Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok In 15 Minutes Or Less


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  • Dalkson
    Dalkson 9 minutes ago

    Where’s infinity war at

  • Taryn Morrison
    Taryn Morrison 56 minutes ago

    My theory is that Val was able to keep control of the prisoner as she was the jailer and bounty hunter for them. The ruler maybe trusted her to hunt them down if they left and he didn't seem to want to actively do much, so he delegated that task to her.

  • Taryn Morrison
    Taryn Morrison Hour ago

    Im pretty sure hulk doesnt sleep.

  • Keano
    Keano 2 hours ago

    There’s nothing wrong with this film

  • Cryscorde Ultimasunt
    Cryscorde Ultimasunt 3 hours ago +1

    6:13 You can believe that "WAY out in space" they can all speak English, but you can't believe that they know about Rock Paper Scissors...

  • Jajuan Clayton
    Jajuan Clayton 3 hours ago

    Do infinity war

  • Erica Lord
    Erica Lord 4 hours ago

    If they wanted to get off the Ragnarok effect they should have based it around Fenris Wolf instead of Hela. I mean, Fenris is the one who starts Ragnarok into motion

  • Sevoie Sapinoso
    Sevoie Sapinoso 4 hours ago

    can we get an everything wrong with infinity war now

  • Ariane Michael Rivera
    Ariane Michael Rivera 5 hours ago

    and its just a movie...

  • Ariane Michael Rivera
    Ariane Michael Rivera 5 hours ago

    Theres a difference in magic kind of power and science...

  • PokéBlox Gaming
    PokéBlox Gaming 5 hours ago

    4:08 I agree with this statement.

  • Fellow Heroes
    Fellow Heroes 7 hours ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok? More Like *BORE RAGNAROK!*
    Also im not claiming that line that was by kevin on one of his comedy night vids so check him out and give it a like!

  • Jerry Basa
    Jerry Basa 14 hours ago

    You forgot to add that thors the God and thunder and lightning and he gets defeated by electricity

  • Jason Hernandez
    Jason Hernandez 22 hours ago

    seems like everything wrong with his life with this guy making these videos

  • Ashton Kimball
    Ashton Kimball 23 hours ago

    Kevin becomes Owen Wilson

  • Firestar Eliatrope

    u should just start the video with one sin gor the 40 second logos

  • Never Tellingyou
    Never Tellingyou Day ago +1

    It's a frikin MARVEL *HERO* AND *COMEDY* MOVIE. What do you expect lmao

  • Atticus Olson
    Atticus Olson Day ago

    Holy who ever made this has autism🤢🤢

  • Big SlongMong
    Big SlongMong Day ago

    I thought thoration should minus 100 sins

  • TheScruffinator
    TheScruffinator Day ago

    hi im commentsins and welcome to everything wrong with the reply made by 999sickboy666's comment
    1. i was referring to the movie ex machina so chill out.
    2. i didnt embarass myself because what i said makes perfect sense.
    3.just because i commented on a video doesnt mean im tryin to be smart.

  • The Monkey King Kor4

    i have to stop you there on blade runner that is the sound track for tron

  • Damien X
    Damien X Day ago

    "Two mythical beings will now resort to punching each other while flying through a wormhole. It's what Einstein would have wanted!" LMAO! I don't lol very often but that line definitely made me!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Harald Schmid
    Harald Schmid Day ago

    CinemaSins, how dare you accuse Thor:Ragnarok of sin? It is the perfectest of movies.

  • Beth Maiers
    Beth Maiers Day ago +1

    here is my problem with the movie, when Bruce banner was flying one of the grandmaster's ships, he pressed a button thinking it was a gun but it was like a birthday celebration thingy, but the grandmaster was born before the big bang, so when is his birthday?🤔🤔🤔

  • Gamer Kid158
    Gamer Kid158 Day ago

    0:30 Hi I'm Mr Krabs I like money

  • Neetha Saji
    Neetha Saji Day ago

    I cant believe you sin the Marvel logo though. It gets me so hyped up! Only studio that can get me to sit through logos.

  • sleeping umbreon

    i don't think so your wrong

  • Brad Heard
    Brad Heard Day ago

    Inifiy war would if thanks wanted to prove his love for heal like the comics then found out she's dead

  • shivam vikas
    shivam vikas Day ago

    You committed a sin, Odin is millions of years old!

  • freezy Preztosa
    freezy Preztosa Day ago

    You didn't notice that in the credits the Executive Producers name is LOUIS D'ESPOSITO
    I just noticed that when I was waiting for the short clip at the ending

  • Shining Darkness

    no mention of the silliness that is thor slowly rotating and interrupting just so they can speak face to face?

  • Caleb Dunbar
    Caleb Dunbar Day ago

    Loki is running from thor

  • Handsof Steal
    Handsof Steal Day ago

    your forget that guy literally never runs out of amo

  • Ewan Barnard
    Ewan Barnard Day ago

    There is NOTHING wrong with this movie

  • Max Wheel
    Max Wheel 2 days ago

    Thor ragnarock? More like bore ragnarock! Kevin fans like

  • Brett Short
    Brett Short 2 days ago

    Dude. It's a fucking comic book movie...

  • Brakkk Minecraft
    Brakkk Minecraft 2 days ago

    But... You know that the opening scene was probably supposed to be so cliche.

  • theirish canadian13
    theirish canadian13 2 days ago

    Bruce didn't die.

  • Amory Martinez
    Amory Martinez 2 days ago

    Everything wrong with these everything wrong videos in 1 minute or less. Do that one next

  • Michał Bożek
    Michał Bożek 2 days ago

    5:57 Feed, mate, kill, repeat

  • The Serpent King
    The Serpent King 2 days ago

    8:15 I thought the same thing when I watched the movie xD

  • InfiniteIdeas squared

    The Eternal Flame, one of those things that can change its power for the use of plot conviniance.

  • no intarigation for two

    I dont want to be that guy but sutur the fire giant is not a alian

  • chip Dumesnil
    chip Dumesnil 2 days ago +1

    Lake Idaho that's funny it's funny cuz I live in Idaho

  • Te Te
    Te Te 2 days ago

    norway looks fake yes, but it aint

  • Aine Jennings
    Aine Jennings 2 days ago

    God I love this movie

  • Mark Vincent
    Mark Vincent 2 days ago

    Hey Idaho is a place and I am a citizen of idaho

  • nightshade witch
    nightshade witch 2 days ago

    I’m fairly sure that the “I have to get off this planet” is more directed towards the possibility of Thor and Hulk teaming up to kick ass than Hulk just being there

  • Travis Wolfe
    Travis Wolfe 2 days ago

    You should have mentioned the fact that they released the identity of hulk being in this movie before release

  • Kira Smith
    Kira Smith 2 days ago

    What bout how awful the makeup around Thor's missing eye was?

  • Cj B
    Cj B 2 days ago

    More like BORE RAGNAROK

  • Christhekid
    Christhekid 2 days ago

    You missed the fact that there’s no way those 2 machine guns with the single clips can shoot THAT many bullets

  • ExiledAssassin55
    ExiledAssassin55 2 days ago

    So what exactly counts as a sin? The intro was a sin? Thor talking in the beginning is a sin? I see why everyone dislikes CinemaSins

  • Thomas Garcia
    Thomas Garcia 3 days ago

    Everything wrong with crazy rich Asians

  • ItZ LewiZ
    ItZ LewiZ 3 days ago

    Plz do infinity war

  • PlusWings
    PlusWings 3 days ago


    • PlusWings
      PlusWings Day ago

      Okay listen, look up the Norse myths instead of arguing with me.

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 Day ago

      Her character is credited as Valkyrie both in the credits and on IMDb

  • Mad9977 Productions
    Mad9977 Productions 3 days ago

    "...there's no point in jogging to the city to arrive 10 minutes after Thor like you've accomplished something" killed me 😂

  • Elladlyn.
    Elladlyn. 3 days ago

    More like bore:ragnarok

  • TateBoiiis
    TateBoiiis 3 days ago +1

    Surtr couldnt kill thor because the world snake is destined to kill him. Unfortunatelt you cant break prophecies.

  • TheEmoStutterQueen :P

    I just snorted from this shit 🤣

  • TheEmoStutterQueen :P

    Just started reading those comics last night 😂

  • J. H.
    J. H. 3 days ago

    You mean 2nd longest walks. We must never forget Tokyo Ghoul season 2 finale

  • Sluggs 1
    Sluggs 1 3 days ago

    Since i have this movie in my files you have nooooo idea how many times i watched it

  • the senate
    the senate 3 days ago +5

    Some of these sins are really weak

  • Matthew Higgs
    Matthew Higgs 3 days ago

    I loved this film tbh. It was very good quality.

  • Henrik Eide
    Henrik Eide 3 days ago

    Asgard is still a «planet» because in norse mythologi, They believed That the earth was flat

  • jt hardie
    jt hardie 3 days ago

    wtf how can hela obliterate thor's hammer on Norway but her power comes from Asgard and also why didn't thor just use the eternal flame to level up to defeat her?

  • jt hardie
    jt hardie 3 days ago

    "whoa is my hair out," was HI larious and I agree this MCU movies first 60 mins are a bore we don't need 2 hrs of drawn out dialogue

  • Beau Gaiser
    Beau Gaiser 3 days ago

    Here's the thing though Thor was born and raised to stop ragnorok from happening every 1000 years or the killing of the gods to be reborn

  • don sky walker
    don sky walker 3 days ago

    Thor actually died... This movie sucked...

  • G0LDH4ND
    G0LDH4ND 3 days ago

    Like Idaho
    thank you for that spectre reference.

    HYPERJAY 4 days ago +1

    Fuck you Jeremy, the "Get Help" scene was funny as hell.

  • DrLucifer
    DrLucifer 4 days ago

    i cant wait to see Surtr in the next god of war game

  • Dat black NI99A
    Dat black NI99A 4 days ago


  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz 4 days ago

    and technecly thor cant fly his hammer kind of drags him along

  • Michael Cruz
    Michael Cruz 4 days ago

    ragnarok kinda reminds me of skyrims god of schemes molag bal u no him if u play just about any skyrim

  • ollie tate
    ollie tate 4 days ago

    ,,,,,, this better be 16:45 of NOTHING because this movie is PERFECT

  • tyson thao
    tyson thao 4 days ago

    The jokes used in ragnorak were not creative n the same as the humor used in transformers but because its marvel people love praising it

  • GeneralPH GT
    GeneralPH GT 4 days ago

    Wow u Missed my favorite Movie sin (Wrong Grammar) "Asgard is not a Place its a people" Like if u Agree

  • Rahim
    Rahim 4 days ago

    actually, 8:21 thats not an electric shocker, its an obedience disk and im pretty sure one of these was used to control the living tribunal one time...so yeah, its pretty powerful @CinemaSins

  • UnwiseBobcat62
    UnwiseBobcat62 4 days ago

    This one wasn’t good u sined all of the good things that happened in this movie all the jokes and need to know things...

  • Rcizzle
    Rcizzle 4 days ago

    Infinity War?

  • NeoRipshaft
    NeoRipshaft 4 days ago

    1:27 - He had to build up his combo meter before being able to use that move.
    I know this is likely obvious and you're just being facetious, but some people may not be familiar with how combat works.

  • Skywalker 8
    Skywalker 8 4 days ago

    You shoulda taken off 5 sins for Korg

  • Richard Torres-Estrada

    My add was SSSniperWolf playing a game

  • Sean Gutierrez
    Sean Gutierrez 5 days ago

    Oh wait wrong video...

  • Estuardo Mendez
    Estuardo Mendez 5 days ago

    can we add a sin for the ammount of shots fired from the m16s without having to reload

  • Mr. Void
    Mr. Void 5 days ago

    How is 7:14 a sin

  • KanyeJuice
    KanyeJuice 5 days ago

    Do infinity war

  • Shite Zak
    Shite Zak 5 days ago

    I fucking hate this channel

    • 999SickBoy666
      999SickBoy666 Day ago

      And yet, here you are, watching it and thus helping them have more visibility AND make more money :-D

  • Stephen Lane
    Stephen Lane 5 days ago

    I feel like cinema wins is just a complete rip off of this

  • MindlessFly
    MindlessFly 5 days ago

    I dont care what any one says this was the best marvel movie next to homecoming

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  • thomas longwell
    thomas longwell 5 days ago

    This is the second cinema sins video I’ve seen with a Scott pilgrim reference and the very end

  • Big Red 52
    Big Red 52 5 days ago

    Surprised you didn't take a sin off for the "Its my birthday" song on the Grand master's orgy ship lol

  • Toast Cat Productions

    You should do infinity war

  • Esme Veda
    Esme Veda 6 days ago

    Literally nothing except the end credits scene

  • WookieMellon
    WookieMellon 6 days ago

    hey i live in idaho so that is insulting

  • FreddyTheFrog
    FreddyTheFrog 6 days ago


  • Holly Turner
    Holly Turner 6 days ago

    Thank you for the Eternal Flame thing! I was thinking the same thing.