How the Greatest Show on Turf fell apart as quickly as it was assembled

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • In 1999, the St. Louis Rams had a Cinderella run beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. An undrafted quarterback named Kurt Warner, a few years removed from working the graveyard shift in a grocery store, all of a sudden becoming an NFL starting quarterback for a 4-12 team, immediately putting together one of the best seasons of all time, and winning league MVP en route to a Super Bowl title? You would’ve been laughed out of Hollywood if you pitched that as a movie script.
    But it somehow became reality, and for that year and the two that followed, the Rams had constructed a juggernaut that ran laps around the rest of the league. But then everything went sideways - they couldn’t stay healthy at the most important position in sports, dirty laundry was aired in a very public manner on the radio, their coach and front office grew to resent one another, and so much more caused an unstoppable force to all of a sudden become the NFL’s piñata.
    Written and produced by Alex Rubinstein
    Shot and Edited by Ryan Simmons
    Motion graphics by Michael Das
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Comments • 928

  • VLRgospel09
    VLRgospel09 8 hours ago

    Collapse of the 49ers dynasty?

  • Dravin Gutierrez

    Second collapse coming up, just teams will watch film from this last super bowl and they’ll be able to stop this offense no problem. How can this powerful 2018 offense could look like. Jeff Fishers offense in the most important game of all the super bowl ? Simple, it was all smoke and mirrors

  • Yautja Warrior
    Yautja Warrior Day ago

    Kurt Warner's wife's hott!

  • Jude Lofton
    Jude Lofton 5 days ago

    They should do a collapse on Argentina Soccer.

  • EdmacZ
    EdmacZ 5 days ago +1

    Barry Switzer, Mike Martz, and Mike Tomlin.
    Average head coaches handed top talent, and drove it off a cliff.

    • rob mush
      rob mush 4 days ago

      EdmacZ most Steelers fans like myself think that cowher still had a major part in that team winning the super bowl in 2008 and probably would have gotten some credit to if they would have won it in 2010 as well. However Tomlin is just too soft to be the Steelers head coach in my opinion.

  • Kale Stew 4
    Kale Stew 4 6 days ago

    I though that quarterback was J.D. Martinez

  • kick-man edwards
    kick-man edwards 7 days ago

    They deserved to be losers for years after cutting Warner. St louis sucked until the end

  • MegaHerky
    MegaHerky 7 days ago

    This hurts

  • TexasDragon 1995
    TexasDragon 1995 11 days ago

    Two Words:

    Buffalo Bills

  • FSE
    FSE 12 days ago +1

    You should do one on the 2016 Raiders, they were an interesting collapse.

  • Death Vims
    Death Vims 19 days ago

    I got a good suggestion for a Collapse video: the collapse of the Houston Oilers after 1993

  • WHOISME 194
    WHOISME 194 20 days ago

    Do the Seahawks

  • 721MiamiHeatGang
    721MiamiHeatGang 21 day ago

    Please do Dolphins after Dan Marino

  • Norris Robinson
    Norris Robinson 22 days ago

    Wait... you made this 3 months after the Rams were literally in the Super Bowl?
    I feel like there is going to be a series called Phoenix Files that deep dive on teams that hit rock bottom and then came back to the top.
    Also, please have one reved up and ready to go for the NY Giants after this next season

  • SoloMidLaner
    SoloMidLaner 22 days ago

    "Kroenke pressed Command + Z"
    Well, we all know this person uses a Mac

  • Bryann Rogers
    Bryann Rogers 22 days ago

    It would have been nice to mention that the team had an ENORMOUS rebound when they moved back to LA..

  • mike lomez
    mike lomez 22 days ago

    Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does... Cheat?

  • Milton Butler
    Milton Butler 24 days ago

    Carolina Panthers Collapse After Super Bowl 2004 And 2016 Please

  • VideoGameHistory
    VideoGameHistory 24 days ago

    I don't think it's right tonekd this story in 2016 when they became one of the most powerful teams in the league the very next year.

    • kurt king
      kurt king 22 days ago

      the collapse isnt about the franchise its about that specific championship team

  • toag
    toag 25 days ago

    thought this was going to be abut the New Orleans Saints... the real & consistent greatest show on turf... oh yeah we have to wait for the collapse when Brees retires

  • Kyle R
    Kyle R 26 days ago

    You should do one on the Broncos and how they fell apart after superbowl 50

  • Frederick King
    Frederick King 27 days ago

    "Thanks Brenda. Anywayyy...."

    Fucking gold 😂

  • Lone Swifter
    Lone Swifter 27 days ago

    St. Louis Rams, oh man. The one time show as we know thanks to Warner after that SB XXXIV was a total fluke and completely collapsed ever since. Thought it was a next big thing to be a new millennium of the league turns out to be a dead end. Great roster all banged up to the max. Considered to be forgettable and now they are back to their original home. Let's not talk about how they got into SB LIII, the Super Bowl from hell. All embarrassing.

  • ChristineCAlb1
    ChristineCAlb1 28 days ago

    As a woman, it sure was nice to see Mrs. Frontiere(?) holding the Vince Lombardi trophy. Didn’t realize J. Fisher came later to coach.

  • Osman Barrie
    Osman Barrie 28 days ago

    Do eagles

  • Jo Smoe
    Jo Smoe 29 days ago

    Kurt definitely went to the Giants before the Cardinals run ..

  • navynugget7
    navynugget7 Month ago

    They were so dangerous on that turf!

    MAGACOP Month ago

    Chris Long has 3 rings.
    Matt Ryan is a Fraud with zero rings.

  • Troy Staunton
    Troy Staunton Month ago

    Do the 90s Brisbane broncos.

  • Mike Cassady
    Mike Cassady Month ago

    Command+Z? We're gonna pretend that's the standard?

  • LilBhole
    LilBhole Month ago

    Fuck Stan Kroenke

  • cvj1000
    cvj1000 Month ago

    This makes the Rams Superbowl loss in 2019 so much worse 😭

  • bugleboy624
    bugleboy624 Month ago

    I always felt that the Patriots winning the Super Bowl so close to 9/11 was really suspicious. That collapse felt like it was too good to be true.

  • Dominik Mendez
    Dominik Mendez Month ago

    You forgot about the year he backed up eli manning in NY

  • TomBrady Thanos
    TomBrady Thanos Month ago

    Patriots destoying dynasties since 1960

  • 1990Thunderbolt
    1990Thunderbolt Month ago

    Patriots = Real Madrid!

    Rams = Juventus! xD

  • Trai Prachomphonh
    Trai Prachomphonh Month ago

    Kurt's wife sounds crazy

  • Abner Urena
    Abner Urena Month ago

    Tom Brady would go on to inspire the same epic collapse in a juggernaut offense 15 years later against that same MVP quarterback Matt Ryan the Rams could of had. Not to mention he would once again crush the Rams hope after their move to the city of Angels having defeated the same franchise for two cities.

  • dpcrawford83
    dpcrawford83 Month ago

    I hate it when people say St. Louis didn't support the Rams. It was so hard to watch this team from 04 til the end. Bad coaches, bad drafts, bad front office. When they did become somewhat competitive, Enos Kroenke was already planning the move and pulled a real life Major League.

  • shevante Day
    shevante Day Month ago

    Where my true rams fan at when we had nonething look forward too on sunday except for steven jackson running his ass off and hoping marc bulger wouldnt cost us the game. We going get this superbowl soon and start the dynasty that should of been in the early 2000's.

  • Hunter Bachman
    Hunter Bachman Month ago

    Bruh that super bowl was tom brady became Tom Fucking Brady

  • BNAMusic88 _
    BNAMusic88 _ Month ago

    5:57 that’s a real wife. ✊🏾

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones Month ago +1

    Everybody forgets just how good the DEFENSE was in '99 - that was just a flat out great team prolly top 5-7 all-time

  • 717jeezy
    717jeezy Month ago

    Brenda had more balls than kurt did lol . she always spoke up for him . kurt is just not that type of guy to stir drama up . he's as good a man you can get .

  • Sim ?
    Sim ? Month ago

    Collaspe of the saints up next

  • Tony Carney
    Tony Carney Month ago

    Missing fact. Martz was named Head-Coach-In-Waiting before Vermeil "retired". Vermeil then suddenly "retires" in Feb. 2000, right after the Super Bowl, but not before coming out of retirement in 2001 to coach the Chiefs for 5 years. I think Vermeil felt Pressured to leave, and perhaps a bit insulted that the Rams brass and entire world gave Mike Martz 100% credit for the Rams 1999 Super Bowl. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Vermeil and Charlie Army made that team. Warner, Faulk, Pace, Bruce, Holt, Hakim made Mike Martz, not the other way around. If Martz had any brilliance, he would have been successful anywhere else he went, but he was a disaster everywhere that he didn't have those hall of famers.
    Vermeil and Army built the Rams from a week, pathetic laughingstock into the best team in the NFL. That 1999 Rams team was dominant on Defense as well. They were 4th in the NFL in scoring defense. They didn't allow a single 100 yard rusher all season. 2nd in Interceptions. Their Special Teams was dynamic with Tony Horne and Az Hakim returning 3 kicks for TDs. The entire team had speed everywhere, and hall of famers on both sides of the ball, with London Fletcher leading the way at MiLB and Grant Wistrom at RE.
    Then the Rams forced (pressured) Vermeil out the door. Army was also demoted after the Super Bowl. And that was that..... Martz destroyed the team in one off-season. Yes, its true that Warner, Faulk, Holt, Bruce and Pace kept putting up yards and points - how could they not? But they were physically weak and inefficient under Martz, turning over the ball more than any team in football in 2000 & 2001. In 1999, they were tougher, they ran through tackles, the hit during camp. Under Martz, they played flag football in camp and stopped hitting, in order to avoid injury. Both the offense and defense were tissue paper under Martz. The 2000 Rams defense was one of the worst in NFL history, after being in the top 5 just a year before.
    They overcame Martz stupidity in 2001 (last in turnovers, last in turnover margin) and went 14-2. Again, with Warner, Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Hakim - how could you not? Let's not forget, Martz did not have 1 single thing to do with acquiring any of those players mentioned.
    They gradually got worse, managing 1 more winning season in 2003 before falling to 8-8 and then the bottom falling out in 2005. Martz had forced Warner out of the organization, and we watched him go to the futile Arizona Cardinals and take them to the last seconds of the Super Bowl.
    During the "Martz" era - the Rams drafted 1 ------ let me repeat that, 1 probowler.
    The end of the Rams occurred before they had even finished the 1999 season. It was the moment they couldn't wait to announce Martz as "Head Coach in Waiting" as they elbowed the great Dick Vermeil and Charlie Army out the door, or into demoted roles. Vermeil finished the Super Bowl, then told the STL Rams top Brass (John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt) to go fu** themselves.

  • Scott Mygatt
    Scott Mygatt Month ago

    Fuck Kroenke

  • FootClann 004
    FootClann 004 Month ago +1

    If Jared Goff doesn't take a big time step next year, history is gonna repeat itself for the Rams.

  • Coach B
    Coach B Month ago +1

    Kurt Warner was playing hurt in the start of the 202 season.

  • Brandon Orgeron
    Brandon Orgeron Month ago +2

    They did not protect Kurt enough after super bowl win. They had great left tackle but rest of line was awful.

    • Xever Williams
      Xever Williams Month ago

      In my opinion it was Martz play calling, he kept calling same plays saying they know its coming and they cant stop me. Well they did, they caused turnovers and injured the qb.

  • Nibble Mcnibbs
    Nibble Mcnibbs Month ago

    Yet on Madden 09 the rams typically would go 12-4 or 13-3 in simulation and win or at least appear in the super bowl

  • goleafsgo332000
    goleafsgo332000 Month ago

    Can you a Collapse of the Raptors or Leafs?

  • NextGenerationYeti
    NextGenerationYeti Month ago

    Stan Kroenke is a horrible human being

  • dnasty312
    dnasty312 Month ago

    No wonder Kurt fumbled five times! I thought it was just his hand 👋 I didn't know about the concussion 🤕 He shouldn't have been in there
    And Brenda's a saint

  • JBSptfn
    JBSptfn Month ago

    A side note: Allegedly, the Pats wanted to interview Mike Martz in early 2000 (right before they got approval to get Belichick). However, the Rams told Martz that they would make him the successor to Dick Vermeil if he stayed. He did, and Vermeil quit because he was mad about that. That's how Martz was promoted to HC.

  • Ness
    Ness Month ago

    As a die hard panthers fan I got chills watching Steve Smith catch that touchdown in OT I still remember exactly where I was when it happened

  • jwallE93
    jwallE93 Month ago +1

    New season idea, top resurgences or return to greatness. Lakers 3peat to Kobe’s trilogy with Celtics, Pats Dynasty to Falcons 25 point blown, I’m sure theres more stories out there

  • ଳଳଳ ଚଚଚ

    Completely forgot that Puma made official NFL jerseys.

  • antonio lopez
    antonio lopez Month ago

    2006-2007-2008 mets

  • Lakers Pats1
    Lakers Pats1 Month ago

    Do one on the Jim Harbaugh 49ers

  • Il Valentino
    Il Valentino Month ago

    Kroenke should be tortured slowly to death

  • Carlos Walter
    Carlos Walter Month ago

    Can you guys do a Collapse episode on Game of Thrones?

  • teto85
    teto85 Month ago

    Good. I hate the RAMS.

  • Nick Arenare
    Nick Arenare Month ago

    You gotta do a 2007 & 2008 Mets collapse episode

  • B Sim
    B Sim Month ago

    one of the most overrated NFL championship windows in history. Statistically this offense was good but not historic

    • Trainking922
      Trainking922 Month ago

      B Sim That might just be one of the most moronic things I’ve ever read in my life

  • Ethan B
    Ethan B Month ago

    Do the Chicago White Sox

  • Billy Taylor
    Billy Taylor Month ago

    Collapse: Mets and the years after 86

  • Matthew Joseph Ventresca

    This collapse can be summed up with one player, Marshall Faulk. Once Faulk could no longer produce the greatest show on turf stopped.

    THE BATMAN Month ago +1

    Hahahaha Brenda Warner killed the Rams

  • Henry Gucci
    Henry Gucci Month ago

    As a Saints fan I don’t feel sympathy

  • mst3k54
    mst3k54 Month ago

    You HAVE to do the Buffalo Bills, and you can probably do the Dallas Cowboys, too. Hell, you can do them together in a two-fer episode!

  • Ashes Of Gravity
    Ashes Of Gravity Month ago

    I know it's not in SB Nation's regular wheelhouse but a look at the Australian cricket team's slow descent from all time greatness in the late 90s and early 2000s would be perfect for this series.

  • L.Pasteur
    L.Pasteur Month ago

    the owners essentially rode Ichiro's legacy into the profit margin, refusing to help the face of their franchise experience winning a World Series.

  • A Man
    A Man Month ago +2

    How about the collapse of Andy Reid’s eagles

  • D Mateo
    D Mateo Month ago

    They were in republicon state misery..

  • Alexthesniper19
    Alexthesniper19 Month ago

    BTW FUCK STAN Kronike he fucked the city of St.Louis over

  • Richard Fitzwell
    Richard Fitzwell Month ago

    Greatest shown on turf?
    Patriots shut that shit down immediately.

  • Ben Cipriani
    Ben Cipriani Month ago +1

    You should consider making Arsenal's collapse after "Invicible" season

  • Haydon wyant
    Haydon wyant Month ago

    Should do a Collapse of the 2014/2015 Kansas City Royals. Oh how far we've come

  • Tombomb615
    Tombomb615 Month ago

    2008 Phillies next!

  • ian spangler
    ian spangler Month ago

    GO PATS!!!!

  • Protokazy ii
    Protokazy ii Month ago +3

    I felt this in my soul being a STL kid born in 2000 😂

  • David Sabillon
    David Sabillon Month ago +4

    As a Pats fan, I remember Marshall Faulk saying that the team just needs to reload after the loss in the Superbowl. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Tom Timm
    Tom Timm Month ago

    What software do you use to make these videos

  • Miguel Wolffe
    Miguel Wolffe Month ago

    I was wondering if you guys can do a collapses video on the 49ers, from going to a superbowl and back to back nfc championships, they were all geared up to make another run but they just collapsed all in an off-season, it would interesting to the details on how

  • PaullyMac
    PaullyMac Month ago

    How about an episode on the 2012 Detroit Tigers that got destroyed by the Giants in the World Series and 5 years later, had the worst record in the majors?

  • Joey Prather
    Joey Prather Month ago

    Oakland Raiders after Super Bowl 37

  • Colby Carter
    Colby Carter Month ago +2

    You need to do this for the Steelers after the Packers Super Bowl

    • Trainking922
      Trainking922 Month ago

      Colby Carter Thing is though they never really collapsed. They’ve been constantly relevant since then despite not making it to another Super Bowl, and even though there’s been shitloads of drama, they’ve still found ways to win. Hell, that 13-3 season they had a couple years ago was a BETTER regular season than ANY of the seasons that Ben has made it to the Super Bowl in, and the only other time Pittsburgh had a better team with him at QB was his rookie season in 2004 when they somehow went 15-1. This year coming up, I honestly think they’ve CLEANED HOUSE OF THE DRAMA (aka Antonio Brown) and are now able to focus more on actually winning and being a good team. Connor & Smith-Schuster are potentially going to be able to replace Bell & Brown effectively enough to be a winner in the AFC still

  • Alpha Bah
    Alpha Bah Month ago +1

    The next collapse should talk about the raiders after losing to the bucs in the super bowl

    • marcus813
      marcus813 Month ago

      That would interesting because the Raiders fired Bill Callahan in the disastrous season that followed Super Bowl XXXVII and have gone to the playoffs only once since (only winning record in that span). Even the Bucs, as bad as they've been since then (2 playoff appearances), have been much better with 5 winning seasons.

  • dirtnation
    dirtnation Month ago +1

    STL Cards "Rally Rat" 2011 World Sries collapse

  • Robert Dore
    Robert Dore Month ago

    If only Warner had the same control over his wife as he had over the ball...

  • johnstjohn1987
    johnstjohn1987 Month ago +3

    I love Collapse! Do the Packers! We were SB champions in 2010 just to suck years after lol

  • RlyHotSauce
    RlyHotSauce Month ago

    I know it's a bit out of the ordinary but I would love to see one on Manchester United post Sir Alex Ferguson

  • Andrew Meyer
    Andrew Meyer Month ago

    As a 49ers fan, this made me really happy

  • Stephen Rea
    Stephen Rea Month ago

    Do one on Man U!

  • tha future 129
    tha future 129 Month ago

    Nice video I love an nation keep the videos coming

  • john spano
    john spano Month ago +1

    2000 Rams vs Ravens would’ve been a fun super bowl.

  • J J
    J J Month ago

    As a Niners fan, I approve of this message.

  • Liz Marvel
    Liz Marvel Month ago

    Wait...didn't Kurt go to the Giants before the Cards? Or is that some alternate timeline that no one knows about

  • Jordan Furguson
    Jordan Furguson Month ago

    Crazy bc the Steelers were the 2nd coming of the greatest show on turf n crashed in burned