• Published on Jul 16, 2019
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    BUILDING A House and LIVING In It For A Day
    Dolan twins
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  • Lance Stewart
    Lance Stewart  4 months ago +1655

    I truly apologize for the lack of content lately! I’ve been super stressed with trying to make this move out to LA again! Once I’m settled in completely I will be creating more often! Thank you for understanding and joining this journey with me! I love you all ❤️

    • Heydy Ortega
      Heydy Ortega 4 months ago

      You should move to Florida

    • Adriana Luisa
      Adriana Luisa 4 months ago

      Do more Arnold impressions:)) 😘

    • Charley Munger
      Charley Munger 4 months ago

      Lance stewart I miss the la vlogs keep up the good work

    • JayeJaye Locke
      JayeJaye Locke 4 months ago

      Hey Lance hope you have a wonderful day. Take your time and please don't hurt yourself. You are awesome. My son and I watch you all the time. There is alot of stuff you do help me with. Thank you a bunch. Love you keep up the good work ❤❤❤

    • TMRRyan
      TMRRyan 4 months ago

      Bro Lance you gotta check out Primal Nutrition South Jersey

  • Gacha Blueberry
    Gacha Blueberry 12 days ago

    Can you do a video with the dobre brothers

  • Niya Andrade
    Niya Andrade Month ago

    Oh nah his obesity game🤭

  • Vevix
    Vevix Month ago +1

    Anyone else hear “lance” at 3:43?

  • Jeremy Pollock
    Jeremy Pollock Month ago

    OCEAN CITY!!!!

  • OG Boi
    OG Boi 2 months ago

    Where is spark I haven’t seen him in any of your recent videos

  • The Big dog
    The Big dog 2 months ago

    Tell your dad to just get an electric car its faster and you won't have the problem of trying to start it like the gas one's

  • Lauren Rabbitt
    Lauren Rabbitt 3 months ago

    Love your outlook and attitude on life I try my hardest to stay positive and strong, especially on those types of days where like you said you feel like the world is crashing down on you. Positive vibes ✌🏻 all day!! Love you and your family have a blessed night 💜

  • Brandon Calvilo
    Brandon Calvilo 3 months ago +1

    Lance is so nice to the fans

  • Johnny Roberts
    Johnny Roberts 3 months ago

    So you don’t live in the house next door to your parents anymore? Sorry for asking, but I haven’t kept up in a while

  • ThiccTiger 456
    ThiccTiger 456 3 months ago

    The girl with the green shirt had some nice tittys *the one that was surprised*

  • stephen verasammy
    stephen verasammy 3 months ago

    4:03 songg plzz

  • Dominique Granville
    Dominique Granville 3 months ago

    What about your dog

  • CodeyZo gaming2020
    CodeyZo gaming2020 3 months ago

    Yo lance go to ocean colony hotel tonight we have so many people playing man hunt we would like you to join us

  • Int Ace
    Int Ace 3 months ago

    Ocean city New Jersey

  • FriedWire420
    FriedWire420 4 months ago

    15:53 lance is that a m on yo forehead??

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 4 months ago

    When you were on the boardwalk i knew exactly where you were at all times because I basically live in Ocean City New Jersey in the summer

  • Aliana Barnes
    Aliana Barnes 4 months ago

    You are awesome

  • Herc O
    Herc O 4 months ago

    Roomate will be Aiden. Vlogs are not the same without Lizzy. That is why I unsubscribed when they broke up.

  • Paul Park wiffleball
    Paul Park wiffleball 4 months ago

    I live in New Jersey

    BABYxSKILLZ 4 months ago

    Finally you back in LA, the old videos were the best man.

  • Ari Banda
    Ari Banda 4 months ago

    Weres your gf

  • Douglas Nagel
    Douglas Nagel 4 months ago


  • Ravonik
    Ravonik 4 months ago

    I love how your apartment living room is smaller then your Jersey house bedroom

  • Fog Boat
    Fog Boat 4 months ago

    When Jesse said, the cars 6 thousand pounds, these guys are 6 thousand pounds. I couldn’t stop laughing I was crying

  • Esmi Unknown
    Esmi Unknown 4 months ago

    So what happened James? He literally just move in with you

  • Casey Strickland
    Casey Strickland 4 months ago

    Amazing apartment lance !!! Don't start with that oujia crap agian !! I remember the stuff in the og apartment the stuff with Chris and you, but anyways great vedio.

  • Prince J
    Prince J 4 months ago +1

    Yep and that's when jack doherty be an asshole and try sneaking into your apartment

  • Recommended By Mia
    Recommended By Mia 4 months ago

    I bet the ghost of Roger will be coming over to your house lance! 🤣 and when he does you gotta get ahold of Cris!!!! 😁😍

  • Olivia Davis
    Olivia Davis 4 months ago

    fr tho y does Jessie look like he is going on a date

  • Lit Chris
    Lit Chris 4 months ago

    Tell spencer to live with you because if you tell adan then he lives wit the guy

  • Lit Chris
    Lit Chris 4 months ago

    Live with spencer

  • keirra Leggins
    keirra Leggins 4 months ago +1

    Love the new apartment lance ❤

  • SDSM_ Ice Cap
    SDSM_ Ice Cap 4 months ago

    bro i feel like its kinda staged when you be with mcjuggernuggets

  • Schleich VLOGS
    Schleich VLOGS 4 months ago

    9:10 sounds like when you talk into a fan😂

  • Ruff Bark
    Ruff Bark 4 months ago

    14:26 my friend x100

  • Boyjustgaming0817
    Boyjustgaming0817 4 months ago

    PS4 is way better like in u agree

  • Tyler Snakovsky
    Tyler Snakovsky 4 months ago

    I watch you when I’m felling down

  • xd_Powerful64
    xd_Powerful64 4 months ago

    210 squad

  • MaddenMobile415
    MaddenMobile415 4 months ago

    you should atleast be consistant with the mcjuggernuggets series lol your being awkward about mcjuggernuggets but not boogie...

  • Dovie White
    Dovie White 4 months ago


  • PinkPotatoIvy 360
    PinkPotatoIvy 360 4 months ago +1


  • MonsterRacing 22
    MonsterRacing 22 4 months ago +1

    They need Traxxas RC cars not Redcat junk. Traxxas are tough AF!!!

  • Amir Mascol
    Amir Mascol 4 months ago

    Lance is that 1 white kid who hung around all the black kids just because he did stupid and funny shit

  • Spec Agent 6
    Spec Agent 6 4 months ago

    21:20 😂 good vibes

  • toni Robinson
    toni Robinson 4 months ago

    My son is your biggest fan we live in Houston texas

  • Carolina B
    Carolina B 4 months ago


  • L Ol
    L Ol 4 months ago

    Where is that like the beach area

  • St3b0rn_Kay
    St3b0rn_Kay 4 months ago

    32:05 is when the video starts
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  • Henry
    Henry 4 months ago

    If u actually bought a house not lived in an apartment you would most likely never get noise complaints

  • bap
    bap 4 months ago

    What new roommate is he gonna fuck over next.

  • King Jay
    King Jay 4 months ago

    I turned on your post notfications yeooooooooo

  • King Jay
    King Jay 4 months ago


  • Ghost Reaper
    Ghost Reaper 4 months ago

    Date lizzy

  • Jakes Life
    Jakes Life 4 months ago

    Jack Doherty snuck in

  • Peely13-_-
    Peely13-_- 4 months ago

    Yo lance visit Chris/stefano

  • Trevor Nicholson
    Trevor Nicholson 4 months ago

    Didn’t buy a house you rented an apartment.

  • Elijah linder
    Elijah linder 4 months ago

    R u gonna keep the house in Jersey?

  • Human 8845
    Human 8845 4 months ago

    Come on michael take care of ur health😒

  • Autumn Burnstein
    Autumn Burnstein 4 months ago

    What happened to spark