What Happened to Kid President? | Kid President Travel Show E1

  • Published on Oct 1, 2019
  • Kid President went off the air for a few years... so what happened while he was gone? And why did he stop making videos in the first place??? Hear from Brad and Robby, the team behind Kid President, about everything that has happened since the last Kid President video, and what's next for Kid President.
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Comments • 8 158

  • Katy Stumbaugh
    Katy Stumbaugh 43 minutes ago

    I love these guys! Amazing optimism.

  • The Doom Slayer
    The Doom Slayer 6 hours ago

    Anyone wanna Make Him are actual president someday?

  • Bil's Toybox!
    Bil's Toybox! 8 hours ago

    Teenager President

  • dogprine Camera
    dogprine Camera Day ago

    HE DELETED HIS CHANNEL!!!!!!! im dead :(

  • Brian Lin
    Brian Lin 2 days ago

    He looks kinda like KSI now

    WRATH INCARNATE 3 days ago +1

    The cringiest president on earth

  • Lovely Pøtatoz
    Lovely Pøtatoz 3 days ago

    Soul pancake fans be like:

  • Fish Sticks
    Fish Sticks 3 days ago

    my teacher put him on all the time in kinder garden. Hes changed ever since. Now im almost in middle school.

  • Juanita Waring
    Juanita Waring 3 days ago

    mmmaaakkkeee teen president

  • Hamei
    Hamei 4 days ago

    this is the most wholesome thing I've seen this year

  • ultra sound
    ultra sound 5 days ago +9

    He’s probably disgusted by the way the Internet turned out. He tried his best.

  • Trobur
    Trobur 6 days ago

    I disliked the video... Very unhappy

  • Trobur
    Trobur 6 days ago

    I disliked the vieeodode

  • cellini051
    cellini051 6 days ago +1

    My jaw dropped at 1:45. He got so much older, I didn't realize how much time had passed!

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M 6 days ago

    Why did you smack talk one of my favorite animator kid president

  • zKłim ꧁꧂
    zKłim ꧁꧂ 6 days ago +1

    Never forget kid president in 2020

  • A Builders imagination 2019

    You rock Kid President

  • Sqfdj 1234
    Sqfdj 1234 7 days ago +1

    When kid president is better than our actual president.
    (I mean 2016-2020, Obama was a really good president)

  • aquiles t
    aquiles t 7 days ago

    hey guys go to aquiles t

  • Rookie
    Rookie 7 days ago +6

    Hold up how was I older than him and now he’s older than me

  • Wyatt Plays
    Wyatt Plays 7 days ago

    ComeBack Kid Presdint

  • Wyatt Plays
    Wyatt Plays 7 days ago

    Just film

  • Wyatt Plays
    Wyatt Plays 7 days ago


  • Wyatt Plays
    Wyatt Plays 7 days ago +1

    Bro he. So old we want him to be young):

  • DozerR6
    DozerR6 7 days ago +2

    Kid president gave voices to kids.... teen president gives voices to teens?

  • David Shin
    David Shin 8 days ago

    We dont need no president cuz we got kid president

  • AnimationObjectAwesome

    *teen president*

  • Mighty_ Mars019
    Mighty_ Mars019 8 days ago

    Ya yeet

  • Sarah Grossman
    Sarah Grossman 8 days ago +1

    “Oh wow.oh wow.oh wow” time goes by fast. I remember......


    The start reminds me of miss nelson is missing

  • Alexandra Hernández

    I was watching the old youtube rewinds and I didn't know who was him so i looked for him and here i'm.

  • Brianna Isabella
    Brianna Isabella 9 days ago +1

    so glad you’re back

  • rich boy
    rich boy 12 days ago

    We're is your parents

  • RTBP jay
    RTBP jay 12 days ago

    Turns into ksi

  • Dragon cat
    Dragon cat 12 days ago

    At least hes doing what he loves

  • Taytem M
    Taytem M 12 days ago

    did you know at vidcon 2015 kid president smack talked rebecca (aka Let Me Explain Studios) He ISNT making the world a better place.

  • trxsh_gjngStrucid
    trxsh_gjngStrucid 13 days ago +1

    He looks like ksi

  • Ryan DavidPonter
    Ryan DavidPonter 13 days ago


  • Beza Dawite
    Beza Dawite 15 days ago +1

    How old is he now?

  • erica brown
    erica brown 16 days ago

    kid president smack talked rebeca pharam from let me explain studios at vidcon for her bad gaming skills she metoined it in her Hilights from vidcon video she said that at first she didn't know who he was and brushed it off at first but then one of her friends told her that it was kid president.That really isn't nice to talk to a fellow youtuber like him.

  • zippy
    zippy 17 days ago

    wow, weird to think we're the same age

  • Midnight WolfMoon
    Midnight WolfMoon 17 days ago

    Why did kid president smack talk Let Me Explain Studios?

  • Andrew Yin
    Andrew Yin 17 days ago

    I think he was in a movie called big momma’s house (has swear words so yea)

  • Moonie_ Mon
    Moonie_ Mon 18 days ago


  • Moonie_ Mon
    Moonie_ Mon 18 days ago

    omg stop

  • Devonte McCaster
    Devonte McCaster 18 days ago

    "I'm here to make the world more awesome" seeing this video legit made me tear up he's changed so much over the years we love you Kid President❤️

  • Michele Hartley
    Michele Hartley 18 days ago

    Incredibly inspiring :) - you both seen like really lovely people!!!

  • Anonymous PZM
    Anonymous PZM 19 days ago

    Kid president

    United States of America’s president

  • no name
    no name 19 days ago

    Don't be political. I don't like your ideas.

  • Justin Jheemin Baek
    Justin Jheemin Baek 19 days ago

    let's go kid president!!

  • Phyllis Hill
    Phyllis Hill 21 day ago +1

    You are back!!!!! Much love to you and I can't wait to watch the forthcoming episodes.

  • Laila sabur *
    Laila sabur * 21 day ago

    We watch you in school 🙂

  • Jacob Navarro
    Jacob Navarro 22 days ago

    Ah yes my school use to show this a long time ago. Good memories

  • Matthew Chavez
    Matthew Chavez 23 days ago

    Kid president is sassy

  • Shisui Uchiha
    Shisui Uchiha 23 days ago +7

    But when the world needed him most, he VANISHED...

  • Cara Moore
    Cara Moore 23 days ago

    Come to Wilson Middle School to see the Seabees in Fishersville, VA 22939

  • Gator Puppet
    Gator Puppet 24 days ago

    And soon in a long time you can run for real president and we’ll all vote for you if you do run

  • Gator Puppet
    Gator Puppet 24 days ago

    Hey kid president you inspired me to make my home a better place and to go get out there and make friends and just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you aren’t kid president anymore no matter how old you get we will always be there to help cuz we believe in you and thanks kid president

  • Dabi Corn
    Dabi Corn 24 days ago +2

    Every dislike is a vote for some one else

  • Dabi Corn
    Dabi Corn 24 days ago +1

    Can I be kid president when your out of office