25 Questions Avengers: Endgame Left Unanswered

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • In the shocking conclusion of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos snapped. In the even crazier finale of Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers snapped back. While our heroes faced seemingly insurmountable adversity in this finale to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 3, they were able to overcome the boundaries blocking them and save the other half of all life in this universe after a five year break. But does that mean the MCU’s overarching storyline is all tied up neatly in a bow? No! Join ScreenRant as we ask these 25 unanswered questions from Avengers: Endgame.
    What was that sound after the end credits of the film? What happened to Gamora? How is everyone adjusting to the five year age gap now between characters? Where did Loki go? When does Spider-Man: Far From Home take place? How will Sam Wilson take on the mantle of Captain America? What’s going on with the Hulk? How did Steve Rogers avoid changing history after traveling through time and is the timeline permanently altered? Is Vision gone for good? Will we get an A-Force movie? What exactly are the rules of Vormir? How did Captain Marvel know where to find Tony adrift? What’s going on with Black Widow’s movie? How did Cap return the soul stone to Vormir? Did he return the Aether to Jane Foster? How strong exactly is Thanos, without the gauntlet? What ever happened to Peggy Carter’s original husband? Where does Captain Marvel go from here? Is Katherine Langford in the movie? How did Steve age naturally? Since when did Pepper become such a good fighter? Was the mouse cameo a reference to Disney? And most importantly, will the surviving Avengers continue on as the Avengers? Let’s find out together!
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Comments • 3 769

  • Jeff Simms
    Jeff Simms 10 hours ago

    Thanos wasn't angry or fully armored in the first battle. He also just killed his daughter lol.

  • prizmprizn
    prizmprizn 6 days ago

    When everyone got snapped back they reappear where they were dusted right? What about the poor bastards who were in planes or on cruise ships..do they come back on the plane or 35000 ft 300 mph? Lol

  • Fizzle Pop Berry Twist
    Fizzle Pop Berry Twist 8 days ago +1

    1:44 the directors answered that one in a question video

  • Fizzle Pop Berry Twist
    Fizzle Pop Berry Twist 8 days ago +1

    Rather the question
    who is gamora? Or
    Why did nat have to die and why didn't they just push redskull off the cliff? Is my biggest questions

  • Kristine Khan
    Kristine Khan 10 days ago

    Remember in the preview Captain Marvel was standing right behind Thor ? Probably they told her what happened and sent her to go look for them

  • Kristine Khan
    Kristine Khan 10 days ago

    The sound was just a tribute to Iron man

  • Ryan Muller
    Ryan Muller 11 days ago

    questions now that marvel and sony split
    -Where is edith from?
    -Who was Tony hugging?
    -Who was Tony talking to in the battle of HQ?
    -Are there moments in FFH and Homecoming where when they used to mention tony, their mouths disfunction and they don't say anything?
    - who made petes suits?

  • optimus prime
    optimus prime 12 days ago

    Obviously the soul stone found hawkeye sexy so it was easy for him to get it. Easy.

  • The Right News
    The Right News 12 days ago

    A-Force was a crap comic just like Cap Marvel and Female Thor. All of those will be crap movies. And sorry ScreenRant writers but Cap Marvel has ZERO charisma.

  • Tyler Kisling
    Tyler Kisling 12 days ago

    anybody here when spiderman left mcu

  • Djuan Benjamin
    Djuan Benjamin 14 days ago

    The soul stone regenerates, he didn’t need to take that one back. I’m curious as to how he got the scepter back to SHIELD. without it Wanda and her brother aren’t created.

  • Djuan Benjamin
    Djuan Benjamin 14 days ago

    I thought Cap went back to 1970, isn’t that where he saw Peggy?

  • Djuan Benjamin
    Djuan Benjamin 14 days ago

    Now when you look back at the old Marvel movies, just know Endgame Cap is chillin with Peggy.

  • Deja Smith
    Deja Smith 15 days ago

    Bucky is my favorite character

  • Deja Smith
    Deja Smith 15 days ago

    Screen rant: thanos snapped his fingers and they all disappeared
    Me: why did you have to remind me
    Screen rant:sorry
    Me: oh yeah that reminds me thanos died for it perfect i love it

  • Ruben Buysse
    Ruben Buysse 16 days ago

    Thor stol his hammer from the past, must he bring IT back?

    • Djuan Benjamin
      Djuan Benjamin 14 days ago

      Ruben Buysse Cap had it with him, he took it back.

  • Alexander Thomas
    Alexander Thomas 16 days ago

    No where does the movie say the soul stone is related to romantic love or needs to be what you love most, watch it again

  • Kelly Reed
    Kelly Reed 17 days ago

    Ant Man didnt age bc he was only in the quantum realm for 5 hrs. Also the Ancient One said that if the Infinity stone was taken from the reality the wld splinter off and so on. She said nothing about the time line being affected if some1 from the furture stayed in it. Additionally, when Prof. Hulk is explaining time travel to Scott and Brody. He explains that when you travel to the past where you travel from remains your past. So when Cap goes back to a point in time he can live with Peggy everything he did from his original time line still hapoened and is his past. He does not creat an alternate reality, there are 2 Steve Rogers one from the future one and the one frozen in the ice. I do not know why he aged.

  • twentyøne des
    twentyøne des 18 days ago

    “how does captain marvel fit into the next phase of films”
    “i wish she wouldn’t...”

  • sapphire swampert
    sapphire swampert 18 days ago

    Impossible. At thet time danvers was going to earth because of the thingy in infinity war. We even see this in captain marvel post credit scene

  • Jelorde Amor
    Jelorde Amor 20 days ago

    Well.. spiderman

  • Sebastian Demerjian
    Sebastian Demerjian 20 days ago

    I'll crush this theory.
    It was a rat.

  • Thomas J. Cannon
    Thomas J. Cannon 21 day ago

    How is falcon going to take up the Captain America shield when he isn't a super soldier and has been shown to be at least half as fast and maybe half as strong as strong as Steve Rogers?

  • Mehdi Khaous
    Mehdi Khaous 22 days ago +1

    thank you screen rant

  • Brendan Robinson
    Brendan Robinson 23 days ago

    It wasn’t that you had to sacrifice someone you loved. It was that you had to lose someone you love. And Hawkeye lost Black Widow when she killed herself.

  • Zach Robison
    Zach Robison 23 days ago

    I have a theory about Cap returning the soul stone.
    The soul stone is a complex cosmic entity. It therefore can conceptualize beyond the literal and physical. Therefore, in order to return the soul stone, Captain America had to give up that which he loves most; his Avengers family. This includes his best friends Bucky, Sam, and everybody else he holds dear in the MCU universe/reality that we know. This is why Cap stayed behind. Now there’s still the question of Peggy, which I will address.
    We saw in Endgame that Captain is indeed worthy to hold Mjolnir. Is this simply because he’s a good guy? No, it goes much deeper than that obviously. Cap is first and foremost a soldier. And soldiers often have to put duty above desire and everything else. Steve displayed this sacrifice in the name of duty by staying behind so he could return the soul stone- thus proving him worthy of carrying Mjolnir (but gaining this ability decades before Endgame) and the cosmos also rewarded his life of duty with the ultimate and deepest concept in the MCU- Love.
    The end of Caps story arc isn’t simply being with Peggy. It’s finally having his decades of service cosmically rewarded as a result of his final “sacrifice play” as Captain America. Duty above all. That is Captain America. That is Steve Rogers.

  • DC Perry
    DC Perry 25 days ago

    What if 2014 Thanos gave the Pym technology to 2013 Thanos

  • RedFox25
    RedFox25 25 days ago

    Apparently to Marvel, changing the course of time doesn't matter because they wouldn't know Steve, There won't be Bucky, there will be 2 Gamoras, Gamora never really died in Infinity War, Nebula is dead, Natasha died in the past before Infinity War and past Loki did something with the tesseract... MARVEL CHANGED THE COuRSE OF HiSTORY WITH NO CONSEQUENCES!!!!

  • Denny Billings
    Denny Billings 25 days ago

    Sony screwed mcu outta spiderman

  • Paul Bickley
    Paul Bickley 25 days ago

    Well Peter See's Glamora again, then gets hits in the nuts. But what happens to her in the end of the movie. I didn't see her die again? She should of been on the ship again at the end, but she wasn't...

  • Talmiz Anwar
    Talmiz Anwar 25 days ago

    # 10 Avengers also kill thanos and his army from alternate timeline

  • I love you 3000
    I love you 3000 25 days ago


    Anything ever

  • I love you 3000
    I love you 3000 25 days ago

    Read my username 😭

  • Wesley Melock
    Wesley Melock 25 days ago +1

    What about Quicksilver. Did he live or die with a snap of Tony Stark

    • RedFox25
      RedFox25 25 days ago

      Sorry, but tony probably didn't even think about that one... And he wasn't even dusted... He was probably only wishing to bring back the ones who were dusted.

  • As I See It
    As I See It 26 days ago +1

    My one big question is how could thanos catch and then wield stormbreaker?

    • Eduardo Marques
      Eduardo Marques 25 days ago

      The "worthy rule" doesn't apply for stormbreaker... At least they never said in the movies.
      Remember that it's also made from Groots arm?

  • killer_408_shark
    killer_408_shark 28 days ago

    This guy knows nothing about the mcu

  • Izzy Shane
    Izzy Shane 28 days ago

    And stan lee was a racist

  • iluvmym4
    iluvmym4 Month ago

    BS video 👎

  • Tyler C1775
    Tyler C1775 Month ago

    What else would the end credit noise be?

  • Peter Yenter
    Peter Yenter Month ago

    What if Captain America didn't actually return the stones? That might be how the whole multiverse scenarios come about and keep the story going on. And maybe even bring the dead characters like iron man, black widow, or even thanos back again at some point.

    • Peter Yenter
      Peter Yenter Month ago

      Gamora is back after being sacrificed by thanos, well not the same Gamora, but it's very likely that they will use this loophole per say keep certain franchise going maybe. Nobody ever seems to actually die, I mean, how many times has Loki come back.

  • Loki Laufeyson
    Loki Laufeyson Month ago

    Far From Home takes place 8 months after Endgame so it's 2024

  • Maculder
    Maculder Month ago

    Did i spoil that for you? i mean since 1987 right.. so did i spoil that for you?

  • Maculder
    Maculder Month ago

    ?.. Suicide squad.. anitiation to a special force of anti alien squad may lead to XO man o warz. hugz and kisses.

  • Joshua Cortez Supe
    Joshua Cortez Supe Month ago

    Steve just created a loop, goes back and avoids everything until he’s frozen, after that he goes to Peggie and that’s it

  • Charles Masonberg
    Charles Masonberg Month ago +2

    The next Captain America movie should show Steve Rogers returning the 6 Infinity Stones and Thor's old hammer. But which order dose he return the stones in .
    And dose he uses any of them in the process. I would think so. Also I think the space and the time stones would be the last ones to be returned. Both of those stones would be helpful in returning the other infinity stones. Also how tempted would he be to use the infinity gauntlet for what ever reason. 🤔🤔🤔 Before returning the 6 Infinity Stones. ( What if world war II never happened) 🤔🤔🤔 possible with the use of the Infinity Gauntlet .

  • tim
    tim Month ago

    I think if Bucky had taken on the role of Captain America, he would be a target for someone trying to reinstall his mind control programming.

  • Jose Jorges
    Jose Jorges Month ago

    Captain Marvel did not "happen" to find Tony, she show up earlier and they some how located the spance ship because rocket knew both mission in infinity war.

  • Gpaderna
    Gpaderna Month ago

    Maybe, I think, when Cap brought back the stone, Gamora was the one resurrected and not Black Widow. Cap brought the stone back in 2023, and the nearest year was 2018 where Gamora fell. Black Widow sacrificed on the year 2014 I guess. Just a hypothesis

  • beatestic point
    beatestic point Month ago

    One more question, what dose cap do to the thor's hammer? He did take it with him when he goes to return the stones.

  • James Higgins JR
    James Higgins JR Month ago

    Why was Gamora able to come back after she was sacrificed for the Soul Stone, but Nat wasn't? How come Vision did come back like everyone else?

  • Mario
    Mario Month ago

    how did the avengers brought back the fallen from the snap while all they did was to barrow the stones from the past? and if the fallen did avoid the snap because they avoided the infinity war by stealing the stones from the past how on earth (or universe) they gather all super heroes from all parts of universe with the same goal in mind and a memory of the snap event. i am not a master of time travel, my head is blowing up thinking of these loop in time or i missed it in the movie. please enlighten me.

  • Beta squad forever
    Beta squad forever Month ago +1

    Cap is dead it showed a clue that he is dead in Spiderman far from home

  • Nexus4546
    Nexus4546 Month ago

    Endgame ended the MCU for me. It sucked :-(

  • Juliana Ortaliz
    Juliana Ortaliz Month ago

    I believe it doesn't have to be a person you love most, it's just someone you do love

  • Robert Ritter
    Robert Ritter Month ago

    Katherine Langford was going to play Tony Starks daughter after he snapped. When Thanos snapped he when to the "soul world" and saw young Gamora, we were going to see the same thing with Tony, he was going to see an older version of his daughter who tells him she forgives him for his choice

  • Robert Ritter
    Robert Ritter Month ago

    We all know who should really be leading the Avengers now and it rhymes with Whore

  • Inazuma Eleven IDOL

    Then How Valkyrie,Korg,meek, could survive on thanos blows the ship when he get the space stone to loki?

  • Miles Gibson
    Miles Gibson Month ago

    Why did Peter quill say avengers in endgame and how did he know to say it

  • Bani Singh
    Bani Singh Month ago

    Avengers endgame is the most satisfying movie for all Marvel fans

  • Butter
    Butter Month ago

    I'm sorry but that wasn't a mouse that released ant man it was a big old rat.