i saved fortnite..

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • omg guys i just saved fortnite battle royale from a new scary monster all on my own (epic victory royale)
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  • McCreamy
    McCreamy  4 months ago +6845

    guys i just saved fortnite

  • Radu Parasca
    Radu Parasca 12 hours ago

    Robot: destrois monster.....
    Monster: dies
    Robot: dance
    Mosnter: StReAm SnIpEr RePoRt HiM

  • The Little Dino Boy

    Mecha team leader should of went into a rift when he flew up into the sky
    👇make it blue if you agree too!

  • Lachlan,Games,N,Stuff


  • Joey blueeyez21
    Joey blueeyez21 5 days ago

    Well you didn't save fortnite... the monster and the robot we're just going along with the creators event so you didn't save fortnite

  • Y0un9 GoLd
    Y0un9 GoLd 5 days ago +1

    Your my favourite youtuber and the funniest one

  • Jonathan Cara
    Jonathan Cara 6 days ago

    Where did the robot go? He was made in the island.

  • Jeo Franco
    Jeo Franco 6 days ago

    U can’t save fortnite because they cause the events and every thing that happens in fortnite

  • Savage gaming
    Savage gaming 6 days ago +1

    3:57 SPEAR BY ROBOT "mrcreamy and everyone*:OOOOOOOHHH GET REKT

  • Xx_Shadows_xX
    Xx_Shadows_xX 7 days ago

    How's xdshadowwy ??

  • Pilu Pilucu
    Pilu Pilucu 7 days ago

    Yay I play fortnite iv u didn't make it so won't i

  • Aro Jalal
    Aro Jalal 7 days ago

    If you didn’t save fortnite there wouldn’t be any mechs GGs

  • Lewis Annett-Bunyan
    Lewis Annett-Bunyan 8 days ago

    *I can relate*

  • trickshot legands
    trickshot legands 9 days ago

    At the end monster almost blasted the pp

  • trickshot legands
    trickshot legands 9 days ago +1

    Mc creamy: IM SAVEIN fortnite!
    The monster: STOP STINGING ME BEE
    Rockit hits monster: monster: REEEeEEeEEEd

  • steve gaming
    steve gaming 9 days ago

    wait but he didn’t save us from the black hole

  • ButtFace Mc ButtFace Mc Jr. ButtFace

    I kinda wished the monster would win cuz more interesting things that can happen

  • Dagamer Boiz
    Dagamer Boiz 10 days ago

    I acually managed to grab weapons and let the storm come in before the event

  • Pug King78
    Pug King78 10 days ago +1

    McCreamy:I SAVED US ALL!!!

    Fortnite:just you wait for the end event you can’t save us all hehehe

  • Mal W
    Mal W 11 days ago

    In the beginning I thought McCreamy a spec of dirt on my screen. Lmao

  • megan conyers
    megan conyers 13 days ago

    Monster: Punches The Loot Lake Vault open*
    Me: unvault Bolt action snipers

  • Lucas Horsnell
    Lucas Horsnell 13 days ago

    You saved tonite

  • Lucas Horsnell
    Lucas Horsnell 13 days ago

    This was so funny

  • Star
    Star 13 days ago

    Memories 😔

  • Vilca Family
    Vilca Family 13 days ago


  • Vilca Family
    Vilca Family 13 days ago


  • Haider Munir
    Haider Munir 13 days ago

    GUYS this is how many time the word guys is said

  • Awesomenezz Goat
    Awesomenezz Goat 14 days ago

    4:00 when you make your own madden player

  • Caitlin Natalie Bray
    Caitlin Natalie Bray 15 days ago


  • PlyingElm
    PlyingElm 15 days ago

    the monster has a mouth in its mouth.

  • TheWorriedApple
    TheWorriedApple 16 days ago

    He sounds like nogo lol

  • milk and cookies
    milk and cookies 17 days ago

    This is so fucking cringy and gay

  • magnus vlogs
    magnus vlogs 18 days ago

    The combat or compact

  • Alex Bag
    Alex Bag 19 days ago

    No u didnt

  • Alex Bag
    Alex Bag 19 days ago

    Are u shore obout dat

  • BG
    BG 19 days ago

    **Me trying to watch the event**

    --As you can see a wild creamy in its natural habitat,pickaxing the monster--

  • •Lynx light feather •

    I wonder if the monster had win that would have been more cooler

  • driftpl12345
    driftpl12345 20 days ago

    Every time when he gets in the monster i feel like i watch a csgo match

  • Oliver Hall
    Oliver Hall 20 days ago +1

    Whoever believes you great editing not

  • PacificRim Gamer
    PacificRim Gamer 20 days ago +1

    Or Did You

  • Artemio Osorio
    Artemio Osorio 20 days ago

    Why did you save

  • Omqloxo2 No
    Omqloxo2 No 21 day ago

    The event was on my birthday :)

  • franky pongoh
    franky pongoh 21 day ago +3

    Her weak spot is eye
    Eye: because she will blind

  • Sebastian Ciuiu
    Sebastian Ciuiu 21 day ago

    7:16 glory to arstotzka

  • Sandie Quinn
    Sandie Quinn 24 days ago

    No you did not

  • Syko slimeking
    Syko slimeking 27 days ago

    Who’s watching in chapter 2?

  • Grumpy Dog
    Grumpy Dog Month ago

    I saved fortnite
    Bruh you barely did damage

  • Apple Juice Productions

    why did you save it?

  • Herribeater
    Herribeater Month ago +1

    He says he saved Fortnite but the monster dying would have happened either way

  • im so stronk
    im so stronk Month ago


  • Mohamed Yaser
    Mohamed Yaser Month ago

    1v1 me loser! Name(grandthrift)

  • Mohamed Yaser
    Mohamed Yaser Month ago


  • Maneplix YT
    Maneplix YT Month ago

    News: Ant tries to kill monster 0:10

  • Heather Cuffed
    Heather Cuffed Month ago

    You have done a mistake

  • Deniz Erem
    Deniz Erem Month ago

    That monster looks like a kaiju from Pacific rim

  • slerpzyk
    slerpzyk Month ago +1

    This basically a remake of King Kong vs godzilla

  • Ethan Productions
    Ethan Productions Month ago

    *do you honestly think your f**king funny*

  • Alexander Terrazas
    Alexander Terrazas Month ago

    You did not save fortnite team meage did loser plus you are not a hero you only have a picaxe stupid loser

  • TheMarcusvinicus
    TheMarcusvinicus Month ago

    Lazarbeam stream sniped you

  • Stone G.
    Stone G. Month ago

    if you saved fortinte then in season x why did you not svae the visitor from making the black hole