‘The Post’: Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks talk new movie - FULL PANEL


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  • dutchmountainsnake
    dutchmountainsnake 14 days ago

    Dumb dumb people everywhere

  • Tom Owens
    Tom Owens Month ago

    I knew they couldn't get through the interview without a 'Trump Bashing' session. Sure enough...at 34 minutes, the entire purpose of this self promoting garbage comes to the forefront. The left has one agenda and here it is...find any means and any avenue to bash the one person standing in the way of the deep state who owns them. BTW...Meryl get your facts straight. JFK was attempting to pull out of Nam...and LBJ reversed it with NSAM 273...after Oswald (Ha Ha Ha) killed JFK to allow LBJ to avoid prison. I'm all for attention being paid to the Pentagon Papers...a travesty and just one of numerous secrets kept from the taxpayers throughout history. However, it's omission of any sentiment to Phil Graham and the pathetic attempt to suggest that LBJ was continuing the dreams of JFK literally made me ill. LBJ was a thug, a low life...and JFK was the last President who stood up to the Deep State and it cost him his life. How dare you try to put LBJ on his level.

  • Louis Caprani
    Louis Caprani 3 months ago +1

    Truth will come out about these lot.

  • TheMaryam1891
    TheMaryam1891 3 months ago

    This should give us hope. The Pentagon Papers mean somebody has that info of a smoking gun to take This Farcical Clown President down and OUT!

  • Mr. K.
    Mr. K. 3 months ago +1

    Heather O’Rourke(the little girl from all three ‘Poltergeist’ films) was raped to death by Steven Spielberg, its a open secret in LA. Tom hanks is a well known pedophile too.

    • craisins 86
      craisins 86 3 months ago

      I feel literally sick reading your comment. I knew they were all Ps but I didn't know that about that girl. Spielberg is going to find himself in trouble after death for what he did. But I want him to answer for it in this life too.

  • Mr. K.
    Mr. K. 3 months ago +2

    bunch of pedophiles.

  • R.V. Army
    R.V. Army 5 months ago

    In all honesty, every loon who hates Hollywood is just jealous, and wishes they were on TV, and wish people would ask them for their opinion on everything, because their opinions are so precious. They make up insane conspiracy theories, and totally discount the hard work it takes to make it in Hollywood. Is it messed up culture? You would be naive to think otherwise. Scientology, and the Alison Mack story makes thar clear. But pedophiles don't run Hollywood. The lesson there is don't take short cuts in life, and expect to win. Be smart, and keep your wits about you.

  • CMG
    CMG 5 months ago

    Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.....better than a full stomach and a rainy day to put you to sleep. Doctors will end up prescribing this movie for insomnia.

  • Socrate
    Socrate 5 months ago

    It is ironic and illuminating that in an interview in which the Harvey Weinstein/Me Too moment in history is discussed at length, the female film critic and interviewer goes through forty minutes of the interview without directing a single question to Ms Streep, as if she were not even there. Shame on her. It’s easy to observe that Ms Streep finally grew disgusted and interjected herself into the conversation. Otherwise a very interesting discussion among some of the real pros in the industry.

  • kingofswing3000
    kingofswing3000 6 months ago

    Good movie. Really goes to show how subjective and biased the msm has become. The post shows how bad the media got under Obama. Then: Pentagon papers. Now: trumps ice cream.

  • Zdzisław Działecki
    Zdzisław Działecki 6 months ago

    When Spielberg filmed a film in Poland, he borrowed the German SS-mans coat from the props and therefore the believes that fascist sentiments are being kept in Poland. Is not this a crude statement? tvclip.biz/video/aUuIAaewGFc/video.html

  • Katsuhiro Sakai
    Katsuhiro Sakai 6 months ago

    I've just watched the movie (the Post) and it reminds me of MERYL STREEP SLAMS TRUMP AT GOLDEN GLOBES ON CNN

  • Jory Stultz
    Jory Stultz 6 months ago +1

    Don't bother uncle Stephen with that! Lmfao

  • František Swoboda
    František Swoboda 6 months ago

    Movie was not s great they said it is. Spotlight was much better , even it could be more dynamic!

  • somak dutta
    somak dutta 7 months ago

    But i did reach out to the family.....bessssst line in any movie promotion..anyyyyyyy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ridhuan Abu Bakar
    Ridhuan Abu Bakar 7 months ago

    meryl streep was amazing in the movie.. flawless acting

  • Gordon Aitchison
    Gordon Aitchison 7 months ago

    Actors should not take sides in politics lest they alienise a lot of their fans. They are in business to have all their fans paying money to go and see their films, half the fans are half the money and they could end up on the dole because their popularity has waned at the box office. Take note, Hanks.

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 7 months ago

    Thanks for the whole uncut interview

  • Tin Zar Lwin
    Tin Zar Lwin 7 months ago

    Director Steven Spielberg choose Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. My best actor and actress from Holly Wood. I like so much Tom Hanks. If possible I would like to meet him in USA once. Thank you

  • Kay Mitchell
    Kay Mitchell 8 months ago +2

    Just love this panel. Fun to see them through the years. So capable, credible, seasoned, real. We are fortunate to have them.

  • dobly58
    dobly58 8 months ago

    I find it hard to bridge the comparison between thirty years of deception about the Vietnam War and how SJW's and snowflakes hate Trump. Not exactly the same thing. The garbage media now focuses on flooding the country with illegal migrants, rights for transsexuals, third-wave feminists, and the rise of Neo-Marxism or how many diet cokesTrump has in a day. Hardly ground-breaking journalism.

  • Brian Trend
    Brian Trend 8 months ago

    Spielberg why don't you make a movie about the marxistsocialist lefty run disintergration of California, Illinois and London UK and tell the truth now. leftys cant run a socialist toilet ....cant run a "shithole". obummas 10 trillion DEBT, lefty retardism ad nauseum, and the dodgy compost and lefty bbc, lefty media LIARS never mentioned that ever did they!

  • Brian Trend
    Brian Trend 8 months ago


    • Brian Trend
      Brian Trend 8 months ago

      WASHINGTON COMPOST the biggest cultural Marxists in America AKA BULLSHITTERS!

  • 라인강
    라인강 8 months ago

    현재 미국의 주류 언론은 악마와 타협한 좌악들일 뿐이다.
    이 악질들은 트럼프를 몰아내고 힐러리를 당선 시키기 위하여,,
    민주당과 합작하여 온갖 패악질을 저질렀다!!!!
    무려 16개의 주류 언론 모두가 오직 힐러리가 당선된다고 개소리를 하루도 빼지 않고 짓어댔다.
    현재 트럼프가 당선된 이후에도
    이자들에게서는 공정성을 전혀 찾아볼수 없다 !!!!
    벼라별 악한 조작을 통하여 트럼프를 탄핵 하려고 발악 중이다 ,,,ㅋㅋㅋ
    그 악한 조작질 중에 대표적인 것이
    바로 트럼프의 X파일이다.
    이 파일은 민주당과 힐러리가 연합하여 무려 1700만 달러라는 거액을 주고 조작하여 만들어낸 사기극이다.
    이미 이것은 국회의 조사위를 통하여 모조리 까발려졌다.
    이것은 이미 지난 워터게이트 보다 더 크게 미국정가를 강타하고 있다.
    이것을 통하여 미국 민주당은 궤멸 당하게 될것이다,,,ㅋㅋㅋ
    그러나 주류 언론은 이런 진실을 계속 은폐한채로
    트럼프 X파일 이라는 죽은자식의 부랄을 계속 쓰다듬고 있다.
    오 놀라운 이 악마들의 패악함이여,,,
    언론의 의무는 이미 개를 줘 버린지 오래다.


  • parkviewmo
    parkviewmo 8 months ago

    Tom Hanks' acting is under rated because he is so good he makes it look so easy. His performance is superb.

  • CAMPAZ Films
    CAMPAZ Films 8 months ago

    Spielberg looks like he was dressed by his mother in his father's clothes.

  • P C
    P C 8 months ago +1

    "The press serves the governed and not the governors." Poignant and timely movie. Surreal the flashbacks I had to today.

  • petulant
    petulant 8 months ago

    Hollywood phoneys making BS films which make out the press are honest and informative when in reality the press were then and still are fear mongering, biased and manipulative.

  • Ross Nicholson
    Ross Nicholson 8 months ago

    Spielberg's great. He's on a mission from God.

  • RedPat
    RedPat 8 months ago

    Great flick!!!

  • beterbutz
    beterbutz 8 months ago

    The reporter tries to take up to much space.

  • David Paul
    David Paul 8 months ago

    Great movie!

  • flaggerify
    flaggerify 9 months ago

    Spielberg totally jettisoned his style for this for whatever reason.

  • Linda White
    Linda White 9 months ago +1

    The movie is colorless, dull and boring..a good nap at home would be more enjoyable...A HUGE WASTE OF HARD EARNED MONEY...THEY SHOULD ALLOW REFUNDS. I AM SO ANGRY I WASTED MY TIME AND MONEY ON THIS DUD!!

  • Patrick Esau
    Patrick Esau 9 months ago

    Puppetry in motion.

  • Nena Boax
    Nena Boax 9 months ago

    Thank you Bob Odenkirk for the recommendation of the incredible Double Vision. Such insight into the changes in “news” delivery! Wish Bagdikian ere still alive to think personally.

  • Tenacious Bre
    Tenacious Bre 9 months ago

    Wonderful conversation.

  • Mike McCarthy
    Mike McCarthy 9 months ago

    I agree with these rich people.

  • Jeff Blevins
    Jeff Blevins 9 months ago +1

    Thee devils need to be punished.... fake news means the "press" owned by the rothchilds who do very evil things...these crazy ass hollywood satanic fucks are evil... look up "spirit cooking" and what these fucks do and live...its crazier than anything you can imagine...its amazing information. Child abduction and satanic rituals.

  • Gordon Franklin Terry
    Gordon Franklin Terry 9 months ago

    Powerful and Deep film; Shakespearian-esque characters and relationships. The pervasive purple hue of the image however makes the film look like another bad Blu-ray transfer; Speilberg is going for authenticity with image but wow...purple color timing.

    SYLVIE LAPORTE 9 months ago

    AMAZING grave and deep atmosphere. Certainly to say that today freedom in press is in danger in USA; Bravo Steven Spielberg

  • chamboyette853
    chamboyette853 9 months ago +1

    Would Democrats be as enthusiastic if the film were about journalists like Wikileaks exposing the DNC's corruption? They should be even more enthusiastic because it's more timely and to the point.

  • Digitala Världen
    Digitala Världen 9 months ago

    Mery Streep voted for the exact thing The Washington Post once tried to stop. And now shes acting in a movie about it. She's just such a hypocrit. Makes me disgusted. Mery has fallen from my grace as an actor and a human beeing. Meryl, go hug Hillary Clinton instead. And The Washington Post - oh how the mighty have fallen...

  • Guy Lakeman
    Guy Lakeman 9 months ago

    they say ellsberg was the most dangerous man in america ... and i thought tom hanks was dangerous   what DID he have in those chocolates that made him run so far ?

  • So Oh
    So Oh 9 months ago

    So relevant and important subject, Couldn't wait to see it.....then, couldn't wait for it to end! Tom Hanks lost and regained his NY twang throughout. Meryl was good but WOW, shockingly, Disappointed!😭

  • Vegan Trove
    Vegan Trove 9 months ago

    Too bad the Washington Post is just a government mouthpiece that bangs the drums of war and is in cahoots with the CIA since Bezos owns WaPo and did a huge 700 million dollar deal with CIA. This will probably be intended to make WaPo look good so Spielberg is assisting the continuing propaganda.

    DOG STAR 9 months ago

    won't see this film - nothing I've read about it addresses the issue of the PPs' authorship and honesty - most analysts I respect call the PPs a "limited hangout", e.g.,
    "Although it probably did not cross Ellsberg's mind when he released the Pentagon Papers to The New York Times, he succeeded in doing what the Agency, on its own, has rarely been able to do for more than twenty years: he made the CIA 'look good' through what inhabitants of the Pickle Factory themselves would call a 'highly credible source'."
    from ratical.org/ratville/JFK/ST/STchp8.html
    The CIA
    and Its Allies
    in Control of the United
    States and the World
    Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)
    Copyright © 1973, 1992, 1997 by L. Fletcher Prouty
    All Rights Reserved

  • Vino
    Vino 9 months ago

    And the result? A borink movie.

  • btez31
    btez31 9 months ago +1

    I just saw it today. Awesome movie and Meryl Streep better win an Oscar. It's such a relevant movie to today's corrupt White House

  • OlgaQLD
    OlgaQLD 9 months ago

    This movie is a box office flop!

  • Patty Payne
    Patty Payne 9 months ago

    And here we are again with the government perpetuating the lie that we are "winning" in Afghanistan #soldiermom

  • Neil Ashton
    Neil Ashton 9 months ago +1

    Just saw the film and it’s very good - obviously intended as a message to counter the “ fake news propaganda” but nonetheless a great piece of drama. Tremendous performances but look at the cast. There is a scene with Streep with her daughter in the grandchildren’s bedroom that should be a requirement for acting students to see - an ode to her craft.

  • Jackie Austin
    Jackie Austin 9 months ago +1

    My husband and I saw this movie earlier this week - most of the patrons at the matinee showing we’re of our vintage and lived these events. To a person, at the conclusion everyone stood and clapped! A timely and important reminder that journalists who do their jobs are essential to uncovering the truth and bringing it forward. Kudos and thanks to Spielberg and the fine actors who did this so well!

  • dner75
    dner75 9 months ago +1

    I'm sure they all flew in on commercial jets, and not their private ones, right? But they want the middle class to shoulder the burden to fight climate change. They also all knew about Weinstein, as every A-lister in Hollywood did. Fuck these hypocrites with a rusty dildo.

  • Matt Orfalea
    Matt Orfalea 9 months ago

    How the hell are you gonna mention how it's so timely a story and NOT bring up Manning, Snowden, or Wikileaks???

  • Stef Hublou Solfrian Vojvoditz

    I just watched the movie in Theatre in Kingdom of Belgium, and found it to be fantastic. What a deep enouragement to people that want to do their best to be critical to governments that have a deplorable level of ethic standards! What an elogy to Reporter's Identity! Thank you, Steven, thank you Meryl, thank you Tom! -- This film is such a comfort, after witnessing in Horror the grand Presdident Barack Obama being replaced by... ...

  • Daleylife
    Daleylife 9 months ago

    Does Meryl get asked any questions?

  • miles clarke
    miles clarke 9 months ago +1

    Outstanding film!!!

  • Smoke Bassett
    Smoke Bassett 9 months ago

    Looks like a fascinating filzz-zzz snore.

  • 2Uahoj
    2Uahoj 9 months ago

    The actors, director and their subjects here are "oh so virtuous" and those who fought against the NY Times, "oh so evil." Rather, "oh, please save us" from another politically correct film!

  • ThePatsyMusic
    ThePatsyMusic 9 months ago

    great movie but one question please, where is that fucking MONSTER KiSSiNGER!!!!!! mcnamara takes the fall and hes dead. Kissinger that fucking criminal was at the table through the vietnam CRiME, and he's left out of the movie. why? FUCKiNG MONSTER WAR CRiMiNAL KiSSiNGER, maybe there is no actor UGLY ENOUGH TO PLAY THE FUCKiNG TROLL!!!!!! burn in hell kissinger you fucking demon

  • Tim Fawsett
    Tim Fawsett 9 months ago +1

    I've seen the film twice and found it compelling entertainment.
    But it is not historically accurate. The Pentagon Papers obscured the importance of JFK's NSAM 263 which ordered the withdrawal of 1,000 US military advisors in 1963 with the balance of 15,000 advisors withdrawn in 1965. With JFK's death this was reversed by LBJ, Robert McNamera and McGeorge Bundy so by 1965 there were 175,000 US combat troops in Vietnam. Portrayed that LBJ just continued JFK's policy of escalating the Vietnam war.

  • Martin Holde
    Martin Holde 9 months ago

    Bradley Witford is a brilliant actor, but it's really exhausting to listen to him talk.

  • Marcia Killingsworth
    Marcia Killingsworth 9 months ago +1

    OH! I'd totally forgotten Fog of War! Nice of Ken Burns to share his (and Lynn Novick's!!!) Vietnam masterpiece.
    And I remember the Pentagon Papers: my step-dad was there (infantry... not a good gig) and we'd watch Uncle Walter every night and he'd say 'The Army is lying to them all' or, more specifically, 'Westmoreland is a liar. The body counts are all lies. We cannot win this.' When the Pentagon Papers came out, he was vindicated, and I started my path to becoming a reporter, and then an activist.

  • Evitable
    Evitable 9 months ago

    Haha. It actually WAS and historical accident that Freedom of Speech is the First Amendment. There were multiple amendments up before that were stuck down by Congress. Our current 1st Amendment was first only by historical accident because it was the first one Congress happened to agree on, but NOT BY DESIGN.

  • Marilyn Taylor
    Marilyn Taylor 9 months ago +2

    I just saw this movie, and I plan on buying it when it's available. For the first time in my 64 years, I will be going to the theater again and paying to see it. Incredible! Thank you to all the participants. Incredible! I felt like a kid; I reacted like I was a teenager watching it. It truly is a great movie.

    • Beverly Weber
      Beverly Weber 9 months ago

      Today was the 2nd time at the theater. I NEEDED to see it again, and it was worth it. The first time I saw it, I was much too "blown away" to focus on the characters. Second time around allowed me to get much more out of it. Yes, I too felt like a teenager! Only thing better would be a theater viewing The Post first, followed immediately by All the President's Men!

  • lessevdoolbretsim
    lessevdoolbretsim 9 months ago

    What a shit show, excuse me, shit hole.

  • Logan Bradley
    Logan Bradley 10 months ago

    This movie is going to be just more of the same old Jewish Hollywood BS. Hanks and Streep are the Jews' little poodles.

  • 1Happypiper
    1Happypiper 10 months ago

    Wonderful, insightful conversation. Thank you for this.

  • Sherri Sturm
    Sherri Sturm 10 months ago +2

    Meryl discuss "research" and the role of women in news... Brought back memories of an isolated path as an actuary to be an "analyst". I remember my "great potential" of being a researcher, putting summaries together and organizing information.... Women ARE relegated in business - it is NOW. It is relevant, NOW. I will never forget the person who told me their role would be to put their name on it.. Great interview.

  • Adelina Hernandez
    Adelina Hernandez 10 months ago +17

    Thank you Steven Spielberg for bringing this story to the big screen. Thank you to the Washington Post and all other newspapers for continuing to report and investigate.

    • Brian Trend
      Brian Trend 8 months ago +1

      adelina Hernandez gullible liberal alert!

  • Daniel Toma
    Daniel Toma 10 months ago

    I won't say she's the best interviewer I've seen, but she's better than about 95% of the ppl who interview celebrities today. At least this interviewer asks several relevant, mindful, thoughtful questions, while many people who've been given a microphone are simply horrible at the job

  • Harvey V Voynov
    Harvey V Voynov 10 months ago

    Yes Meryl knew about Harvey ,but how do you go about it..its like it's your family is into something and part of you has sunked into something.Your other part is still above ,but its like you are paralised.

    Nana CARRILLO 10 months ago

    What is the name of Bob Odenkirk’s character in this movie??

  • Anthony Nycholas
    Anthony Nycholas 10 months ago

    saw "The Post" just yesterday and bloody hell, it was a great movie. btw, you could've transitioned the end into "All the President's Men"!

    (spoiler alert a future movie : "Chappaqiddick", is based off of another Nixon-era scandal which was one of the defenses against Nixon and his Watergate cover-up)

  • bj neal
    bj neal 10 months ago

    Why does the movie suggest that Jack Kennedy wanted the Vietnam war? He was actually trying to get us out. Probably one of the reasons his term was shortened?

  • Airlie Maria Heung
    Airlie Maria Heung 10 months ago

    Thank you for this: journalism with integrity.

  • Pastor Marty
    Pastor Marty 10 months ago

    Funny they never tell a story of now that hurt their own... tvclip.biz/video/sqSrlxJH9Hc/video.html

  • Danusha Goska
    Danusha Goska 10 months ago

    "The Post" is an *excellent* movie. Go see it.

  • Eric DuVall
    Eric DuVall 10 months ago

    Pretty good panel and the film was excellent. The comments by the film critic taking the opportunity to slam Trump are so misguided. By this time, the middle of December, everyone knew that the Trump-Russia story was a false narrative, and that in fact it was the Clinton Campaign colluding with the Russians, and that the TRUTH was still being COVERED UP. That irony, in light of the subject matter of the film, is the elephant in this room.

  • Dream Time
    Dream Time 10 months ago

    A MIRROR INSIDE OF A MIRROR. THIS MEANS BABY BOOMERS TALKING ABOUT THEIR MOVIE ABOUT THEMSELVES AS BABY BOOMERS OF WHAT THEIR PARENTS DID THAT EFFECT THEIR CREATIVITY ABOUT BABY BOOMERS. We are left with the mess but it cannot be cleaned up. The next two generations "genx" and the "pluto in libra said fuck it because the baby boomers took and sucked up all. Now we have the M.E.s (millennial entitleists) and they will resume and take over the baby boomers position, but it will be the other side of the coin (destructive and destroying), not the yang (creative).

  • Kirsten I. Russell
    Kirsten I. Russell 10 months ago +3

    I saw THE POST yesterday and did find it FUN. It never flagged, kept me interested all the way through, and made me laugh in the end, when I could see the movie as a prequel to ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN.

  • Grins
    Grins 10 months ago

    And no Warren Buffett?!?!?!?!?!

  • Self Evident Truths
    Self Evident Truths 10 months ago +1

    Our founding fathers carefully, painstakingly, and brilliantly constructed our constitution, which has allowed us to become and continue to become the greatest nation on earth. Despite our shameless past behaviors, slavery,.. repression,.. segregation, oppression..invasion, controlling and killing, etc.. etc.. Mostly perpetrated by white men (including our founding fathers, I know,.. ). But our constitution was profoundly and insightfully drafted,... in spite of the obvious hypocrisy at the time. It is our constitution that has allowed us to evolve. All men are created equal. Freedom of religion. Freedom of the press. etc etc etc
    Can’t fuck with our constitution,... sorry Putin... Sorry Trump... you have the freedom to go eat a big pile shit.

    • Roger Vallecillo
      Roger Vallecillo 9 months ago

      In the words of the great Bob Uecker : Juuuuust a bit outside.
      Too much wrong perpetrated in such short amount of time, and only engages when its own interests are in danger, that my friend doesn't make the US the greatest nation on earth in the eyes of all the nations that have been affected directly or indirectly by US policies.
      This is not US bashing, but facts.
      That's in the past, things are different and changing for the better, you would say. Well my friend you have a long way to go. At least 45% of your fellow Americans are still yearning for and willing to go back to the good old days.
      I do applaud your honesty and envy a bit your romanticism, but my dear friend you got your work cut out for you. Good luck.

  • c. lince
    c. lince 10 months ago

    tabloids say that steven spielberg[allegedly] has molested many young teens who have worked in his movies

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 10 months ago +1

    It's incredible to see 5 prominent communists on the same stage at once!

    • santy141
      santy141 9 months ago +2

      Mark Jones you made me laugh

  • Emma
    Emma 10 months ago

    There is media arising that completely sidesteps what we have always accepted as 'the media'.

  • Terrance Spragg
    Terrance Spragg 10 months ago +1

    These guys are in-your-face and out-of-place on political opinions, and all I want from them is entertainment in movies. They should stick to what they know best; and that is acting in movies. I will never ever watch another movie in which Hanks or Streep appear or which Spielberg directs; even though I have grown to love them. Now, when I see them, the movie is ruined because I am distracted by remembering them being so politically opinionated rather than being movie-fan pleasing.

    • z delany
      z delany 10 months ago +3

      these guys as you put it ...are american citizens and have every right under the constitustion to voice their opinions on their counrty and the fact that you wish to deprive them of that right because of the job they do ........how unamerican of you ..... and if you don't want to watch their movies , then don't .

  • Duncan M
    Duncan M 10 months ago

    Conversations like this illustrate that the speakers have never made it out of high school mentally and have lost any sense of 'nuance' in discussions of relationships between the genders. Women have never been oppressed; in point of fact, they have always had the buttered side of the biscuit.

    • z delany
      z delany 10 months ago

      yes it's easy to state opinions like that when it is not you who has had to live with the double standards

  • Canadian97467
    Canadian97467 10 months ago

    1:02:02 YES! You want to get out of your house once in a while. Are we really heading towards a world where we don't even go out anymore? We just came back home from work and spend our free time in another little cell.
    And some movies just aren't the same on the small screen. You have to watch them at the theater, or you lose the details of magnificent mountains , and the sound isn't the same either.

  • Linda Hagan
    Linda Hagan 10 months ago


  • SBn49 AJC
    SBn49 AJC 10 months ago

    Spielberg, Hanks, Streep:
    "A trifecta do not make a perfecta."
    I won't see this movie that's for sure, The Washington Post is not real journalism. There is no real truthful journalism today when little commentaries are part of the story. The Trump reference from this little panel is proof how they direct the listeners attention to a hot bed of differences today. Talk about the movie.
    These two actors should have kept their personal views personal because it dirties up their performances for me. To hell with what you think the rest of us need to know. You've been exposed.

    • Monica Angelini
      Monica Angelini 9 months ago

      The Washington Post is not real journalism. Would you mind naming what you consider real jornalism? Im seriously curious

  • AR Frances
    AR Frances 10 months ago

    Did anybody mention Julian Assange, why he is under house arrest for publishing
    same as the Post did?

    • z delany
      z delany 10 months ago

      pretty sure he is in the embasy because if he leave s he will be deported back to sweden to face rape charges

  • HB2017 USA5447
    HB2017 USA5447 10 months ago +2

    BOYCOTT all Trump haters

    • z delany
      z delany 10 months ago

      no ....they make more sense

    • PS Wright
      PS Wright 10 months ago +1

      A boycott of one... should be interesting. lol

  • finian jeory
    finian jeory 10 months ago +1

    The Washington Compost!

  • Bella babe
    Bella babe 10 months ago

    Love to be be a buddy of Tom Hanks and go for an aul pint with him, with Meyrle Streep just happening to drop in for an easy chat and a game of darts.