Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less


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  • Oscar Santos
    Oscar Santos 52 minutes ago

    You're not going to sin Hulk's way too autotuned voice? Ok

  • ya boi
    ya boi Hour ago

    15 bad minutes to 90 minutes of film

    Alright thor Ragnarok is 1/6th a bad movie

  • Bryan Burgos Amador

    Banner falling and dying on the Bifrost bridge is one of the greatest moments ever... even though we saw it coming.

  • Ehrisaia O'Shannon
    Ehrisaia O'Shannon 2 hours ago +1

    Loki had the Tesseract already. That one was a fake. That's why Hel called it fake. Lmiao.

  • Pixel master Sahir
    Pixel master Sahir 2 hours ago


  • waters129
    waters129 3 hours ago

    CinemaSins is SO much better than ScreenJunkies. At least they still actually make fun of movies. ScreenJunkies does not anymore.

  • whiteknigt notracist
    whiteknigt notracist 3 hours ago

    I found this irritating

  • 73BigMC
    73BigMC 4 hours ago

    I like Spanky Galadriel, but the rest of this looks like complete arese.

  • jungshook
    jungshook 4 hours ago

    About 5 sins caus hella say TESSERACT IS NOT BAD AND THE FLAME IS BETTER

  • Joe Franky
    Joe Franky 6 hours ago

    That moment when he said ( Hammer Porn ) everyone went to search it up.

  • michael mellan
    michael mellan 7 hours ago

    Why havnt you done a everything wrong with justice league yet! It been out on blu-ray for awhile now so i dont know why unless its for legal reasons theirs no excuse for not doing it, i hope its coming soon guys!

  • Radic The Hedgehog
    Radic The Hedgehog 9 hours ago +1

    Captain America: Hulk, Smash.
    Hulk: *Grins*
    Thor: Hulk, Don't Smash.
    Hulk: But Big Monster!

  • Curtly Angel
    Curtly Angel 9 hours ago

    A few unnecessary sins. That's a sin for you.

  • Illyas A
    Illyas A 12 hours ago

    If Heimdell was the gatekeeper, Hela would have never gotten on Asgard

  • The Redhead Project
    The Redhead Project 13 hours ago

    Hemsworth channelled Shatner because he's technically his father.

  • DaKnight94
    DaKnight94 16 hours ago


  • Top 5 Trending
    Top 5 Trending 17 hours ago

    We already watched it ......braaa

  • The Raging Eagle
    The Raging Eagle 17 hours ago

    why does everyone have to attack idaho

  • Phase
    Phase 18 hours ago

    why didn't Thor go make Stormbreaker in Thor Ragnorok, and then go beat Hela with it.... If Thor knew where to make the hammer than why didn't he do it.........

  • majik31
    majik31 19 hours ago

    in 15 minutes or less, yet it's over 16 minutes....

  • Quantum Rzargo
    Quantum Rzargo 19 hours ago

    Thor didn’t get shocked it was a neural poison.

  • Brenen Jones
    Brenen Jones 19 hours ago

    And how does the shock-neck thing shock the GOD OF THUNDER

  • Extil
    Extil 19 hours ago

    2:35 please someone tell him what planet means

  • Chris Ryker
    Chris Ryker 20 hours ago

    That looked alot like norway

  • John Promethius
    John Promethius 21 hour ago

    the sins are not even sins, these videos suck nowadays

  • B Hofmann
    B Hofmann 21 hour ago

    Is Hela supposed to be similar to Hel, Loki's daughter? I actually don't know so please help me out, anyone willing to.

  • Eddie Bacon
    Eddie Bacon 21 hour ago

    I rather hear easy street repeating than it's a small 🌎.

  • Jay Dursley
    Jay Dursley 21 hour ago

    Thank you for the shoutout for us ushers out there cleaning this movie when it came out sucked ;-;

  • Gema Maxwell
    Gema Maxwell 22 hours ago

    Ummm, You Look Over 15 Mins To Do The Vid, You LIED To Us!

  • jappie dejas
    jappie dejas 22 hours ago


  • Tharon Lawson
    Tharon Lawson Day ago

    Have you ever done one of these without saying ‘ex machina’?

  • jur rabi
    jur rabi Day ago

    I was expecting a sin I found during my first viewing: at the rate the trash falls down in that planet, trash mountains should be much much much bigger...

  • Dikshit Kanani
    Dikshit Kanani Day ago

    You should make movies

  • RachelGames
    RachelGames Day ago

    R u gonna sin Infinty War?
    Probaly yes

  • voiceofreason467

    The ships aren't missing, they're hitting a fucking shield. You can see it react right there in the clip where you're bitching about it.

    JAUN DE J0NG Day ago

    to be honest,this guy doesnt deserve to watch movies,he complains about stupid things,if youre a movie hater,this channel is meant for you

  • Nacho Nacional
    Nacho Nacional Day ago

    How's not a sin the presence of black people in Asgard?

  • MaD SaM
    MaD SaM Day ago

    You go against my favourite character ? Dislike 👎

  • dannytheman1313
    dannytheman1313 Day ago

    So you added a sin because she looks hot how is that a sin?

  • Lord Omega
    Lord Omega Day ago

    Hela's always had those horns

  • Satwik V
    Satwik V Day ago

    Can't wait for his video of Infinity War

  • underestimated kid

    Thor also has a destiny to kill the world serpent and die after walking 9 steps because of his poison

  • rainynight02
    rainynight02 Day ago

    Surprised you didn't count the "limitless ammunition until plot requires you to be out of ammo" part as a sin

  • Mine Pro
    Mine Pro Day ago

    Everything wrong with this video

  • kain holmes
    kain holmes Day ago +1

    be a shame of yourself if they would do norse mythology than ragnarok death of thor and odin. odin by a giant wolf and thor a giant sea snake not the comic the is dope love. the movie is awesome

    BBAFER Day ago

    AND you forgot the biggest sin. the fact that Odins staff can ALSO open the rainbow bridge. Thus showing that the makers of the movie did not give a flying fuck about the movies that came before, and is the reason i hate this movie. Also EVERYTHING Thor does in this movie is the opposite of what Thor would do.

  • Mariah Lightfoot

    Anyone else when they saw the poster think this was going to be a genderbent Loki?

  • Dominican Republic

    Hella is worthy of the hammer thats why she can summon and destroyed it. You can see one of the history image: mjolnir was once summoned by hella

  • Shun Jiena
    Shun Jiena Day ago

    The movie is prefect

  • Levi K.
    Levi K. Day ago

    Transformers reference... instant like

  • Cheesy Hfj
    Cheesy Hfj Day ago

    Sin 53 is kinda bogus. He fled the planet because he spent all of his money betting on Hulk!

  • anish sengupta
    anish sengupta Day ago

    Hela can destroy the mjolnir because it was her in the first place.

  • SilverFlameXX
    SilverFlameXX Day ago

    “God damn, space catwoman is hot!” Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking something like that 😂

  • Dylan Buckner
    Dylan Buckner Day ago

    I think you meant wyoming

    ZEPHANIAH J.P Day ago +1

    Well at least he liked the funny maori scenes with korg😂😂👌

  • KinkajouSoup
    KinkajouSoup Day ago

    You know that obnoxious kid in your class who thinks humor is pointing out stupid hypothetical scenarios where the world must be taken 100% literally rather than have any sort of nuance or suspension of disbelief? You know how you, your classmates, and every teacher wants to strangle that kid? That’s CinemaSins.

  • shanilka suraweera

    This channel is the birthplace of all that is negative. Disappointment everywhere, it’s like watching Justice League on repeat

  • Peter Yu
    Peter Yu Day ago


  • TheSize456
    TheSize456 Day ago

    Bullshit desperate attempt to become a critic

  • Air-headed Aviator

    Actual Ragnarok in Nordic Mythology is far more interesting than what happens in the movie, but in actual myth Thor and his family are quite literally the worst living creatures in the nine realms.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Day ago +1

    Everything wrong with this channel
    1# Hates all movies
    2# Has no taste
    3# Is clearly a DC fan just bad mouthing an actual successful film
    4# Random gibberish and no valid points.

  • Marc8533
    Marc8533 Day ago

    Thor says he's 1500 years old...and he never knew he had a sister.

  • KewBie Fox
    KewBie Fox Day ago

    After playing God Of War 2018, I don't know how Loki aka Atreus is Thors brother considering the fact he was involved in killing hes Sons in cold blood, and its hard to see Thor as a good God

  • Swarm Fire
    Swarm Fire Day ago

    even CinemaSins agree Korg is worth a sin off

  • zombiebuster 4000

    Are those grapes

  • Dave Here
    Dave Here 2 days ago

    Hela is still my favourite villain.

  • Capt_Sidekick
    Capt_Sidekick 2 days ago

    Still no last jedi huh?

  • Raider 2747
    Raider 2747 2 days ago

    8:36 Welcome To Zion? Good Matrix reference

  • DutchDread
    DutchDread 2 days ago

    "I couldn't stop her" is meant to be understood as a father saying he could not stop their children from doing something, like go to art school, sure he could have physically restrained them, but what he means is that he could not get her to change her ways.

  • Cosor Alexandru
    Cosor Alexandru 2 days ago

    Is this supposed to be funny in some way?
    I really didn't find anything even marginally interesting or funny in what he said.
    Is there a video from these guys where the narrator doesn't pronounce "ex machina" ?

  • Fflawed Atheist
    Fflawed Atheist 2 days ago

    Tell me you didn't laugh at Thor screaming when 'the ride' ended in front of Jeff Goldblum.

  • Hákon Óttar Hjörvarsson

    Á missed opportunity to make a Highlander joke with Surtur

  • robbie jenkins
    robbie jenkins 2 days ago

    Mr rock man is the best character

  • Eliezer Vega
    Eliezer Vega 2 days ago

    I can Sin countdown a CinemaSin

  • IDon'tKnowWhatToCallMyselfSoIWillJustDoThis xD

    I've never understood the ending of these videos, it's just not funny at all?

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99 2 days ago

    Just stop making TVclip videos your horrible at it. Retire and do something else

  • mahir buksh
    mahir buksh 2 days ago

    The avengers : civil thor XD took me away...

  • Whitemania Gaming
    Whitemania Gaming 2 days ago

    Should have removed the sin when the Valkrie held that gun to her crotch and fucking sprayed them people. That shit was af

  • Tagged
    Tagged 2 days ago

    this plot does everything but fit into the original mythology, first of "Hela" wasn't Odin's daughter but Loki's daughter,
    second: Her name is Hel, and her powers is nowhere near Loki's and Thor's powers.
    Third of, why didn't they travel to Hel?

  • Ronmal Mottley
    Ronmal Mottley 2 days ago

    Should have sinned that terrible auto tune on hulk's voice. Made me cringe each time hulk talked.

  • KaregoAt
    KaregoAt 2 days ago

    I've clearly read too much fanfiction. I read the part about Doctor Strange fucking Loki up as Doctor Strange FUCKING Loki and didn't even bat an eye.

  • schubbel
    schubbel 2 days ago

    How about the Grandmasters ship not having weapons cause its for orgies, then when the scripts needs it has a giant assualt cannon wthout any explanation. :)

  • IzHetBean
    IzHetBean 2 days ago

    No sins for the fact that Hela isn't supposed to be Odin's daughter, but Loki's? That really pissed me off, big time.

    • Turbo Nerdo
      Turbo Nerdo 2 days ago

      You do realise how different this is from regular Norse mythology? That's not a sin. Shakespeare took liberties with the material he was adapting all the time. As long as the story is bettered from the change, its not a negative thing. How would Hela being Loki's daughter make the film better?

  • Ruin39
    Ruin39 2 days ago

    I lost it in "The Gunslinger"....

  • Sparky McFireDog
    Sparky McFireDog 2 days ago

    Note: Let it be known here and now; "The Avengers: Infinity Star Wars" has been prophesied.Heed this Warning! Let all who may listen know. May the Gods have mercy. For all of us.

  • Dustin McNiel
    Dustin McNiel 2 days ago

    Hated the autotune hulk voice

  • Undead Games
    Undead Games 2 days ago

    If he does everything wrong with Infinity War I will unsub

  • Amy G
    Amy G 2 days ago

    I loved this movie, but now that I own it, there is one sin I can't stop seeing when I watch it - on the bridge fight between the Valkarie, Thor and Hela, where they are taking turns attacking Hela and not giving her any time in between, Scurge jumps out of the space ship, killing zombie Asgardians, and calls to Hela who turns, watches for a few beats, grimaces, and throws a pointy thing, regretfully. Where were Thor and Valkarie during that? Immediately after, they show Hela approaching a fallen Valkarie and Thor getting to his feet and giving Asgard, and Surta to Hela. There is no way they let her become an audience for Scurge during their battle.

  • Anthony Stewart
    Anthony Stewart 2 days ago

    I think you should have sinned every lame ass joke...

  • Jack Erbland
    Jack Erbland 2 days ago

    Its much better to watch horror movie sins, well thought out movies are just too hard not to like.

  • Brian J.
    Brian J. 3 days ago

    Man you guys don't know shit. Guys small things amuse small minds

  • Wokstarrjosh ,
    Wokstarrjosh , 3 days ago

    12:47 The tip of the sword cut his eye out duh

  • Lucas Limbaga
    Lucas Limbaga 3 days ago

    The chase scene would have been better mixed with LOTR. The forest and time of day we’re similar

  • Vyom Pandey
    Vyom Pandey 3 days ago

    Mistake 31 isn't a mistake you Dumbo. Hela too was worthy of the hammer Mjolnir and those who are worthy can do anything with the hammer so she destroyed it... Thor too (if he wishes to) can destroy his hammer

  • Kas Mavaddat
    Kas Mavaddat 3 days ago

    When u dont know anything about marvel so u make some shit up about a good movie for views like honestly thats every video on this channel he has no clue what hes talking bout

  • Mackenna Ackley
    Mackenna Ackley 3 days ago

    The scwartz is in you!!

  • Black&RedSN95
    Black&RedSN95 3 days ago

    welocme to zion lmaooo

  • Kasey Byer
    Kasey Byer 3 days ago

    Her name isn’t Valkyrie...