25 Questions Avengers: Endgame Left Unanswered

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • In the shocking conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos snapped. In the even crazier finale of Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers snapped back. While our heroes faced seemingly insurmountable adversity in this finale to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3, they were able to overcome the boundaries blocking them and save the other half of all life in this universe after a five year break. But does that mean the MCU’s overarching storyline is all tied up neatly in a bow? No! Join ScreenRant as we ask these 25 unanswered questions from Avengers: Endgame.
    What was that sound after the end credits of the film? What happened to Gamora? How is everyone adjusting to the five year age gap now between characters? Where did Loki go? When does Spider-Man: Far From Home take place? How will Sam Wilson take on the mantle of Captain America? What’s going on with the Hulk? How did Steve Rogers avoid changing history after traveling through time and is the timeline permanently altered? Is Vision gone for good? Will we get an A-Force movie? What exactly are the rules of Vormir? How did Captain Marvel know where to find Tony adrift? What’s going on with Black Widow’s movie? How did Cap return the soul stone to Vormir? Did he return the Aether to Jane Foster? How strong exactly is Thanos, without the gauntlet? What ever happened to Peggy Carter’s original husband? Where does Captain Marvel go from here? Is Katherine Langford in the movie? How did Steve age naturally? Since when did Pepper become such a good fighter? Was the mouse cameo a reference to Disney? And most importantly, will the surviving Avengers continue on as the Avengers? Let’s find out together!
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Comments • 3 589

  • Benjamin Hui
    Benjamin Hui 8 hours ago

    Actually X-Men are not in MCU becuz The Avengers ARE in MCU and X-Men are in another dimension

  • 이영주
    이영주 9 hours ago

    What would you do if you had all 6 infinity stones?

  • ItzGummyBear
    ItzGummyBear 17 hours ago

    OMG did he just 14:00

  • IlSaMsm 7083
    IlSaMsm 7083 22 hours ago

    No one wonders how doctor strange knew where every superhero that was snapped away was, like he was away for 5 years and he knew where pepper lived

  • ikon squad
    ikon squad Day ago

    Black panther 2 doctor strange 2 just to name a few

  • jorge junior
    jorge junior Day ago

    Captain Marvel has charisma? 😂😂😂😂

  • SiriusMined
    SiriusMined Day ago +2

    Q: How did Captain Marvel find Tony and Nebula?

    A: Uh, did you watch the post-credit screen in the CM movie?

  • Anil Kamath
    Anil Kamath Day ago

    If you sacrifice a soul for the soul stone
    Then why can't you give the soul stone for a soul

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson Day ago

    It was a rat not a mouse, so yes it's probably a nod to Disney.

  • Justin Reyes
    Justin Reyes Day ago

    2:18 changing the past doesn’t change the future

  • James Jenia
    James Jenia Day ago +1

    All you people who are Stuck on the "Why was Captain America "Not worthy", in The Age of Apocalypse", but conveniently "worthy" in Endgame?
    Not really that complicated or even that hard to understand.
    In Age of Apocalypse, Steve Rogers was a little over 3 weeks late on his Light Bill. Not really a Big deal to most of us, but technically "not worthy".
    In Endgame, Steve Rogers had learned to use "Autopay".

  • Adrian Medina
    Adrian Medina 2 days ago

    i am groot

  • Cesvr Hvys
    Cesvr Hvys 3 days ago


  • Thor
    Thor 3 days ago

    Pfft thanks....I guess

  • BT 069
    BT 069 3 days ago

    I feel like I'm the only one who saw the TV spot of Tony's message playing at Avenger's HQ, Capt Marvel was already there, trace the signal, no mystery on how she found them

  • QUESO1011
    QUESO1011 3 days ago +1

    Thanos you're not the only one cursed with knowledge

  • Jat Maderazo
    Jat Maderazo 3 days ago

    Can someone help me, what does he mean about the Disney plus spin off series or something?

  • Sevkips Memestar
    Sevkips Memestar 3 days ago

    Didn’t Gamora died in the iron man snap because iron man does not know who gamora is and she part of thanos army
    Someone explain

  • Keith Scott
    Keith Scott 3 days ago +2

    Thanos is/was an eternal...
    he was named the most powerful being in the universe..by korath and Ronan, who both knew captain marvel...so there is your reason for Thanos being so powerful without the stones..

  • Archie Arocha
    Archie Arocha 3 days ago

    Is it possible to bring people back in time travel?

  • countedjoey888_t Channel

    25 Questions Screen Rant left Unanswered
    1. Why won’t they shut up?

  • arthur K
    arthur K 3 days ago

    some incorrect info in this video....

  • hack root
    hack root 3 days ago

    Captain American has to be a super soldier for him to catch that metal frisbee so he won't get hurt his hand. It should be Bucky, not Falcon.

  • Seetinq
    Seetinq 4 days ago

    The spiderman theory its simple there where all snaped away so they ddin´t age :D

  • CerealWithNoMilk
    CerealWithNoMilk 4 days ago

    Doctor strange should have bargained with thanos

  • araisis castle
    araisis castle 4 days ago

    When Iron man snaps: I Am Iron Man when hulk snaps: *says nothing*

  • Tropical Terrarium
    Tropical Terrarium 4 days ago +1

    Speak for yourself when you say "we loved it"

  • apoorv belsare
    apoorv belsare 4 days ago

    clint doesnt have anyone except natasha ..of course he loves her. but not in a romantic way. He was going to name his daughter after her. he didnt exactly throw her of the cliff but the main rule is 'a soul for a soul' which was fullfilled. Clint lost a soul he loved and got stone in exchange. it is not mainly about the sacrifice

  • Travis Hamel
    Travis Hamel 4 days ago +3

    Pffft Captain Marvel has charisma? Could of fooled me

    • Broockle
      Broockle 3 days ago

      eh, she's got the hair..... also boobz

  • awwsalah
    awwsalah 4 days ago

    What about captain America using the thor hammer . And is there another captain America movie

  • Version _1
    Version _1 4 days ago +6

    3:43 this scene stills doesn't fit me.
    Tony was underrated!

  • dizzy2able
    dizzy2able 5 days ago

    Katherine Langford was supposed to play the older version of Morgan. Just how Thanos sees little Gamora when he kills her. It was supposed to be set in the same style just after he dies. But In a screen test with a small audience, they didn’t understand who she was SO directors decided to snap that scene 😊

  • peacemaker
    peacemaker 5 days ago

    zoe saldana is one of a hell lucky actress!!! wow maybe she is the lucky charm of the top 2 highest grossing movies of all time

  • Samuel Maier
    Samuel Maier 5 days ago

    11:45 You didn't watch Agent Carter did you?
    12:00 yeah you definitely didn't.

  • No u
    No u 5 days ago

    0:10 WON the day

  • AeneasGemini
    AeneasGemini 6 days ago

    To be fair it makes sense for Buckey not to get the shield, he's a former international assassin who's wanted in many countries, for him to be the new Cap would probably look really bad, whereas Falcon is a decorated war veteren (like Rogers). Let's face it, Buckey also deserves a break and probably some therapy for all that murder

  • EpicLolPatrol
    EpicLolPatrol 6 days ago

    He said Spider-Man takes place after infinity war

  • Reagan Gaming
    Reagan Gaming 6 days ago

    For number 19 Peggy and Rogers were not married in the main time line because like hulk said 'a change in the past does not change the future' so captain America and Peggy were married in a alternate time line so what peegy said in the documentary is true

  • Anthony Jordan
    Anthony Jordan 6 days ago

    The fact that screen rant doesn't even know that the Black widow movie is a prequel, that the hulk stayed on Earth, that Thanos fought Captain Marvel with all the stones, and that Black widow cannot be traded back for the soul stone shows that they really don't even pay attention to the movie and shouldn't be providing us "news" on them.

    Plus, NOBODY wants an A force

  • VisitJoan 2.0
    VisitJoan 2.0 6 days ago

    Yeah, how is everything going to work now that half the population of the world now has a birth date that doesn’t reflect their physical age?

  • America's Ass Gaming
    America's Ass Gaming 7 days ago +1

    Thanos: I am inevitable
    Iron man: 😂 hold my beer steve

  • ramzi kaluke
    ramzi kaluke 7 days ago +16

    Everyone:bro im so sad about the ending etc

    Me: ight so were not gonna Act Like Tony doesnt Have a Daughter Cool

  • Silent Gamer2015
    Silent Gamer2015 7 days ago

    Oden: That hammer was never the source of your power Thor. It was to help hone it. To focus it.

    Cap in EndGame: *lifts the hammer and uses the lightning*

    me: so.... is Steve able to summon lightning without thw hammer to like Thor in Ragnorok?

  • Mathias Bech-Jansen
    Mathias Bech-Jansen 7 days ago

    Just to clear, we hear in the trailer of Far from home (Spiderman) that there's has been opened an alternate timeline because of the snap. So it's not just happening right after Infinity war.

    I like your theory about Peggy Carter hiding the info that she married Steve Rogers (Captain America)
    Which by the way is being played by several actors in some of the movies

  • Isaiah Simmons
    Isaiah Simmons 7 days ago

    There is no way the far from home Spider-Man movie is after infinity war cause spider man disappeared not iron man so it would have to be that the movie occurred after endgame because in the trailer he said he missed him and the only time that iron man left and went away was endgame besides in the first iron man movie where he was kidnapped and forced to make a bomb

  • 不注意Careless
    不注意Careless 7 days ago

    Tf is this movie so long

  • AAAceeeYT
    AAAceeeYT 7 days ago

    there is still one unanswered question where is thors hammer aka (muljiur)steve rogers went with it and came without it yet he came with the shield

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 7 days ago

    Rocket found the ship. They no way to reach them until Captain Marvel got there

  • Captainredducky Supreme

    3:00 “we’ve been told it takes place after Infinity War”

  • Pizzabossm7 Bossmarine3

    Screen Rant: And those are all of the 25 five unanswered questions in this video
    Also me: the 26 question is how did thanos grab the stormbreaker without struggle?

  • Laura Dyck
    Laura Dyck 8 days ago

    13:31 he didn't age like normal person, if he had he would've been over 100

  • Smash Hit Network Kapamilya

    Avengers: Endgame
    Disney/DreamWorks A Comcast Company/Marvel Studios

  • Ankur Saikia
    Ankur Saikia 8 days ago

    Did he say, FFH takes place after IW?, that doesn't make sense???

  • Abran Alvarez
    Abran Alvarez 8 days ago

    That wasn’t a mouse, that was a RAT

  • Vin. cy
    Vin. cy 8 days ago


  • Keith D
    Keith D 8 days ago

    Tony was an LMD.

  • B.
    B. 9 days ago

    everyone who was part of the snap that disappeared didnt age like everyone else did who were still on earth, thats why peters friends were the same age.

  • chu chu
    chu chu 9 days ago

    What movie? 3:13

  • Elite Clone kid
    Elite Clone kid 9 days ago

    I mean anyone can be good at it roady (I’m spelling it wrong) almost defeated iron man with ever even putting it on

  • Stephanie Osayamwen
    Stephanie Osayamwen 9 days ago +1

    Completely forgot vision existed. 😂

  • jyuni swaeg
    jyuni swaeg 9 days ago +3

    Screen Rant: Even though we love Steve's happy ending----
    Me: Speak for yourself

  • Goose
    Goose 9 days ago

    Can bet A force wouldn't sell well.

  • lazo jalal
    lazo jalal 9 days ago

    Spider-Man’s friends died in the snap so they didn’t age

  • vince ng
    vince ng 9 days ago

    We can assume pepper trained during the 5 years that's a simple explanation

  • monkeyman_odessy
    monkeyman_odessy 9 days ago

    3:30 maybe they got snapped???

  • Freshkaneko
    Freshkaneko 9 days ago +1

    Oh shoot noobmaster69

  • Michelle Holloway
    Michelle Holloway 9 days ago

    When Loki(in endgame)saw the box with the tesseract, he left and we NEVER see him for the rest of the film. So, where did he go?

  • Michael Milliken
    Michael Milliken 10 days ago

    tony oofed black widow oofed steve not a hero

  • John B Kaze
    John B Kaze 10 days ago +6

    *Literally nobody* :

    ScreenRant: *What haven't you noticed about Rocket's (Raccoon's) tail* !

    • John B Kaze
      John B Kaze 6 days ago

      @Chucky thx for misspelling 😊

    • Chucky
      Chucky 8 days ago

      Hes called Rocket

  • Jaya Ramlal
    Jaya Ramlal 10 days ago +1

    The avengers the one when Thor challenged everyone to lift up his hammer Captain America could of lift it up but he did not want to make Thor feel bad

  • Bill DelFera
    Bill DelFera 10 days ago

    Did Steve Rogers really not prevent 911? What an ass

  • Bill DelFera
    Bill DelFera 10 days ago

    Adam Warlock is going to somehow bring gamora's memory back it to her old self

    • Matt Bonney
      Matt Bonney 8 days ago

      @Bill DelFera nice! Didn't know that. So there is a possibility of black widow coming back too.

    • Bill DelFera
      Bill DelFera 8 days ago

      @Matt Bonney she didn't get dusted though. She will be in guardians 3. Already confirmed

    • Matt Bonney
      Matt Bonney 8 days ago

      Gamora vanished after Tony snapped his fingers. Didn't see her again after that. Wasn't on guardians ship. That was her past self.

  • Alexzander Martinez
    Alexzander Martinez 10 days ago +1

    How did Pym's van get in the storage unit

  • 2010jesom
    2010jesom 10 days ago +1

    Did you really said Captain Marvel has charisma??

  • Baller McGee
    Baller McGee 10 days ago

    6:26 no one was excited

  • Navy Oss
    Navy Oss 10 days ago

    The Loki thing is false. When Loki took the tesseract, he made another time line similar to back to the future

  • Squeguin Quack
    Squeguin Quack 10 days ago

    The rat who freed ant man is the hero of this movie

  • Chris Singh
    Chris Singh 10 days ago

    You forgot howard the duck

  • Just Curious
    Just Curious 11 days ago

    wow this is the best

  • Charlie Mitchell
    Charlie Mitchell 11 days ago

    It may have been five years for everyone else, however it was only five hours for Scott Lang. He says this in the film, when talking to Tony about time travel.

  • sash r
    sash r 11 days ago

    feigUH. not feigee

  • Sandra Perks
    Sandra Perks 11 days ago

    still unanswered question: will thor gain weight or just stay like that?? Coz daym He is still worthy

  • Joseph Young
    Joseph Young 11 days ago

    Cap didn't rob Peggy of her husband, he IS Peggy's husband. Why else would they keep him such a secret?

  • T.J. Rials
    T.J. Rials 11 days ago

    Scott didn't age because he was caught in a time vortex which janit warned him from in antman and the wasp but janit never got caught in a time vortex so she aged normally.

  • BigWilly52
    BigWilly52 11 days ago +1

    “You must lose that which you love,” not “you must sacrifice who you love most”

  • Type O
    Type O 11 days ago

    Did the hulk stop using steroids

  • Klaudia Rose
    Klaudia Rose 11 days ago +2

    Spider-Man takes place after EndGame

  • Matt Hodgkiss
    Matt Hodgkiss 12 days ago

    So when Tony snapped he had to have sent Thanos back to their usual timeline right? Otherwise Thanos never would have won in the first place timeline wise?

  • Sention No.455
    Sention No.455 12 days ago +1

    My big question is what is with Adam Warlock who was teased in Guardians2

    • Draven Mowers
      Draven Mowers 10 days ago

      He’s probably gonna be in Guardians 3

  • alex YT Gamer
    alex YT Gamer 12 days ago

    you re on vormir im like o...sorry... you served me well pe**s

  • Dark_ CBEEZY2710
    Dark_ CBEEZY2710 12 days ago

    Ant man did not age because it was 5 years and q realm it is 5 hours

  • Janniece Stephannie
    Janniece Stephannie 12 days ago

    well maybe nat's most loved one is herself, thus sacrificing herself IS sacrificing her most loved one?

  • Amazon Crimson
    Amazon Crimson 12 days ago +5

    How the heck does time travel work in Marvel universe?????
    When the Avengers went back in time the first time, there were younger versions of themselves there
    So if Captain America went back in time to return the stones and he stay there
    Shouldn’t there be 2 Captain America in the past????? Past n Future Cap

    • 2010jesom
      2010jesom 6 days ago

      Amazon Crimson i think he returned to his own timeline when peggy died

    • Amazon Crimson
      Amazon Crimson 7 days ago

      Even if that’s true, this doesn’t explain the other part about the timeline
      Anything that happened to the past timeline, won’t affect the future timeline (kinda like DBZ timeline)
      If future Cap stay in the past, then that would create a new possible future, new timeline for the past, there shouldn’t be old man Cap at the ending scene of the movie

    • Sniper820
      Sniper820 8 days ago

      The past cap stayed in ice until found and the future cap lived with Peggy

    • 2010jesom
      2010jesom 10 days ago

      one is probably is frozen, and i think he most likely lived a secret life with Peggy, so he avoided contact with the rest of the world. But thats just me

  • Ben Flewers
    Ben Flewers 12 days ago

    Is Rescue (6:30) just Pepper Pots?

  • Filo_Emma LF
    Filo_Emma LF 12 days ago

    They literally said in the movie that altering the past doesn't change the future but creates an alternate timeline instead.

  • Suraj Kumar
    Suraj Kumar 12 days ago

    Captain marvel remind me of super seyan.. 😂

  • 罗通侯君
    罗通侯君 12 days ago

    the spiderman far from home obviously happens right after the endgame, cause the trailer has already showed that people are commemorating Ironman

  • Gems Veluz
    Gems Veluz 12 days ago

    When thanos snap his fingers the place is on Phillipines i live there

  • FoolishDuke
    FoolishDuke 12 days ago +3

    7:38 at the end of Captain Marvel it shows Danvers answering Fury's beacon and asking "Where's Fury". We can infer that after that they explained whats going but told her to go get Tony

  • Nessaanimation
    Nessaanimation 12 days ago +1

    Hawkeye and Black widow were fighting because Hawkeye didn't want black widow to sacrifice herself and same for black widow so that's why they were physically fighting. They actually super close. So close she's even close to his family.