Game of Thrones Series Finale's Biggest WTF Questions - Dragons on the Wall

  • Published on May 21, 2019
  • Spoilers! Game of Thrones might have aired its series finale, but we have some big questions! Jim, Terri, Joshua and Laura do their best to answer the biggest unanswered moments.
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Comments • 309

  • 54markl
    54markl 11 days ago

    I don’t know, maybe it got so big that it was impossible for anyone to end well, including Martin. Stanley Kubrick could have done it. But he’s dead.

  • 54markl
    54markl 11 days ago

    The Iron Islands and Dorne got a great idea from Sansa’s impulsive secession. That’s why Bran was looking for the dragon.

  • Catalina Dawn
    Catalina Dawn 18 days ago

    The nights watch doesn’t exist. That’s why he was sent one except Sansa really knew “sending him to the watch” is code for setting him free.

  • J Ay
    J Ay 18 days ago

    WTF were the writters smoking ?

  • Love Lee
    Love Lee 22 days ago

    well 5 of them at least new who jon is - sam, bran, sansa, arya and tyrion

  • Connie Smith
    Connie Smith 24 days ago

    So the lords of Westeros come to Kings Landing and they have the Unsullied bring them Tyrion. Jon is also a prisoner, but they are not interested in him.

  • Somdet Deenok
    Somdet Deenok 25 days ago

    He is the only Male Stark to carry on the name. Sansa children won't have the name Stark. ???well neither does Jon unless he gets pardoned and legitimized by Bran or Sansa

  • Somdet Deenok
    Somdet Deenok 25 days ago

    Cuz bran is not a Stark. He is the 3 eyed raven

  • StupidGeniuses
    StupidGeniuses 25 days ago

    These are your questions? 🤦‍♂️

  • saint rowley
    saint rowley 25 days ago

    Drogon takes Dany to the Red priestesses they resurrected her and she goes back to westros and burns the seven kingdoms to Ash

  • bpmdchris157
    bpmdchris157 25 days ago +1

    smh imagine the absolute scenes if instead of destroying the iron throne, drogon tries to burn Jon Snow, BUT because of his true lineage and the dragon in his blood, he is left unburnt and unharmed, then drogon burns the throne and flies away as he did. Why was this never explored, Dani and Jon were both related and in this way it could've made sense if he was unburnt as well, also would've made for a crazy twist no one would have seen coming.

  • Kenshigo
    Kenshigo 25 days ago +2

    my bigges WTF was why did arya just walk around with her face? she
    literally walked through enemy territory to kill the queen and noone
    seemed to care!
    her whole story line was a complete waste!

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria 25 days ago

    Why didn't Drogon burn (JN wasn't fire-proof) or bite Jon Snow? Dragons killed Targaryen before. No biggie there. Why didn't Grey Worm kill Jon Snow? Why didn't the unsullied or the dothraki? Ridiculous.

  • Jaimie Johnson
    Jaimie Johnson 26 days ago

    The North has fought so hard to get the North back. That why

  • sebastyann123
    sebastyann123 26 days ago

    "he took his vows very seriously" his entire line in the whole season was "you're my queen, i love you , you will always be my queen" then he stabbed her

  • Omie Yadav
    Omie Yadav 26 days ago

    Who was that green eye person that Arya had to kill according to prophecy?

  • Glory Days31
    Glory Days31 26 days ago +3

    My biggest WTF moment was the realization that this last season was horseshit. So many questions and so many plot holes and the the story was executed in the worst possible way. It was like skipping through chapters in a book and not delving into important character development and explanations. This is worse than Lost......yeah I’m saying it.

  • PouncingPandae
    PouncingPandae 26 days ago

    It's not difficult, they wanted to be independent because it won't always be bran in charge.

  • Gerardo Ruiz
    Gerardo Ruiz 26 days ago

    Biggest wtf was what did Podrick do to those girls?!

  • tariusblue1201
    tariusblue1201 26 days ago +1

    I hope Drogon took Danaerys body to the Red Priestess so they can resurrect her and she can atone for what she did. I will always be Team Danaerys. I hate the way the writers destroy her Character.

  • Notorious1503
    Notorious1503 26 days ago

    They mention the time skip was a few weeks how the hell did they build kings landing back up so fast....

  • Jessica Austria
    Jessica Austria 26 days ago

    So, in summary, the purpose R+L=J/A was just for D&D to make the GoT. With all the build-up, been trash this season, eliminate the Targaryen Clanned all at once. WTF

  • 권용대
    권용대 26 days ago

    I just wonder why Daenerys had to go crazy, is it just family tradition with genes? Being angry and being mass murderer isn’t identical; She was learning lessons during all the seasons for nothing, and I’m sad for her.

  • Thehansello
    Thehansello 26 days ago

    Awful writing with the earlier seasons scale ruined by teleporting characters from one place to another within minutes of screen time. Grey Worm was so quick he overtook Jon Snow with time to execute Lannister’s too. Arya travelled from Winterfell to Kings Landing within minutes of screen time which was handy because despite seven seasons with Cersei on her list, she changed her mind once she got there.

  • dadamosky
    dadamosky 26 days ago

    Why did Sansa opt out of being a part of the realm? Conflict of interest. Since Bran is her brother, if he did ANYTHING for Sansa, or sided with her in any way, it could be considered favoritism. They could have certainly explained that, but that is my take on that topic.

  • Faceless Opinion
    Faceless Opinion 26 days ago

    The biggest wtf question is why didn’t we see this disaster coming?

  • MsBillygrey
    MsBillygrey 26 days ago +5

    Wtf why is Greyworm given more screen time and dialogues over more important characters in the last two episodes. ??

  • Cerebral Cortex CEH
    Cerebral Cortex CEH 26 days ago

    Still with the fan theories? If there's going to a prequel that means we'll never know all the answers.

  • Cerebral Cortex CEH
    Cerebral Cortex CEH 26 days ago +2

    My biggest WTF moment is "why have I been recommending this show to everybody for a decade?"

  • Ralph Peter Bilbao
    Ralph Peter Bilbao 26 days ago

    Only care what happened to the dragon.

  • M C
    M C 26 days ago

    Half of these ppl don’t even watch the show lol

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 26 days ago +1

    This season was super rushed. If this was a 10 episode season, then maybe we can have fewer plot holes. Weiss and Benioff screwed up with the bad writing this season. AND WTF WAS BRAN THE KING?!
    PS. Goodbye on that Emmy for Best Drama next year.

  • J Taylor Doss
    J Taylor Doss 26 days ago

    How come after the unsullied peace out, Bran wasn’t just like, alright, Jon you aren’t exiled anymore.

  • Lorenzo Sorice
    Lorenzo Sorice 26 days ago +1

    There is no Night's Watch anymore. It was just to get the Unsullied off their backs, it was "punishment". Jon is now a free man. He didn't want to be Kind, the throne, or anything to do with politics. What he always wanted. This is the more clueless group IGN could muster up...

  • Fake Smile
    Fake Smile 26 days ago

    “John snow takes his vows very seriously” Pft 😒

  • SitatheNightGoddess
    SitatheNightGoddess 26 days ago

    Nicola Sturgeon = Sansa Stark

    • B M.
      B M. 26 days ago

      She indirectly murdered everyone in kings landing and broke her brother up with the woman he loved just because she didnt like daenarys.

  • C Jackson
    C Jackson 26 days ago +1

    Jon Snow is Azor Ahai

  • basquat76
    basquat76 26 days ago

    Trying to make sense of this show is like trying to explain why the world is flat.

  • Mathieu Bishop
    Mathieu Bishop 26 days ago

    My explanation for Sansa wanting a separate kingdom even with Bran on the throne is simply because her brother will eventually be followed by another king (or queen?) from another house who will probably not come from the North and will not be as sympathetic to the North's interests... so she better declare independance now while her own brother sits on his wheelchair-throne...

  • Branimir BL
    Branimir BL 26 days ago

    who cares

  • Justin G CTS
    Justin G CTS 26 days ago +1

    THEORY: Drogon took Dany to Valyria to the hidden grey scale horde! where they then revive her and have her become the grey scale queen of the horde returning too Westeros with vengeance!

  • Robert B
    Robert B 26 days ago

    Jon straight up told Arya to break the rule of no women to castle black so... I don’t think he’ll abandon the night watch but staying in castle black full time nah

  • trent kursen
    trent kursen 26 days ago

    Why doesn't Jon just say F castle black and go to Winterfel, its not even in the "kingdom" anymore

    • Notorious1503
      Notorious1503 26 days ago

      Straight up or even why not just say just pretend til greyworms leaves thats it

  • Carlos Moreira
    Carlos Moreira 26 days ago

    The North always had a King of the North. Why would that change now? Rhetorical.

  • Filippos Vourliotis
    Filippos Vourliotis 26 days ago

    So,Starks rule everyone now and they exile the last Targaryen with the wildlings. Stark family won the battle.

  • James Barrows
    James Barrows 26 days ago +4

    I believe Jon wasn't only escorting the wildlings, he was settling with them too. Not only that, but he's now the leader of their tribe, but nothing like Mance Rayder, who was king of all tribes, since all the other ones aren't threatened anymore and remain free. Tormund sees Jon as his leader and has boasted about it on the show. Also, as said, "stories" make kings/chieftains and Jon has a hell of one, especially when he literally died for them.

  • Zuk Fea
    Zuk Fea 26 days ago +15

    My only question is how greyworm move places so fast

    • Connie Smith
      Connie Smith 24 days ago

      Jon leaves as Grey Worm is overseeing the execution of Lannister soldiers but then is able to Jon to where he is going to talk to Danni.

    • Notorious1503
      Notorious1503 26 days ago

      He beat jon to dany wtf him walks slow af

    • Fairly Literary
      Fairly Literary 26 days ago +1


  • Kevin Liverpool
    Kevin Liverpool 26 days ago +11

    So what about the White Walkers body circles?
    Shouldn't Bran know what's west of westeros?
    So winter isn't still coming?
    Why did Greyworm wait on all of Westeros to assemble if he wanted to execute Jon and Tyrion anyways? Plus why would he accept Jon simply being sent to Nights Watch?
    Didn't Arya still have a green eyed person to kill?

    • Notorious1503
      Notorious1503 26 days ago

      Yes this is the best comment

    • Colton Allgire
      Colton Allgire 26 days ago

      Stay tuned to find out who the green eye person is in the hit spin-off series

  • William Crosby
    William Crosby 26 days ago

    Jon broke his vows when he slept with the redhead. he doesn't take it that seriously let's be real.

  • Digitalcanvas77
    Digitalcanvas77 26 days ago

    Something I noticed. We all saw how Jon and Tyrion reacted when she gave her speech in DOTHRAK. Er what...

  • asrar ahmed
    asrar ahmed 26 days ago +1

    "Wtf game of thrones " should be the title 🙄

  • Joe Canetti
    Joe Canetti 26 days ago

    What happened to sam

  • Jack Julo
    Jack Julo 26 days ago

    What about Azor Ahai?

  • CC123Aus
    CC123Aus 26 days ago +23

    Season 8 was dark and full of errors

  • Paul White
    Paul White 26 days ago +1

    He isn't a Stark anymore. The three eyed crow/raven being King makes no sense without a subversive reason that we will never know.

  • 860anthony
    860anthony 26 days ago

    Do you think that there will be GOT movies in the future with the cast reuniting to make them?

    • Ace Sawyer
      Ace Sawyer 26 days ago

      3 spin offs are planned right now. Have nothing to do with the current cast or story

  • AMAN .S
    AMAN .S 26 days ago +1

    it was so rushed !!! that they forgot about baby jon

  • Chris Godfrey
    Chris Godfrey 26 days ago +1

    The dothraki was shown as boarding some ships so the assumption would be they are returning to the great grass sea, that or they took the option Tyrion gave for lands to farm and settle

  • Hiyuke La Vie
    Hiyuke La Vie 26 days ago +23

    "Why do you think I came all this way"
    Turns out, the Three Eyed Raven is an ancient malevolent spirit that has possessed Bran
    Its goal was to gain control of the throne, and use its powers and authority to slowly dispatch anyone who could stand in its way, before finally opening a portal that would allow demons to invade westeros
    Turns out the NK's purpose all along, the reason he finally awoken after all these years, was to kill Bran and destroy this malevolent spirit, alas the humans misunderstood him
    The lord of Light, of course, is actually a primordial evil, aiding the Three Eyed Raven in its unholy quest

    • Fajar Setiawan
      Fajar Setiawan 26 days ago

      I think it is you who is possessed by an "ancient malevolent spirit"

    • Matias Luukkanen
      Matias Luukkanen 26 days ago +1

      Hiyuke La Vie
      Old Nan: "Crows are always liars".
      In Books Three-Eyed Raven was known as Three-Eyed Crow.
      Coincidence? I think not!

    • Samuel Musser
      Samuel Musser 26 days ago

      Woah, dope theory

    • Dean Brett
      Dean Brett 26 days ago

      Hiyuke La Vie how do you know this?

  • Matthew Baker
    Matthew Baker 26 days ago

    Was rushed questions left unanswered

  • homunculus7
    homunculus7 26 days ago +2

    You can tell the guy had not read the books properly... Being a Targaeryan did not made you immune to death by dragons many of them died by dragons specially if u pissed them off Reffer to Dance of Dragons. also Jon had bonded to RHEAGAL not DROGON he was still bonded to Danny and not all dragons immidietly make a new bond after the rider dies alot of them specially the savage ones like Drogon, Balerion and so on were stubborn and took alot of time to bond

  • FIFI
    FIFI 26 days ago +14

    8 seasons of character development to end up a bloated corpse in the ruins of Valeria 🤔

  • Theodore Kalliakmanis
    Theodore Kalliakmanis 26 days ago

    you should call the show "The WTF Show"

  • K NZ
    K NZ 27 days ago +3

    Hey Bran if you try to hurt Drogon I will personally wheel you off a high place of the red keep.

  • John Ward
    John Ward 27 days ago +1

    The faceless girl should of taken off The Mad Queen's face in the throne room, remember the girl that tried to kill Arya in the cave and "said I kill your queen along time ago" that would have made more sense. Edit: And Bran should have been controlling the dragons, setting him up as the villain for the next season because he wanted to be King all along.

  • Jesus Garcia Lopez
    Jesus Garcia Lopez 27 days ago +2

    the serie come in ten years with mad bran trying killing jon with the dragon

  • Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Herrera 27 days ago

    Sansa gets what she wants because she has troops outside.

  • dodo2208
    dodo2208 27 days ago +25

    there is only one question why give jon this huge family backstory drama if none of that was used

    • Grimey
      Grimey 25 days ago

      @Ace Sawyer wow.....Talk about wasted potential

    • Ace Sawyer
      Ace Sawyer 26 days ago +1

      Because it lead to Dany being becoming the mad queen. Her claim was threatened by the man she loved. He then went against her and told her family. Which lead to her most trusted advisor betraying her. Did you watch the show?

  • Shohan Khan
    Shohan Khan 27 days ago +24

    What west of westeros?


    • Dan Francis
      Dan Francis 26 days ago

      The shadowlands, Asshai, apparently

  • sanamdeep singh
    sanamdeep singh 27 days ago

    Show's over let it go ign

  • Bob Motster
    Bob Motster 27 days ago +64

    WTF did they have to build so many rich, deep and diverse characters and stories for seventy episodes only to discard them abruptly in three?

    • 54markl
      54markl 11 days ago

      Name something that’s born every minute. An audience?

    • Lucas Freitas
      Lucas Freitas 26 days ago

      in thirteen*. It was that bad since season 7, this season is the natural consequence. And the cuts and rushing plots began slowly in season 5.

    • Ibrahim Robinson
      Ibrahim Robinson 26 days ago

      *Cough* Read the books. *Cough*

  • Braddles Harris
    Braddles Harris 27 days ago +1

    This whole show is a metaphor for the changes in Europe durning the middle ages.

  • Steven L
    Steven L 27 days ago +14

    I went and watched Battle of Blackwater episode. Davos says "I've never known bells to mean surrender." So clearly Dany wasn't in the wrong when she heard the bells!

    • Connie Smith
      Connie Smith 24 days ago

      It was Tyrion's idea to use the bells. This ewas probably the easiest way to send a loud clear signal, much more effective than sending a raven.

    • Felipe Monteiro
      Felipe Monteiro 26 days ago

      @Zoe x Yes, then he told Jon on the battlefield

    • Zoe x
      Zoe x 26 days ago +3

      Tyrion told her though, didn't he

    • Felipe Monteiro
      Felipe Monteiro 26 days ago

      yeah, maybe... but in the episode you can see that she realized they were surrendering, however she wants her revenge so bad that she attack the city

  • Hariharan K M
    Hariharan K M 27 days ago +2

    Which drug D&D used while writing this season

  • Hariharan K M
    Hariharan K M 27 days ago

    Wtf this season

  • Mario Antonio
    Mario Antonio 27 days ago

    Traditionally and for a thousand or so years the North has always been separatist and didn't want to be part of the other 6 kingdoms. They're only recently included because of more recent events. They've always fought for their independence in the past and the issue has always been a source of conflict in Westeros.

    • Bob Winters
      Bob Winters 26 days ago

      @Mario Antonio
      It's interesting that they, meaning mostly Tyrion, ended up choosing the political system of the old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as their new system of government.

    • Mario Antonio
      Mario Antonio 26 days ago

      @Ace Sawyer Well each Houses will deal with it to the best they see fit when the time comes. That's the new system they've chosen, that the leaders would vote and agree on a new ruler, not necessarily the direct rightful heir or descendant of the former King as was the case in the old system. That way as Tyrion explained they don't get a complete turd like Joffrey for example and can't do anything about it.

    • Rushil Shah
      Rushil Shah 26 days ago +1

      Sure, but then why don't the other leaders try to secede? If Sansa can do it, why can't they?
      Makes no sense.

    • Ace Sawyer
      Ace Sawyer 26 days ago

      @Athandile Mejician he won't always be king. After he dies who's to say the next king will treat the north with respect

  • Kaiden Blake
    Kaiden Blake 27 days ago +3

    To answer the first question, my theory is that she wanted to reign the North separately as that was the only way Jon would actually be able to be free and remain alive. In addition to that, it was clear that she wanted to be Queen as it was inferred how cunning she was and how much she had endured in order to eventually lay claim to what she strove toward.

    • Ace Sawyer
      Ace Sawyer 26 days ago

      Also the north is the oldest kingdom there is. They gained back there kingdom against the crown when they took it from the Boltons. Sansa also has to rule for her people who all want would rather follow her instead of the King of the seven kingdoms(which will change where as a stark will always rule the north)

  • kornflakes2020 S
    kornflakes2020 S 27 days ago +2

    Also why does Arya have x factor level of healing. Literally all her facial scars went away the next day.

    • kornflakes2020 S
      kornflakes2020 S 26 days ago +1

      @RBW look back at her face when she leaves episode 5 and then her face in episode 6. I'm pretty it's been at tops a day or two since she got them so don't even try to justify it.

    • RBW
      RBW 27 days ago

      Time passed, it just wasn't noted in the episode

  • Funk O'Matic
    Funk O'Matic 27 days ago +4

    on Sansa.. I'm SO with Jim...
    sansa's the last power hungry creature of westeros... (bran's in another league of his own).
    remember when she objected to jon wanting to go to dragonstone...? jon shut her up by telling her the north will be HERS while he's gone... n u can just see it in her face.... her thirst was quenched...
    thus, imagine how MAD she was when jon came back WITH another QUEEN....
    she's the character I don't like by the show's end, along with tyrion....

  • J
    J 27 days ago +1

    Bran Stark Not my king❗️

  • 7
    7 27 days ago

    With all the hullabaloo with the messy writing, I really liked the idea that Tyrion had suggested to vote for a king rather than with lineage and with Drogon melting the iron throne, it is a fitting ending to the "Game of Thrones".

    • Connie Smith
      Connie Smith 24 days ago

      Elections are not as rare as it seems In the books there are several chapters dedicated to a King's Moot where the Iron Islanders elect a new king. There is a point where Vary's points out that there is a place in Esos where they elect their leaders.

  • kornflakes2020 S
    kornflakes2020 S 27 days ago +2

    I hate how any criticism now is dealt with its a fantasy show.

  • Earthling Lou
    Earthling Lou 27 days ago +1

    Sansa was allowed to secede from the seven kingdoms because of "girl power" and the prevalence of virtue signaling in all media today. Everything in entertainment today is an indoctrination.

  • Singularity Bound
    Singularity Bound 27 days ago +1

    The entire thing was WTF..

  • Ash Raungzeb
    Ash Raungzeb 27 days ago +3

    Right Jon was the rightful heir would have made a great king which Tyrion and Sansa and Arya knew but Bran ended up King ok then.

  • Lilly Joliee
    Lilly Joliee 27 days ago

    My biggest wtf moment was when Daenarys still wanted to kiss Jon although he's her nephew lmao

    • Nat Tan
      Nat Tan 27 days ago +2

      Targaryen lives that way. They are okay with it. Varys said it in episode 3 or 4.

  • Lilly Joliee
    Lilly Joliee 27 days ago +2

    The whole adventure.. for nothing. The last episode is trashh :(

  • Burkie Scorp
    Burkie Scorp 27 days ago +1

    Because north has been independent for thousands of years....

    • Soji SideQuest
      Soji SideQuest 26 days ago

      Burkie Scorp Sansa literally said it in the episode lol.

  • hrishikesh bhoite
    hrishikesh bhoite 27 days ago

    What about Varys letters?

    • Connie Smith
      Connie Smith 24 days ago

      I guess he only wrote the one that he had to burn.

  • The Dirt
    The Dirt 27 days ago

    Anyone want to know what the writer's were thinking? Check out our interview (it's a parody btw)

  • ChaozDealer
    ChaozDealer 27 days ago +1

    Bran was the puppet master all along. Pulling everyones strings including the night King and no one saw it coming.

    • kornflakes2020 S
      kornflakes2020 S 27 days ago

      That makes no sense, he did nothing in the last season that would hint to him being a player.

  • kaithinksnegative
    kaithinksnegative 27 days ago

    I legit fell asleep while watching the last episode, I was always on the edge of my seat with every other season, it feels like there was a whole seasons worth of content missing from the last few episodes.

  • rj
    rj 27 days ago +8

    So many things are pointless.
    Brans 3 eyed raven arc. Him being history's observer
    Jon's Targaryen arc.
    Azor ahai prophecy crap.
    Arya's white horse
    Missed anything??

    • MixedBusiness
      MixedBusiness 26 days ago

      Jamies arc was absolutely destroyed when he went back to Cersei, made no sense. They tried to make Cersei redeemable and human towards the end with those crocodile tears while she deserved a much more epic, violent death.

  • Joseph Acevedo
    Joseph Acevedo 27 days ago +1

    Wtf was Hot Pie?!

  • Bernardo Salles
    Bernardo Salles 27 days ago +4

    D&D to me is Dungeons and dragons, nothing else.

  • 111nyg
    111nyg 27 days ago +2

    dragon knew it was the throne who killed dany.


    These could be answers to future stories on the expanded universe o hope drogon ends up Male more dragons for future stories

  • Dawn Law
    Dawn Law 27 days ago +31

    you guys can stop now, the whole season doesn't make sense, why even bother trying!


    Gosh y'all is spoiled

  • AfroSlacker
    AfroSlacker 27 days ago

    WTF D&D x 10