Dancing With The Stars - Best of Mark and Lindsey

  • Published on Jan 3, 2018
  • The song is Party Animal by Con Bro Chill
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  • Random Bomb
    Random Bomb 28 days ago

    Ahh... tuning in to ABC to watch these two dance... those were the days! 😊❤

  • Kateřina Jungwirthova
    Kateřina Jungwirthova 3 months ago

    Lindsey, you are absolutely perfect

  • Benjamin Brandis
    Benjamin Brandis 5 months ago +1

    I think I'd break my entire lower body trying this.

  • Rollo Fenrir
    Rollo Fenrir 5 months ago

    This type of content doesnt match Lindsey, she’s more classic then a fashion girl

  • BrennysGaming
    BrennysGaming 6 months ago +1

    Love this song!

  • Samadhan Khandagle
    Samadhan Khandagle 6 months ago

    LINDSEY ALL TIME FAVORITE love From India !!!!!!!!!

  • Aelin
    Aelin Year ago

    Oh my babies I miss them so much

  • Ghyro 28
    Ghyro 28 Year ago

    Who ever cutted this video has amazing skill!

  • Dasdfjkl
    Dasdfjkl Year ago

    I found it. This video is awesome.

  • Gerrit Duplessis
    Gerrit Duplessis Year ago


  • Gerrit Duplessis
    Gerrit Duplessis Year ago


  • Krystle Lespron
    Krystle Lespron Year ago

    love it!

  • Luciya K
    Luciya K Year ago

    That felt like more than 4 mins

  • Jelly Høndea
    Jelly Høndea Year ago

    Mickey mouse on the piano *.*

  • Speedy2619
    Speedy2619 Year ago

    Your Movie Dance was my Favorite and thank you for this Song in this Video

  • Сергей Козловский

    Ты прекрасна,ты легенда как ванеса для меня,все остальные подтянутся

  • mr Le
    mr Le Year ago

    you are wonderful girl. very very very talent.

  • ST VICTOR hugo
    ST VICTOR hugo Year ago

    LINDA 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Giovanna Camila
    Giovanna Camila Year ago


  • Arty Zara
    Arty Zara Year ago

    Am I the only one who is genuinely jealous of Lindsey? I mean, which human being can be this talented, what the heck

  • Maren Beuth
    Maren Beuth Year ago

    I'm so sorry, but I have to disagree with this. There simply was no "Best of", because every single second just was brilliant! I don't know, how often I rewatched your dances und still I'm watching them like for the first time. It's amazing!

  • VladStValentine
    VladStValentine Year ago

    Is this kinda cheating? She's a phenomenal dancer! It's not like she was Rick Perry or Bill Nye goin into this. lol

  • Melissa Vaillancourt

    I look up to you!!

  • Angie Rogers
    Angie Rogers Year ago

    You go girl 😁👍

  • kit kat cait
    kit kat cait Year ago

    Could you do a Sherlock thing?

  • TenuemNightmare 0

    jeez lindsey you are flexable

    • nispelsm
      nispelsm Year ago

      Have you *seen* her in the video "The Arena"? There was this one move she did that I didn't think was humanly possible, at least not without dislocating some joints...

  • I'm the xie xie in Growl

    Hi +Lindsey Stirling would you make a violin cover about an anime song like Krone by Guilty Crown or Vogel in Kafig by Atttack on Titan? I have many other sugestions if you want :-)

  • Tick-Tack girl
    Tick-Tack girl Year ago

    she didnt start dancing at a young age. yet she proved that you can still be a fantastic dancer.

  • Jamie Clarke
    Jamie Clarke Year ago

    Did she actually win that series?

  • Carlos Gude
    Carlos Gude Year ago

    Ver a esta mujer bailar es casi perfecto

    CRAZY HACKSBD Year ago

    Awesome 😍😍😍😍

  • Abigail Ramirez
    Abigail Ramirez Year ago

    I was just wondering, could you do a violin cover of Breaking Benjamin's song "Give me a sign"? Just a thought, I think it would be nice to hear it on a violin....

  • Wolfsmädchen 001

    How call the song??

  • AnneMarie Mohr
    AnneMarie Mohr Year ago

    Lindsey, if only I had known you were going to be on DWTS! I haven’t seen a season since Jennifer Grey won, but I definitely would have tuned in for you. Unfortunately, I only discovered you after being steered to Peter Hollens, and then seeing the two of you do Skyrim. I’ve been following you both since! You rock, girl, both in your dancing and in your music. Keep it up!

  • Pizza Passta
    Pizza Passta Year ago

    Like can I give a shout out to the editor of the video?? Man this was an amazing compilation! Great song and the way you pieced the dances together was amazing!

  • T.J. TheTomato
    T.J. TheTomato Year ago

    I've been gone for so long! I miss watching you perform!

  • Leo's Music
    Leo's Music Year ago

    Hi, I have played the violin for many years now and I would like to start posting covers on my youtube channel but I don't know how to start or much about video production. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice. And Lindsey, if you're reading this, you are such an inspiration and an amazing example of always following your dreams no matter what happens.

    DAVID YORK Year ago

    Hey Lindsey have you thought bout doing some Halsey i.e. Castle or Gasoline?

  • Andrew Burns
    Andrew Burns Year ago

    Once again your fantastic music astounds me! Makes me want to work even harder on my own compositions. Don’t change a thing!!!

  • ITZz yolo
    ITZz yolo Year ago

    Do something with the band skillet

  • SugarCoder - DIY Desserts & Crafts

    I can't believe I had the privilege of watching you dance and play violin 5+ years ago when you first started creating content on TVclip. Keep up the good work, Lindsey!

  • dario corsaro
    dario corsaro Year ago

    Very very nice -.-.- Thank you !!!!

  • littilbitextrcomplicated 34

    i lokve the outfits and the back track

  • UNSC Dark Noble Media

    You did the one thing no one else could do or wouldn't attempt to do!

  • LashGo's Hot Wheels

    Amazing Lins big fan

  • Jack Hätta hätte

    oh wie kacke

  • Aditya PAram
    Aditya PAram Year ago

    hey can you make a cover of the dark matter soundtrack??

  • san sulang
    san sulang Year ago

    wow im really like that music. cool

  • 2GARIN
    2GARIN Year ago

    Lindsay Stirling, you're the best !!!!

  • Climatologist
    Climatologist Year ago

    I Love you Lindsey

  • Bernd Jans
    Bernd Jans Year ago

    I like Lindsey she's amazing

  • kjbarks
    kjbarks Year ago +2

    The editor of this video is excellent. It looks like they are dancing to this song. Fantastic.

  • Farook Sayed
    Farook Sayed Year ago

    You are amazing! Please subscribe to my channel! WE THE WEIRDOS

  • Олежа Беломестных

    Супер😄😘😍я бы даже был непротив если бы она меня стукнул такой ножкой👍🙌

  • Roger Finney
    Roger Finney Year ago

    At first I wondered why Lindsey didn't set this to one of her own tunes, but after watching a couple of times, I think the song is a nearly perfect choice. It matches the energy and, in the majority of cases, the tempo of the dances. Really shows off the fantastic moves Mark and Lindsey pulled off throughout the season.

  • alex._.andra
    alex._.andra Year ago

    Woahhh 😮💗✨

  • Rita Rubary
    Rita Rubary Year ago

    The quality of this video is beyond this world.

  • 21 Oliver
    21 Oliver Year ago

    Lindsey Stirling inspires my drawings

  • Luna Delmayor
    Luna Delmayor Year ago

    Wouah tu es parfaite ! Tu danse à merveille ! Tu déchire tout ! Tu es vraiment mon artiste préféré ❤️❤️❤️ bravo 🎈

  • Jozy Hope
    Jozy Hope Year ago

    Do beliver pls