equation will change for Trumponomics when the consumer market of China, India and the rest of the world catches up and USA will start looking more and more at free trade agreements more fairly and less protectively.

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford 23 days ago

    Nope never was !!

  • Bradders -
    Bradders - 23 days ago

    the UK has the same mindset as the USA in terms of trade agreements, we want to move away from unilateral and have more bilateral as right now the UK is still in a good position to make deals with nearly every country where the UK will be the economically dominant partner other than only 4 other countries on earth.

  • Pencil Scratchings
    Pencil Scratchings 23 days ago

    A video on Scott Morrison or the Aussie liberal party would be amazing!

  • Curtis Carpenter
    Curtis Carpenter 24 days ago

    Its understanding too how well and how often the government can come into a negotiated agreement with people often through a pre-stated set of rules basing bargaining.

  • Mick Morley
    Mick Morley 24 days ago

    Love Trump

  • incapaisa
    incapaisa 26 days ago

    Didn’t vote in 2016.....definitely voting Trump 2020. My income and investments is up 32% since he took office. Now I know why, thank you sir

  • onlywrin
    onlywrin 26 days ago +6

    You lost me when you said that access to healthcare is an ethics argument rather than an economic one. Open access to healthcare is frequently regarded by economists to be essential to boosting a country's GDP. I studied economics for years and it's instantly clear to me that you aren't actually an economist.

    • Emerson Salmeron
      Emerson Salmeron 21 day ago

      onlywrin the healthcare industry is also like 18%+ of the GDP...

  • boulderbash19700209
    boulderbash19700209 26 days ago

    Trade is a good thing .. if done fairly. But if one side impose various tariffs and restrictions while the other side doesn't, it's leeching.

  • Larue77
    Larue77 27 days ago

    Gdp growth 1947 thru 2019 has averaged after inflation about 3.2%. Quarter 2 2019 2.1%, quarter 3 2%, expected quarter 4 about 1.6%. Median wage growth year ended Sept 30 1.3%, after inflation. But Trump tariffs cost the typical family about $1000, more than the wage gain. The economy is ok. But not great.

  • Christopher Munn
    Christopher Munn 27 days ago

    Germany can not make a trade deal with the USA.

  • Gavin Wilkinson
    Gavin Wilkinson 28 days ago

    Doug score! Now all your car analogies in your vids make sense! You're a fellow petrolhead.

  • James Grainger-Smith
    James Grainger-Smith 29 days ago +2

    Are you saying "unilateral" when you mean "multilateral"? "Uni" means one - e.g. a unicorn just has one horn!

    LYNESTAR 29 days ago

    Can you do ecnomic analysis videos on historical figures? I'd personally like to see how Oslawld Mosley's promises would have effected the UK.

  • J and M
    J and M 29 days ago

    *Orange man good*
    Expect to be demonetized before 2020

  • Keanu Frederic
    Keanu Frederic Month ago

    If Trump is keeping money money in America by taxing the rich and organizing all this bilateral trading why is the debt exponentially growing? Actually since when is trump taxing the rich? Last I heard Trump cut corporate tax 10%+ and the republician tax reform has allowed many billionaires to not pay taxes including the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos. In my opinion Trump's economic policies aren't really helping the middle class which should be the center of the economy when the gov relies on consumerism. How does a man make all these cuts to education and healthcare yet the debt is running up. If anything our debt shows us clearly its alot easier to have the appearance of a strong economy with a great stock market when we are paying for everything with money we don't have.

  • Steven Choi
    Steven Choi Month ago

    Thanks for a dispassionate explanation of Trump's economic policies. You articulated them so much more reasonably and clearly than Trump seems capable of.

  • Tommy Fish
    Tommy Fish Month ago

    Great explanation of what going on in the world today. A shift from imperialism to internationalism.
    This is why Brexit and trump go hand in hand.

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner Month ago

    The economy of the wealthy stockholders. It is going well, if you consider an asset bubble well, but I am not one of them. My family economy is failing under the stress of increasing prices for necessities and no increase in income. Trump has not done me any economic favors.

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E Month ago

    This is a pretty bad explanation about Apple offshoring to Ireland. I did not get it at all.

  • keith corrigan
    keith corrigan Month ago

    If you're going to get trillions from the fed today looks good tomorrow your economy is dead and trump will say, so sue me ! it works every time!😯🇺🇸😯😞😷

  • Truth Serum
    Truth Serum Month ago

    GDP - been rising since Obama -
    "A study conducted by the Brookings Institute found that 53 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 (or 44 percent of the workforce) yearly earn a median average of $18,000 (or $10.22 per hour)."
    So its not workers that are getting the benefit of an improving economy. So who is?

  • Dorian Appleton
    Dorian Appleton Month ago

    Trump is semi-illiterate.
    Your views of Trump-policies - are practically just your own.
    Trump has been proven to be a serial-criminal, a demagogue & imperialist; & the only policy of which he seems capable is a policy of dividing & over-ruling other nations.
    One of the European Unions' benefits is its power to arrange trade-agreements benefiting ALL member-nations; precisely so that arseholes like Trump can NOT simply push one over & walk over one like door-mats!!!